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Chat Box / Re: get me latest new on torrent
Feb 08, 2007, 09:15 AM

hi friends

post me latest news on torrents and details about.bin and .cue file on downloading from torrent and which download manager is best suitable for downloading torrents :D

You can go for " Limewire " [ a free Resource, you can get from Download . com ],
where we can even use over friends or related I.P address to download there system contents,
from else where around the Globe,

But when it come to Torrent , only Torrent Downloader is Perfect.

Thanks and Regards,
- Webmaster -


i wanna more updates in notes...especially is there any plan for ITAcumens & Team to produce notes for other Dept's....bcz,in past sem my friends in IT dept are used Ur notes for exam....nice updates....
but,try to be update more....


Any one can Upload your soft copy of notes to our mail box,
Support@itacumens.com . so we ensure to upload those note with in 24 hours.

Thanks & Regards,
- Webmaster -
Nice Post Dude,

Its Only One ,

and that is ' A ' .

Hope so,

:) Webmaster
:) www.itacumens.com
Introduce Yourself !!! / Hi alll
Jan 31, 2007, 12:16 AM

Nice aim dude......

Thank You SBM. If your word were more detail, Then other users can get clear easily , instead one just one line.

Hope so,

:) Webmaster
:) www.itacumens.com
Hi Acumen's ,

Find time apart from your web.

Just login to our Website www.itacumens.com

And Comment Back here .

so We others can identify the + and - on our site   :-[ .

Hope so You will undergo in help and developing us.

Thanks and Regards,
;) Webmaster  ;) -
Hi Acumen's ,

Just On our website www.itacumens.com

Go Through all the Placement Papers and Company Profiles,

Found any Faults or Not Updated Properly,  ???

Do report us here.

Or Just leave your suggestions too.

So Other Students/Engineers could be helped from Wrong Info's and Updations's on time. ::)

Thanks for Your Steps Here.

;) Webmaster  ;) -
Hi Acumen's ,

We are working towards a path, to Help Our Team Engineering Students Preparing for their Exams  :) .

Did U referred the Lastest update of Professional Ethics Q & A   ??? .

Just check Our site,


And refer to all Engg. Students.

And Tell Us the Methods and Suggestions to Improve various Text Books  :P .

Thanks and Regards,
;) Webmaster  ;) -
Suggestions & Feedback / Our Team Note !!!
Jan 20, 2007, 01:18 PM
Hi Acumen's ,

:) Of course, We have really great plans for Our Acumen's.  ??? In order to make it really successful,
we need more Acumen's who actively participate in discussions & add values.

Getting more Acumen's will also help us kick-start our projects and give us confidence to execute them without any problems  ::) .

Let Us all Propose , The world to read our Forum !!!.

How do you like the idea?
We can come up with various ways of promoting our IT Acumen's website &
actually make the dream come true.

What do you think about it? Flood in with Your Valuable  8) Comments.

Thanks and Regards,
;) Webmaster  ;) -
Hello New Acumen's !

Our "IT Acumen's forum" is read everyday by Engineers from all over the World. Engineers from various trades, countries & cultures log into IT Acumen's to share ideas & participate in discussions.

Therefore, it is very important that we have a common language of interaction.
And absolutely  'English'  ;) was an obvious choice.

Avoid making posts in languages other than 'English'. Chances are that your post may not be understood by other   ;) Acumen's who do not know your local language and you may not get response from them.

And Slang & SMS equivalents of English words! Shall we blame the social networking websites?

Before we begin, let us understand who's company are you in  ??? . At the time of writing this article, our ever growing Acumen's team consists of Professionals & Students from all parts of the world. And we are around 17 & as old as 60 ! Isn't that amazing?

At IT Acumen's, we decided to use plain English while making posts. We strictly avoid slang & SMS equivalents of words.

Hope So, This Announcement will not Hurt You rather would Impress You   :educated .
Am a Professional I.T  :educated Engineer  .

Aim : Looking for the future of our I.T ' ns  .

Motto : Deliver regular updates on Engineering Studies and Placement Details  .

Target : Reached so for is little, Yet to reach More  .

Thanks for all Members/Users.

:educated Webmaster,
:educated www.itacumens.com
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