Adding FrontPage users and their access

Started by Sudhakar, May 16, 2009, 11:35 PM

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If you have your web site set up in Microsoft's FrontPage, it is not difficult to add more users, and arrange their individual access, to your web site using FrontPage itself. Depending on your user's requirements YOU can specify their access 'permissions'.

There are 3 types of access open to FrontPage users, permissions to:

Browse — the user can browse the files in the web (read access only).

Author — the user can browse and change the files in a web (read and write access only).

Administer — the user can browse and change the files in the web; but, can also administer the web by adding and removing users (full access).

Instructions are as follows:

1. Open FrontPage and open your web site.

2. Log in as one of your 'administrative' FrontPage users.

3. Go to the Tools in the menu, select Security and click on Permissions.

4. Click on the Users tab.

5. Click on the Add button.

6. Select the User from the Names box and click on the Add button. The user should now be listed in the Add names box.

7. Specify the type of access to give the user (Browse, Author or Administer).

8. Click on the OK button.

9. The FrontPage user will now be created.