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hey guyz think u got an oppurtunity to be in place of Bill me what you would like to do with all his wealth and people....remember you have to say only one thing you wish to do...  ;)

If so, then we will be the third largest producer of softwares & designers only From INDIA and 100% Job Assurance only to  dEaR INDIAN's .
All in the Name of IT Acumens ...
" What would be Yours, If So "

- Webmaster
Make your Question more clear , so others can give apt reply.

- Webmaster

Why U said only one letter in alphabets?

Bcoz that is the First Alphabet, and others were only followers.

Hope so You have Understand.

- Regards,
- Admin
As if now , vista is been facing many issues like windows xp faced on its launch.
Even the trouble shooting team is working hard to provide some service packs to clear all issues sooner.

Even some Basic Network problem arries in Windows Dream Vista.

Thanks & Regards,
- Admin -

in many of the site,i saw google adsense.....

what's d benefit of to get it & impement...please be explain......


Ad sense contents for all websites provided by major search engines,

If you place some particular Ad sense keyword in your page, it will detect the page content and shows ads related to that page.

Like if you have page for Coffee Cup Java, then it will show the add only related to Java Coffee cup.

And if you hit each and every add, then the webmaster earns some referal money from the service providers,

Hope so You got it Clear.

Thanks & Regards,
- Admin -
Nice Doubt ,

It depends upon your taste,

If you were well equipped with Business Strategies, then you can go for MBA

Or if you are interested in Technology wise then you can move for M.Tech.

Thanks & Regards,
- Admin -


any1 can provide d apt difference & adv of pentium & dual processor..........


Dual Process for multiple application at a time, like Video and Software extraction at a same time without any distraction, Duo Core 2 Is the latest in it with basic need of 512 mb ram with 450 and above ram speed.

Thanks & Regards,
-  Admin -

Hi Professional of ITAcumens,

        Guys excellent work done by u & Team ...

        Continue and maintain this professionlism

        Success is with u forever 

.....................................with love

Thank You Lakshman, and We Look your presence to develop our Group in efficient manner.

Thanks & Regards,
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We have started a New Category:o IEEE Request Section:o

As per the request may by one of OUR Team Member. :)

This Section helps all Students and Engineers to listen for new IEEE papers and they can help other members to solve those issues, named on those IEEE papers.

Hope so , All Stuffs will Reach Every Individuals.

Happy Posting New Names/Titles and Procedures for IEEE Section.  ;)

Thanks & Regards,
- Webmaster -
Chat Box / Re: Free Softwares for Nokia6630
Feb 08, 2007, 09:20 AM

Get full version softwares with keygen and serials for nokia 6630

Have a look at Our Mobiles Gallery.

Thanks & Regards,
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