Advanced education make loan costly

Started by sukishan, Aug 21, 2009, 02:24 PM

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Advanced education make loan costly
Along with growing awareness about the importance of education to succeed in a knowledge economy, the cost of quality education, too, is growing fast.

Happily for the students, though, more parents are willing to bear that extra cost to fund their higher education.

The importance of education loan cannot be understated, given that it is the most cost-effective means of funding education if you are unable to get a full scholarship or do not have a generous aunt or uncle willing to sponsor your education.

Indeed, a large number of students, especially those pursuing professional courses in the country or abroad, are availing of education loans. Do n't forget to compare education loan being offered by all major banks here in India.
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uzra khan

prefer to take educational loan from government banks, because the interest rate is low compared to other banks. and there comparatively less documentation when compared to other banks. however the interest rate for educational loan is higher to that of a car loan.  :yes