Avatar sets record at opening day box-office in China

Started by Kalyan, Jan 07, 2010, 12:11 AM

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Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster 'Avatar' has scooped about USD 4.8 million on its opening day in China, creating a new record.

Avatar has become the most successful film in China in terms of opening day box office, grossing about 33.03 million yuan on Monday, official Xinhua news agency reported today.

The 3D flick pipped director Zhang Yimou's 'A Simple Noodle Story' that raked in 21 million yuan on December 10, said Gao Jun, deputy general-manager of New Film Association, one of the leading distributors in the country.

The company boasts of the largest IMAX screen in the country with 390 seats at the China National Film Museum, where tickets for Avatar are hard to come by, the report said. "The tickets for today were sold out before 10 am," Song Lichen, communication officer of the museum, said.

The film, directed by James Cameron of the 'Titanic' fame, had grossed USD 1 billion globally as of January 5. The film tells the story of a paralysed veteran Marine's journey to a planet called Pandora where he helps defend the indigenous race against colonisers from the Earth.

Cameron's romance Titanic was a huge success in China 12 years ago, with box office collection standing at 360 million yuan.