i Gate Placement Paper Pattern [Paper - 4]

Started by devi.naga, Dec 27, 2012, 12:29 PM

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i Gate Placement Paper Pattern

[Paper - 4]

Paper was not that tough.There were 15 questions to be solved in 30min.

No rough sheet was provided.Also no negative marking, but no options were given.that is u have to solve the questions and write the answer, no guess work possible.Cut off was 9 or 10 i think.They selectd very few for the second round.Outof 1,700 they selected only 170 for GD(2nd round).They made group of 10/11 for GD, and selected approximately 60 students for third/technical round.Final round ws HR..Finally they selected only 30.

But for apti prepare general topics like Avg,profitloss, time asd distance,time and work,si,ci,partnership, clocks, calender,probability,series,pipes and cisterns ,reasoing,number,hcf,lcm,permutaion and combinations.

Either refer R.S Agarwal or Pearson guide By Dinesh Khattar is more than enough.

Questions were not that tough but point was to save time.

1) one man sold two items at 20% loss and 20%profit.Net % loss/gain?
Ans In such cases always loss (20/10)^2= 4%loss.

2) series question :
I think no1 solved it
4,2,3,7.5,26.25,- ,-
Find the next two numbers.

3) Si questions was there,Given:principal=480,Rate=3.5%, Time=2 month 15 days
Find SI? =( 480*3.5*(5/2*12))/100
i.e take 2month 15 days as 2.5 month and conert into year and solve.

4) GHITZ is ....i dont remeber exactly but i remeber the concept

They replaced last with first, second last with sec,What i mean is A - Z
B- Y
c- x and so on.

5) 1/10 is how much of 3/4?
Ans (1/10)/(3/4)

6) 1/6 boys and 1/3 Girls ?What is ratio if children?
Ans 1/2 ie 1/6+1/3=1/2 = 50%

7) I n how much time 100km will be covered if a girl travels at 10km/hr and halts for 10min every 15km
   Probality of sundays in an ordinary year?

9) on eman walked 1/4,3 1/4,7 1/4,9 1/4 and other man walked 2/4,2 1/4, 2 2/3,3 1/4 kms.
Who walked more and by how much

10) number question,
Let number =10*x + y
Given: xy=18.

some more questions were there , ut icannot recall them, they were not that easy, but if u pracice pearson guide/R.S.Aggarwal well thenu can solve it.

Next Round Was GD

Made group of 10/11.In some they selected 4 members.But in many they selected only 1or 2 per group. In min they seleced only two including me. Topic was simple.they wanted every1 to talk.Also they made every1 to talk.So the topics were simple.But always allow others to speak.U should speak well and up to the point,but at the same time u should allow others to speak.Donot make it a fish market.APart from communication they also want to check that whether u can work in team or not?

Some topics
1) saddam should be hanged or not?
2) Pepsi should be banned or not?
3) mobiles vs landlines
4) house wife vs working
5) inda's poor performances in cricket

Next was techncial

1. Asked baisc things, quite lengthy
2. ASked question on DBMS,networing,
3. questions based on ur resume
4. Questions on ur final year project surely.
5. Diff b/w c++and java.
6. Some basic questions on core java.
7. Also told to write one program *
* *
* * *
and so on.......
All studnets were asked to write atleast one program (any language)

Final round HR

Simple question like education background,family background, about company etc