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SPIC MACAY Scholarships

Started by aruljothi, Sep 02, 2008, 09:47 AM

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The SPIC MACAY scholarships were introduced in 1986 by the SPIC MACAY society in 1986. The scheme allows students an insight into the teacher–student or guru-shishya relationship of our traditional Hindu culture. Through this scheme the SPIC MACAY gives students an opportunity to learn about the exploits of eminent personalities who have left a deep impression on society through their achievements in the professional field.
While introducing the scholarship, SPIC MACAY felt that if a student was given the chance to spend time with a guru or teacher for a month during the student's summer vacation it would leave a deep impact on the student's mind. The student would experience a different style of living condition and education system than his own which would inspire them to bring about a sense of fulfillment in their lives

Application :

Candidates who are interested in availing of scholarships of SPIC MACAY are required to send a write up in about 450 words entitled 'WHY I WANT TO GO' to the address appearing below. The candidates are also requested to let SPIC MACAY know the reason for availing of the scholarship and how the gurus with whom they wish to spend time appeal to them.

The scholarship of SPIC MACAY requires the candidate to stay with a guru for a month during summer. Under the scholarship scheme, travel expense to and from the guru's residence is borne by SPIC MACAY.

Once the applications for scholarships are evaluated, the candidates will have to appear for an interview about which they will be intimated by post. The travel expenses incurred for the interview will not be paid for by SPIC MACAY.

Candidates appearing for interviews are required to produce a 'no-objection' certificate from their parents / guardians along with a refundable bond worth Rs.2500/.

Address :

National Coordinator
Scholarship Scheme
41/42, Lucknow Road
Delhi 110 054

Fax : 011- 2659 6451

Email :