The fringe pro-Khalistan group from Canada that threatens India’s security

Started by devikad, Feb 04, 2022, 11:05 AM

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The fringe pro-Khalistan group from Canada that threatens India's security

The anti-India sentiment from Canada is a well known fact. Pro-Khalistan groups such as the Sikhs for Justice have been trying to rake up sentiments and revive the Khalistan movement in Punjab.

Minister of State for External Affairs, V Muraleedharan told the Rajya Sabha that only a small fringe group of pro-Khalistan elements in Canada is spreading anti-India feelings and the government remained closely engaged with that country over the issue.

Both governments have recognised the fundamental principle of respect for sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of India and Canada as the basis of bilateral ties. The vast majority of people of Indian origin in Canada share a warm emotional bond with India and have worked for the betterment of relations between India and Canada, he also said according to news agency PTI. "There is a small fringe group of pro-Khalistan elements in Canada who spread anti-India feelings through their extremist statements and activities," he said. "The government of India remains closely engaged with the Government of Canada to address our concerns relating to anti-India activities by the extremist elements," he said.

The biggest concern for the Indian security agencies of late has been the Sikhs for Justice. This proscribed outfit has a strong presence online and has been able to radicalise several persons to fight against the government of India. In November a team of the National Investigation Agency reached Canada on to probe the funding routes for pro-Khalistan groups which have been instrumental in creating unrest in India. The NIA team also discussed with Canadian authorities the findings of the probe against terror groups such as the Babbar Khalsa International, Khalistan Zindabad Force, Sikhs for Justice and Khalistan Tiger Force. Last year the NIA widened the ambit of its probe in connection with the Sikhs for Justice (SJF). Sources tell OneIndia that there have been a lot of funds that have been channelised in the past couple of months. Over USD 1 lakh has been collected in the name of the farmer protests, the official cited above said.

The source further added that the agencies are looking into the source of funding. While there is no harm in collecting funds in the name of the protests, the NIA is looking to find if money is being collected in the name of the protests, but is being diverted to fund separatist activities of the SJF. The probe was ordered after the SJF, a proscribed organisation arranged protests in front of Indian missions abroad.

After the financial trail was found the ambit of the probe was widened. The probe was handed over the NIA after the foreign nations where the protests were organised did not take action. The NIA after a recent amendment has foreign jurisdiction and hence was handed over the probe. Investigations have found that funds have been coming in from Canada, US and UK. The official cited above said that this money is being collected by the SJF in the name of the protests. However not all is going towards the protests. A good part of it is being diverted towards subversive and propaganda activities of the SJF.