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GPS Guidance to Help Land More Planes

Started by nithyasubramanian, Jan 13, 2009, 11:37 AM

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If you're prone to anxiety on airplanes, you just might want to keep your eyes closed during takeoffs and landings: Soon, that aircraft out your window might actually BE as close as it appears.
As part of a plan to ease air traffic around the buzzing skies of New York City, Newark Liberty International Airport is becoming the first major airport in the nation to test a GPS-assisted system for routing aircraft to and from the runways.
The Ground Based Augmentation System, nicknamed GBAS, won't replace traditional radar -- at least not in the immediate future -- but if the test proves successful, the technology should compensate for radar's shortcomings, particularly in bad weather, and allow for less elbow room in the skies.
"This system will give us good-weather capability in bad-weather days," William DeCota, the aviation director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, told Discovery News.
When visibility is hampered by rain, fog or snow, air traffic slows because it takes longer for pilots to get a view of the runway for landing. Rather than relying on radio-fed landing aids on the ground, the new system uses satellite signals augmented by ground-based antennas and a centrally located VHF transmitter to give pilots necessary information for landing.
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now gps radar to be secure will cover all over plane to land accurate
the radar signal gives perfect landing and information from airport authority
now a days gps system have advanced technology
the satellite signal can give to ground based antenna for information to pilot to have runway and takeoff