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The University Grants Commission Junior Research Fellowships for students of Indian nationality is determined through the National Eligibility Test, popularly known as NET. The National Educational Testing Bureau of the University Grants Commission is responsible for administering the NET. The National Eligibility Test sets the standards for the entry of lecturers in the teaching and research profession.
The NET is conducted in the following subjects:

    * Humanities
    * Social Sciences
    * Forensic Science
    * Environmental Sciences
    * Computer Science
    * Applications and Electronic Science

The Junior Research Fellowships has been in operation since 1984. However, it was only in July 1988, that the Government of India made the University Grants Commission responsible for administering the eligibility test for the Junior Research Fellowship. The first two NET examinations were held in the December 1989 and March 1990.

The UGC JRF aims to extend an opportunity to students / scholars who have cleared NET to do further studies and conduct research work to enable them acquire either an M.Phil or a Ph.D degree either in any of the social sciences, humanities, languages or social sciences.

Eligibility Criteria for the University Grants Commission Junior Research Fellowships:

    * The Junior Research Fellowship scheme of the University Grants Commission can be availed by those students / scholars who clear the NET examinations
    * However, mere qualification do not confer the fellowship upon the student/ scholar


The Junior Research Fellowships is given for a period of 2 years in the beginning. After completion of this period of 2 years, and subject to performance of the fellow, the fellowship can be prolonged for a further period of 3 years and continued under the Senior Research Fellowship, which brings with it a higher amount of monetary grant. The full period of the fellowship is 5 years and under no circumstances can this be extended.

Application procedure for UGC Junior Research Fellowships:

The following is the procedure for application for Junior Research Fellowships of the University Grants Commission:

Value of Scholarships :

The amount of financial assistance under the Junior Research Fellowship are:

    * A monthly allowance of Rs.8, 000/- for the first 2 years and Rs.9, 000/- for the remaining 3 years, if applicable.
    * There are 2 contingency allowances A and B under the Fellowship Scheme:

      Contingency A : Rs.10,000/- yearly for the first 2 years
      Rs. 20,500/- for the next 3 years

      Contingency B : Rs. 12,000 yearly, for the first 2 years
      Rs. 25,000 yearly, for the next 3 years

    * Additionally, there is also a yearly departmental assistance allowance of Rs.3, 000/- per student/scholar to the university where the research work is being carried out
    * A monthly allowance of Rs.2000/- in case of disabled / visually impaired candidates
    * House rent allowance is provided to the Junior Research Fellow
    * No special medical allowance is provided. The fellow, may, however, get the normal medical facilities available in the university / institute where he/she is working.

Address :

University Grant Commission (U.G C.)
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi
110 002

Phone: 091 – 011 23232701/23236735/ 23239437/ 23235733/23237721/23232317/ 23234116/23236351/23230813/ 23232485

Fax: 091- 011 23231797 / 23232783 23239659/ 23231814


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