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Title: Sections of SAT
Post by: sajiv on Dec 03, 2008, 03:16 AM

The SAT is designed to measure a student's math reasoning and skills. Every test contains three verbal sections, three math sections, and one equating section that may be either verbal or math

Some questions on the test are multiple choice and some are not.

The math portion of SAT consists of three sections and covers estimations and probabilities, along with all aspects of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. One section has thirty-five questions, each with five answers to choose from. Another section has fifteen questions, each with four answers to choose from. There is also a math section that contains ten questions and no multiple choice answers.

The verbal portion of the SAT contains three sections, which measure your reading and reasoning skills.

One section contains forty critical reading passages, one section contains nineteen analogy questions, and one section contains nineteen sentence completion questions.

The equating section of the SAT does not account for any part of your score. This section was devised to compare the old SAT test to the new and to test new types of questions.

SAT Time Limit
The SAT is a timed test. You only have three hours to complete all seven sections. The following list will tell you how long you have to complete each portion:

Math: 75 minutes
Verbal: 75 minutes
Equating: 30 minutes