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Mega Datacenters - Microsoft goes online

Microsoft is back in gear and ready to open at least two of them next month.

Microsoft officials had slowed work on a datacenter in Chicago and another facility planned in Des Moines, Iowa, late last year, as the economy sputtered.

However, if the company really wants to win the battle for cloud computing dominance as the concept catches on, Microsoft executives knew they had to ante up to build mega datacenters -- bad economy or not.
Manav Rachna International University

Admission Opens: Master of Business Administration

Last date for submitting application form: June 20, 2009

Further details are given in Departmental Brochure which can be downloaded from official website

Administrative Headquarters: 5E/I-A, BP, N.I.T. Faridabad

Phone: 0129-4198600 (30 lines), Fax: 0129-4198666

MRIU Aravalli Campus: Sector 43,
Delhi-Surajkund Road,

Phone: 0129-4198100 (30 lines),

Fax: 0129-4198222,

Indian Institute of Management Training (IIMT Pune)

Admission: MBA Degree (2 year full-time of PRIST University)

PGPM Autonomous + MBA Degree (2 year full-time of IASE University under distance education)

PGPM Biotech Autonomous + E-MBA Biotech Degree (18 months full-time + 6 months internship)
from The Global Open University Nagaland (18 months + 6 months internship) under distance mode.

Application Procedure: Fill up the enclosed application form, attach necessary documents and courier it to us alongwith non-refundable DD of Rs.1050/-, in favor of "Indian Institute of Management Training"

payable at Pune. The said amount is towards the cost of application forms.

Free GD/PI: For students having first class in X, XII and Graduation.

Indian Institute of Management Training (IIMT)

Campus: El-39/5, M.I.D.C., Bhosari,
Near Indrayani Nagar, Pune-411 026

Phone: 0091-020-27129666, 66319450, 66319422, 66319442,

Fax: 0091-020-27126731, 66319410


2-Year Full Time PGDM - PICT Pune

Premier Engineering Institute now launches

2-Year Full Time PGDM

Converging Knowledge... Powering Imaginations... Securing Future...

AICTE: Letter of Intent received; approval in process

Can I know about PICT?
The Society for Computer Technology and Research (SCTR) is running an institution called Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) for over 25 years. This is a pioneering institution for computer education. Over a period of 25 years, PICT has produced a good number of computer engineers. These engineers are working all over the world and are holding senior positions in industry.

With successfully running the computer engineering institute for more than two decades and envisaging the future need for skilled managers with technical knowledge, SCTR is now poised to launch the autonomous Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) under the name of PICT School of Technology and Management (PICT-STM) .

Can I know about PICT-STM?
PICT School of Technology and Management (PICT-STM) is a part of Society for Computer Technology and Research (SCTR), Pune. PICT-STM is set up as a model Institute in PG education. It is highly industry-driven, focused on high quality education in Management.

Can I know more about PGDM program?
* 2 Year full time PG Diploma in Management
* Specialization in Marketing, Finance or HR leading to Post Graduate Diploma in Management

* 100% Placement assistance with reputed companies
* High demand for MBAs in all sectors of economy
* Availability of jobs of varied profiles in Pune and other cities of India
* Highly industry-driven curriculum
* State - of - Art infrastructure
* Specialization in Marketing, HR or Finance
* Student - centric approach: Focus on learning rather than teaching
* Blended learning comprising of classroom learning, e-programs & experiential learning

Objective of PICT-STM
To be a model post graduate learning institute in Technology and Management by achieving academic excellence and building values through ethical business practices.

The PGDM Program Objectives

* The main broad objectives of the 2-year PGDM Program are:
* To enable the students to learn and apply concepts leading to overall Enterprise Management
* To enable the students to learn and apply the essentials of business sub-processes like Marketing, Finance, HRM, IT, Supply Chain Management; and assist the students in exploring and discovering their individual potential leading to personal and social values, creativity, an enquiring mind and positive attitudes.
* The emphasis is on practice as well as theory such that the students will gain practical knowledge and experience in solving real business problems

* Focus on: Organizational changes
Information technology and its business applications
Strategic Management

The 2nd year specialization will enable student to gain domain expertise, for entry level managerial jobs in addition to general management concepts. The student will also gain the skills and knowledge required to manage an Enterprise.

Visit our website for more details on our programs.
Admission 2009-10: MBA - National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management

Last date for sale and receipt of applications: June 26, 2009

Date of THAT: July 3, 2009

Admission Procedure: * Application form and prospectus can be obtained from the Convenor (Admissions) NITHM by paying Rs.500/- or by post through a request accompanied by DD for Rs.500/- drawn in favour of NITHM, Hyderabad, along with self addressed envelope. * Application can also be downloaded from NITHM website * In case of SC, ST candidates Rs.125/- only if their parents income is below Rs.50,920 p.a., supported by Government Revenue Department certificate.

National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management
Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500 032

Phone: +91-40-23000472/73/454, Fax: +91-40-23000471
Jokes & Funny Images / HR MANAGER LOVE LETTER
Oct 22, 2008, 11:16 PM


  Sub: Offer of love!
  Ref: Meeting in coffee shop

  Dearest Ms Juliet,
  I am pleased to inform you that I have fallen in Love with you since the
  14th of October (Saturday).

  With reference to the meeting held between us on the 13th of Oct. at 1500
  hrs, would like to present myself as a prospective lover.

  Our love affair would be on probation for a period of three months and
  depending on compatibility, would be made permanent. Of course, upon
  completion of probation, there will be continuous on the job training and
  performance appraisal schemes leading up to promotion from lover to spouse.

  The expenses incurred for coffee and entertainment would initially be shared
  equally between us. Later, based on your performance, I might take up a
  larger share of the expenses. However I am broadminded enough to be taken
  care of, on your expense account.

  I request you to kindly respond within 30 days of receiving this letter,
  failing which, this offer would be cancelled without further notice and I
  shall be considering someone else.

  I would be happy, if you could forward this letter to your sister, if you do
  not wish to take up this offer.

  Wish you all the best!

  Thanking you in anticipation,

  Yours sincerely,

  HR Manager
Dell Launches Consumer Advertising for Ubuntu Linux PCs

It's one small step for Dell and consumer Linux -- and one giant leap for Canonical's Ubuntu Linux efforts. Specifically, Dell is spending advertising dollars to promote PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled. The move has significant implications for the business world as well. Here's why.

First, some details about the advertisement. Many many U.S. newspapers on Sunday, October 12, included a multi-page Dell flier. Among the many products advertised was the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, a low-cost sub-notebook designed for email and Web browsing.

The Bigger Picture

So, why should you care? For starters, so-called Netbooks like Dell's Mini 9 represent the fastest growing portion of the PC market. Starting at $349, the Mini 9 is positioned for students and business professionals on the go.

It's not a complete PC replacement. Rather, it's a mobile WiFi device with an 8.9 inch screen, and custom Web 2.0 applications that keep you connected with friends and business associates.

Most Netbooks -- from Asus, Dell, Toshiba and soon even Lenovo -- offer either Windows or Linux pre-installed, meaning that there's real competition and real customer choice available.
Corporate Ubuntu

The VAR Guy believes Netbook momentum will spill into the corporate market, where executives on the go want the convenience of email and online application access without the hassle of a big laptop or the limited screen of a smart phone.

If Ubuntu can impress consumer Netbook users, that positive first impression could help Canonical's operating system push deeper into the corporate market.

Also of note: There are indications that WiFi service providers such as T-Mobile may offer Netbooks for free as part of ongoing wireless Internet service contracts. The move could further legitimize Ubuntu-powered Netbooks as mobile corporate devices.

Anyone who doubt's Ubuntu's growing momentum in corporate settings should check out the Work With U 1000 -- a list of businesses and organizations running Ubuntu on servers, desktops and/or laptops.
The Computer Look At Your Face And Tell You Your Age

Like an age-guesser at a carnival, computer software being developed at the University of Illinois can fairly accurately estimate a person's age. But, unlike age-guessers, who can view a person's body, the software works by examining only the person's face.

"Age-estimation software is useful in applications where you don't need to specifically identify someone, such as a government employee, but would like to know their age," said Thomas S. Huang, the William L. Everitt Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the U. of I.

For example, age-recognition algorithms could stop underage drinkers from entering bars, prevent minors from purchasing tobacco products from vending machines, and deny children access to adult Web sites, said Huang, who leads the Image Formation and Processing group at the university's Beckman Institute.

Estimating someone's age is not an easy task, even for a computer. That's partly because the aging process is determined not only by a person's genetic makeup, but by many other factors as well, including health, location and living conditions.

"Human faces do convey a significant amount of information, however, and provide important visual cues for estimating age," Huang said. "Facial attributes, such as expression, gender and ethnic origin, play a crucial role in our image analysis."

Consisting of three modules – face detection, discriminative manifold learning, and multiple linear regression – the researchers' age-estimation software was trained on a database containing photos of 1,600 faces.

The software can estimate ages from 1 year to 93 years. The software's accuracy ranges from about 50 percent when estimating ages to within 5 years, to more than 80 percent when estimating ages to within 10 years. The accuracy can be improved by additional training on larger databases of faces, Huang said.

In addition to performing tasks such as security control and surveillance monitoring, age-estimation software also could be used for electronic customer relationship management.

For example, a camera snapping photos of customers could collect demographic data – such as how many adult men and women buy burgers, or what percentage of teenagers purchase a particular soft drink.

Or, combined with algorithms that identify a person's sex, age-estimation software could help target specific audiences for specific advertisements. For example, a store display might advertise a new automobile or boat as a man walks by, or new clothing or cosmetics as a woman walks by.

"All of this can be done without violating anyone's privacy," Huang said. "Our software does not identify specific individuals. It just estimates their ages."

Huang is affiliated with the university's Center for Advanced Study, Coordinated Science Laboratory, Information Trust Institute, and department of computer science.

Funding was provided by the National Science Foundation and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. The researchers published their findings in the two journals IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE Transactions on Image Processing in 2008.
Chat Box / Laptop Security Basics
Sep 24, 2008, 03:36 AM
Laptop Security Basics

Step 1 - Set a password for all administrator accounts, including the hidden Administrator account in Windows XP and Vista. You can access the Admin account in Windows by booting into safe mode. This is accomplished by mashing F8 frenetically as the computer first powers on.

Step 2 - Once this is done, train yourself to lock the computer (Windows key + L in Windows) every time you are away. This will prevent Joe Blow in an adjacent office/dorm room or anyone that happens upon your laptop from sitting down and potentially doing nasty things. Or possibly simply annoying relatives that find if funny to deposit naughty gifts on your desktop.

Step 3 - Secure yourself against telling everyone your password.

Step 4 - Change all administrator passwords from time to time. Realistically this only happens once every six months at best unless you are paranoid.

Unfortunately these passwords are the least secure of all in terms of physical security. Windows XP and Vista passwords are easily wiped out using a variety of applications on boot CD's. I've used four different applications, and I imagine there are many more out there.

The same theory applies to Mac and Linux operating systems as well, although password resetting programs for these OS's are far more obscure. Mac passwords are slightly more secure purely because fewer people know how to reset them (security by obscurity). It took me over an hour one day to figure it out and that was with Google on hand to aid with research.
Google, HSBC back initiative to provide internet access to ‘other 3 billion’ people

Google has joined hands with HSBC and cable operator Liberty Global to support a group called  O3b Networks , which stands for the ‘other 3 billion’ people who do not have internet access.

O3b Networks seeks to provide cheap, high-speed internet access via satellite to millions in Africa, Asia and other emerging markets where it is not commercially viable or practical to deploy a fibre network.

“The information gap is very real and clearly whatever we can do to close it must be encouraged,” South African finance minister Trevor Manuel has said. “Information is power and it supports democracy and it supports decision-making.
CEO beaten to death by dismissed employees

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a private company at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh was beaten to death by dismissed employees.

LK Chaudhary was the CEO of Gradiano company in Udyog Vihar of Greater Noida. He was attacked by a mob of angry employees inside the company premises on Monday afternoon.

The workers had been dismissed nearly two months back and had been protesting since then.

A meeting had been called by Chaudhary to resolve the dispute between the labours and management. However, the meeting turned violent when the workers started protesting.

Nearly 20 people were injured in the clashes. There were about 200 former employees inside the premises when the incident took place.

Chaudhury was rushed to Noida’s Kailash Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

SSP of Noida R K Chaturvedi said that 50 people have been arrested in connection with the incident.
Movies & Commercials / LATEST MICROSOFT ADS
Sep 22, 2008, 10:56 PM
Latest Microsoft Ads

Yamaha FZ 16 motorcycle: A macho street fighter from Yamaha

he 150 cc two-wheeler space has been set ablaze with the Macho Street Fighter Yamaha FZ 16. Unveiled in India for a price of Rs 65,000, the Yamaha FZ 16 is expected to hit dealerships starting this October.

We saw the FZ 16 for the first time at the Auto Expo in January 2008. The price of the FZ16 is lower than most expected - that might give it a jump start.

Official information from the company uses the words ‘Macho Street Fighter’ in the press release, that seems to be a description of the motorcycle, not its name. FZ 16 is all we can find on the website of yamaha India.
Macho looks: Yamaha FZ 16

Macho looks: Yamaha FZ 16

The Yamaha FZ 16 motorcycle boasts of a 153 cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder high torque engine, single-axis balancer and mono-cross suspension. Other feaures that come with bike that sports street-fighter looks include 5-spoke die-cast alloy wheels, brakes of 267mm single cross-drilled ventilated rotor with 2-pot calipers and 130 mm drum and a fuel tank with a 13-litres capacity.

Photo: Yamaha FZ 16

Photo: Yamaha FZ 16

According to company top brass, FZ 16 has all in it to provide Indian bike enthusiasts with both a rough and brutish expression as well as a certain subtlety. Expected to be a bike that could be picked up by all bike enthusiasts who love the thrills of biking, the FZ 16 is being offered by the company in in three hues, Lava Red, Midnight Black and Flaming Orange.
Yamaha FZ 16's big fat silencer

Yamaha FZ 16

As far as macho looks go, the Yamaha FZ 16 motorcycle beats all other motorcycles hands down. The design is that muscular, in some ways the polar opposite of that other handsome motorcycle from Yamaha, the YZF R15.
Picture: The monoscross suspension of the FZ16

Picture: The monoscross suspension of the FZ16

Yamaha India hopes to sell at least five lakh FZ 16s in year 2009, which going by the looks and features may not be a tough task.  Reviewers of the bike have said that the street fighter looks make Yamaha FZ-16 the best looking naked bike in its class Further, the macho tank, aggressive front heavy stance and the rear view make the FZ-16 a must buy in its category.
The FZ 16's LCD speedometer

The FZ 16

You get fat 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17 (front/ rear) tyres, a monoscross suspension that looks really well integrated into the frame, and a weight of 137 kilos, that make the FZ16 a very manageable motorcycle on the road.

The petrol tank, silensor, the yellow-gold plated rear shock absorber and fat tyres give enough clues to the true strength of the Yamaha FZ 16 motorcycle - torque that is a bit higher than the 160 Apache RTR and tuned for acceleration and mid-range than outright top speed. Unlike the YZF R15, the Yamaha FZ16 motorcycle is more a city bike, tuned for aggressive city riding than for pure top speed.

The bike is expected to shake the entire two-wheeler segment market in the country by luring all youngsters to the showrooms. It is expected that the other majors such as the Apaches, Pulsars and the Hunks would see tough competition when the bike arrives this October.
How do I boot Mac OS X in Single User Mode?

Start or restart your Mac.

Hold down the Command (Open Apple)-S keys

Enable Mac OS X Firmware Password

Please reselect your startup device PRIOR to resetting your PRAM or Open firmware.

The following firmware configuration is supported on:

All Intel-Based Macintosh Computers

iMac (Slot Loading) and later models of G3 iMac
iMac (Flat Panel) and later models of G4 iMac
iMac G5 and later models of G5 iMac
iBook - all models, both G3- and G4-based
eMac - all models
PowerBook (FireWire)
PowerBook G4 and later models of G4 PowerBook
Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) and later models of G4 Power Mac
Power Mac G4 Cube - all models
Power Mac G5 and later models of G5 Power Mac
Open Firmware password protection disables the following features:
Depressed N-key boot - Boot from NetBoot server
Depressed T-key boot - Boot in Target Disk Mode
Depressed C-key boot - Boot from CD/DVD or other designated optical drive
Command V boot - Boot in Verbose Mode
Command S boot - Boot Single User Mode
Command+Option-P-R Combination boot - PRAM Reset
Command+Option-O-F Combination boot - Use of Open Firmware Interface commands without a password. - Not available on Intel-based Macs
Option key boot - Use of Startup Manager without a password
Enabling the Open Firmware Password
Obtaining the Software
Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
Download the Open Firmware Password Application from here: Open Firmware Password.
Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.3.9
The Open Firmware Password Application Utility is located in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder on your software installation DVD. Please copy it to your machine.


Launch the Open Firmware Password Application.

Click the authentication icon and enter your Administrator credentials. You will be prompted for a password.
Locate and click the Change button.

This will launch an Open Firmware Password window.

In the Open Firmware Password window, locate and click to select/check the "Require password to change Open Firmware settings" option.
Enter your Administrator password.

Retype your Administrator password in the box entitled Verify.

Click the OK button to commit your password and password verification information. This will prompt a confirmation window.

Locate and re-select the lock icon.
One In Five Employers Uses Social Network Sites When Hiring People

New study shows that one in five employers use the social networking service to research the information about job candidates.

A survey made by the, an online job site, showed that 22% of 3,169 hiring managers are screening social networking sites to research their future employees. An additional 9 percent said they don't currently use such sites, but plan to start.

The research showed that 34% of the managers who search their candidates on the Internet found information that made them drop the candidate from any short list.

According to the study's results, the main cause of dropping a candidate is that the hiring managers discovered that the candidates posted information about them drinking or using drugs. In addition, posting provocative or inappropriate photographs or information is another reason why a candidate could be rejected from a potential jobs.

Amongst other reasons the hiring managers rated also poor communication skills, use of  discriminatory remarks related to race, gender, religion and sharing confidential information from previous employers.

24 percent of the hiring managers said that the network social sites helped them to solidify their decisions about the candidates.

The employers were mostly interested in the candidate's backgrounds supporting their qualifications for the job. Vice President of Human Resources at, Rosemary Haefner, noted that the hiring managers use the Internet to "get a more well-rounded view of job candidates in terms of their skills, accomplishments and overall fit within the company."

Haefner recommends the following tips to keep your online persona in a favorable light: clean up digital dirt, update your profile regularly, include specific accomplishments, inside and outside of work and monitor comments.
E-learning in India

About E-Learning  :

E-learning or electronic learning in India is gaining prominence slowly, but indeed steadily. This is due to the fact that more than half the population of India today is below 25 years of age and the number of Internet users are growing continuously. The tremendous growth of the economy in the recent past has also helped in the growth of online education in India. E-learning in India is specially popular with the young professionals who have joined the work force quite early but still would like to continue their education that may help them move up their career ladder quickly and safely. They findonline education
in India very convenient, as the nature of the course work does not require them to attend regular classes. Moreover reputed institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade are today offering e-learning courses.

Thus e-learning in India makes it possible for the learners to pursue their education from reputed institutes without much hassle.

Online Education Scope in India
The scope of online education in India is actually much wider. Apart from proper course works, some E-learning portals in India are also conducting mock tests for various competitive examinations like engineering, medical, management etc. For example, the Indiatimes group has introduced the Mindscape test center where one can appear for mock
IIT-JEE exams

online for making self-assessment.

The Gurukul online Solutions, apart from providing various courses, set up a Jobs and Careers Centre (JCC), which, not only provides job-oriented vocational education in a variety of domains, but also provides career enriching courses via eLearning. They also offer Live Virtual Classroom connectivity to over 175 cities across India. Some E-learning portals in India are also providing tutorials for school students. Thus the reach of E-learning in India has expanded from adults to teenagers.The future of E-learning industry seems to be very bright in India as number of Internet users is growing in the country

at quite a satisfactory pace and more and more reputed players are showing their interest in the e-learning business. In fact, if prices of computers become affordable and Internet speed becomes tolerable, e- learning can work wonders for the country. Therefore, on this page, we would be providing information about all the online courses in India and the key players that are providing e-learning solutions in India.
Experience:3 - 8 Years


Education:UG - B.Com - Commerce PG - CA;M.Com - Commerce

Industry Type:Construction/ Engineering/Cement/Metals

Functional Area:Accounts, Finance, Tax, CS, Audit

Job Description

Candidates should be B.Com/M.Com/CA with 5-8 years experience in Accounting.
Should have good exposure to all accounts related functions with good knowledge of Tally
Should be able to Handle:-
Company Accounts
Reconcilation of Accounts
Sales Tax and its timely deposits
Submission of Quaterly VAT Returns
Collection and issue of various forms, sales tax assesment & TDS

Desired Candidate Profile

The Ideal candidate should have rich experience in - Computer Operating System, Tally, MS Excel, MS Office etc.

Compliance with the Statutory requirement (TDS payments,VAT payments & returns & Sales Tax Assessment,Service Tax Payments & Returns )

Monitoring Funds Position

Stock take - Audit

Weekly MIS & Monthly P& L

Audit of sales & Collection of Receivables /other income ,Creditor' ageing analysis .

Liasoning with the Banks

Responsible for Trading and Non trading Payments

Maintaing Accounts in Tally ver .7.2

Preparing monthly Cash flow

Verification of Margins

Vendor Reconciliation

Monitoring Daily Sales

Cash Submission and Deposits

Company Profile

The rapid growth in the infrastructure sector and the robust year-on-year growth in GDP has prompted Siri Constructions, a partnership firm engaged in large format earth works and cross country piping , to take up on new challenges in irrigation works, industrial plant buildings, commercial and IT spaces, plant fabrication and erection especially in power, petrochemical and pharmaceutical areas.

Like-minded professionals with years of expertise in industrial and commercial construction have come together in partnership and as a natural progression the firm was converted and Siricon Projects (P) Limited was incorporated as a private limited company on 11th June 2007.

Our motto at SIRICON is to exceed the customer expectations by understanding their needs and delivering them with specified quality, with in agreed time and thus becoming their trusted partners.

At SIRICON we firmly believe that workplace is where one should unleash his/her creative excellence and this is possible only by unbounded freedom bounded only by oneās own conscience. We are proud to have started a promising beginning towards creating such place.

In the following pages we have tried to convey our intentions, aspirations and capabilities. However the written word will always fall short in conveying our true capacities than a face to face meeting and a firm hand shake. We look forward meeting you soon.

At SIRICON we firmly believe that work place is a place where one should unleash his/her creative excellence and this is possible only by unbounded freedom bounded only by oneās own consciousness. We are proud to have started a promising beginning towards creating such work place.

We are constantly looking for experienced professionals in all areas. You are insited to send your bio-data with completed details either by e-mail

Contact Details

Company Name:Siricon Projects Pvt Ltd


Executive Name:Raj Narayan Prasad


Siricon Projects Pvt Ltd
43-4-5/1, 2nd Floor
Subbalakshmi Nagar
Railway New Colony
Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh,INDIA 530016

Email Address:,

Google / The future of search
Sep 14, 2008, 01:23 AM
The future of search

The Internet has had an enormous impact on people's lives around the world in the 10 years since Google's founding. It has changed politics, entertainment, culture, business, health care, the environment and just about every other topic you can think of. Which got us to thinking, what's going to happen in the next 10 years? How will this phenomenal technology evolve, how will we adapt, and (more importantly) how will it adapt to us? We asked ten of our top experts this very question, and during September (our 10th anniversary month) we are presenting their responses. As computer scientist Alan Kay has famously observed, the best way to predict the future is to invent it, so we will be doing our best to make good on our experts' words every day. - Karen Wickre and Alan Eagle, series editors.

Are "fab," "goy" and "eely" words? (There was a Scrabble game going on.) What time does J.C. Penney open on Saturday? Which school has a team called the Banana Slugs? What is the team mascot for San Jose State? How much power does that hydroelectric dam generate? What do you call a group of turkeys? What time does Tropic Thunder show? What's the name of that great Irish flute player, first name James? What's the name of the largest city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg? Which is older, a redwood or a cypress? What's the oldest living thing and how old is it? Who sings "Queen of Hearts"? What kind of bird is that flying over there? Is the "LF" in San Francisco on Union Square or Union Street? What are the dance steps to the Charleston? What day of the week was The Lawrence Welk Show on? What are the lyrics to "In the Mood"? How does Coumadin differ from aspirin in its blood thinning effects? What was the story behind the naming of the number "googol"?

And those are just the ones that I remember. Looking at this list, two things are very clear: (1) I could do a lot more searches and (2) search still has a lot of opportunity for innovation, change, and progress. There are lots of ways that search will need to evolve in order to easily meet user needs. Let's look at some of my unanswered questions from Saturday and consider how search might change over the next 10 years.


First, why couldn't I do these searches right then, when I needed to? Because search still isn't accessible enough or easy enough. Search needs to be more mobile - it should be available and easy to use in cell phones and in cars and on handheld, wearable devices that we don't even have yet. For example, when the topic of the oldest living thing came up during a boat ride, everyone in the conversation was curious about it, but no one wanted to break out an awkward, slow device to do a search. It would be much nicer if we had a device with great connectivity that could do searches without interruption. One far-fetched idea: how about a wearable device that does searches in the background based on the words it picks up from conversations, and then flashes relevant facts?

This notion brings up yet another way that "modes" of search will change - voice and natural language search. You should be able to talk to a search engine in your voice. You should also be able to ask questions verbally or by typing them in as natural language expressions. You shouldn't have to break everything down into keywords.

Further, why should a search be words at all? Why can't I enter my query as a picture of the birds overhead and have the search engine identify what kind of bird it is? Why can't I capture a snippet of audio and have the search engine identify and analyze it (a song or a stream of conversation) and tell me any relevant information about it? Services that do parts of that are available today, but not in an easy-to-use, integrated way.

In the next 10 years, we will see radical advances in modes of search: mobile devices offering us easier search, Internet capabilities deployed in more devices, and different ways of entering and expressing your queries by voice, natural language, picture, or song, just to name a few. It's clear that while keyword-based searching is incredibly powerful, it's also incredibly limiting. These new modes will be one of the most sweeping changes in search.

Then there's the media aspect. The 10 blue links offered as results for Internet search can be amazing and even life-changing, but when you are trying to remember the steps to the Charleston, a textual web page isn't going to be nearly as helpful as a video. The media of the results matters.

Universal search, which we released last May, was an important first step that included images, videos, news, books, and maps/local information in our main Google search results. Yet our presentation is still very linear (the results are just a list) and even (no one result is more important or larger than the next). What if the results page began to transform radically to really harness these different types of results into something that felt much more like an answer rather than just 10 independent guesses? What if results pages pulled the best media together and laid it out such that the most useful content was not only first but largest? What if we laid out content in columns to use more of the width available on newer, wider screens?

We've barely scratched the surface with universal search, but it's an important first step to exploring the full range of what we can do with rich media. For the past year, our goal has been to take advantage of these new types of results and evolve the interface design and user experience in response. You'll see the fruits of this experimentation in the coming months, but even these changes are just the beginning. The face of search will change dramatically over the next 10 years. Maybe it should contain even more videos and images, maybe it should sharply differentiate the relative weight and accuracy of the results more, maybe it should be more interactive in terms of refinements? We're not sure yet, but we do know that the one thing that the search experience can't be - especially in the face of the online media explosion we're currently experiencing - is stagnant.


Search engines 10 years from now will be a lot better than the ones we have now. We know this because Google itself gets a little better each day. We're constantly writing and revising new notions of search relevance, and we release improvements almost daily. Those improvements add up for us and for other search engines, so it follows that search engines 10 years from now will be markedly better. Therefore, the real question is not will search be better, but rather how will it be better?

One answer is clear: search engines of the future will be better in part because they will understand more about you, the individual user. Of course, you will be in control of your personal information, and whatever personal information the search engine uses will be with your permission and will be transparent to you. But even with the most rudimentary user information, search engines can and will provide drastically better search results. Maybe the search engines of the future will know where you are located, maybe they will know what you know already or what you learned earlier today, or maybe they will fully understand your preferences because you have chosen to share that information with us. We aren't sure which personal signals will be most valuable, but we're investing in research and experimentation on personalized search now because we think this will be very important later.

Your location is one potentially useful facet of personalized information. Looking at my questions, the answers to a number of them (What time does J.C. Penney open? How much power does that hydroelectric dam generate? What time does Tropic Thunder play?) require the search engine to know that I was in Yankton, South Dakota and Crofton, Nebraska when I asked. Since location is relevant to a lot of searches, incorporating user location and context will be pivotal in increasing the relevance and ease of search in the future.


Another element of personalization is social context. Who am I friends with, and how do I relate to them? How can I harness their knowledge more efficiently? For example, I have a friend who works at a store called LF in Los Angeles (hence, the question about LF in San Francisco). By itself, "LF" is a very ambiguous acronym. According to the first page of search results on Google, it could refer to my friend's trendy fashion store, but it could also refer to Leapfrog Enterprises, low frequency, Lebhar-Friedman, Li & Fung Investment Group, LF Driscoll Construction Management, large format, or a future concept car design from Lexus. Today, the person typing "LF" has to figure out which is the right result - to "disambiguate" the ambiguous term - but this is something that the search engine needs to get better at. Perhaps we'll understand the semantics of the question about where LF in San Francisco is, and infer that LF is a store. Or maybe, search could analyze my social graph and realize that one of my friends works at LF, that I saw that friend this weekend, and that in that context "LF" refers to her place of employment. Algorithmic analysis of the user's social graph to further refine a query or disambiguate it could prove very useful in the future.

In addition, there are searches where actually asking a friend helps. I was having a hard time finding out the answer to the question about aspirin versus Coumadin because I was spelling it 'cumitin' and Google wasn't correcting me. A quick email to a doctor friend, and I was back on the right track - equipped with the right spelling and his explanation of the difference, so I could search and learn even more about how these two drugs are used to thin blood. There's a lot of expertise, knowledge, and context in users' social graphs, so putting tools in place to make "friend-augmented" search easy could make search more efficient and more relevant.


The above examples show how modes, media, and various forms of personalization have the potential to vastly improve search - but what about language? We know there are cases where an answer exists on the web, but not in a language you read. This is why Google is investing in machine translation. We want to be able to unlock the power of web search for anyone speaking any language. The basic concept is - if the answer exists online anywhere in any language, we'll go get it for you, translate it and bring it back in your native tongue. This is an incredibly empowering idea that could really change the way that users experience the web and communicate with each other, particularly in languages where not a lot of native content is available. You can see our early explorations in this space here, by visiting our cross-language information retrieval tool.


We're all familiar with 80-20 problems, where the last 20% of the solution is 80% of the work. Search is a 90-10 problem. Today, we have a 90% solution: I could answer all of my unanswered Saturday questions, not ideally or easily, but I could get it done with today's search tool. (If you're curious, the answers are below.) However, that remaining 10% of the problem really represents 90% (in fact, more than 90%) of the work. Coming up with elegant, fitting and relevant solutions to meet the challenges of mobility, modes, media, personalization, location, socialization, and language will take decades. Search is a science that will develop and advance over hundreds of years. Think of it like biology and physics in the 1500s or 1600s: it's a new science where we make big and exciting breakthroughs all the time. However, it could be a hundred years or more before we have microscopes and an understanding of the proverbial molecules and atoms of search. Just like biology and physics several hundred years ago, the biggest advances are yet to come. That's what makes the field of Internet search so exciting.

So what's our straightforward definition of the ideal search engine? Your best friend with instant access to all the world's facts and a photographic memory of everything you've seen and know. That search engine could tailor answers to you based on your preferences, your existing knowledge and the best available information; it could ask for clarification and present the answers in whatever setting or media worked best. That ideal search engine could have easily and elegantly quenched my withdrawal and fueled my addiction on Saturday. I'm very proud that Google in its first 10 years has changed expectations around information and how quickly and easily it should be able to be retrieved. But I'm even more excited about what Google search can achieve in the future.

CHENNAI: "The IT and ITES industry needs more than 3.5 million professionals to achieve the targeted export revenue of 86 billion USD by the eleventh plan period ending 2012," said Union IT Secretary Jainder Singh here on Friday.

He was speaking at the valedictory function of Aaruush '08, a National level Tech-fest organised by the SRM University on its campus in suburban Kattankulathur. He said the industry currently employs two million people.

''Our higher education system needs to produce enough graduates to provide another two million willing and suitable professionals over the next five years'', he added.

There was a need for improving the supply of suitable talent through multiple level strategy through centres of excellence and strengthening the existing educational system, Singh said.

IT firms hone firefighting skills

A Fire alarm rings loud and all the employees of an IT firm rush for the exit.
There is urgency, but there is order too.

The physically challenged are let out first, followed by pregnant staff, the old, women and then the men. Lifts are a strict no-no. Stairs are used. The building is evacuated in minutes. The same routine will be followed when the company reorganises the mock safety drill.

IT firms across the city are conducting these drills, simulating worst-case scenarios, to tackle possible fire outbreaks.
Attention is paid to detail and all elements of a disaster spot are recreated, including injured persons, fire tenders and firefighters.

No efforts are being spared to drive home two points -- of safety and how to react in the event of a fire.

Subhashini, a member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) of a leading IT firm, says she is confident of operating a fire extinguisher. She says employees are told to use fire extinguishers for a minor fire, but focus on saving one's life in case of a fire of alarming proportions. "First call the fire station command rings in our ears," she adds.

Every floor of Subhashini's office has a smoke detector. The ERT's responsibility includes assessing the intensity of the fire and alerting co-workers. It is compulsory for all employees to know fire management, she adds.

Ananthu, a former member of the Disaster Response Team, says though mock drills are notified and everything is planned, the extensive training equips people to handle risky situations better.

Wipro employee Ramakrishnan says the mock drills teach basic survival techniques.
Vijai Barath, a network engineer at Scope International, is confident of handling a fire outbreak.

TCS employee Siva says a mock drill should not be announced. A few others second this, arguing that a surprise drill would help gauge what the possible realtime response would be.
How to open TCP Ports in Windows?

Opening TCP ports in Windows may be necessary for getting certain applications to run correctly. Each application may require a specific port to operate on. While your computer can and does open ports on its own, in certain situations you may need to do this manually. Here are some tips.

Step 1. Launch Windows and click Start, then My Network Places. A new window should pop up. Select Network Tasks and then click View Network Connections

[youtube]Step 2.[/youtube] Select the connection you use for the internet. If you do not know the connection which accesses the internet, you can disable each connection one at a time and then use your browser to see if your internet connection works. Once you find the connection that accesses the internet, right click on it and select properties.

Step 3. A new window should pop up. Select the Advanced Tab and then select Settings.

Step 4. Right-click the connection that you use for the Internet, and then click Properties. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings.

Important Note: If your Settings button is unavailable, this means that all ports are open. Since all ports are open, you do not have to go any further to open ports manually- your job is complete.

Step 5 Click on Add to open a new port - you will see several fields. Fill in information for the following fields. For the description box and the name or IP address boxes add the details of the computer hosting the service. For IP Address you can use the following: For the field External port and Internal port boxes, input again the IP address

Step 6. Click TCP and then select OK. You have manually opened a TCP port on Windows.
Windows / Linux / Blue Screen of Death
Sep 13, 2008, 04:16 PM
What is the Blue Screen of Death

Common Causes of the Blue Screen of Death Occurring

The Blue Screen of Death is usually caused due to a few specific reasons including a poorly written device driver, faulty memory, and incompatible DLL's or a corrupt Registry.

Poorly written device driver: A device driver is usually created by a third party company to run a device such as a peripheral (printer, scanner, mouse, etc). These third party companies's create small driver programs which make it possible for these devices to work on a specific operating system, however many times these small programs can be buggy causing incompatibility which can result in the BSOD.
Faulty memory: Faulty memory can occur when a computer is processing memory intensive operations. For instance, a defective hard drive or RAM can cause an operating system to encounter a problem with the memory causing the BSOD. In certain cases, heat or other conditions can cause memory components to fail causing the BSOD.

Incompatible DLL's: DLL's are dynamic link libraries which are part of the operating system's shared library concept. These DLL's are files that are necessary for certain programs to run or processes to take place. If a DLL is not found or there is a problem with the file, this may cause the BSOD. When a BSOD occurs due to DLL incompatibility, it is usually referred to as DLL hell. It should be noted that DLL's are loaded into the memory of a computer each and every time an application needs them. As an application is used over and over again, the chances of an incompatible DLL file occurring increases. This is why many computer users notice that a freshly installed Windows operating system is much more stable than a computer that has a copy of Windows installed for a lengthy period of time.

Corrupt Registry: The registry is a database that Window's operating system use to store configuration information regarding hardware and software, information used for set up and user preferences. If the registry is corrupt the BSOD may occur.

The History of the BSOD

The BSOD is synonymous with Microsoft, but does occur on other types of software. For instance, the Atari Jaguar has a Blue Screen of Death and Lotus Notes has a stop error screen extremely similar to the BSOD, except in red. The Blue Screen of Death occurs on almost every operating system that Microsoft has sold including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, Windows NT, ME and XP. It should be noted that in MS DOS, a Black Screen of Death occurs and it is said that in Vista a Red Screen of Death (RSOD) occurs.

Understanding the Blue Screen of Death

It should be noted that when a stop error occurs and your computer displays the Blue Screen of Death, you will also usually be able to see a message. The message might state a FILE_SYSTEM and a number: 0x00000022. Copy this number down, it can be used later to understand and determine why the error occurred. Usually you can visit and input the error number into their database to find out more information, a description regarding the error and possible fixes for the error.
Google to Purge Server Logs Twice as Fast

Google announced that it will cut the amount of time it stores users' IP addresses on its servers in half, reducing the retention period from 18 months to nine months.

After that period, the server logs will be anonymized so it becomes impossible to trace an IP address back to an individual. Google, which had previously cut its data-retention time in a nod to privacy concerns, has maintained that analyzing the server logs with full IP addresses collected over an extended period of time allows it to combat fraud, spam and other Internet threats.

"As the period prior to anonymization gets shorter, the added privacy benefits are less significant and the utility lost from the data grows," Google's chief privacy counsels wrote in a blog post. "So, it's difficult to find the perfect equilibrium between privacy on the one hand, and other factors, such as innovation and security, on the other."

The move comes as Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) faces increasing regulatory scrutiny, both as part of the growing concern that large Web companies might know more about their users that people would be comfortable with, and connected with the ongoing antitrust review of its advertising partnership with Yahoo.

While U.S. lawmakers have recently been ramping up their inquiry into Internet companies' privacy safeguards, Google's move was largely in response to the complaints of an advisory group to the European Union.

According to recent filings with the Federal Trade Commission, the policy change will make Google's IP retention time the shortest of the big four Web companies.

In their FTC filings, Yahoo and AOL both said that they anonymized their logs after 13 months. Microsoft said it purged the addresses after 18 months.

Microsoft Backtracks on Live Migration, Again

For the second time, Microsoft  has put off including live migration features in its virtualization technology.

Live migration capabilities enable users to move a virtual machine (VM) either manually or automatically from one physical server, cluster or processor to another, instantaneously, while the VM's still running. This can help IT prevent overloading of the infrastructure's physical computing resources.

Microsoft has twice promised that live migration would make its way into its own virtualization products, which would better enable them to compete with rival offerings from vendors like VMware and Citrix, both of which offer the feature.

Company spokespeople did not say what had caused the latest delay.

Microsoft's delay is believed to be due to technical difficulties, which also plagued it when it first tried to release live migration last year. "Migration is a very difficult technology to develop, and so it is not entirely surprising that Microsoft is experiencing delays," analyst Dan Kusnetzky, principal of the Kusnetzky Group, told in an e-mail.

Microsoft did suggest an alternative to live migration, however: quick migration, where the VM is saved to a disk, then that saved state is reassigned to a new physical core, server or cluster and then brought up again.

That process can take six seconds, according to Microsoft's engineers. This might not seem like a lot, but six seconds is an eon to any device where time is measured in nanoseconds or picoseconds.

Patrick O'Rourke, Microsoft's group product manager, told in an e-mail that true live migration "will be available in the next version of Microsoft Hyper-V Server" and also in the Enterprise and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2008 R2, codenamed Windows Server 7.
Saving a Bundle with Grid Computing

Grid computing can save companies a lot of money, and not just in hardware and software costs, according to a new report.

A white paper published by The FactPoint Group, a Silicon Valley-based research and consulting firm, said an unnamed top five global pharmaceutical giant using Univa UD's Grid MP software to accelerate its high-performance computing (HPC) applications saved more than $3.7 million in the first year of implementation and another $3.3 million annually after that.

The cost savings didn't include Grid MP licensing costs, the report said.

Univa UD commissioned the study, a company spokesperson said, "but FactPoint performed the analysis independently. All we did was facilitate the introduction to the project owners at this client. All the data came from the customer, and the analysis results were approved by the customer's grid team."

The study found significant savings in hardware, software and associated costs, but the biggest savings were in areas like improved drug screening and time to market that continued long after the initial cost savings.

Tim Clark, partner at The FactPoint Group and author of the paper, said in a statement that "most people make the assumption that grid technology simply replaces hardware, so that's the main area where ROI gets estimated. But it actually goes way beyond that.

"In fact, hardware purchase avoidance only represents 5 percent of the total first year savings for this company, and is not factored in at all for the millions in savings after year one," he said.

"Clearly, as this paper shows, with Grid MP, our customers stand to enjoy huge gains in many areas beyond the obvious reductions in hardware costs," stated Univa UD CEO Jason Liu.\

Source:By Paul Shread
Automated Licensing, Rights Management for Digital Artists

LicenseStream enables easy assignment of revenues to multiple parties, while providing quick and efficient registration, rights management and transaction settlement capabilities -- all in an automated service. It is the brainchild of Iain Scholnick and his business partner, who founded ImageSpan in 2003 to administer the technology, just launched in several tiers of services.

"The secret of the Internet is that, say you go to iTunes and download and pay for a song, people think the transaction is all done, and that's not true," said Scholnick. "With digital content, there are royalties to be paid and lots of people involved, the artist, the studio, maybe an affiliate, so the transactions are complex and a lot of these creative types who sell online are doing all that manually. We came up with LicenseStream to act as a sort of air-traffic control system to automate all that, it does all the math and back-end stuff for you."

ImageSpan has three licensing applications:

LicenseStream Enterprise (LSe)

LicenseStream Enterprise delivers a licensing and billing platform to manage the complete media transaction cycles of: rights, permissions, pricing assignment, license generation, e-commerce management, royalty and billing settlement for existing and newly-created media content.

LicenseStream Creator (LSc)

LicenseStream Creator uses the underlying power of the LicenseStream Enterprise solution while tailoring it to meet the needs of individual content creators. The service is available at two levels:
LicenseStream Creator enables users to register, describe, license, manage their photo and video content library, publish and receive royalties. Users pay a commission fee of 10 percent in addition to the special introductory subscription fee of $39.99, which includes 2 GB of secure, backed-up storage.
LicenseStream Creator Pro, which builds on all the benefits of LicenseStream standard. A more robust "business ready" solution, LicenseStream Pro offers additional licensing, reporting and publishing flexibility and options. LicenseStream Pro users pay a commission fee of five percent per transaction in addition to the annual subscription fee of $99.99, which includes 10 GB of secure, backed-up storage.
For both LicenseStream Creator and LicenseStream Creator Pro users, the company offers unlimited additional storage sold at bulk rates, packaged in 5, 10, 25 and 50 GB packages.

CurbStream (CS):

CurbStream provides local content through a hosted service that reaches more than 10,000 videographers, according to ImageSpan. The videographers shoot and upload video that is immediately rights cleared and licensable for advertising, editorial, and commercial broadcast or online display.
Though anyone can subscribe to these plans as stand-alone services, if artists are working within Adobe, they can access LicenseStream via plug-ins for the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom photography workflow software and the popular Adobe Creative Suite 3 software, which provides a broad spectrum of creative options for all facets of print, Web, film and video production.

source:By Michelle Megna
Pricol Looking for Design Engineers - Mechanical

Experience: [blink]5 - 8 Years[/blink]

Location : Coimbatore

Education : UG - B.Tech/B.E. - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization;Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type : Industrial Products/Heavy Machinery

Functional Area : Engineering Design, R&D

Job Description

Skill Sets:

1.Knowledge on Product development/methodologies
2.Conversant in Pro-E (wild fire) and AutoCAD
3.Knowledge on plastics and plastic component design
4.Knowledge on manufacturing methodologies
5.Exposure to ISO 9001 and TS16949 procedures
6.Experience in automobile/ancillary industry is preferred
7.Good communication skills
8.Good analytical skills

Desired Candidate Profile

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 5 to 8 years experience

Bachelor of Engineering with 1 to 8 years experience

Skill Sets:

1.Knowledge on Product development/methodologies
2.Conversant in Pro-E (wild fire) and AutoCAD
3.Knowledge on plastics and plastic component design
4.Knowledge on manufacturing methodologies
5.Exposure to ISO 9001 and TS16949 procedures
6.Experience in automobile/ancillary industry is preferred
7.Good communication skills
8.Good analytical skills

Company Profile

Our is a MNC with 8 factories, 55 product offerings, 2200 product variants, 4600 employees. Some of our clients are Bajaj, Herohonda, TVS , Yamaha.

Contact Details

Company Name:Pricol


Executive Name:Shyamasundar

Email Address :

Telephone: 91-422-4331363

Embitel  looking UI Designer (Software Services)

Experience:5 - 7 Years


Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization;Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:IT-Software/ Software ServicesFunctional Area:E-Commerce, Internet Technologies

Job Description

5+ yrs of Relevant Exp

Strong communication skills

Required Intimate understanding of HTML, XHTML, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript standards and specifications

Develops and maintains the front end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Responsible for site performance, in terms of page load times, page weight, JavaScript performance

Strives to optimize and constantly improve quality of code

Ensures cross browser compatibility

Good understanding of W3c standards

Keeps technically abreast of changes, advancements, and/or improvements and incorporates these improvements where applicable

A passion to create cutting edge interfaces that make user interaction pleasurable

Experience developing production quality web sites

Ability to handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

Please send your updated CV with following


Current CTC:

Expected CTC:

Notice Period:

Desired Candidate Profile

Required Intimate understanding of HTML, XHTML, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript standards and specifications.

Company Profile

About Embitel

Dmc digital media centre GmbH (Germany) develops technically complex and creative E-Business solutions for the Internet, wireless and multimedia terminal systems. We are leader in e-commerce solution for the retail segment.
As the leading European provider and specialist for ādigital multi-channel solutionsā, we deliver E-Business solutions covering all the digital channels and therefore ensure more turnovers, customers and reach while lowering process costs.
With our integrative approach, we create online shops as well as multi-channel-capable E-Business solutions. We also develop suitable cross-channel sales and marketing strategies ā with measurable success. dmc unites the know-how needed for successful digital multi-channel solutions with the capabilities of a new media design agency, systems Integration Company and IT services.

Dmc systems India (Embitel) is promoted by dmc digital media centre GmbH with its registered office in Bangalore. . The company has profit sharing in place for all its employees.

Embitel has been shortlisted as Top 21 Innovators by NASSCOM.

Embitel is also an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company.

Contact Details

Company Name:Embitel

Website :

Executive Name:Monika


#G002, SSTP, Whitefield Main Road
Bangalore,Karnataka,INDIA 560066

Email Address:

Web Designer & Graphic Designer

OfficialGates Media Pvt Ltd

Experience:[blink]0 - 5 Years[/blink]


Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization

Industry Type:IT-Software/ Software ServicesFunctional Area:Web, Graphic Design, Visualiser

Job Description

Candidate will use their creativity to design futuristic web sites& analysis of new web site features(Timely delivery of projects)the ideal candidate will have good knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, Flash, JavaScript, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Dream weaver

Desired Candidate Profile

Candidates with 0-5 years experience in web designing. Fresher who have completed their web designing & graphic designing course can also apply for Junior Position

Company Profile

Official Gates Media Pvt Ltd has over 3 years of experience in providing software offshoring / outsourcing services to its various clients in India, US, UK, Australia & Middle East region. Being a part of

Contact Details

Company Name:OfficialGates Media Pvt Ltd


Executive Name:Kumar Krishnan

Address:OfficialGates Media Pvt Ltd

106, 1st Floor, Sri Arcade
1st Main Road, D Block, Near Chintamani
Anna Nagar East
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,INDIA 600102

Email Address:

Telephone: 91-44-64612526
MITI Information & Tech Pvt Ltd Looking Jr. Developers

Experience:1 - 2 Years

Location:Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad / Secunderabad, Mumbai,
United States (U.S)

Education:UG - B.Tech/B.E. - Computers PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization;Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:IT-Software/ Software ServicesFunctional Area:Application Programming, Maintenance

Job Description
Analyze the communications, informational and programming requirements of clients; planning, developing and designing business programs and computer systems.

Designing, programming and implementing software applications and package customized to meet business requirements of the client.

Desired Candidate Profile

Reviewing, repairing and modifying software programs to ensure technical accuracy and reliability of programs.

Training of clients on the use of software applications and providing trouble shooting and debugging support.
Company Profile
Millennium Infotech is a business transformation services provider focused on helping partners and clients architect and implement strategies that utilize emerging technologies. Millennium Infotechās diverse expertise and capabilities helps clients re-engineer and re-invent their businesses, keeping their operations in line with strategies and goals.

Contact Details

Company Name:MITI Information & Tech Pvt Ltd


Email Address:
Things You'll Need:

    * Time to pray/meditate.
    * Books on motivation.
    * A place big enough to gather all your employees.
    * A realistic view of your company.
    * A basic understanding of human needs.

A tree will produce after its own kind... You are the head of your company or at least in a leadership role. Your best followers will follow your lead. In order to be able to cultivate ascension, you yourself must be operating at a level that is exemplary of the direction you are proposing. You must literally become the embodiment of your desires. The single greatest seed you can plant in the ground is yourself. We cannot "reproduce" anything that we cannot first "produce" and for the most part your business is an asexual operation.

You can do it! You may want to find a mentor or at least fellow laborer of your own. Someone who can privately encourage you, educate you, and especially critique you in a very positive, intimate, and personal way so that your followers won't have to publicly and secretly criticize you later.

Patience SBO Some things cannot be taught, they must be caught. I believe that we attract in this life what we are and therefore, most of the bad habits we will find in our organization will be common to our own personal flaws. Once you have made changes to yourself and your personal display, give it time before you impose it on your followers. Give them time to see what you have become and align themselves with you. How much time you give them depends on several things. I would give them a few months, but we are different people in different situations. Only you can decide the proper timing. But, remember that the seed may stay in the ground for a long time before it sprouts. People see your change and that will change your people.

It doesn't get any simpler than that. Summarize the change. Don't spring a whole list of individual demands on your people. Take the time to organize your thoughts into a single statement or at most three.

Can you do that for me? Ask your people for the change. We are waiting for people to come to us, and often times the people are waiting for us to come to them. Go to your people where they are to sincerely, personally, and individually ask them to make the changes that you feel would be beneficial to the organization. Help them to understand their individual importance to the organization and how these changes will help the company to grow.

This is the vision! Who is with me? Now that you have asked everyone individually for the change, assemble the entire organization together and ask them corporately for the change. Reiterate to the group the phrases that you wrote down earlier. This time give them relevant examples and pertinent data that supports your key phrases. Repeat these key phrases several times during your speech. Do not let more than 2 minutes go by without repeating a phrase. Do not forget to end the meeting with some type of sign-up for those that want to answer the call and do more to help the organization.

We will ascend to the next level of operations. Post the change up on the walls, on the website, in the newsletter, on the paychecks, so that it will subliminally post to their subconscious minds. It must become an unshakable reality to them.

Reading creates better followers. Develop some type of mentor program or educational system that will help people who want to do more but are currently unable to do so. Include some of your favorite books from authors that you trust in this curriculum. Zig Ziglar was one of my mentors favorite speakers and now he is one of my favorites as well. (I hope you got that one.)

Shiny isn't it? Find new and exciting ways to display your enthusiasm about the changes you see. Don't be afraid to be excited! Do what you must to display your complete dedication to mission accomplishment. Eventually people will either catch the fire or leave because of the heat. Don't be fearful when you start to see people leaving, that is called dross SBO. Getting rid of the dross purifies the gold.

I'll see you at the top! If you followed these ascending steps then you and whats left of your followers are on your way to the top! Congratulations! Come back and tell us about how it worked out for you!

Plastic Fantastic

There are still those rare tech gadgets that elicit oohs and ahhs from even the most jaded gear hounds. PlasticLogic's display is one of those. The size of a sheet of paper, about three-eighths of an inch thick and weighing 13 ounces, the device is a gray-scale screen - which can store thousands of documents for reading and annotating.  Picking up the prototype here at the DEMO conference is more like hefting a piece of thick cardboard than any electronic display you may have tried.

And it is mostly a display. Crisp images and text in grays and whites are easy to read, and with just a little lag, scroll from page to page easily. While it isn't ready yet, ultimately you will be able to add notes and sketches to PDFs, CAD drawings, spreadsheets and text documents. The documents will synch from a computer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Lithium ion batteries power the display. An obvious upgrade in future versions would be a color screen.

When you see it, you immediately want it to become a tablet PC, something that has both input and output. But replacing the PC is not what PlasticLogic is trying to do. "We want to replace paper," says Steven Glass, head of user experience for the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. "The point is to be able to deliver this at a price more in line with the current crop of e-readers like (Amazon's) Kindle which sells for around $349."

The company, whose technology was initially developed at Cambridge University, is focused on doing in plastic what today is typically done in silicon. Why do that, is an obvious question when the chip industry has amassed such expertise in turning silicon wafers into the guts of all sorts of electronics.

The answer, according to Glass, is the relative cheapness of scaling up a plastic display factory versus building a chip-making plant. In the end, making semiconductors from plastic, with its low temperatures and quick production time, could be 40% to 50% cheaper than using silicon.

PlasticLogic is building a factory in Dresden, Germany (which goes live in ten days to produce these displays) for the low hundreds of millions compared to the billions it takes to build a typical silicon fab. The company has raised $200 million from an assortment of strategic partners and investors. Expect PlasticLogic displays to hit the market by the middle of next year.

So will you want one? If you are at all curious about the Kindle you should check it out. But it may have more appeal in the office than on the beach - you can see lawyers and information workers using the displays instead of carting around reams of documents.
Doctor Certified Software Professional

Certified that Mr.  XXXXXXX, working in your organization, is suffering from 'time-bound' illness.  Due to this, he will NOT be able to work more than 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.  Any attempt to stretch beyond this timing will lead to severe health problems.  The losses to the company due to medical reimbursements will be far more compared to the gains made by stretching beyond 8 hours.
It is also warned to keep my patient away from any kind of shocking news such as "Come over weekend..", "Let's work on holiday..", "Leave cannot be granted.." etc. which can directly lead to heart strokes.
In view of the above, it is strongly recommended to adjust your project deadlines in accordance with the convenience of my patient.
Dr. Impatient
Cyber Clinic
ThomasMount Recruiting Sr. Executive - Resourcing (Sr. Recruiter/Lead)

Experience:1 - 3 Years

Location:Ernakulam / Kochi/ Cochin

Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization;Graduation Not Required PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization;Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:IT-Software/ Software ServicesFunctional Area:HR / Administration, IR

Job Description

Understand Client Requirements.
Screening and short listing resumes
Conducting preliminary round of interview.
Briefing the candidates about the organization & the job opportunity.
Scheduling Interviews

Desired Candidate Profile

The candidate should have:
- Excellent communication skills.
- Familiar with various Job Portals.
- Should be smart & aggressive.
- Should have good convincing skills.

Company Profile

ThomasMount is an Information Technology and Resource Management company providing consulting solutions and highly skilled IT consultants to organizations involved in in-house or outsourced IT engagements. Staffing Services is our flag ship division.

Contact Details

Company Name : ThomasMount

Website : http://

Executive Name : Nina Sherry

Email Address :

Telephone : 09995012569
The Reliance Motor Co Looking for SALES EXECUTIVES

Experience:0 - 2 Years


Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:Auto/Auto AncillaryFunctional Area:Marketing, Advertising, MR, PR

Job Description


Desired Candidate Profile


Company Profile


Contact Details

Company Name:The Reliance Motor Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Name:Mrs. Chitra S Varadhan


The Reliance Motor Co Pvt Ltd
761, Anna Salai
Chennai,TN,INDIA 600002

Email Address:

R Krishnamurthy & Associates Looking Manager Factory Accounts

Job Description
This position is for a Multinational Company.

Manager Factory Accounts, Chennai . Will have two persons reporting into this position.

Candidates must be CA/ICWA with 3-5 years of experience preferably in manufacturing companies. Salary negotiable.

Candidates are most welcome to call Krishnamurthy at 9449851658

About Company

Additional Information

Experience: 3 - 5 years

Education: CA, ICWA

Job Category: Finance & Accounts

Job Location: Chennai

Industry: • Garments/ Textiles • Machinery/ Equipment Mfg.

Role: Accounts Head / GM - Accounts
Centre for Earth Science Studies Looking for Project Fellow

Project Fellow (2 Posts)

Qualification: First class Post Graduate degree in Science Discipline.

Desirable: Experience in Computer applications.

Remuneration: Rs.8,000/- per month (consolidated).

Date & Time : 03.09.2008 (Wednesday) 9.30 AM

Junior Research Fellow (1 Posts)

Qualification : M. Sc / M.Tech first class in Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry / Geology / Marine Geology. Candidate with NET / CSIR / UGC qualification will be preferred. Preference will also be given to candidate who has previous experience in water / sediment analysis and computer knowledge.

Remuneration : JRF- Rs.12,000/- + HRA for the 1st and 2nd year and in the 3rd year as SRF and Rs. 14,000/- + HRA.

Age: 30 years as on 01.01.2008; relaxation up to 5 years for SC/ST and 3 years for OBC candidates

Date & Time : 09.09.2008 (Tuesday) 9.30 AM

Venue : CESS, Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 031

Interested candidates may appear for the walk-in-interview with an application specifying the project code and post applied for together with detailed bio-data, copies of certificates showing educational qualifications, experience, age etc and original certificates for verification.

Click Here :
TBuy PHP Programmers Walkin - experience of PHP programming

Tbuy company seeks an experienced web developer to play a key role in developing and maintaining a Oscommerce website. The role requires 6 Months To 1 year experience of PHP programming - Plus one or more of the following:
Experience of PHP/MySQL development
Candidate Should Have Good Experience In Flash, Photoshop….
Experience of JavaScript and Ajax style development
Linux server administration
Should have good knowledge in handling Cpanel

Desired Candidate Profile

Essential: 6 months to 1 year experience of PHP programming[blink][/blink]

Plus one or more of the following

- Experience of JavaScript and Ajax style development
- Experience of PHP/MySQL development
- Linux server administration
- Graphic design
- Oscommerce

Personal Skill:

- Good spoken English
- Willingness to learn and show initiative
- High professional standards
- Team spirit
- Long term goals within the company.
- Graphic design
- Should have knowledge in Os commerce
- Flash ,Photoshop

Please note interviews will be held in Chennai:
Preference will be given to candidates with short notice periods.


Phone: 9952378002
Olive HR Services Looking for CSR/Sr.CSR

Experience : 0 - 3 Years[blink][/blink]

Location : Chennai

Education : UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization

Industry Type : BPO/ITES /CRM/Transcription

Functional Area : ITES/BPO/KPO, Customer Service, Ops.

Job Description

Atleast 6 month of Exp inbound call center
Inbound calling exp in any international call center.

Desired Candidate Profile

Should have Complete Graduation
Must have Exp in Inbound

Company Profile

Olive is active across all industry and functions with domain experts to anchor specific needs of the industry across verticals.

Contact Details

Company Name : Olive HR Services

Executive Name : Ajitha

Email Address :

Telephone : 9444990723
Chat Box / Advantages vs disadvantage
Sep 02, 2008, 02:09 AM
Advantages vs disadvantage

Like every coin has two sides, so does almost everything that we do in life. This is also the fact where taking up part time jobs is concerned. Part time jobs have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While the former do outnumber the latter, yet it is important for people to be aware of both these sides of the part time jobs coin.

In the entire advantages vs disadvantage scenarios, first let us look at the advantages, which are listed here:
Financial independence. This is important for the youngsters, as well as the homemakers. Even though one may hail from an affluent family, yet it becomes awkward each time one needs to ask for money. Instead of that it is easier to earn and spend
Additional income in the household. This is all the more the situation where homemakers have spare time in hand. After completing the entire household chores one tends to spend time in front of the television or reading books and magazines. However, one can take up a part time job in the locality and bring in that extra income that could either go into savings or take care of some additional expenses.
Makes one productive. Sitting and whiling away time can be destructive, especially for youngsters and ladies. Instead going out and taking up a job for a few eyes, would put the mind to a constructive mood, and also brings home the extra earning
Interaction with the world. By taking up a job in the spare time, one gets to interact with more people, rather than sitting within the four walls and spending time in loneliness waiting for other members of the family to return
Experience and maturity amongst youth. Employing the youth for a couple of hours a day initiates them into the work culture. It also brings in them a lot more maturity.

The disadvantages are as follows:
Excessive money in the hands of youngsters can lead them to bad habits
Earning one's pocket money may make them so over-confident that they would rather drop their education, since they are already earning more than they knew they could

These are the prime disadvantages that can be kept in check.
Find Stored Passwords on My Computer

To access different services on the Internet. Whether it is a password to one of our e-mail accounts or more importantly, one that gives us access to our financial information, if you lose or forget your password, it can be a significant inconvenience. Here are some ways to find stored passwords on your computer.

Note that for the most part, one of the best ways to recover lost passwords is to use software when creating passwords that keeps track of them so that if you lose them, you can recover them. Unfortunately, most people have no use for this software until they actually lose or forget an important password. Programs available for saving and then recovering passwords include: MDW Recovery, MSN Password Recovery and using the Password Manager in Firefox.

Cracks & Hacks

It should be noted that their other types of methods that you can use to recover a stored password. These methods are usually highly illegal, especially if you are trying to find passwords that are not yours. While the Internet offers this type of software, discretion is seriously advised. Frequently, downloading these cracks and hacks can also bring you Trojan horses, viruses, etc.


Another way to recover a stored password from your computer is to use a keylogger. If you have a keylogger operating in the background, you can go back and figure out what your lost password was. Obviously, this method doesn't help those that were not using a keylogger initially.
M.Com Degree Marketing Management, NOVEMBER 2005

(for the candidates admitted from 2005 onwards)


SECTION - A (10*1 = 10)

Answer all questions.
ALL questions carry equal marks.

1. Which one of the following is the facilitating functions of marketing?
(a) Financing (b) Assembling (c) Selling (d) Transportation

2. When goods or sevices are used by ultimate consumers, are termed as
(a) Raw Materials (b) Semi finished goods (c) Consumer Goods (d) Industrial Goods

3. Skimming pricing refers to
(a) High price (b) Low price (c) Moderate price (d) Reasonable price

4. Which of the following is not the consumer promotion?
(a) In pack offer (b) Cosumer constest (c) Premium offer (d) Sales contest

5. Whch one of the following is marketing concept?
(a) Selling Concept (b) managerial Concept (c) Communication Concept (d) Management Concept

6. Personal Selling means
(a) Selling through advertisement (b) Selling through alesmen (c) Selling by offering gifts
(d) Selling through internet

7. Regulated market is controlled by the state government through a_____________.
(a) Traders (b) Market committee (c) Farmers (d) Local bodies

8. One of the characteristics of agricultural commodity is
(a) Durability (b) Homogenity (c) Perishability (d) Intangibility

9. A commodity exchange
(a) deals withsecurities (b) unorganised market (c) an organisied market (d) money market

10. Expand the term NAFED
(a) National Agricultural Federation
(b) National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation
(c) National Autonomous Federation
(d) National Autonomous Agricultural Federation

SECTION - B (5*5 = 25)

Answer all questions.
ALL questions carry equal marks.

11. (a) Define marketing. Briefly explain the faciliting functions of marketing
(b) Differentiate between marketing research and marketing distribution?

12. (a) List out the pricing objectives.
(b) State the advantages of personal selling.

13. (a) What are the functions of the channels of distribution?
(b) State the elements of an ideal sales territory.

14. (a) Breifly explain the features of services marketing.
(b) Bring out the characteristics of agricultural commodities.

15. (a) Explain the defects of an unorganized market
(b) What are the objectives of co-operative marketing?

SECTION - C (5*7 = 40)

Answer all questions.
ALL questions carry equal marks.

16. (a) Describe the evoluation of marketing concept.
(b) Explain breifly the process of developiong a new product

17. (a) Describe the factors that affect pricing decisions of an organisation.
(b) State the strength and weakness of advertising.

18. (a) Discuss the meaning and objectivess of physical distribution system.
(b) What do you mean by sales management? Explain the steps in the selection of salesman.

19 (a) Explain the main defects of regulkated market.
(b) what are the main defects of agricultural marketing in India?

20. (a) Bring out the characeristics of organisied markets.
(b) Breifly explain the functions of co-operative marketing.

M.Com Degree Examination, MAY 2006
(for the candidates admitted from 2004 and onwards) Semester Pattern


SECTION A (20*1 = 20)
Answer ALL the question

1. What is perception?

2. What do you mean by esteem needs?

3. What is meant by esteem needs?

4. Define "leadership"?

5. What do you mean by job analysis?

State True or False:

6. A test which is designed to measure the level of intelligence is called intelligence test.

7. Performance test or trade test is achivement test.

8. Performancer sucess is through personality test.

9. Measuring human performance is aptitude test.

10. Interest tesat is used discover a persons area of interest.

Fill in the blanks:

11. Any strong stimulus that implies action is called__________.

12. Loss of memory is _____________.

13. _______________ is the process of dertermining the relative worth of different jobs.

14. Factories Act was enacted in __________.

15. Royal Commission on labour was set up in ______________.

Match the following:

16. Existential process (a) Role of an individual

17. Copying process (b) Interative level

18. Empathic process (c) Group level

19. Building process (d) Intergroup level

20. Collaborative process (e) Individual level

SECTION B (5*6 = 30)
Answer ALL the question

21. (a) Define HRM. Write the importance of HRM in organization structure.
(b) What do you understand by Human Factor in decision making?

22. (a) What are the objectives of sensitivity training?
(b) What is learning process ? Explain.

23. (a) What are the factors affecting learning process?
(b) How does personality affect the behaviour of a person?

24. (a) What do you mean by "group dynamics"?
(b) What are the features of a task forces? Explain.

25. (a) Write a brief note on "group cohesiveness".
(b) Define Conflict. What are the issue involved in conflicts.

SECTION B (5*10 = 50)
Answer ALL the question

26. (a) Discuss the major findings of Hawthorne Experriments. What ar etheir implications for
management practices?
(b) What are the major contributions of behavioural approach to the study of organisational behaviour?

27. (a) What is job satisfaction? Explain the determinants of job satisfaction.
(b) Critically examine Herzberg's two-factor theory.

28. (a) Explain the managerial application application of preception.
(b) Define "personality". Explain the determinants of personality.

29. (a) Discuss the situations under which group decision-making is better than individual decision making.
(b) Explain the techniques for improving group decision making.

30. (a) Explain any two theories of leadership.
(b) Explain the factors influencing the role conflict.

Second Year

Applied Psychology


Time :Three hours
Maximum:100 marks

SECTION A - (20 x 1 = 20 marks)

Answer ALL questions.

1. Define Analytical Research

2. What is meant by research methods ?

3. Ordinal scale-Explain.

4. State the meaning of validity.

5. Hypothesis -Define.

Say True of False:

6. A goal of research is extension of knowledge.

7. In a research design, the means of obtaining information is not important.

8. Arbitrary scales are development in a systematic way.

9. A statistic is a characteristics of a sample.

10. All are physical components of a computer is called software.

Match the following:

11. Text -retest (a) Parameter
12. 2x2x2 (b) Median
13. Positional average (c) Standard deviation
14. Characteristics of population (d) reliability
15. vVariance (e) Factorial design.Say what the following stand for:

16. ?2.

17. rp.

18. h2.

19. s2.

20. H0.

SECTION B -(5 x 6 = 30 marks)

Answer ALL questions.

21. (a) Present the research process in a flow chart.
(b) Write the meaning and properties of criterion-related validity.

22. (a) Enumerate the components of a research problem.
(b) List the reasons for bias in selecting a sampling procedure.

23. (a) State the basic principles of experimental design.
(b) Briefly explain the objectives of sampling theory.

24. (a) Explain how a ?2 test. is useful.
(b) Elucidate the need for caution in using ?2 test.

25. (a) Bring out the need for interpreting research findings.
(b) Examine one limitations of computer based analysis.

SECTION C -(5x10 = 50 marks)

Answer ALL questions.

26. (a) Enumerate the problems encountered by researchers in India.
(b) Discuss the sources if error in measurement.

27. (a) Delineate the points in defining a research problem.
(b) Explain the meaning and principles of stratified sampling.

28. (a) Describe the types of factorial design.
(b) Bring out the uses of standard error.

29. (a) Examine the important methods of factor analysis.
(b) Elucidate the various variables in multivariate analysis.

30. (a) Discuss the sections of the main text of the research report.
(b) Write in detail the steps in developing computer data analysis skills.

Second Year

Applied Psychology
Time :Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks

SECTION A – (20x1 = 20 marks)

Answer ALL the questions.

Define briefly:

1. Case Studies.

2. Selective amnesia.

3. Bipolar disorders.

4. Dementia.

5. Free association.

Say in one word:

6. The study of deviant and maladaptive behaviour.

7. Total or partial memory loss.

8. Unconsciousness or death caused by a lack of oxygen.

9. Type of therapy based on the principles of operant conditioning.

10. Chromosome the does not determine the sex of the individual.

Expand the abbreviations:

11. DNA.

12. ECT.

13. EE.

14. RET.

15. SAD.

Match the following:

16. Personality disorder (a) Social phobia
17. Somatoform disorder (b) Paramoid disorder
18. Mood disorder (c) Hypochondriasis
19. Dissociative disorder (d) Substance-induced disorder
20. Anxiety disorder (e) Fuge.SECTION B - (5x6=30 marks)

Answer ALL questions.

21. (a) Write about the contemporary approaches to psychoanalysis.
(b) Spell out the advantages and disadvantages of classification of maladaptive behaviour.

22. (a) Discuss the copying skills related to stress.
(b) Bring out the relationship between stress and illness.

23. (a) Outline the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenic disorder.
(b) Discuss the use of antipsychotic drugs to schizophrenic disrders.

24.(a) How to assess the brain damage? Explain.
(b) What is substances dependence? Discuss.

25. (a) Explain cognitive therapy.
(b) How is suicide be prevented? Explain.

SECTION C - (5x10 = 50 marks)

Answer ALL the questions.

26. (a) Discuss the stigma of abnormal behaviour.
(b) Explain the reform movement in the study of maladaptive behaviour.

27.(a) Give an overview of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
(b) Discuss the gender identity disorders in adults.

28. (a) Illustrate and explain odd or eccentric behaviour.
(b) Discuss depressive disorders.

29. (a) Discuss conduct disorder and its treatment.
(b) Outline the therapies for children.

30. (a) Discuss family and marital therapy.
(b) Examine the problems with community programmes.
Meenakshi College of Engineering

Admission 2008-2009: MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Meenakshi College of Engineering

No.12, Vembuliamman Koil Street,
West K.K. Nagar,

Phone: 044-23640773, 23642728,

Fax: 044-23644774


Power Dynamics in Organizations

Power is understood as the ability to influence other people and events. It refers to a capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance with A's wishes. This definition implies a potential that need not be actualized to be effective and a dependency relationship. Power may exist but not be used. It is, therefore, a capacity or potential. One can have power but not impose it. Probably the most important aspect of power is that it is a function of dependency. The greater B's dependence on A, the greater is A's power in the relationship. Dependence, in turn, is based on alternatives that B perceives and the importance that B places on the alternative(s) that A controls. A person can have power over you only if he or she controls something you desire.

The dynamics of power can be studied from several angels, viz., distribution, dependency, uncertainty, compliance, indicators, power determinants, power consequences, symbols and reputation.

* Distribution:

There is no rational in the distribution of power among organizational members. Some may yield more power than others. Others, the power wielded by one member may be disproportionate to the organizational position he holds. Those in power try to grab more of it. They strongly resist any attempt to weaken the power they wielded. An individual cannot have power at all times and at all places. He may be forced to forgo his power or he may be stripped of it. He resists attempt to weaken his power, in the event of failure, he will try to form coalition.

* Dependency:

As mentioned earlier, power largely depends on dependency relationship. The greater B depends on A, the greater the power of A on B. The greater the dependency of an organization on a limited number of individuals, the greater the power these individuals enjoy. A person who cannot be easily displaced enjoys more power than others whose services can be easily replaced.

* Uncertainty:

Organizations seek to avoid uncertainty as far as possible. People who can absorb uncertainty wield more power. Uncertainty depends on the nature of the organization. In a marketing firm, for instance, sale executives confront uncertainty and naturally wield more power.

* Compliance:

Of all the types of power, people generally comply with legitimate power. People perceive reward and coercive powers as weak for complying with manager's requests.

* Power Indicators:

It is difficult to tell when power is being used. Those who use power usually do not want other to know about it. Indeed, power is most effective when it is not visible. People tend to resist the use of power when they see themselves being influenced in a way that is contrary to their own desires. However, if the attempt to influence appears to be legitimate and rational, we are more willing to comply and subject ourselves to the wishes of others.

Frequently, individuals who are using power fail to recognize what they are doing. They honestly feel they are exerting rational influence that can be justified for legitimate reasons other than their personal wishes. They sincerely think their influence is rational rather than political.

* Determinants of power:

One method of assessing power focuses on the potential to exert influence and consists of measuring how many determinants of power are available to each member. One of the bases of power is expertise; therefore, individuals who possess better knowledge and expertise can exert better influence in situations where their knowledge is important. In assessing the relative power of students who have formed a study group, we find that the student who seems to possess the better knowledge will have greater power.

* Consequences of power:

The distribution of power can be assessed by examining the consequences of a decision making process. Since power is used to influence decisions, those with the greatest power should be the ones who obtain the most favorable decision outcomes.

Typically we assume, that the most powerful people are the ones who can persuade others. Therefore, they would usually be on the winning side of a vote. Sometimes, however, the outcome of a decision is obvious long before it is made, and to avoid being on the losing side, individuals will jump on the bandwagon to become part of the winning team.

* Symbols:

Examining how many symbols of power they possess can assess the power of different individuals. Symbols include such things as titles, office size and location, special parking privileges, special eating facilities, automobiles, airplanes, and office furnishings. Since the executive offices are typically on the top floor of a building, the location of offices on other floors often reflect the relative power of the office holders.

* Reputation:

Another way of assessing power in organizations is to ask members of the organization who possess the greatest power or exerts the greatest influence. This method measures the reputation on organizational members as perceived by others and assumes that people are knowledgeable about power relationships and willing to report what they know. These assumptions are often incorrect, especially when power is effective, because then it is not perceived as an exercise of power. Consequently, the potential activities of the most powerful and influential individuals may be understated or overlooked by both themselves and others.

Finally, the last way of assessing power is to determine which individuals and groups re the most heavily represented on committee and other significant administrative posts. As a group rule, individuals who are invited to participate on significant administrative council acquire greater power for their departments, such as when accountants participate in executive committee meeting or when engineers participate in quality circles. A few years ago the word "power" was not worthy of discussion in the subject of Organizational Behaviour. Not any more. Today it has acquired respectability because of its significant impact on the behavior of people in the organizations.


* Robbins Stephen P. (2003), Organizational Behavior (Tenth Edition), Prentice Hall of India Private Ltd.
Corporate Social Responsibility



The modern scenario is no longer based upon the ethics of past, the competitive revolution among the organizations has changed the perception of employees. The technology savvy producers have kept many welfare options infront of the employees, which have attracted employees to work and to adopt the culture. The options which got created by the employees or by the organizations set a benchmark infront of them to practice the similar for all other organizations. Government and different Government bodies discovered the reliable ways by keeping the welfare aspect as the motivation factor. In other terms if we say then, the concept of corporate social responsibility is not new to Indian companies. Corporate social Responsibility activities have their advantages. The benefits are in terms of building a positive image and encouraging social involvement of employees, which in turn develops a sense of loyalty for the organization. The companies have understood that the retention of market depends upon productivity, goodwill, quality of their product, which can be expected from the people associated to them. This whole project-"The first concern of a company is the happiness to people connected to it" explains clearly about the major concern related to people of the organization, future challenges, corporate insight and corporate involvement in a community. The related subtopics collected and analysed from various sources provides a clear concept about the organizational concern for their people. The sub topic corporate scrutiny brought out the major understanding for the people from the corporate aspect which can help to understand clearly about the importance in this competitive scenario.


Business is facing challenging times world-wide. Management of business has progressed rapidly in last 50 years. It has now thoroughly matured to higher levels of performance. The present age is a money-dominated age. Every one is running after money. Business enterprises are coming up with new strategies to earn more and more profits. Economists are bringing new philosophies to enhance prosperity. Today the efforts and energy of the world is being spent on increasing the organizational wealth. Increased competition and commercial pressure are combining with rising regulatory standards and consumer demand to create a whole new playing field for business. Traditional expectations of business are also changing. It is no longer enough to simply employ people, make a profit and pay taxes. The entities with maximum wealth are the most powerful in the present era and capable of safe guarding their economic interests leading to the gap between rich and poor widening. It is leading to a complex situation, where some people try to find out unfair means to quickly fill this gap. It gives rise to unrest in the human mind and quickly erodes the feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Quality expert Kaoru Ishikawa emphasizes on the role of company to keep its employees happy by stating, ''the first concern of a company is the happiness of the people connected to it. If the people do not feel happy, . . . that company does not deserve to exist'' (Ishikawa, 1985)1.

The pursuit of economic growth does not necessarily lead automatically to social progress. In many cases it actually leads to a deteriorating physical environment, an unsafe workplace, needless exposure to toxic substances on the part of the workers and consumers, discrimination against certain groups in society, urban decay, and other social problems (Leonard and McAdam, 2003)2. Justice Kuldeep Singh, a judge of Supreme Court of India, while ordering the closure of more then 700 industrial units in Delhi which were actively harming ecological balance and had virtually converted river Yamuna into a sewer, observed that no one can allow economic progress and growth at the cost of ecological imbalance. As a result, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important in the modern era. Many Indian companies have understood the need of people and the way of utilizing the power for productive work, which turned organizations to think about their people and the people indirectly associated with the organization. The long term aspect from the organization shows a clear view towards the people management for existence in this competitive world. Society is the form of group of people which cannot be overlooked by the organizations because of their contribution towards the well being of the organization.

This view is governed by the common proposition that industry has economic contrast with society. This contrast is explicit in some areas, implicit in others and opens to negotiation, but it underpins all commercial activity. The need to look beyond the purely economic objectives of a business enterprise such as making profits, ensure adequate returns to the shareholders and making provision for future growth is becoming increasingly essential for achieving enduring success in business in real terms.

Today, business organizations increasingly concern themselves with a host public issue that are international in nature including trade legislation, regulations against corruption and growing concern about global issues based on industries.


The drive of improvement never ends. The best culture, system and plans do not remain so far long. Economic conditions, competitor's behavior, market dynamics, technological advances and the political environment demand change. The global companies of tomorrow will have to actively work today to integrate social accountability issues into their key business processes in order to meet-and in some cases exceed-customer expectations. The 'neighbor -of -choice strategy' must become an integral part of a company's culture. Companies will know that they have succeeded in organizing corporate social responsibility activities when they automatically include corporate social responsibility considerations in their decisions. In fact, the international nature of the business environment means that these responsibilities exist in those areas where business operates or seeks to operate. This is a global responsibility which lies at the heart of the business contract. The economic function of the business and its wider responsibilities are integral features of this contract. By crossing the boundary between business and the community , the community will become a key shareholder in business and business will be encouraged to give up the traditional mode of resource utilization and adopt a suitable mode for resource enrichment of the planet.


Clearly society expects many things from the corporate sector. Enterprise are being asked to move beyond the commercial sphere. Different stake holders place varying demands on organizations. Such demand varies over time and in different contexts. The primary expectation centers on wealth creation or profit function of the enterprise. But this not the only expectation. Beyond, this ,consumers continue to demand products that are safe, reliable and useful, services that are responsive to the changing needs, and advertising that is honest and informative. The public at large expects business to help project the physical environment and the health and safety of all those who are exposed to dangerous technologies or substances. Issue such as corporate power and corporate compliance, corporate activities and corporate disclosures of information will continue to concern an increasing number of people in the community.

Clearly, the emerging multipurpose corporations will demand multipurpose goals and synergistic policies that accomplish more than a single goal at time. This compels organizations to develop new measures of performance. Instead of focusing on the single bottom line of profits as in the past, organizations are expected to focus attention on multiple bottom lines-social, environmental, political and ethical- which are all interconnected.


The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not new to Indian companies. However, what is new is the way it has caught on with Indian corporate and the direct involvement of employees in implementation of these projects. Dedicated departments in most organizations are looking into much more than just funding or getting involved in one-time projects. CSR activities have their advantages. The benefits are in terms of building a positive image and encouraging social involvement of employees, which in turn develops a sense of loyalty for the organization. CSR activities help bond employees as a team, and with the organization, which in turn helps in creating a dedicated workforce that is proud of its employer.

When public sector enterprises were started, they located themselves in backward areas, set up townships for employees, followed socially desirable policies like job reservation, employing the physically disabled, purchase preference to small-scale industries, etc. Ignoring Drucker's advice, they pursued CSR to the detriment of profitability and many of them became sick wasting national resources and endangering employment. Does CSR need incentives? A knee-jerk reaction to this question would be: 'Socially responsible behavior needs no incentives at all as it is the basic duty of every citizen and corporate; in fact, socially irresponsible behavior deserves punishment.' The three levels: (A) compliance in letter of the law; (B) observing norms of common morality, like ethics and fair play, in its internal management and dealings; and (C) a social trusteeship mindset in deploying its resources3.Level A needs deterrents for default rather than incentives for adherence, being the basic obligation of any ordinary or corporate citizen in any civilized society. Level B refers to behavior that is not specifically obligatory under law but is expected in any just society. Level C is a non-obligatory, discretionary area and a company's involvement would depend on its values and social commitment. While level A may not deserve any positive incentive, it is certainly an area where unscrupulous companies would try and steal an unfair advantage over scrupulous ones and tilt the playing field in their favor. Complying with the law of the land is no doubt non-negotiable, but the way laws are framed and administered often sorely tempts companies to circumvent them in order to survive. Most serious instances of unethical or unlawful behavior of companies at this level occur during their interactions with public agencies and not with businesses or customers. The government, therefore, has the moral and economic responsibility first, to ensure that the laws governing business are framed realistically and reasonably, and enforced fairly and constructively; and second, to cleanse its own work environment of harassment and corruption. Thereafter, the government should come down heavily on companies violating the law. In a sense, this is an 'incentive' for healthy, honest industrial growth.

Tata Group ever since the days of Jamshetji Tata. Even while he was busy setting up textile ventures, he always thought of his workers' welfare and requirements of the country. From granting scholarships for further studies abroad in 1892 to supporting Gandhiji's campaign for racial equality in South Africa to giving the country its first science centre, hospital and atomic research centre to providing relief and rehabilitation to natural disaster affected places - they have done it all. Jamshed Irani, Director, Tata Sons Ltd, says, "The Tata credo is that 'give back to the people what you have earned from them'. So from the very inception, Jamshetji Tata and his family have been following this principle." Moreover 'he says that for any business to sustain in the long run they have to look beyond business. Ages ago when Corporate Social Responsibility was either the government, or charitable organizations headache, the Tatas aggressively worked for the upliftment of the community. Tata initiated various labor welfare laws, like the establishment of Welfare Department was introduced in 1917 and enforced by law in 1948 or Maternity Benefit was introduced in 1928 and enforced by law in 1946.4 While today eyebrows are being raised about corporates doing social work, the Tata Group feels it is the need of the hour.


The involvement of corporate in a community generates trust in front of people which in a positive manner creates the identity in the nation. Corporate Community Involvement is about the impact your company has on the wider community. Companies can support the community through a number of activities that use both its staff and resources. People ,who are the part of the community always observe the community based activities done by the target industry of their locality. This could include making charitable donations, allowing staff to volunteer their skills to help community groups, or donating PCs and office equipment to organizations that need them


The following companies were listed as models by the survey Conducted by Centre for Social Markets. Of note, Infosys, Tata and Wipro were mentioned multiple times as models. The other companies were listed once each.7Refer appendix for detail company overview.8


* Birla Group of companies
* BSES (Bombay Suburban Electric Supply)
* DSP Merril Lynch
* Hindustan Lever
* Infosys
* ITC (Indian Tobacco Corporation)
* Larsen & Toubro
* MahindraBT
* Mitsui
* PriceWaterhouseCoopers
* Reliance
* Tata
* Tata Consultancy Services
* TISCO (Tata Steel)
* Wipro


* Goodyear
* Conagra Inc. in USA.
* Siemens training institute, Germany
* R&S, Germany
* Cisco Systems
* Motorola
* Microsoft

TABLE A and B9

60 years of independent India, but we still haven't experienced a real economic growth and development. The government plans take a long time to get implemented and the policies are highly skewed. If the corporate houses choose to intervene, perhaps, the day wont be far when, India can boast of a real economic boom. The world map of happiness survey 2006, gave India 180 points. The only one reason, where it lagged behind other countries, was its inability to provide its people with basic education, healthcare, and reduce poverty. Every country should embrace the remarkable concept of individuals and businesses forming a partnership to support social causes. A successful modern Indian company also needs to be well managed, with a corporate culture that promotes integrity. This message was conveyed by half of those respondents who answered this question. Respondents referred to practicing ethical business values, values based management, participative leadership, and conduct[ing] business with integrity and honor as important conditions for business success. Professional management was mentioned as a criterion by several respondents. It is important for [management to be] agile and informed [and to] recognize the bottleneck in infrastructure and find methods to solve them. As one respondent summarizes, the role of a successful company is to contribute to national wealth, to generate employment opportunities, E-business and E-commerce, accountable employees, transparency of Managements policy, open communication, safe working environment, concern for society. In the context of India, such a partnership has enormous potential for strengthening society. The state broadly speaking was referred to by over a quarter of respondents as an obstacle to successful business. Problems included unclear, unpractical and poorly monitored regulations, poor infrastructure, a complicated tax system, and too much bureaucracy. The main obstacles, we think, are lenient attitude of the Government in enforcing Quality control measures. Interestingly, however, the state is also criticized for too much interference. Irresponsible & unpractical government regulations in sector that are best left to private hands, keeps the government to busy to understand the difficulties of an average small businessperson whose capabilities & spirit is being choked due to the lack of infrastructure. There were also references made to cleaning up the corporate governance structure and clamping down on corruption in India. Broad frameworks on corporate governance should be developed and followed. And, penalties for non-compliance should be strictly implemented. Benefit from corruption should be reduced. This is to be done by flattening the tax structure and reducing exclusive authority on Govt.agencies. In an era of increasing global competition, the need to create an image that shows that corporate are part of the community and care about it is growing. People as the part of community and a strong part of the workforce for the production in organizations plays important role and benefits acquired from them cannot be ignored as far as possible for growth.

1 Ishikawa, K. (1985), What is Total Quality Control?: The Japanese Way, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, trans. by D.J. Lu, (2002).Kaoru Ishikawa (Ishikawa Kaoru ) (1915-1989) was a Japanese University professor and influential quality management innovator best known in North America for the Ishikawa or cause and effect diagram (also known as Fishbone Diagram) that are used in the analysis of industrial process. Ishikawa has emphasized include the seven Quality Control tools. As per his view and respecting the ideas that suggested by him-'' The first concern of a company is the happiness of the people connected to it".
Test Pattern : TIme 90 minutes

total no.of questions 60

1) quantitative section (20questions)

2) verbal section(10 questions)

3) logical section (20 questions)

4) general awareness computer science section(10 questions)


Written test



Quantitative questions:

1) how many numbers are there from 1 and 1000 (excluding 1 and 1000) which are both squares and cubes?

Options: 1,2,3,4

2) two to three questions from sphere and cone in which the height doubles the radius like

3) one questions from allegation and mixture like

there is a misture of alcohol and water one mixture ratio in one beaker is 1:9 and in other is 2:3 then how much ratio of alcohol and water will be added to make the ratio 3:4 in the third beaker.

4) one question from profit and loss like :

a man sells a bike and a cycle for 30,000 each and then he had to face a profit of 20%on one thing and loss of 20% on one thing then wht was his cost price for both .?

5)one question from simple and compound interest

6) one question from time and distance

one question from heights and distances

Verbal questions

There are 5 complete the sentences and 5 there are analogies

Lobster : pot

Options :rabbit:snare like ..


Guffaw:laugh guffaw is a loud laugh

Options: whimper:sumthing

Logical Section :

There are 5 questions of assertion and reason from the same buk

One was ques 2 pg no. 544, 2nd was ques no.11 pg no.544 , third was ques no 21 pg 545

One was ques no .13 pg 548, one was ques 5 pg 549 of buk r.s agarwal verbal n non verbal exactly same to same.

There was one question from inserting the missing figure and it's answer was 16

It was solved sumthing wid the pattern tht square of one no. - square of 2nd .

There are a question based on puzzle test

And 4-5 questions were based on this ..

Last section

1) full form of html ?

2) full form of oops?

3) Full form of sql ?

4) Which is not a dbms ? Sybase,oracle,sql,keybase,db2 and ans is keybase

5) Wht is rdbms ? tables r created

6) how many giga byte make 1 tera byte? Options were 10,1000,10000

7) which is the latest lenova technology ? facial recognization password

8 )Cool which is nt a operating system ? options were linux,unix,pix,aix ans.aix

9) which is of these programs r used in software testing? Options win runner n win loader was the answer

10) full form of sdlc? Software development life cycle ..

Experience:3 - 5 Years

Location:Bengaluru/Bangalore, Chennai

Compensation:Rupees 1,50,000 - 1,75,000

Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization

Industry Type : Construction/ Engineering/Cement/Metals

Functional Area:Sales, BD

Job Description


Desired Candidate Profile

Candidate should be from Chennai, and have experiance in marketing products to the builders / developers in and around Chennai

Company Profile

We are a company based in Pondicherry with diverse interest from manufaturing of plastic products and imports of steel security doors for apartments / villas etc.

Contact Details

Company Name:GOTHI IMPEX

Executive Name:Sanjay Gothi


9 Mahaveer Colony
EVK Sampath Road
Chennai,TN,INDIA 600007

Email Address :

Telephone: 91-44-32510009
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