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0 ‘Aadukalam’ Secrets Revealed

Started by rajoe, Oct 24, 2009, 10:56 AM

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[smg id=7008 type=full]     The crew of director Vettrimaran's 'Aadukalam' worked round the clock and has almost reached the end of shooting schedules. Yet, very few news about the film made headlines and the story was kept concealed until now!

Director Vettrimaran in an interview revealed the one liner of 'Aadukalam' and the character he assigned for his favorite star Dhanush.

"It's the thin line that separates us from good and bad. When emotions are not consistent, a person can change to any of the perspective to survive and 'Aadukalam' is a litmus test for this chameleon like attitude which differs at random. More than delving into an episode of life, it's a story about a man and a woman of two varied generations and their take on modern day changes," confides Vettrimaran.

'With cultural roots deep etched into the soil, Madurai is an apt milieu for the field of the script and after extensively researching its base we embarked on this journey,' he added.

After some kick ass flicks like 'Padikathavan', Dhanush is going back to the neo realistic side with this movie and the wait should be worth it!