Multiple Domain Hosting

Started by VelMurugan, May 18, 2009, 01:22 PM

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Multiple Domain Hosting

Multiple Domain Hosting is like web hosting business on a shoe-string budget. The first step is to get yourself a multiple domain name hosting account.

For Example :

If Your Multi Domain Hosting Account that Allows up to 10 web sites or domains. You can use one for your developement. And Another 9 for your client. You will pay regular amount for hosting. And you can get amount from your client for hosting as per your rates.

It is preferable to have full administrative control over your client's web sites. Make sure that, not only does your web host provide you with a control panel that includes full administrative facilities to easily manage your multiple account, but that your host provides your clients with their own control panel too.

In short, hosting multiple domain, is a system where web designers can buy a single "Plan" and sub-divide their storage space into multiple accounts.... one for each website they develop. This significantly decreases the costs to the web designers, putting more money in their pockets when they sell the hosting service to their clients.


Thanks for your informative share velmurugan.

But no service or hosting provider is giving any Multiple Domain Hosting.  :confused

Other way around you could use Addon Domain and Parked Domains in your Reseller Hosting or Web Hosting to host your clients websites.