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Ramco Systems Placement Paper:Aptitude- Fill in the blanks, Antonyms & Direction

Started by devi.naga, Dec 28, 2012, 04:35 PM

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Ramco System  Placement Paper (Aptitude- Fill in the blanks, Antonyms & Direction)

Directions :- Each sentence below has one or two blanks. Choose the word from the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the  sentence as a whole.

1) The air was bitter cold, the temperature well below the freezing point , yet they found themselves ------ freely as they clambered up the steep northern slope

Ans: disporting

2) We were taken when we heard of his defection , never having suspected that he was anything but loyal. So capable had been his ---- or and devotion to cease

Ans: presentiment

3) War and peace are mutually ------- states of being and war to preserve peace is not a paradox . It is a -----

Ans: incompatible -- contradiction

4) Although the injury appeared ------,  the examination by the ophthomologist revealed that he would need immediate surgery to save his sight.

Ans: superficial


1. corroborative ---- refutable

2.  obnoxious ---- harmless

3. sanction ---- hinder

4. empirical ---- experimental

5. aborigine ---- emigrant

Directions for questions 1- 5 .  Questions 1 -5 are based on the following information:

A port has four berths W,V,X,Y. Of these two are general cargo berth, one is a fertiliser berth and one is for liquid cargo, When vessel A arrived it was berthed at berth V but vessel B which along with A had to wait prior to berthing as vessel C was working in berth Y and vessel D was working in berth W .Vessel E came to unload fertiliser and did not have to wait. All are specilised berths i.e. general cargo vessel has to work only in a general cargo berth. So is true for fertiliser vessel and liquid cargo vessel.

1.  The vessel E should be alotted to the berth.

Ans: X

2. Which of the following berth can accept a vessel carrying liquid cargo--W, V, X, Y

Ans: V

3. Which of the following is not a general cargo vessel--A ,B, C, D, E


4. Total number of general cargo vessels mentioned in the above description is


5. Which of the following allotments is possible

Ans: B to W