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Gift / Prizes Request / TOP UP Request
May 11, 2009, 02:36 AM
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date : 10 may 2009
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NASA is looking a little long in the tooth compared to the European Space Agency. Monday, NASA will launch a long-awaited repair mission to install improved instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope, originally launched in 1990.

Thursday, the Europeans will launch two much more advanced telescopes (right) that can see photons, even those reaching back to the Big Bang. Hubble sees visual light. The Europeans' one-up-manship comes as the White House announced a major review of NASA operations, to be completed by August, that threatens serious changes in the way NASA does business.

The big story with NASA, Harwood reported, is that the White House projected budget for 2010 released last week shows a $3.1 billion cut in NASA's exploration activities. "If the three-plus billion dollars in the out years, if that cut stands, then there's no moon by 2020 and maybe none at all," an senior space manager at NASA told Harwood.

Meanwhile, the Europeans are launching on Thursday Herschel, an infrared telescope with the largest mirror ever launched into space (11.5 feet across), and Planck, which will study the cosmic background radiation of the universe, the Miami Herald reports.

Infrared is important because light from the oldest objects are stretched out to the red end of the spectrum. The U.S.'s best effort at infrared is the Spitzer Space Telescope, launched five years ago with a measly 2.8 feet mirror.

courtesy : ZD Net
NEW DELHI: South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, LG Mobile's assessment is that India can overtake China and become its largest market in terms of size and demand for handsets in the near future. In the background of a sharp economic slowdown in the US and Europe, the company has identified India as a strategic market for investment for its GSM and IT verticals, its managing director Moon B Shin said during an interaction with ET.

How important is India for LG, especially with demand in developed countries such as the US slowing down? What are your plans for India in the current fiscal?

India is an important market for us due to the opportunities it presents. We have plans to launch more than 32 new models here, of which six will be touch phones, while many other models will be 3G-enabled and some of these will also be entry level phones.

At present, we have about three touch phones and six 3G-enabled handsets already in the market and we plan to have about 10 models each in both these segments by the year-end. We are betting big on the touch screen segment and we are targeting sales of up to six lakh units and a 10% market share in this space alone within the next six months.

What will be your investments in India this fiscal?

We will double our investment this year and the company as a whole will spend about Rs 400 crore on advertising this year. Additionally, we will invest Rs 200 crore in R&D to study market dynamics and consumer behaviour here. We are looking at increasing our headcount in our sales vertical to enhance our presence.

How many of the products you sell here are made here? How have your sales been so far?

Currently, we manufacture mobile phones at two units located in Pune and Greater Noida and these plants have a production capacity of three million units per year. About 70% of the production is exported while the rest is for domestic consumption. We sold about 2.4 million GSM handsets in India last year and we expect a 50% increase in sales this year. Our institutional sales account for just 10% our total mobile sales.

Currently the Indian mobile handset market is dominated by some of your competitors. How are you looking at improving your brand visibility here?

LG is rapidly gaining market share in the GSM market, despite being a late entrant. We are already the fifth-largest player in the segment. I believe our distribution line was poor earlier, but now we are reworking our strategy here.

Based on the analysis of our marketing team, we are deploying 1,000 additional shop sales executives and we will be launching about 1,000 additional shop-in-shop formats in rural and tier II cities. On the organised retail front, the overall channel coverage is at 42%.

courtesy : The Economic Times.
CHENNAI: When Netscape launched its Internet browser, nobody anticipated the kind of changes Internet would bring about in human behaviour and the interface with the external world. The much talked about "cloud computing" promises to change the way Information Technology people look at delivering IT and the way business people look at IT.

Consumers using the Internet are not aware of the location of the server or the delivery of information/service to them or the route taken by the data to travel. As technologies developed, vendors have started offering the entire range of services required by an organisation over the Internet safely and securely. This in a way refers to cloud computing.

In cloud computing, the user need not own the technology platform, technology infrastructure or required software. They become available like power at the press of a switch. In a way, much of capital expenses (hardware, infrastructure cost, etc) is converted into revenue expenses with cloud computing.

Today, IT vendors such as Sun, IBM, HP, Microsoft and Google swear by the cloud computing architecture. They say it will bring a new level of efficiency and economy to deliver IT resources on demand. In the process, it opens up new business models and market opportunities.

"If you want to slash your IT spending, maximise the flexibility of your systems, and be able to run your business from almost anywhere, then it's time to jump on the hot new IT trends: cloud computing, and software-as-a-service (SaaS). You are probably already using some SaaS tools such as Gmail, Hotmail and YouTube, which are all free examples of SaaS delivered via the cloud," says an IT analyst.

"The pay-per-use" model of cloud computing allows maximum IT efficiency with minimum cost. However, the real benefit comes from business agility to exploit opportunities leading to maximum returns. The recent emergence of massive network bandwidth and virtualisation technologies has enabled this transformation.

Cloud computing does not imply that one discards the entire existing infrastructure and embraces the cloud. One can complement the existing infrastructure with required parts from the cloud. "Actually, an IT organisation can increase hardware utilisation rates dramatically and to scale up to massive capacities in an instant -- without constantly having to invest in new infrastructure, train new personnel or license new software. It also creates new opportunities to build a better breed of network services, in less time, at a lower cost," says S. Madhavan, founder of GQuotient.

Services for all
The common perception of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is the cost and that only big players can afford it. But cloud computing makes services available to all irrespective of size. "While big businesses are leading the way in the use of cloud and SaaS tools, experts argue, the benefits are probably the biggest for small and medium-sized companies which often cannot afford to hire IT staff to build, manage and maintain their systems. Under the cloud computing model, these functions are effectively outsourced."

The pay-as-you-go model behind cloud computing and SaaS allows smaller companies to increase (or decrease) their IT investment in systems as their firms grow. In the current economic development, SMEs will be attracted towards cloud computing, SaaS and virtualisation. These models can help smaller businesses deliver new products and services quicker and at a lower cost, says a recent report by consulting group BroadGroup.

The SaaS model is gaining a lot of traction in the business world, with most large software vendors and application service providers, including HP, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce.com, now offering business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), databases, knowledge management and web development software as web-based utilities.

Analyst Gartner estimates that typically organisations have a project savings of 25-40 per cent by deploying SaaS-based CRM applications. SaaS is particularly attractive to the SME sector because it removes the high entry costs associated with some business applications.

But who owns the "cloud"? What is the security? What is the percentage of external and internal cloud one should own? These are the some of the commonly asked questions. In the current trend, SUN, IBM, HP, SAS and others have started outsourcing cloud computing. They have started setting up cloud computing facilities to provide on-demand services.

With IT budgets under pressure, the corporates could use cloud computing selectively, and some of the challenges like security will be resolved as this industry matures.

courtesy : The Hindu
Samsung expands its "A touch for every lifestyle" strategy with the new Samsung Star S5230 and the Samsung Preston S5600 which have been launched recently. These phones join the popular line of touchscreen cellphones. These phones are 2.5G and 3G respectively and both of them utilize Samsung's TouchWiz GUI. The S5230 sports a 3-inch WQVGA display whereas the S5600 sports a 2.8-inch QVGA panel. They both brag of compact design and intuitive usability.

The Samsung Star S5230 measures a mere 11.9mm in thickness. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera for crystal clear pictures. It is capable of recording QVGA resolution videos at up to 15 fps. It has an internal storage of 50Mb which can be further expanded to 8GB via a memory card slot. There exists an accelerometer to flip between portrait and landscape orientations. The presence of an on-screen QWERTY keyboard aids texting and emailing. Additionally, there is handwriting recognition for ease-of-use. The "Photo Contact" option allows users to call a contact by simply touching an appointed image.

It also supports multi-format and DNSe to make it user-friendly and for better audio quality. Through Shazam's "Find Music" service the phone features music recognition. Browsing the Internet is easy with the accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation. In addition, the product arrives in several colors including Soft pink and Snow white.

There isn't any information available about the pricing when it launches in Europe, Middle East Africa, South East Asia, South West Asia and Latin America from April 2009. However it is expected that the pricing will be reasonable considering the fact that high-speed data connection is not available. To add on to their pride, two million handsets have already been pre-ordered according to Samsung.

The Samsung Preston S5600 shares many similar features with the Samsung Star S5230 such as camera, accelerometer and PMP functionality. However it has added benefits like 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity and 80MB of standard memory (again with an 8GB-capable card slot). Favorite applications can be accessed with ease, thanks to the mobile widgets that can be placed on the screen for one-click access. It features music recognition using Shazam's "Find Music" service and Multi-codec support including H.263, MPEG4, and WMV. Samsung Preston will be available in an assortment of colors including Sweet pink, Snow white, and Charcoal grey colors.

It will be available in Europe and Asia from May. Again, there has been no mention about the pricing.

"Samsung Star and Samsung Preston are significant additions to our full-touch screen mobile portfolio, featuring all the essential functions in one single device," commented JK Shin, executive vice president and head of Mobile Communications division at Samsung Electronics. "I am pretty confident that the products will be one of our historical best selling mobiles. Focusing on our consumer-oriented strategy, Samsung will deliver various full touch products for every lifestyle," he added.

In keeping with the product launching, Samsung will conduct a range of marketing activities. The 'Samsung Mobile Live' venture, the company's "experiential marketing" program will be held at popular areas in countries witnessing major launches from June. Consumers will get the opportunity to touch and learn about the newest features of Samsung's full touch products at this event; minus the pressure of a sales pitch. The core message of 'Get in Touch' will be put across in a compelling way throughout the duration of the program to strengthen its dominance in full touch products.

People from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East Africa, South East Asia and South West Asia will get to view a new television commercial for Samsung Star from end of May.

courtesy : Mobiletor.com
BANGALORE: Diversified U.S. engineering company Honeywell International said it remained committed to India as a manufacturing, engineering and R&D location even as President Obama proposed reductions in tax benefits to U.S. companies investing in subsidiaries outside the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of Honeywell's new $50 million R&D and engineering facility in Bangalore, Chairman and CEO Dave Cote said India was an integral part of the company's global growth strategy. The company would continue to grow and build capabilities in India.

"I get worried when I hear about protectionism. It is certainly worrisome and harmful," said Mr. Cote. "It would cause people to believe in things that would be harmful in the long run. I am a big fan of creating jobs everywhere," he added.

Mr. Cote said anything that prevented globalisation would be harmful to standards of living around the world, even in the country that initiated it.

Honeywell expects sales of about $600 million in 2009 from India, which is slightly higher than what it earned in 2008. China and India would grow at double the pace than in the developed economies, he said, terming the two economies as bright spots in the world.

For the first quarter of 2009, the company reported a drop in profit and cut full year earnings forecast on the back of slower sales in its key business divisions comprising aerospace, automation and control solutions, transportation systems and speciality materials.

In India, Honeywell expects business to grow in all the four divisions. The company is collaborating with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) to produce TPE331 aircraft engines in India, as well as pursuing a programme to re-engine the Indian Air Force's strike aircraft with its F125IN turbofan engines. At present, Honeywell has 10,000 employees in India, compared with 1,000 in 2002. It has five manufacturing facilities in the country.

The new 6.90 lakh sq. ft. facility, the largest in the company, can accommodate 3,000 people, and it would move in people from its temporary locations in Bangalore, it said.

Mr. Cote said a majority of U.S. companies was saying that the recently proposed measures were bad not only for the U.S. economy but also for the global economy.

courtesy : The Hindu.
HYDERABAD: The State government cracked the whip on Saturday suspending two high ranking officials of the water board and transferring the Chief General Manager even as it sounded an alert over the outbreak of cholera in the State capital asking the health machinery to initiate precautionary steps to contain the spread of disease.

An alarmed district machinery swung into action and rushed several teams to Bholakpur, the epicentre of the cholera outbreak, to raid eateries and the bone factories in the locality and sealed them on charges of being run in totally unhygienic conditions.

Meanwhile, the inflow of patients into hospitals ebbed with Gandhi Hospital admitting 20 patients and the Fever Hospital seven patients only. Some of those already admitted were discharged as their condition improved. No deaths were reported on Saturday.

Health Secretary L.V. Subramaniam who rushed to Fever Hospital and Gandhi Hospital sought to assure that the situation was well under control.

Meanwhile, Ms. Neetu Prasad, Additional Commissioner of GHMC, who inquired into the Bholakpur water contamination episode, submitted her report to the government, based on which water board General Manager Praveen Kumar and Deputy General Manager Rajasekhara Reddy were suspended. The board's CGM P. Manohar Babu was transferred.

Ms. Prasad squarely blamed the water board officials for their 'negligence and indifference' and observed that there was no sincere effort to find a solution to the choking of drains and contaminated water being supplied despite several complaints lodged by residents of Bholakpur.

Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy who is away in Kadapa reviewed the situation and ordered the suspensions based on the GHMC official's report.

Finance Minister K. Rosaiah told reporters that12 samples out of 40 collected at Fever Hospital tested positive for cholera.

courtesy : The Hindu.
Dell's new Inspiron 535 and Inspiron 545 slim and mini-towers expand the design and personalization possibilities for consumers, transforming from the "built- for-me" model, into "made-for-me", as claimed by the press release. Available in eight vibrant colors, these desktops debut today in India and are available for purchase through Dell's website, www.dell.co.in.

Configuration options are wide, with CPUs ranging from the new Pentium to quad cores being offered. Upto 8 GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, ATI video cards on select configurations are other options.

The color options are Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple and Flamingo Pink. The press release further claimed Dell is the only major consumer desktop manufacturer to offer color options for the entire front of the machine. The pricing starts from Rs. 25,400.

courtesy : PC World
இந்தியா உள்ளிட்ட வெளிநாடுகளில் தகவல் தொழில்நுட்ப மென்பொருள் தொடர்பான பணிகள் மற்றும் பி.பி.ஓ பணிகளை அளிக்கும் அமெரிக்க நிறுவனங்களுக்கான வரிச்சலுகை ரத்து செய்யப்படும் என்ற ஒபாமாவின் அறிவிப்பால் இந்திய ஐ.டி. துறைக்கு பாதிப்பில்லை என்று இன்ஃபோசிஸ் நாராயணமூர்த்தி தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

இந்தியா உள்ளிட்ட வெளிநாடுகளில் தகவல் தொழில்நுட்ப மென்பொருள் தொடர்பான பணிகள் மற்றும் பி.பி.ஓ பணிகளை அளிக்கும் அமெரிக்க நிறுவனங்களுக்கான வரிச்சலுகை ரத்து செய்யப்படும் என்ற ஒபாமாவின் புதிய முடிவால் இந்தியாவில் குறிப்பாக பெங்களூருவில் ஐ.டி நிறுவனங்கள் பெரிதும் பாதிக்கப்படலாம் எனறு கூறப்பட்டது.

இந்நிலையில், பெங்களூருவில் இன்று ஜனாதிபை பிரதிபா பாட்டீல், இன்ஃபோசிஸ் நாராயணமூர்த்தியுடன் இணைந்து கலந்துரையாடல் நிகழ்ச்சி ஒன்றில் பங்கேற்றார்.

அப்போது, ஒபாமாவின் முடிவால் இந்தியாவில் எத்தகைய பாதிப்புகள் உருவாகும் என்பது குறித்து அறிந்து கொள்வதில் பிரதிபா பாட்டீல் தீவிர ஆர்வம் காட்டினார்.

மேலும் ஒபாமாவின் புதிய அறிவிப்பால், இந்தியாவில் தகவல் தொழில்நுட்பத் துறை பாதிக்கப்படும் என்ற தமது கவலையையும் அவர் வெளியிட்டார்.

ஆனால், இதற்குப் பதிலளிக்கும் வகையில் பேசிய இன்ஃபோசிஸ் நாராயணமூர்த்தி, ஒபாமாவின் முடிவால் இந்தியாவில் ஐ.டி. துறை பெரிய அளவில் பாதிக்கப்படாது என்று கூறினார்.

வெளிநாடுகளில் ஐ.டி தொடர்பான பணிகளை வழங்குவதால் கிடைக்கும் லாபத்தை அமெரிக்காவில் முதலீடு செய்யாத நிறுவனங்களுக்கு வரிச்சலுகையை திரும்பப் பெறுவது என்ற கருத்தை வரி சீர்திருத்தம் தொடர்பான கூட்டத்தில் பேசுகையில் ஒபாமா கூறியிருந்தார்.

அதுபற்றி குறிப்பிட்ட நாராயணமூர்த்தி, அது வெறும் யோசனைதானே தவிர சட்டம் அல்ல என்றும், ஒபாமாவின் முடிவை நடைமுறைப்படுத்த இன்னும் காலம் உள்ளது என்றும் கூறினார்.

அப்படியே நடைமுறைப்படுத்தினாலும், இந்திய தகவல் தொழில்நுட்ப வர்த்தகத்தில் ஒபாமாவின் நடவடிக்கை பெரிய தாக்கத்தை ஏற்படுத்தாது என்றும் அவர் குறிப்பிட்டார்.

courtesy : Yahoo News
பச்சைப் பட்டு உடுத்தி ஆயிரம் பொன் சப்பரத்தில், குதிரை வாகனத்தில் வைகை ஆற்றில் இறங்கி க‌ள்ளழக‌ர் அருள் பாலித்தார். அ‌ப்போது ப‌க்த‌ர்க‌ள் த‌ண்‌ணீ‌ர் ‌பீ‌ய்‌ச்‌சியடி‌த்து த‌ரிசன‌ம் செ‌ய்தன‌ர்.

மதுரை ‌மீனா‌ட்‌சி அ‌ம்ம‌ன் கோ‌‌யி‌‌ல் ‌சி‌த்‌திரை‌ ‌திரு‌விழா கட‌ந்த மா‌த‌ம் 26 ம் தே‌தி கொடியே‌ற்ற‌த்துட‌ன் தொட‌ங்‌கியது. ப‌ட்டா‌பிஷேக‌ம், ‌மீனா‌ட்‌சி சு‌ந்தரே‌ஷ்வர‌ர் ‌திரு‌க்க‌ல்யாண‌த்து‌க்கு ‌பிறகு மே 7‌ஆ‌ம் த‌ே‌தி அழக‌ர் கோ‌‌‌யி‌லி‌ல் இரு‌ந்து க‌ள்ளழக‌ர் மதுரை நோ‌க்‌கி புற‌ப்ப‌ட்டா‌ர்.

‌பி‌ன்ன‌ர் த‌ங்க கு‌திரை‌யி‌ல் ஒ‌வ்வொரு ம‌ண்டக படிவ‌ங்க‌ளிலு‌ம் செ‌ன்று வ‌ந்தா‌ர்.இத‌ற்‌கிடையே அழகரை வரவே‌ற்க வெ‌ள்‌ளி கு‌திரை‌‌யி‌ல் ‌வீரராகவ பெருமா‌ள் இ‌ன்று காலை 6.50 ம‌‌ணி‌க்கு ஆ‌ற்று‌க்கு வ‌ந்தா‌ர்.

கோவிந்தா, கோ‌வி‌ந்தா எ‌ன்ற முழக்கம் விண்ணைத் தொட மக்களின் ஆரவார கோஷங்களுக்கு மத்தியில், காலை 7.10 மணிக்கு ப‌ச்சை‌ப் ப‌ட்டு உடு‌த்‌தி கள்ளழகர் வைகை ஆற்றில் இறங்கினார். ஆற்றில் இறங்கியதும் அழகர் மீது தண்ணீரைப் பீய்ச்சியடித்து அவரை ப‌க்த‌ர்க‌ள் வணங்கினர்.

பின்னர் அங்கிருந்து புறப்பட்டு மதியம் 11 மணிக்கு ராமராயர் மண்டபத்தில் நடக்கும் அங்கப்பிரதட்சணம் நிகழ்ச்சியில் பங்கேற்கிறார். தொடர்ந்து வண்டியூர் செல்லும் கள்ளழகர் அங்குள்ள வீரராகவ பெருமாள் கோவிலில் இரவு 11 மணிக்கு எழுந்தருளி பக்தர்களுக்கு காட்சி அளிக்கிறார்.

நாளை மண்டூக முனிவருக்கு சாப விமோசனம் அளிக்கிறார். 11 ம் தேதி இரவு பூப்பல்லக்கு நிகழ்ச்சி நடைபெறுகிறது. 12 ம் தேதி கள்ளழகர் மீண்டும் அழகர் கோ‌யிலுக்கு புறப்படுகிறார்.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
மும்பையில் கடந்த ஆண்டு நடத்தப்பட்டது போன்று மேலும் ஒரு தாக்குதலை ஜிஹாதிகள் நடத்தும் ஆபத்து உள்ளது என்று அமெரிக்க உளவு அமைப்புகளின் கொள்கை வகுப்பு ஆலோசகர் புரூஸ் ஓ ரீடல் கூறியுள்ளார்.

ஜிஹாதிகள் பாகிஸ்தான் நாட்டை தங்களின் கைக்குள் கொண்டு வர தீவிரமாக முயன்று வருகின்றனர்.அதற்காக அவர்கள் இந்தியாவிற்கும் பாகிஸ்தானிற்கும் இடையே மோதல் ரீதியிலான தொடர்ந்த ஒரு பதற்றமான நிலையை உருவாக்க திட்டமிடுகின்றனர்.

அவ்வாறு ஒரு மோதல் ரீதியான பதற்றம் நிலவினால் மட்டுமே பாகிஸ்தான் படைபலத்தில் 80 விழுக்காட்டினர் இந்திய-பாகிஸ்தான் எல்லைப் பகுதியிலேயே இருக்கும் நிலை நீடிக்கும், அப்படியான ஒரு சூழலில் மட்டுமே தங்களின் ஆதிக்கத்தை நாட்டிற்குள் நிலைப்படுத்திக் கொள்ள முடியும் என்று ஜிஹாதிகள் நினைக்கின்றனர் என்று கூறியுள்ளார் புரூஸ் ஓ ரீடல்.

அமெரிக்க அயலுறவு பேரவை இதழின் ஆசிரியர் பெர்னார்ட் குவர்ட்ஸ்மேனிற்கு அளித்த நேர்காணில் இவ்வாறு கூறியுள்ள புரூஸ் ஓ ரீடல், அமெரிக்க உளவு அமைப்பின் (சிஐஏ) தெற்காசிய மண்டலத்திற்கான அலுவலராக இருந்து ஓய்வு பெற்றவர். தற்பொழுது அமெரிக்க உள், அயல் உளவு அமைப்புகளின் ஒங்கிணைப்பு சிறப்புக் குழுவின் கொள்கை வகுப்பு ஆலோசகராக உள்ளார்.

பாகிஸ்தானிலிருந்து சதி திட்டம் தீட்டப்பட்டு இந்தியாவின் மீது பல தாக்குதல்கள் நடத்தப்பட்டுள்ளன. 1999 ம் ஆண்டு இந்தியன் ஏர்லைன்ஸ் விமானம் கடத்தல், 2001 ம் ஆண்டு இந்தியாவின் நாடாளுமன்றத்தின் மீது நடந்த தாக்குதல், தற்பொழுது மும்பையின் மீது நடத்தப்பட்ட தாக்குதல் ஆகிய அனைத்தும் இதற்கு உதாரணங்களாகும்.

இத்தனைத் தாக்குதல்கள் நடந்த பிறகும் இந்தியா தொடர்ந்து பாகிஸ்தானுக்கு சமாதான கரம் நீட்டி வருகிறது.ஏனென்றால் லேசான ராணுவ நடவடிக்கை கூட ஒரு முழு அளவிலான போருக்கு வித்திட்டுவிடும் என்பதால் அது கட்டுப்பாடு காத்து வருகிறது என்று புரூஸ் கூறியுள்ளார்.

இந்தியா கடைபிடித்துவரும் பொறுமையும், கட்டுபாடும் எவ்வளவு காலத்திற்கு நீடிக்கும் என்று கேட்டதற்கு, அதுதான் ஜிஹாதிகள் (புனிதப் போராளிகள்) விரும்புவது, இரு நாடுகளுக்கும் இடையில் பதற்றமான சூழல் தொடர்ந்து நிலவினால்தான், தங்களை வளர்த்துக் கொள்ள அது உதவும் என்று அவர்கள் கருதுகின்றனர் என்று பதிலளித்துள்ளார்.

ஜிஹாதி நாடாக மாறும் அபாயம்

இன்றைய நிலையில் இஸ்லாமிய அடிப்படைவாத தீவிரவாத குழுக்களின் சங்கமமாக பாகிஸ்தான் மாறிவருகிறது. பாகிஸ்தானின் பழங்குடியினர் பகுதியில் மட்டுமின்றி, பஞ்சாப், கராச்சி போன்ற பகுதிகளில் அவர்களின் ஆதிக்கம் அதிகரித்து வருகிறது. இந்த வளர்ச்சி பாகிஸ்தான் எனும் நாட்டின் அடிப்படையையே பாதித்துவிடும் அபாயம் உருவாகிவருகிறது. அப்படி ஒரு நிலை ஏற்பட்டால் அது அமெரிக்க உள்ளிட்ட அனைத்து நாடுகளுக்கும் மிகப் பெரிய அச்சுறுத்தலாக ஆகிவிடும் என்று புரூஸ் ஓ ரீடல் கூறியுள்ளார்.

இது உடனடியாக நடந்துவிடும் என்று கூறமுடியாது, ஆனால் அப்படிப்பட்ட சாத்தியம் குறுகிய எதிர்காலத்தில் நிகழலாம் என்று கூறியுள்ள புரூஸ், பாகிஸ்தானிலும் ஆஃப்கானிஸ்தானிலும் நிலவும் சூழல் ஆபத்தானதாக உள்ளது என்று கூறியுள்ளார்.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
NEW DELHI: Come September, cellphone users in some parts of the country, including the four metros Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, will have the facility to switch operators even while retaining their existing number.

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued a notification in this regard saying, "Mobile Number Portability is to be implemented in Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat Service areas of Zone I and Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra and Karnataka of Zone 2 within six months of award of licence by September 20, 2009, and in the rest of the country by March 20, 2010".

Syniverse Technologies (Zone 1) and MNP Interconnection (Zoin 2) are the two companies who have been licenced by the DoT to carry out the MNP exercise.

The DoT further said TRAI will decide on all kinds of tariffs related to MNP like the transaction fee to be charged from the customer for seeking change of number.

But sources said number portability charges are likely to be below Rs 300 and it will take maximum two days to change the service provider.

TRAI is learnt to be keen to keep the cost at a reasonable level so as not to discourage subscribers willing to change their service provider and at the same time make it a viable business model for the service providers.

courtesy : Times of India.
BANGALORE: With the moon mission Chandrayaan 1 accomplished, the next venture will be sending a space vehicle to Mars, ISRO Chairman G. Madhavan Nair said here on Saturday. The plan is to make this possible by 2013 or a few years later.

Speaking after being felicitated at the eighth anniversary of the CII Institute of Quality, he said the cost factor had to be considered in planning space missions. "Right now, per kg of payload costs $15,000 to $20,000, and we are trying to bring it down to $1,000. Much of it can come from more indigenisation and through being able to reuse the different stages of the rocket taking a vehicle to space," Mr. Nair said.

While ISRO would get Rs. 30,000 crore from the Government during the 11th Plan, resources had to be used with care.

More research and development for localisation was necessary, he said, adding that "90 per cent of our technology now is home-grown".

Also felicitated was S. Viji, Managing Director, Brakes India Ltd. and trustee of the Kuruvila Jacob Memorial Educational Trust. Named after the former headmaster of Madras Christian College School, the trust selects schools to help them implement quality control measures for "excellence in education".

Tata Steel Managing Director B. Muthuraman, who was felicitated, explained how quality control in steel plants had helped lower the cost of production and made the final product more competitive.

Delivering the annual day lecture, Rajiv Gandhi, Chief General Manager (Production), Maruti Suzuki Ltd., said the automotive sector accounted for 3.5 per cent of the GDP and contributed 17 per cent of total taxes collected by the Government.

"Despite the economic slowdown and an uncertain market and volatility in input prices, Maruti could do better than most others in the sector because of consistent quality in our products," he said.

Institute of Quality Chairman K.N. Shenoy said there were several examples of global excellence achieved by Indian corporates.

courtesy : The Hindu.
CHENNAI: The new digital display time boards put up at several bus stands in the city by Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) have not yet become popular with passengers.

The boards which show the arrival time, fleet number and destination of the buses have been placed at around 51 bus stands, mostly on Anna Salai and Kamarajar Salai. More such display boards will be put up at other bus stands, say MTC sources.

The time of arrival of the 600 MTC buses installed with the Global Positioning System (GPS) can be known through display boards. Services on routes PP19, 21H, 21G, 19G are among the 39 routes where this technology is used.

At the Broadway bus stand, the digital display time board, fitted near the time-keeper's office, is too small to be noticed from a distance. Many passengers at the stand appear to be unaware of its presence. D.Balaji, employed in a private firm in Esplanade, said he usually enquired with the conductor about the departure time of the next bus instead of looking up the board.

Senior MTC officials said if a bus was crowded, the passenger had the advantage of checking the time board to see when the next service was due, so that they could get a seat in it. They say the GPS facility has helped them discipline drivers by monitoring their starting time and time of journey.

"Complaints of buses starting late have come down in vehicles having the GPS facility," said a senior MTC official.

However, several passengers feel the GPS facility would be useful only if they were extended to all the 3,000 buses of MTC.

"There is no point in having the facility in a select few bus stands and for a select few buses," said R.Devika, a college student who takes the bus on 21G route from Queen Mary's College stop.

Senior MTC officials said they did not have sufficient funds to extend the display board facility to all the bus stands and provide GPS facility in all buses.

Also, at bus stands where different buses halt at different points, passengers feel confused about when and where to board the particular bus. At the Ambattur industrial estate bus stand, for instance, passengers have to rush from one end of the bus stand to the other looking for a particular bus they want to travel in.

All India Rail and Bus Passengers Association president T.Ravikumar said the MTC must ensure that basic information such as bus numbers and their point of stopping are clearly displayed at bus stands as part of its modernisation process.

courtesy : The Hindu.
CHENNAI: BSNL Chennai Telephones has announced the launch of BlackBerry services for its GSM post-paid mobile users.

A Chennai Telephones press release said the service would be available as BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for individuals and BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) for corporate clients.

BIS offers push mail technology to send or receive mails, access to WAP, WML and HTML sites, chat facility through Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, access to social utility sites and high speed transfer rates of data/audio/video.

The package falls under three plans with a monthly rent of Rs. 299, Rs. 499 and Rs. 999. BES has access to enterprise and corporate mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes and instant messaging web based and enterprise applications.

The monthly rentals are Rs. 425, Rs. 625 and Rs. 875. Customers can contact the toll free line 1503 to register a request. Customer service executive will visit the user at a convenient place and time and book the connection. At present the BSNL is offering BlackBerry 8700g and the Curve versions that are 2G enabled and the 3G enabled BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smartphone.

The handsets will be available at the CSC at RK Nagar from May 11.

courtesy : The Hindu.
Mumbai, May 10: The country's top private sector financial institution ICICI Bank has said it is no hurry to bring out IPOs of its subsidiaries, as such issues are aimed at establishing a price benchmark for them and not raising immediate capital.

"Over a period of time, we should monetise some amount of investment that we have made (in our subsidiaries). So, some time we should look at some IPO or something like that so that we establish a price benchmark for our subsidiaries," ICICI Bank's CEO and MD Chanda Kochhar told media in an interview.

Asked if she expects the economy and market conditions to have recovered sufficiently to conceive of any IPO this year, Kochhar, however, said, "Not currently, because we would not want to do anything when the value is not correct."

"We make that only when we get the right value otherwise we don't have to hurry at all," she said.

"We are not in requirement of raising capital. We have sufficient, not only to fund the growth of the bank but to fund the growth of the all the subsidiaries as well.

"So any step that we take will only be more to establish price discovery and to monetise some amount of investment," she added.

Previously, ICICI Bank group was looking to list as separate entities its subsidiaries like ICICI Securities, ICICI Home Finance, private equity arm ICICI Venture and the life as well as general insurance ventures.

"At current levels we are undervalued... value is visible in insurance and asset management company, while there is value embedded in securities and home loan subsidiaries," then CEO and MD K V Kamath had said in an interview in January 2008.

In January 2008, the board of brokerage and investment banking arm ICICI Securities had approved an IPO and private placement of shares to one or more institutional investors.

However, IPO plans were postponed later due to adverse market conditions.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
CHENNAI: Expressing anguish over the plight of the Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said here Sunday that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) would work to secure equal status and equal rights for them.

Our ultimate goal is to secure for Tamil people (in Sri Lanka) equal status and equal rights, Gandhi said at an election rally where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief M. Karunanidhi was also present.                   

She told the gathering she was "deeply pained and anguished" for "thousands and thousands of civilians" who were forced to flee the war zone as the Sri Lankan forces took on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the north of the island nation.                   

Gandhi, who is also UPA chairperson, said India was firm that the Sri Lankan government moved the Tamils to safety zones and carried  out humanitarian works.     

   Appealing to people in Tamil Nadu to vote for the Congress-led alliance in the on-going Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi said: You gave us 40 of 40 (in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections) and I urge you repeat.     
Gandhi also detailed the development works carried out by the UPA government in the county, and especially in Tamil Nadu. 
Polling in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will be held in the last phase on May 13. The ruling DMK is a key partner of the Congress.

courtesy : Express Buzz.
San Jose, May 10: The death toll from swine flu has topped 50 as Costa Rica reported its first fatality from the virus and Japan and Norway joined a growing list of nations with confirmed cases.

In Costa Rica, Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila said the victim was a 53-year-old man who died on Saturday after more than a week in a hospital in the capital San Jose.

The man had been suffering from other health problems, including diabetes and a chronic pulmonary condition. Eight other Costa Ricans had contracted A(H1N1) influenza, as the virus is officially known, Avila said.

In Tokyo, a teacher and two students returning from North America tested positive for swine flu in the first confirmed cases of the virus in Japan, the government said.

Japanese authorities quarantined the 46-year-old man and 16-year-old boys, who had been on a high school trip to Canada, and 49 others who were aboard their flight as it arrived in Tokyo on Friday from the US city of Detroit.

Seven of the 49 were later taken to hospital as they had flu symptoms, a health ministry official said.

In Norway, health officials announced the first two confirmed swine flu cases, both young adults who had recently returned from Mexico.

There have now been 48 deaths recorded in Mexico along with two US deaths and one each in Canada and Costa Rica. The WHO has still to confirm three of the Mexican fatalities and the latest one from Costa Rica.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Toulouse (France), May 10: A French textile firm has caused outrage by telling nine of its workers that they have the choice between the sack and redeploying to an Indian factory and taking a gigantic pay-cut.

Carreman told its workers at a plant in the southwestern town of Castres that it would offer them pay of 69 euros (92 dollars) a month if they moved to Bangalore, union officials said at the weekend.

The minimum legal monthly salary in France is 1,321 euros.

Francois Morel, the boss of the factory, told a local paper that before being allowed to lay off the workers he was obliged to offer them work elsewhere in the group under legal requirements which he described as "stupid."

CGT union official Edmond Andreu told AFP that the offer had provoked "anger mixed with stupefaction" among workers at the factory, who say it is obvious no-one will take up the proposition.

Workers at the Bangalore factory are paid the equivalent of 69 euros a month for working a six-day week, and get an annual bonus of a month's pay as well as medical insurance.

The nine Castres workers were also offered free plane tickets and a 1,000-euro bonus for moving.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
New York, May 10: Expressing concerns over the possible measures by foreign countries, especially the US, to restrict off-shoring and movement of work visa-holders, Indian IT bellwether Infosys has said that such steps could adversely impact the company's business.

The Obama administration has restricted the hiring of H-1B visa-holders by companies bailed out by the Federal government and recently announced a plan to end tax incentives for American entities generating jobs overseas.

Both moves are expected to impact the Indian IT sector, whose major chunk of revenues come from the US.

Infosys has said that in the prevailing economic environment, there could be a change in the existing laws or the enactment of new legislation, restricting "offshore outsourcing" or imposing restrictions on the deployment of work visa holders at client locations.

Such actions "may adversely impact our ability to do business in the jurisdictions in which we operate, especially with governmental entities," the IT firm said in its annual filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nearly 60 per cent of Indian IT-Business Process Outsourcing industry caters to the US companies, according to latest figures. India's BPO industry employs over 17 lakh professionals.

Every year, a major chunk of the Indian professionals receive H-1B visas, which is basically a working visa for highly skilled people. In the previous fiscal year, nearly 8,200 Infosys employees held H-1B visas.

Moreover, Infosys has pointed out the possibility of private sector companies working with these governmental entities, being restricted from outsourcing projects which are related to government contracts.

These firms could even face "disincentives if they outsource certain operations", the filing noted.

Many foreign governments mainly in the US and the UK have pumped in billions of dollars into companies battered by the financial turmoil.

In return, these administrations have snapped up significant stakes in those bailed out firms.

"Equity investments by governmental entities in, or governmental financial aid to, our clients may involve restrictions on the ability of such clients to outsource offshore or otherwise restrict offshore IT vendors from utilizing the services of work visa-holders at client locations," Infosys said.

Infosys has expressed concern that restriction on deployment of trained people at client locations could require the company to seek local talent. In such a case, the "local resources may only be available at higher wages," it said.

"Any resulting increase in our compensation, hiring and training expenses could adversely impact our revenues and operating profitability," the firm said.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
London, May 10: A group of companies are developing a new kind of tools capable of understanding emotional content of blogs and online comments.

These "sentiment analysis" tools form a wider part of computer science attempting to train computers to understand the feelings expressed in written content just like humans.

And the commercial applications of such technology can already be seen in some companies whose businesses are affected by customer blogs as much as advertising campaigns, reports New Scientist.

Firms such as Seattle-based Sentimine are using the "sentiment-aware software" that can gauge emotional responses in text.

The application is also expected to help in controlling human communications as well as digesting their output, for example, Adaptive Semantics'' JuLiA is a software agent that can recognise abusive comments based on a learning algorithm.

"She" can take down or quarantine comments bending over the predetermined abuse threshold.

And presently, further options are being examined to enhance JuLiA's comprehension abilities - for example, to determine if the content is intelligent, sarcastic, or political in tone.

Similarly, another firm, Lexalytics, uses sentiment analysis to sway what people say before they realise it is too late.

The sentiment-analysis tools, presently pocketed by big brand corporations, are expected to become cheaper, and perhaps even free.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Kuantan, May 10: Defending champions India started their Asia Cup campaign on a disastrous note, going down 2-3 to arch-rivals Pakistan in a nerve-wrecking rain-marred Pool B match at the Wisma Belia Kuantan Hockey Stadium here today.

With today's win and the draw against China yesterday, the three-time former champions Pakistan, who lost to India 1-2 in the Azlan Shah Cup here last month, are assured of a place in Thursday's semi-final, while India will have to win their last pool match against the Chinese on Tuesday to qualify for the last four stage.

India-Pakistan encounters have always been nail-biting and today's match was no exception with the traditional rivals starting the game on a high pace note and seemed in no mood to give an inch to each other.

Both the teams displayed very high speed and attractive hockey in the pulsating opening half with the ball continuously moving from one end to the other.

Pakistan was the more aggressive of the two sides and found the net as early as in the fourth minute through Tariq Aziz from the top of the semi circle but umpire John Right ruled out the goal due to an infringement and in turn gave a 16 yard hit to the Indians.

Stung by Pakistan's early attacks, the Indians stepped up their offensive and very nearly came to scoring in the 13th minute only to be denied by experienced Pakistan custodian Salman Akbar.

India opened the scoring against the run of play after Prabhjot Singh converted a rebound from skipper Sandeep Singh's penalty corner in the 15th minute.

But with just two minutes remaining for the breather, Pakistan struck back with Hasneem Khan scoring with a reverse stick from a well build up counter attack.

Pakistan could have scored many had they not wasted several penalty corner attempts with the Indian defence standing tall.

Experienced centre forward Rehan Butt, who made a comeback to the national team in this tournament, made it 2-1 for Pakistan in the very first minute of the second half from a goalmouth melee.

India soon drew parity in the 10th minute through Rajpal Singh's field goal before heavy rains suspended play for nearly 40 minutes.

However, another comeback man, veteran Sohail Abbas, ensured a happy outing for Pakistan when he scored the winning goal off their fifth short corner in the 55th minute through a powerful drag flick which beat Indian custodian Baljit Singh hands down.

Thereafter, India got two penalty corners and a couple of chances to equalise, but they miffed it all with goalkeeper Akbar coming to Pakistan's rescue on many occasions.

SV Sunil was the star performer for India today but was unlucky not to have registered his name in the scoreboard, while skipper Sandeep was off-colour as he wasted three penalty corners in the last 10 minutes of the match.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
London, May 10: Criticising the British government for ignoring the manufacturing sector, Indian industrialist Ratan Tata has said he was not asking for a bailout but only a "facilitation of access to credit on commercial terms" for his businesses in the UK.

In an interview published in British newspaper Sunday Times, Tata said: "We're responsible for the fortunes of the company but this is a bone-dry situation in terms of access to credit. Nobody can operate on that basis unless you have large cash balances, which we don't. My concern is that the government doesn't appear to care about manufacturing."

The comments follows reports about the UK government denying financial aid to Jaguar and Land Rover, the iconic car brands acquired by Tatas last year.

"I would like to see the British government playing only one role. It controls the banks, and all I seek is the facilitation to provide access to credit on commercial terms. It's not a bailout," Tata said.

Tata is one of the largest inward investors in Britain. Besides JLR and Corus, which together employ about 40,000 people, the Indian conglomerate also owns Tetley Tea and is also present in the UK through other businesses such as chemicals and IT.

Tata Motors bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford in April 2008, paying 1.15 billion pound. Tata, - having failed to raise bank loans to ease JLR through a disastrous slump in sales, has asked the government for financial assistance.

Sales at JLR, has slumped due to recession and a dearth of automotive finance. "In April Jaguar's UK sales were down 21 per cent on the same month last year, an improvement on recent months. Land Rover's were down 47 per cent," the Sunday Times added.

Going forward, Tata said, "... I would like to see us coming out of the recession with these new products (E-type and fuel efficient hybrids) in place. What would be sad - remorseful - is if the meltdown continues and we can't get access to funds. The first thing that will happen will be that these projects will go on hold, and we will come out of the recession just as we went in."

"I had hoped we would come out of it a new company," he added.

Tata, however, said British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was "a very sincere person. I have to believe he is genuine in his desire to see British industry supported. There hasn't been implementation of that desire."

There is however, an upside to the government's ignorance towards the manufacturing sector. Tata said he was amazed at how his company had been able to buy two sizable British groups without interference. "I expected all kinds of road blocks," he said.

Corus, JLR acquisitions at inopportune time

Ratan Tata has said his two acquisitions -- Anglo Dutch steelmaker Corus and British Marquee Jaguar Land Rover -- were done at an "inopportune time" and his company might have gone "too far too fast".

Tata admitted with hindsight that he might have gone too far too fast, but that nobody saw the economic recession coming.

"If one had known there was going to be a meltdown, then yes (Tata went too far), but nobody knew. Both the acquisitions were made, I would say, at an inopportune time in the sense that they were near the top of the market in terms of price," Tata told the Sunday Times.

Recession is making Tata's recent international spending spree look ill-timed as he bought Corus and JLR just as the boom reached its peak.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Bangalore, May 04: India remains a soft target for Internet threats, as evident from the steep rise in malicious attacks from web-based sources originating mostly from the US and China, a study by global security solutions provider Symantec has revealed.

"Computers in India are set to witness increased malicious activities due to rapid growth of Internet infrastructure, a burgeoning broadband population and rampant software piracy," Symantec India managing director Vishal Dhupar said.

According to the Symentac Internet Security Threat report, which is based on data pooled by Internet sensors, first-hand research and monitoring of hacking communications during January-December 2008, computers from the US and China were the leading source of web-based attacks targeting India.

Web surfing remained the primary source of new infections in 2008. Attackers rely on customised malicious code toolkits to develop and distribute their threats, targeting confidential information of computer users.

"Unless enterprises improve security protocols and measures to counter malicious activities, India will continue to be a soft target of Internet threats," Dhupar said.

The report noted that India ranked among the top three countries in the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region that was subjected to malicious code activity by volume as the country had the fifth highest number of broadband subscribers (eight million) in the region.

Malicious code is a new breed of Internet threat that cannot be efficiently controlled by conventional anti-virus software. The code can enter network drives and spread. It can cause network and mail server overload by sending e-mail messages, stealing data and passwords, deleting document files, e-mail files or passwords and even re-formatting hard drives.

Internet users in India also faced a serious threat from worms and viruses attacks. In the APJ region, India ranked first with nine of the top 10 malicious codes found consisting 55 percent worms and 15 percent viruses. These infesting codes disabled security related processes and stole confidential information.

In the global context, the study found India ranked high on these vectors of infection, as evident from the damage the Downadup/Conficker worm caused to thousands of computers across the country during the initial stages of attack.

"Enterprises without protective strategies are likely to see worms and viruses infiltrate their environments and access their information and infrastructure. Indian enterprises have to adopt ingress and egress filtering on perimeter devices to prevent unwanted activity," said Dhupar.

Around 65 percent of worms and viruses in Indian enterprises are propagated through the file sharing/executables mechanism.

"This indicates that endpoint security and policy are still missing in many organisations as this level of security protection would have allowed IT administrators to scan removable drives for threats. A large number of infections in India have also occurred due to file-sharing programmes, free downloads and freeware and shareware versions of software," Dhupar noted.

Similarly, with an average of 836 bot attacks per day, the study found 103,812 computers were infected in the country during 2008.

Bot (short form for robot) is a malicious code (computer programme) that comes with an e-mail attachment sent to intended users by hackers for infecting and damaging their personal computers or servers in enterprises.

When a spam mail is opened, the user is enticed to click the attachment with tempting words for viewing the link. Unknowingly, the bot in the link attacks the computer when opened.

According to the report, India had an average of 836 bots per day during 2008 and there were 103,812 distinct bot-infected computers observed in the country during the period.

India also saw a huge surge in bot command and control servers to 70 in 2008 from 40 in 2007.

Bot command-and-control servers are computers that botnet owners use to relay commands to bot-infected computers on their networks.

The sharp increase in bot-infected computers in India pointed towards low adoption of security measure that includes anti-malware, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection.

Among cities with the highest number of bot-infected computers, Mumbai topped with 37 percent followed by Chennai at 24 percent and Delhi seven percent.

The report is compiled by the Symantec security technology and response organisation, which includes security response, a worldwide team of security engineers, threat analysts, and researchers.

With global response centres located the world over, the organisation monitors malicious code reports from 130 million systems across the Internet, receives data from 240,000 network sensors in 200 countries and tracks 32,000 vulnerabilities.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
San Francisco, May 06: A nearly-final version of Windows 7 made its world debut on Tuesday, giving people a chance to tell Microsoft what they love or hate about the new-generation operating system.

Microsoft is making a Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) available as the global software giant puts finishing touches on an operating system that it hopes will escape criticism heaped on its predecessor Vista.

"It appears that they are on target," said analyst Michael Cherry of private firm Directions on Microsoft, which specializes in tracking the US software giant.

"I think we need to be cautious though. Windows 7 is still in development. While Microsoft is certainly moving on to the next logical milestone, this is still a test version of the operating system."

People are invited to download the software from Microsoft's official website and install it on computers in a public test of the operating system's capabilities.

"You put it on your PC, and then do what you'd normally do," Microsoft said in a message on the download page.

"Your PC will automatically and anonymously send our engineers the information they need to verify the fixes and changes they made based on the Windows 7 Beta tests."

Microsoft's website gives Windows 7 installation instructions and tells visitors that the RC "expires" on June 1, 2010. The RC will begin warning users in March of next year by shutting down their machines every two hours.

"Based on feedback we've received from beta testers and early adopters, we think Windows 7 is on track to be the most well-planned, highest quality Windows release ever," Microsoft said Tuesday.

"The Release Candidate of Windows 7 reflects extensive beta tester feedback, and is ready for IT professionals and tech enthusiasts to evaluate."

Copies of the RC were made available to developers last week and early reviews have praised the operating system for its stability and for avoiding problems that marred Vista's image.

Complaints about Vista included that it was not compatible with some software designed for the previous-generation Windows XP operating system and that it was too much for netbooks or older computers to handle.

"Windows 7 is everything that Vista should have been," said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley.

"It's less annoying and it's a fraction of the size. The only thing working against them is the economy; people without money aren't going to buy no matter how good the product."

Enthusiastic early reviews of Windows 7 are stoking speculation that Microsoft will release a final version of the new operating system in time for the year-end holiday shopping season.

"It makes sense that Microsoft should have it pre-Christmas," Cherry said of Windows 7.

"I think you need to keep in mind that if something comes up in testing they are going to take the delay and get it right. Microsoft doesn't need a problem on their hands."

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Bangalore, May 05: How to browse the net, search, e-mail, social networking, browse maps or track stock market trends - this is what global web-based search engine Google is going to teach people as its custom-built Internet bus drives through 15 towns of Karnataka to expose the people to the digital world.

The bus, which began its journey Monday, will course through the state for the next 50 days.

After a successful two-month tour of 17 towns across Tamil Nadu from December to February, the Google bus began its Karnataka leg Monday from Kolar, a backward district, about 100 km from India's tech hub.

"The Internet bus project is an attempt to educate the people, especially the younger generation about the worldwide web and how Internet serves as a platform to step into the digital world for information, communication, entertainment and education," Google India research and development (R&D) head Prasad Ram told reporters.

The Interent-enabled bus has a video-driven content to showcase how people can make their everyday life simpler by accessing information in multiple formats - data, audio and video through English or local language (Kannada).

The content is tailored to familiarise the common folk with the basics of Internet. The online tool facilitates access to multiple services such as search, e-mail, social networking and browsing maps.

Among the Karnataka towns the Google bus will travel through over the weeks are Mandya, Mysore, Hassan, Shimoga, Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Davanagere, Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum, Hospet and Tumkur.

"Tamil Nadu was a big learning for us. It was inspiring to see the people wanted to know about the Internet and share their needs with us. The experience has reinforced our belief that awareness is the key challenge in the growth of the Internet in India," Ram recalled.

In this phase, Google will focus on how mobile phones can be used to access even local information without data plans. Access to the Internet in local language will be its thrust area.

The benefit of the bus project is evident from a couple of instances during its sojourn in Tamil Nadu. A short tour of the Google bus made elderly parents at Krishnagiri to buy a computer for chatting and emailing with their son working overseas.

Similarly, a young businessman at Cuddalore, once a school dropout, learnt to track the stock market movements by browsing the relevant information or data links through the Internet.

"In Coimbatore, a boy who sold flowers for a living and had no exposure to the Internet learnt about Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Search in his native language (Tamil) by stepping into the bus," Ram noted.

The project is in line with Google's global strategy to make access to information, education and entertainment universal and relevant to end-user in English or multiple languages.

"Search has become more local with useful information on business listings, railways and flight status, cricket scores, movie review and et al. Our applications like SMS search, SMS channels and map maker have made Google the most sought after vehicle (engine) for millions in India and the world over," Ram claimed.

Access to information over mobile devices has become easier with mobile maps, mobile search, and mobile Orkut.

Google has also created platforms like the 'Be NetSmart' campaign to educate students, parents and teachers on Internet safety.

After travelling through Karnataka towns, the Internet bus will drive into other states across the country for similar exposure over the ensuing months.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
San Francisco, May 09: The inventor of one of the most widely used science programmes has given the most detailed demonstration yet of a new search engine that many experts predict could revolutionise the way information is used on the Internet.

Stephen Wolfram, whose Mathematical programme is widely used throughout the science world, gave the details of his new computational search engine, named Wolfram Alpha in an online presentation. The company says the technology will go public on May 18.

Unlike Google, which automatically indexes billions of web pages to answer users' search queries, Wolfram Alpha uses sophisticated algorithms to attempt to understand user questions, and then uses the resources stored in its expert-curated database to offer up answers and relevant information.

'The idea is to try and bring expert-level knowledge to everyone,' said Wolfram.

The result is very different from Google, which primarily points users in the direction of web pages. Wolfram Alpha, in contrast, displays information that it calculates by itself and shows in useful formats, offering numerous options for users to dig deeper into the subject.

It can answer questions like how high is Mt Everest, what is the fish production in Italy, and what was the weather in London on the day John F Kennedy was killed. But because it relies on verified data in its system rather than an ad hoc search of the internet, there are big gaps in its knowledge, especially in pop culture and information that frequently changes, such as film showings.

'We are just at the beginning,' said Wolfram, 49. 'I think we've got a reasonable start on 90 percent of the shelves in a typical reference library.'

Experts like Tom Simpson, on the blog Convergenceofeverything.com, said that rather than displacing Google, the new tool reflected the growing reach of emerging artificial intelligence and 'a step towards a self-organising internet' that intuitively understands what users need from it.

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New Delhi, May 09: Sports Minister MS Gill today lashed out at the BCCI saying that the board is using the cash-rich Indian Premier League to mint more money rather than promote the game of cricket in the country.

Concerned about the "commercial use of cricket for business gains", Gill criticised the BCCI for introducing an SMS game which requires fans to make ball by ball predictions for cash prizes in the ongoing Indian Premier League.

"I see the commercial use of cricket for business gains that is going on. I am concerned, at knowledgeable comments, from serious followers of cricket about the latest venture of encouraging viewers to make ball by ball predictions of runs scored for economic gain in the shape of cash prizes," Gill said in a statement.

"This is viewed as 'openly encouraging gambling and betting', which official bodies do not resort to, even in countries where betting is legal; all this 'to make money and enlarge their TV viewership base'," the minister added.

The game has been widely criticised by cricket experts and the BCCI has been accused of promoting betting through it. Gill said the BCCI should have thought of the damage done to the game by the 2000 match-fixing scandal before introducing such a game.

"Cricket is part of the family of sports in our country. Its current riches, do not set it apart from other games. The actions of the BCCI, are bound to impact the thinking in other sports, sometime or the other. We have already had, sometime back, a match-fixing scandal, in the game. It seems the ICC, had expressed concerns about such possibilities, in the IPL league," he said.

The second edition of the IPL involves more money than its inaugural season. And with the event being played away from India, in South Africa, there is a further more possibility of betting and gambling being involved in the tournament.

He also added that the IPL could promote gambling in a 'new format', and proper measures should be taken to avoid any happening that taints the gentleman's game.

Reports suggest that millions of dollars have already been put at stake in the matches held so far.

The sports minister said that IPL has become more of a business for the BCCI than a venture to enhance the status and reputation game in the country, which shouldn't be the case.

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Dhaka, May 09: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's husband, a nuclear scientist and former chairman of the country's Atomic Energy Commission, died here on Saturday after prolonged illness.

Wajed Mia, 67, who was being treated for months for diabetic, blood pressure, kidney and cardiac ailments, had suffered a heart attack on Thursday.

He was under constant medical surveillance at the private Square Hospital, where he breathed his last this afternoon, doctors said.

Hasina was present at the hospital at the time, they said.

His deteriorating health condition earlier forced Hasina to scrap her planned visit to the US, Britain and Canada.

Hasina married Mia in 1968 and they have two children, both of whom live in the US.

Doctors could not allow Mia to go abroad for better treatment in view of his complicated health condition.

A large number of politicians across the political lines including former president HM Ershad and Mayor of Dhaka Sadek Hossain, who belongs to main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of Khaleda Zia, had visited the facility to visit the ailing Mia.

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Cape Town, May 09: Living life out of a suitcase could prove detrimental to Indian players in the ICC World Twenty20 Championship in England, warns coach Gary Kirsten who feels fatigue could play a major role in the defending champions` campaign in the biennial event.

India have been playing non-stop cricket for a long time, travelling from one corner of the world to another.

They play their first warm-up game ahead of the T20 World Cup against New Zealand on June 1, just seven days after the Indian Premier League gets over.

The defending champions` first match in the tournament, commencing on June 5, will be against Bangladesh a day later.   

"The Indian players have been on the road for a long time and the biggest challenge will be mental fatigue," said Kirsten.

However, the former South Africa opener said the current bunch of players have the ability to get over such situations.

"They have enormous pride when representing India and have become a tight unit over the past few months. I`m sure they will look forward to reuniting and playing for their country," he said.

Kirsten believes as defending champions, India would be under a lot of pressure, but is also confident that his wards have the wherewithal to come good in the tournament.

"When you are defending champions there will always be added pressure. That goes with the territory of high-performing teams. This team has played in many pressure situations since the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007 and has shown what they are capable of," he said.

The former South African opener is not too concerned about the conditions in England since it will be the same for every team.

"Every country has its own unique conditions which each team and individual needs to comes to terms with. The players are aware of those conditions and what is required to give themselves the best chance of performing. Most of the Indian players have played in England and know what to expect."

India may have been on a roll, winning matches at home and away, but Kirsten ruled out any hints of complacency gripping the squad.

"Experienced players understand the demands and pressures of World Cup tournaments. Throw in a few talented and fearless young players and you have a great mix in the team. There is certainly no danger of complacency within the Indian team. We pride ourselves in taking each game as it comes and giving 100 per cent on a daily basis while representing Team India," he said.

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Washington, May 09: The Tata Group, State Bank of India (SBI) and Infosys Technologies are among 17 Indian firms that figure among the top 50 in a list of the world's 200 most reputable companies.

With a pulse score of 80.89 on a scale of 0-100, the US-based Reputation Institute ranked the Tata Group 11th above global giants like Google, Microsoft, General electric, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Intel and Unilever.

Italy-based chocolate producer Ferrero was ranked as the most reputable company on the planet right now. With its pulse score moving from 83.52 last year up to 85.17, Ferrero came up from fourth place last year to first, more than a full point ahead of second ranked IKEA.

"However it is the people of India who love their companies the best," noted US business magazine Forbes. "Of India's 27 corporations ranked by the institute, 24 (89 percent) placed above the average. Seventeen of them landed in the top third of the list."

The Reputation Institute's global pulse of 600 companies is a measure of corporate reputation calculated by averaging perceptions of four indicators - trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling - obtained from a representative sample of at least 100 respondents in the companies' home countries.

SBI, India's largest bank, is ranked 29th with a score of 78.11. India's second largest software exporter Infosys is at 39th, with a pulse score of 77.45.

Larsen & Toubro comes next at 47th position with a pulse score of 76.58, while India's largest carmaker Maruti Suzki has been ranked 49th with a pulse score of of 76.26.

Other Indian firms in the top 200 are: Hindustan Unilever (69 - 74.99); ITC Ltd (95 - 73.50); Canara Bank (102- 73.34); Hindustan Petroleum (111 - 73.08); Indian Oil (112 - 73.01); Wipro (116 - 72.77); Mahindra & Mahindra (137 - 71.61); Bharti Airtel (163 - 70.32); Bank of Baroda(174 -- 69.81); Bharat Petroleum(175 - 69.79) and Punjab National Bank (177- 69.67.)

Johnson & Johnson, which placed first in the US for reputation, lands third globally. Kraft Foods places eighth, making the US one of only two countries with two businesses in the global top 10. Brazil is the other. Its Petrobras and Sadia landed fourth and fifth respectively.

Brazil had the second highest percentage of its participating companies ranked above the global average at 76 percent, while 62 percent of American companies received pulse scores above the average.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
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New Delhi, April 24: The Government has cleared the proposal for providing CISF security to the vital Reliance refinery in Gujarat and some other important Information Technology establishments like Infosys and Wipro in Bangalore.

The clearance from the Union Home Ministry came following intelligence inputs suggesting that Pakistan-based terrorists might try to target these installations launching a surprise attack similar to the Mumbai attack last year.

The ministry has also given the nod for the security cover to IT giants Infosys and Wipro and companies located in Electronic city of Bangalore which is on the radar of terror groups operating on the country, a home ministry official said.

The Centre has enlarged the role of CISF from guarding government establishment to providing security to installations in the private sector in the wake of the 26/11 attack.

Jamnagar refinery of Reliance is close to Indo-Pak border in Gujarat which makes it vulnerable to any terrorist attack from the neighbouring country, the official said.

"The security to these organisations will be provided as they have a threat perception and figure in the priority sector," a CISF spokesperson said.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
New Delhi, April 24: Software industry body Nasscom on Friday hit out at the US H1B visa legislation, introduced in the Senate yesterday, saying its provisions are targeting Indian firms and restricting their ability to compete in the US market.

Nasscom said though the stated objective of the Bill is to prevent fraud and visa abuse, several of the provisions of this Bill are against the principles of free trade.

"In many ways, it is targeting Indian companies and restricts their ability to compete in the US marketplace. This is also against President Obama's stand against protectionism at the G20 Summit," Nasscom President Som Mittal said.

The almost USD-billion Indian IT outsourcing industry draws over 60 per cent revenue from the US and many of its skilled workforce work onsite on H1B visa for the client.

The Bill, which among a host of provisions favourable to US professionals, requires all employers who want to hire an H1B guest worker to first make a 'good faith' attempt to recruit a qualified American worker.

"Our Bill will put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs and discrimination against American workers," Senator Durbin had said in a statement.

Mittal said the premise that H-1B visa is used to displace US workers is misplaced.

"Contrary to opinions of visas being used to displace workers, H-1B visas are actually used for providing technically qualified talent that is in short supply, open new markets, accelerate innovation and increase competitiveness for US companies" he said.

Indian companies had been allocated only 12,000 visas in 2008, out of the limit of 85,000 visas. The data from USCIS shows that in April 2009 till date, it has received about half the H-1B visa applications against the cap for FY10.

This clearly demonstrates that companies are not using the H-1B Visa route to replace US workers.

US does not have a temporary service visa as in other countries and companies that do send highly skilled engineers on H-1B visas are for temporary period with average stay in US of less than two years, he added.

Mittal further confirmed that as the legislation goes through discussion and debate in the US Congress, the industry body would continue to provide perspectives to the law makers on the negative impact these unfair trade practices can have on the India-US trade partnership.

The legislation had been introduced in the US Senate reforming the H1B and L1 visa programmes, under which the US firms looking for skilled foreign professionals are required to make a 'good faith' attempt to recruit local workers first.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Mumbai, April 24: Anil Ambani-led group on Friday alleged that business rivals may be behind an "attempt to murder" the industrialist by trying to sabotage his helicopter, even as the police were questioning four employees of an aircraft maintenance company.

"The planned manner in which the pebbles and gravel were put in the filler cap at a height of 10-feet in the gear box and the gear box cap was closed thereafter, clearly shows that some persons, possible business rivals, were attempting to take the life of Anil Ambani, India's second richest person with a net-worth of USD 10.1 billion.

"This is clearly an attempt to murder," Capt. R N Joshi of Anil Ambani group company Reliance Transport and Travels said in a complaint to Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan and the Mumbai police commissioner Hassan Gafoor while requesting an investigation by the crime branch.

Shortly after the complaint was made, Gafoor ordered the transfer of the case, lodged after a complaint was filed by the aircraft maintenance company Airworks India Ltd, to the crime branch.

In his complaint, Joshi, a senior pilot, said the entire incident would not have been possible "without active involvement and aid of the persons working for Airworks, since no one could have had access to the said helicopter Bell-412," which Anil was scheduled to fly this morning.

When contacted, Airworks director Ravi Mennon said that the company had discovered the matter and had informed the police and the client (Anil Ambani group) and "we're fully cooperating with the authorities".

Mennon, however, declined to comment on the allegations of Airworks' involvement in the incident, which maintains about 60 aircraft and choppers belonging to industrial houses including Reliance Industries, SunTV, Bajaj, DLF and Essar.

The police had registered a case of mischief last night on a complaint filed by Airworks technician S R Surve under Section 440 of IPC, which stipulates that mischief committed after preparation made for causing death or hurt.

The tampering of the helicopter that was parked along with about two dozen other flying machines in Santa Cruz under the supervision of Airworks was detected around 1700 hrs on Thursday.

Anil was to fly along with his eight-nine top executives at 0930 hrs on Friday to his office at Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City in Navi Mumbai.

The Mumbai police had, in June 2005, given elaborate security cover to Anil after intercepting some conversation that indicated that the younger Ambani scion could be in danger. The security cover that lasted for a few months was provided weeks before Anil and his elder brother Mukesh Ambani reached an agreement to divide the Reliance empire.

courtesy : Zeenews.com

Systems Installation


Systems Administration & Support


Finance and Accounts consultant


Training and Knowledge Management


DBA (Crash Specialist)


Quality Assuarance & Documentation


Data transfer


Reorganization & Downsizing Consultant


IDP & Personal Records


Downloadable Viruses


Mainframe Programmers


Solaris Administrator


In house Hackers


! ;Internet Explorer WWWF


Support Software and Backup






System Programmer


Sr. Manager Projects


Technical Writer (Ramayana Sign off document)


SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle )


Lead Programmer (all companies are vying for him)


Trainee Programmer


Motivation & Team building




Microsoft product Written in VB


Contract programmer


Visual C++



100 Kauravas

Microsoft Service Packs and Patches

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This message is for Girls especially.

  Whenever girls travel either in trains or in buses, they are forced to face a serious problem created by low class people, especially who go for construction works, and for daily wages works.. However girls dress up n go for works in either mode of transport, the gents mainly, (the low class )  used to see girls in a wrong mood that too in a wrong manner..

So Girls kindly beware while travelling in trains and buses...
Washington, April 23: Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated a technique for efficiently suppressing errors in quantum computers.

The advance could eventually make it much easier to build useful versions of these potentially powerful but highly fragile machines, which theoretically could solve important problems that are intractable using today's computers.

The new error-suppression method was demonstrated using an array of about 1,000 ultracold beryllium ions (electrically charged atoms) trapped by electric and magnetic fields.

Each ion can act as a quantum bit (qubit) for storing information in a quantum computer.

These ions form neatly ordered crystals, similar to arrays of qubits being fabricated by other researchers using semiconducting and superconducting circuitry.

Arrays like this potentially could be used as multi-bit quantum memories.

The new NIST technique counteracts a major threat to the reliability of quantum memories: the potential for small disturbances, such as stray electric or magnetic fields, to create random errors in the qubits.

The NIST team applied customized sequences of microwave pulses to reverse the accumulation of such random errors in all qubits simultaneously.

"Simulations show that under appropriate conditions this method can reduce the error rate in quantum computing systems up to a hundred times more than comparable techniques.

Our measurement results validate these predictions," said Hermann Uys, a NIST guest researcher.

According to co-lead author Michael J. Biercuk, a NIST post-doc, correcting qubit errors after they occur will require extraordinary resources, whereas early suppression of errors is far more efficient, and improves the performance of subsequent error correction.

The new NIST error-suppression method could enable quantum computers of various designs to achieve error rates far below the so-called fault-tolerance threshold of about 1 error in 10,000 computational operations (0.01 percent), he added.

If error rates can be reduced below this level, building a useful quantum computer becomes considerably more realistic.

Quantum computers, by relying on the unusual properties of the atomic-scale world to store and process data, could someday break commonly used encryption codes, perform faster searches of enormous databases, and determine the most efficient schedules for everything from airlines to traveling salespeople.

They could also simulate complex quantum systems that are too difficult to study using today''s computers or through direct experiments.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Washington, April 23: Astronomers have found three brown dwarfs with estimated masses of less than 10 times that of Jupiter, making them among the youngest and lowest mass sub-stellar objects detected in the solar neighborhood to date.

The observations were made by a team of astronomers working at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'Observatoire de Grenoble (LAOG), France, using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT).

The dwarfs were found in a star forming region named IC 348, which lies almost 1000 light years from the Solar System towards the constellation of Perseus.

This cluster is approximately 3 million years old - extremely young compared to our 4.5 billion year old Sun - which makes it a good location in order to search for the lowest mass brown dwarfs.

The dwarfs are isolated in space, which means that they are not orbiting a star, although they are gravitationally bound to IC 348.

Their atmospheres all show evidence of methane absorption which was used to select and identify these young objects.

"There has been some controversy about identifying young, low mass brown dwarfs in this region. An object of a similar mass was discovered in 2002, but some groups have argued that it is an older, cooler brown dwarf in the foreground coinciding with the line of sight," said astronomer Andrew Burgess.

"The fact that we have detected three candidate low-mass dwarfs towards IC 348 supports the finding that these really are very young objects," he added.

The team set out to find a population of these brown dwarfs in order to help theoreticians develop more accurate models for the distribution of mass in a newly-formed population, from high mass stars to brown dwarfs, which is needed to test current star formation theories.

The discovery of the dwarfs in IC 348 has allowed them to set new limits on the lowest mass objects.

According to Burgess, "Finding three candidate low-mass dwarfs towards IC 348 backs up predictions for how many low-mass objects develop in a new population of stars."

"Brown dwarfs cool with age and current models estimate that their surfaces are approximately 900-1000 degrees Kelvin (about 600-700 degrees Celsius). That's extremely cool for objects that have just formed, which implies that they have the lowest masses of any of this type of object that we've seen to date," he said.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Milan /New Delhi, April 23: Italian auto maker Fiat SpA slumped into the red recording a loss of 411 million euros for the first quarter of this year, primarily hit by falling auto and truck sales.

Fiat, which is to enter into a partnership with ailing American car maker Chrysler, had a profit of 427 million euros in the first quarter ended March 2008.

The company is also into the agricultural and construction equipment market.

For the latest quarter, Fiat had revenues to the tune of 11.26 billion euros, plunging 25% as against the same period a year ago. In the comparable period, the same stood at 15.07 billion euros.

"Group revenues were down 25.3% to 11.3 billion euros on the back of substantial deterioration in all markets, with particularly severe declines in construction equipment and trucks.

"Market declines were more contained for automobiles and agricultural equipment, where the Group successfully capitalised on the strengths of its product portfolio to consolidate or improve its position in several key regions," Fiat said in a statement.

Fiat Group automobiles closed the quarter with revenues of 5.6 billion euros, down 18% as against the year-ago period.

The Italian entity has entered into an agreement with Chrysler for establishing a global strategic alliance. As part of the pact, Fiat would contribute strategic assets to the alliance, including products and platforms to expand Chrysler's current portfolio, technology and access to international markets.

According to the company, there was a 12.7% decline in revenues from Agricultural and Construction Equipment (CNH) unit at 2.6 billion euros.

"... we believe that the truck market and the construction equipment business will continue to suffer depressed demand for the major portion of the year, with signs of recovery only visible in the fourth quarter," Fiat noted.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
San Francisco, April 24: Microsoft reported a drop in quarterly revenues on Thursday for the first time in the 23 years since it went public.

But investors still gave the world largest software company their approval, sending Microsoft shares higher in after-market trading as its aggressive cost cutting measures preserved profitability.

The Seattle-based company said its revenues dropped six per cent to $13.7 billion, compared to the year-ago quarter. Profits of $3 billion represented a 32-per cent drop from the $4.4 billion it earned in the same period last year.

The company has been hit hard by a drop in consumer spending, with people delaying or canceling purchases of new computers. Sales of Microsoft's Windows operating system were down for only the second time in history, but Microsoft said it saw signs that the worst may be over.

"While market conditions remained weak during the quarter, I was pleased with the organization's ability to offset revenue pressures with the swift implementation of cost-savings initiatives," Microsoft chief financial officer Chris Liddell said in a statement Thursday.

"We expect the weakness to continue through at least the next quarter."

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Please create a separate board for health..Hope it would be easy n useful one.....
Washington (IANS): Can a grape-enriched diet arrest the downhill sequence of heart failure after years of high blood pressure (BP)?

A University of Michigan Cardiovascular Centre study suggests grapes may prevent heart risks beyond the simple BP-lowering impact that can come from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

The benefits may be the result of the phytochemicals - naturally occurring antioxidants - turning on a protective process in the genes that reduces damage to the heart muscle.

The researchers studied the effect of regular table grapes (a blend of green, red and black grapes) that were mixed into the rat diet in a powdered form, as part of either a high or low-salt diet.

Comparisons were made between rats consuming the grape powder and rats that received a mild dose of a common BP drug. All the rats were from a research breed that develops high BP when fed a salty diet.

After 18 weeks, the rats that received the grape-enriched diet powder had lower BP, better heart function, and fewer signs of heart muscle damage than the rats that ate the same salty diet but didn't receive grapes.

Rats that received BP medicine, hydrazine, along with a salty diet also had lower blood pressure, but their hearts were not protected from damage as they were in the grape-fed group.

"There are the small changes that diet can bring, but the effect of grape intake on genes can have a greater impact on disease down the road," said E. Mitchell Seymour, who led the research as part of his doctoral work in nutrition science at Michigan State University, said its release.

The study, performed in laboratory rats, was presented at the 2009 Experimental Biology convention in New Orleans.

courtesy : The Hindu.
New Delhi (PTI): Worried over the humanitarian crisis in the conflict zones of Sri Lanka, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has appealed to the government of the island nation to take care of the civilians trapped in the war zone.

During a three-day visit to the country from April 20-22, the founder of the the Art of Living met Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and requested him to resolve the humanitarian crisis.

He also conveyed to Rajapaksa the desire of the Tamils, who are staying in camps, to return to their homes soon in Northern Sri Lanka.

"The untold suffering of the Tamils will make any heart bleed. A place that has never seen beggars has to beg for water, food, clothes and for life itself," the spiritual guru said.

Thousands of ethnic Tamils are trapped in the 'No-Fire Zone' in northern Sri Lanka, where army is launching a final assult on the LTTE.

As part of his peace mission, Ravi Shankar also met up with several leaders including Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe and US Ambassador to the country Robert Blake.

He also visited a camp for Internally Displaced People in Vavunia during which he expressed hope that the displaced Tamils would be able to return to their homes soon.

courtesy : The Hindu.
London (PTI): Scientists in Britain have created lip-reading computers that can differentiate between different languages, a development that could have practical uses for deaf people and for law enforcement agencies.

"This is an exciting advance in automatic lip-reading technology and the first scientific confirmation of something we already intuitively suspected -- that when people speak different languages, they use different mouth shapes in different sequences," said Prof Stephen Cox, who led the study along with Jake Newman of Britain's University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich.

The ground breaking technology, which was developed by statistical modelling of the lip motions made by a group of 23 bilingual and trilingual speakers, could have practical uses for deaf people, for law enforcement agencies, and in noisy environments, the Science Daily online reported.

Though computers that can read lips is nothing new, it is for the first time the machine has been 'taught' to recognise different languages.

The system was able to identify different languages, including English, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Polish and Russian, by an individual speaker with very high accuracy.

"For example, we found frequent 'lip-rounding' among French speakers and more prominent tongue movements among Arabic speakers," lead researcher Prof Cox pointed out

courtesy : The Hindu.
CHENNAI: If December is synonymous with music season in south Chennai, it is April that tops the list in promoting classical music and dance in northern part of the city.

A five-day-long music festival in north Chennai was inaugurated at Sri Sayee Vivekananda Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kodungaiyur, on Tuesday.

'Vadachennaiyil Isaivizha,' which is being held for the seventh consecutive year, at the school has received growing patronage from the residents of north Chennai, said the school's correspondent T. S. Thiyagarajan.

South Chennai domination

"South Chennai dominated the classical music arena with all Carnatic musicians and music sabhas huddled around southern areas. I wanted to introduce the concept of annual music festivals in this part of Chennai, which lacks recreation facilities," he said.

Initial hesitation

Mr.Thiyagarajan's effort, which was met with initial hesitation about music appreciation, has proved to be a success with doyens such as violinist Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, saxophone exponent Kadiri Gopalnath and vocalist Sirgazhi G. Sivachidambaram having performed in the festivals.

Inaugurating the festival, Narada Gana Sabha secretary R. Krishnaswami said the long-distance travel to south Chennai and traffic congestion would dampen the spirit of music lovers in north Chennai who would want to enjoy classical music and dance.

Such initiatives would provide an opportunity to appreciate music. Music transcends language barriers and melody gains significance over language in classical music, he added.

He also commended Mr.Gopalnath for his performance in the festival for the third time.

Students of Viswa Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Vandalur, were also honoured for their performance in the festival. Senior journalist Charukesi also participated in the event.

The festival would conclude with classical dancer Roja Kannan's performance on Saturday.

courtesy : The Hindu.
Rules were being implemented more carefully now, he says

AP has been the single largest source of talented human resource, Keur says

US Consulate to extend help to promote academic exchanges

Kakinada: The US Government did not impose any restriction on the issue of H-1B visas to Indians as reported in the media. The same number of visas were being issued as in the previous years but there was misinformation in the Indian media that the US was issuing lesser number of them to non-immigrants Indians due to the global economic crisis, said Consul General of the USA (Hyderabad) Cornelis M. Keur.

Speaking to media persons during a brief visit of JNTU here on Wednesday, Mr. Keur said there was no cap on H-1B visas but the rules were being implemented more carefully due to prevailing situation in the USA where companies were being asked to recruit foreign nationals only if they don't find qualified persons who are natives of the USA. "The US loves to issue as many H-1B visas as possible as it would be a win-win situation both for itself and job-seekers coming from abroad", he observed.

Mr. Keur said Andhra Pradesh has been the single largest source of talented human resource for the USA, accounting for not less than 40 per cent of the visa applications that were being filed in US Consulate at Chennai. AP continues to be a major supplier of skilled workforce to the US and that is what prompted the US Government to set up Consulate at Hyderabad. Almost half of the work load of the US Consulate at Chennai is now being shared by its counterpart at Hyderabad.

The US Consul General further said that the USA has a huge number of American citizens of Indian origin contributing to its growth in diverse fields and the Indian talent pool has a predominant advantage of being well-versed in English language compared to that of China. Indians have traditionally played a vital role in commercialising scientific knowledge into practical applications in the USA and they come with an entrepreneurial spirit better than what China was now able to offer. As regards his visit of JNTU-Kakinada, Mr. Keur said it was one of the excellent educational institutions in India located in the coastal districts whose potential for growth is tremendous. The US Consulate would extend all possible help to promote academic exchanges between JNTU-K and American Universities.

Pat for V-C

He has also appreciated the efforts being made by Vice-Chancellor Allam Appa Rao to develop the varsity into a world class institution.

Prof. Rao said it was the first ever visit of a Consul General of the USA to Kakinada and he was proud to be associated with Mr. Keur and looked forward to fruitful relationship with him. Prof. Rao sought help from the Consul General for the exchange of intellectual capital in order to transform these coastal districts into a wealthy region in India.

He has earlier given a presentation to Mr. Keur on the activities of JNTU-K with specific focus on the strategic planning initiatives and efforts being made to enhance the quality of technical education.

courtesy : The Hindu.
BANGALORE: BPO and call centre employees, who in the past have been criticised for not doing their national duty by casting their votes, will have no excuses this time as their employers have made sufficient provisions for their employees to exercise their franchise in the first phase of the polls on Wednesday.

Citing either no holidays on polling days or odd working hours, BPO employees hardly used to turn up at the polling booths to cast their votes.

However, for the upcoming elections, several BPOs in the city have ensured that their employees go out and vote.

While some BPOs have declared April 23, the day on which Bangalore goes to polls, a holiday, a few others have given their employees the option of a 'late log in,' if they are voting.

Several companies are keen that their employees vote in large numbers.

"At Unisys we have been given a holiday on the day of polling. The holiday will be a compensatory one and we will be asked to work on our regular holidays," said an Unisys employee.

'Late log in' means an employee who wants to cast his vote can report for duty late. This option is given to those whose work shift clashes with the polling hours. HSBC has given its employees this option.

A few companies when contacted by The New Indian Express said that they have no special arrangement for their employees to exercise their franchise, keeping in mind the work hours that don't clash with polling hours.

"The working hours in about 70 per cent of the companies in Bangalore are either in the evening or during late nights.

As polling closes by 5 pm, employees who want to cast their votes have sufficient time to do so," said an HR in a leading BPO firm.

courtesy : Express Buzz.
Islamabad, April 23: Pakistan desires good relations with India and wants the stalled dialogue process between the two countries to be resumed as soon as possible, President Asif Ali Zardari said on Thursday.

Zardari made the remarks when India's new High Commissioner to Pakistan, Sharat Sabharwal, presented his credentials to the President during a ceremony at the Aiwan-e-Sadr or presidential palace, sources said.

The President also told Sabharwal that durable peace in the region will be possible only if all outstanding issues are resolved through peaceful means, the sources said.

The composite dialogue between India and Pakistan, which began in 2004, was put off by New Delhi in the wake of last year's Mumbai terror attacks. India has blamed Pakistan-based elements, including the Lashker-e-Toiba terror group for the attacks that killed over 180 people.

Sabharwal presented his credentials to the President along with the envoys of Spain, Indonesia, Hungary and Luxembourg. During the ceremony, they called on Zardari separately and discussed bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest.

The envoys were also presented a guard of honour by a contingent of the Pakistan Army.

Sabharwal, who was India's deputy high commissioner in Islamabad during 1995-99, arrived here on April 6 to take up his new assignment.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Mumbai, April 23: Reliance Industries, the country's largest private firm, on Thursday reported a second consecutive fall in quarterly profits with net earnings dipping 9.3 per cent in January-March as global recession cut demand for fuels.

The firm, the owner of the world's largest oil refining complex, saw net profit decline to Rs 3,546 crore in the quarter ended March 31, from Rs 3,912 crore a year ago, RIL said in a statement.

Its most-watched refining margin or revenue it earns on processing every barrel of crude oil fell to USD 9.9 in the quarter from USD 15.5 a year earlier.

RIL's profit had fallen 56.67 per cent in the October-December quarter to Rs 3,501 crore.

RIL, which earns 70 per cent of its revenues from exports of petrol and other fuel from its refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat, may see higher earnings this fiscal after it started selling natural gas from its biggest field.

With fuel demand dipping in the US and Europe, the key markets of products from Jamnagar, the company plans to sell fuel locally after giving up the export-only status of its 33-million-tonne refinery.

For the 2008-09 fiscal, net profit dropped 21.5 per cent to Rs 15,279 crore, from Rs 19,458 crore in the previous year.

Gross refining margin (GRM) for the year was lower at USD 12.2 per barrel as against USD 15 a barrel in 2007-08. The turnover rose 8.3 per cent in the fiscal to Rs 150,771 crore while it dipped 25 per cent to Rs 29,073 crore in Q4.

RIL earlier this month started producing gas from its eastern offshore Krishna Godavari basin KG-D6 field and output is expected to rise to 80 million cubic metres per day by the year end.

In December it commissioned a 29-million-tonne SEZ refinery adjacent to the Jamnagar refinery.

The old Jamnagar refinery processed 32 million tonnes of crude in 2008-09 against a capacity of 33 million tonnes, reflecting lower export demand. Fuel exports declined to 21 million tonnes as compared to 22.1 million tonnes in the previous year.

Revenue from oil refining and marketing increased by 11.5 per cent to Rs 112,351 crore mainly due to product prices going up because of high crude oil prices during the first half of the year. Increase in prices accounted for 6 per cent of growth in revenue while higher volumes accounted for 5.5 per cent.

The results were, however, better than the market expectations, as reflected in the share price, which surged 2.7 per cent to Rs 1,762.35 a share at the close. RIL announced the results after the close of trading.

The fall in profit was primarily due to costs related to higher borrowing and provisioning towards estimated claims on account of the company's subsidiaries.

Excluding the exceptional items, the Q4 net profit fall was just about one per cent at Rs 3,874 crore, while profit for the fiscal registered an increase of 2.3 per cent to Rs 15,607 crore.

The company's operating profit remained flat at Rs 23,395 crore for FY09 as against Rs 23,306 crore in the previous year.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Mumbai, April 22: Software firm Wipro Technologies Wednesday said it has reported a 14.77 per cent rise in consolidated net profit at Rs 1,010 crore for the fourth quarter ended March, 2009.

The Bangalore-based firm had a net profit of Rs 880 crore in the same quarter of FY'08, Wipro said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The total income surged 13.55 per cent at Rs 6,583.20 crore in the March quarter from Rs 5,797.40 crore in the same period last fiscal.

The board has declared a dividend of Rs four a share, on shares of face value of Rs two each for the financial year ended March 2009.

For the financial year ended March 2009, Wipro posted a 18.79 per cent growth rate in consolidated net profit at Rs 3,899.90 crore, while it had a net profit of Rs 3,282.90 crore in FY'08.

The total income for the fiscal year rose 27.87 per cent to Rs 26,108.10 crore over the last year.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Bangalore, April 22: The global economy and the information technology sector are entering unchartered territory, says IT czar Azim Premji.

"While environment is challenging, the value proposition of the outsourcing in general and offshoring in particular has only strengthened", Premji, however, told a press conference here today.

He said the financial year 2008-09 saw the most severe economic meltdown the world has seen in this generation, ummatched both in its geographic spread as well as severity.

The crisis battered the financial sector and moved on to real sector of the economy with a total freeze in credit market, significant downturn in corporate profitability, loss of confidence in business prospects and tapering of consumer spending.

"This resulted in the world economy and trade almost coming to a standstill", Premji said.

"Coordinated action of central banks and fiscal stimulus by key nations helped bring back some confidence in the last quarter but emerging economic indicators lead one to believe the world economy will take some time to recover from the aftermath of this crisis", he added.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
New Delhi, April 23: Tata Communications, a Tata group company, today said it would introduce telepresence exchange services for Cisco Telepresence.

The new service, Global Meeting Exchange (GME), will support meetings between any connected private and public Cisco TelePresence rooms, Tata Communications said in a statement.

The company is in discussion with a number of regional carriers to collaborate on extending the Global Meeting Exchange into geographically diverse markets, it added.

Tata Communications' telepresence services include managed private Cisco TelePresence rooms and public TelePresence rooms.

Tata's Global Meeting Exchange will have major telepresence service points of presence (PoPs) in Mumbai, New York and London along with minor PoPs across the globe, it added.

"The GME builds upon our current Managed telepresence private network and public room services...Our B2B cooperation with Cisco and partner carriers will bring a new level of value demanded by Cisco TelePresence users," Tata Communications Senior Vice-President Global Managed Services John Landau said.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
New Delhi, April 23: Forecasting the Indian economy to grow by five per cent this fiscal, a projection lower than that of RBI, Moody's today said the next government will face strong pressure to provide more stimulus packages.

Moody's economy.com, a research arm of Moody's, also said in a report that 25 basis points cut in two key policy rates by RBI on Tuesday will have an "insignificant" impact on lending rates by banks.

"The winning party or coalition in the forthcoming elections will have a difficult term... Winners of the election will face strong pressure to implement more stimulus measures," said Moody's economy.com.

Beyond widespread poverty, there is a need to support the middle class as well as small- and medium-size businesses during this downturn, it said.

Although its fiscal stimulus packages have been widely regarded as insufficient to stimulate the economy, the incumbent government may have already stretched its budget close to the limit.

Policy-makers could inject more money, but this would eventually come at the expense of the economy, as excessive fiscal debt is a drag on business confidence, it added.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Mumbai, April 23: Telecom operator Idea Cellular on Thursday reported a net profit of Rs 274.3 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2009.

The company had a net profit of Rs 276.7 crore in the same quarter ended March 31, 2008, Idea Cellular said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

"Previous year figures have been regrouped and rearranged wherever necessary and not comparable with the current year due to the consolidation of financials pertaining to additional subsidiaries and joint ventures," the company said.

Total revenue of the company rose to Rs 2,935.6 crore during the quarter under review, while it had Rs 1,985.3 crore during the same quarter last fiscal.

"At the profit after tax level, the consolidated amount was lower by Rs 28.9 crore, compared to standalone, due to a negative contribution of Rs 25.4 crore by Spice Communications. It was also lowered by 3.6 crore by Indus Towers, being the first year of Indus operations," it said.

The company posted a net profit of Rs 900.9 crore for 2008-09. It had a net profit of Rs 1,042.3 crore in FY'08.

Shares of Idea Cellular closed at Rs 57.80 on BSE, up by 1.31 per cent over the previous close.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Fresher Jobs / Customer Is King
Apr 24, 2009, 04:52 AM
Freshers (2009 Batch also) java,dot net,web,flash,sharepoint,c#,sap

Experience: 0 - 5 Years

Location:Bengaluru/Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad / Secunderabad

Compensation:Rupees 1,00,000 - 4,00,000


Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization

PG - Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:IT-Software/ Software Services

Functional Area:Application Programming, Maintenance

Job Description

If you possess
Any of these skills:

MS.NET VB.Net ASP.Net COM+ C#.Net ADO.Net VB, ASP,VB Script, COM, DCOM, etc. Java J2EE-

EJB- JSP- JDBC J2ME C# Java Visual Basic

C/C++ (including ANSI C) JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, etc

Sap/Oracle/web 2.0

Desired Candidate Profile

If you possess,
Any of these skills:

MS.NET VB.Net ASP.Net COM+ C#.Net ADO.Net VB, ASP, VBScript, COM, DCOM, etc. Java J2EE-

EJB- JSP- JDBC J2ME C# Java Visual Basic

C/C++ (including ANSI C) JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, etc.



Company Profile




Contact Details

Company Name:  Customer Is King


Email Address:   customerisking@gmail.com

New York, April 23: Donning the role of a commander ill-equipped to save the Titanic of banking world, Citigroup's India-born chief Vikram Pandit has found a place among the 20 worst ever CEOs in the American history, but the top honours has gone to bankrupt Lehman Brothers' Dick Fuld.

The list of America's 20 worst ever CEOs, compiled by business magazine Conde Nast Portfolio after consulting with a panel of business school professors, identifies the business "leaders who helped drive their companies into the ground."

These 20 include "six men who helped make today's economy stink", the magazine said.

The list has been topped by Dick Fuld, under whose stewardship Lehman Brothers became the world's biggest ever bankruptcy candidate and marked the epitome of the current global economic crisis.

Pandit has been ranked last at 20th position in the list, which also includes troubled insurer AIG's Martin Sullivan and failed investment bank Merrill Lynch's Stan O'Neal as also computer giant HP's former chief Carly Fiorina, Enron's former chief Ken Lay and bankrupt telecom firm WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers.

About Pandit, the magazine said that he "did not create the mess Citi is in, but he is the financial services equivalent of the Titanic's Edward Smith -- a commander ill- equipped to save his ship."

"When Pandit took over, Citi was already on track to report write-downs and increased credit costs of USD 20 billion. Today, the banking supermarket is propped up by USD 45 billion in bailouts and is, in effect, owned by the US government," Conde Nast Portfolio noted.

It further noted that Pandit's current salary was one dollar, but his "pay package was valued at USD 38.2 million for 2008, a year when taxpayers kept the firm in business."

Conde Nast Portfolio determined the rank after consulting a panel of professors from business schools like MIT Solan School of Management, Tuck School of Business, Wharton School, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Yale School of Management and Kellogg School of Management.

The panelists were asked to consider each CEO's record of creating or destroying value, innovation and management skills or lack thereof.

About top ranked Fuld, the magazine said that "it's one thing to oversee the collapse of one of the Wall Street's most esteemed firms. But when your hubris triggers a national financial panic as well, you're a shoo-in for our top prize."

"Fuld's reckless risk-taking may have been typical of Wall Street, but his refusal to acknowledge that his firm was in trouble -- and take the steps necessary to save it -- was beyond the pale.

"Since filing the largest bankruptcy in US history (USD 613 billion in debts outstanding), Fuld has been belligerent and unrepentant. Even (alleged Ponzi scamster) Bernie Madoff said he was sorry," it added.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Technical Support (voice process) for the Telecom domain

Desired Skills

* Education: UG / PG/ Engineering.
* Experience: 0-17 months experience.
* Should be willing to work in nightshift and voice process in Chennai.
* 7 days free accommodation will be provided.

Base Location: Chennai

Interview venue:
HCL Infosystems Ltd.;
1056 " C, 3rd Floor,
UR House, Avanashi Road
Coimbatore " 641 018

Date: 24th, 25th & 26th April, 2009
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

List of documents to carry:

•   Updated resume with 7 passport size photographs
•   Original & photocopy of all your certificates (Original will be returned after verification)
•   ID and address proof (Pass port, Driving license, Voter ID etc.)
London, April 23 (ANI): Web founder Tim Berners-Lee has warned against Internet service providers' plans to show specific advertisements to their clients depending on their browsing habits.

The MIT professor, at a Web conference in Madrid, expressed his concern over the new software, entitled Webwise, which replaced standard online ads with those of the browser's dominating interests.

The 53-year-old said that the users needed to be shielded from such systems that kept a record of viewers' activity and threatened their online privacy.

"I just want to know that when I click on a link it is between me and the web, and the internet service provider is not going to immediately characterise me in different categories for advertising or insurance of for government use," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"The postman does not open my mail, the telephone company does not listen to my telephone conversations. Internet use is often more intimate than those things," he added.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) German luxury car maker Audi Thursday launched a new variant of its existing sedan Audi A6 in the Indian market.

The car will be available in the market in May first week with a price tag starting from Rs.38.57 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai).

'The new Audi A6 with its thrilling design, powerful engines and its combination of dynamic performance and lower fuel consumption will be one of the key players in the Indian luxury car market,' Audi India managing director Benoit Tiers said.

The new variant has been priced some Rs.2 lakh below the existing A6 model.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) Salary cuts and job uncertainty are driving pilots in Indian carriers to greener pastures abroad, with as many as 25 pilots believed to be heading for the Gulf.

Pilots from Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are expected to join leading Gulf carrier Qatar Airways.

Jet Airways said it has no information of its pilots quitting. 'I don't think there is any truth in it. We have not got any intimation of that sort from any pilot,' a spokesperson said.

The Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson was not available for comment.

Last October, Jet Airways had announced the retrenchment of about 1,900 employees after a strategic alliance with Kingfisher. It, however, took back the employees following widespread protests.

During the same period, senior Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines officials announced massive expansion plans in India, saying the country was not only an important market but also an important source for personnel including crew.

'Forty percent of our team is from India. We will continue to keep adding people, as the current global turmoil has not affected our operations. Since we cater to a wide variety of countries, our crew should be able to speak multiple languages,' Naveen Chawla, the regional manager for India with the Qatari carrier had said then.

Orhan Abbas, the vice president for India and Nepal Emirates Airlines, had similarly told reporters here his company was looking for more people from India. 'We will recruit more people as cabin crew and other operations especially from India.'

A senior executive with a Gulf-based carrier, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Indian pilots are looking at Gulf carriers as these were financially stable.

'Many airlines based in Gulf countries are doing well and several have strong presence in India. This is one of the reasons that we are hiring Indian pilots,' he said.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
ஈழ‌த் த‌மிழ‌ர்களை கொ‌ன்று கு‌வி‌த்து வரு‌ம் இலங்கை அ‌ரசை க‌ண்டி‌த்து‌ம், இலங்கையில் உடனடிப் போ‌ர் ‌நிறு‌த்த‌ம் கோ‌ரியு‌ம் அ‌.‌தி.மு.க. ஆதரவாள‌ர் ஒருவ‌ர் திரு‌ப்பூ‌‌ரி‌ல் இ‌ன்று ‌தீ‌க்கு‌ளி‌த்தா‌ர்.

அ.தி.மு.க ஆதரவாளரான சு‌ப்‌பிரம‌ணி (40) தீக்குளிப்பதற்கு முன்பாக இல‌‌ங்கை அரசு‌க்கு எ‌‌திராகவு‌ம், ம‌த்‌திய அரசை க‌ண்டி‌த்து‌ம் கோஷமிட்டதாக தகவல்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.

‌திரு‌‌ப்பூ‌ர் அரசு மரு‌த்துவமனை‌யி‌ல் 40 சத‌வீத ‌தீ‌க்காய‌த்துட‌ன் அவ‌ர் அனுமதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதாக காவ‌ல்துறை‌யின‌ர் கூ‌றின‌ர்.

கடந்த ஜனவரியில் இல‌‌ங்கை த‌மிழ‌ர்களு‌க்காக மு‌த்து‌க்குமார் உ‌யி‌ர் ‌தியாக‌ம் செ‌ய்த பின்னர், இதுவரை 13 பே‌ர் ‌தீ‌க்கு‌ளி‌த்து உ‌யி‌ர்‌‌த் ‌தியா‌க‌ம் செ‌ய்து‌ள்ளது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
இல‌‌ங்கை ராணுவ‌த்தா‌ல் கொ‌ல்ல‌ப்ப‌ட்ட ஈழ‌த் த‌மிழ‌ர்களு‌க்கு அ‌ஞ்ச‌லி செலு‌த்து‌கிற வகை‌யி‌ல் வெள்ளிக்கிழமையன்று த‌மிழகமெ‌‌ங்கு‌ம் கறு‌ப்பு‌க் கொடி ஊ‌ர்வல‌ங்க‌ள் நட‌த்துமாறு‌ம், ஐ‌ந்து ‌நி‌மிட‌ நேர‌ம் அ‌ஞ்ச‌லி செலு‌த்துமாறு‌ம் இல‌ங்கை‌த் த‌மிழ‌ர் பாதுகா‌ப்பு இய‌க்க‌த்‌தி‌ன் ஒரு‌ங்‌கிணை‌ப்பாள‌ர் பழ.நெடுமாற‌ன் வே‌ண்டுகோ‌ள் ‌விடு‌த்து‌ள்ளா‌ர்.

இது தொட‌‌ர்பாக அவ‌ர் வெ‌ளி‌யி‌ட்டு‌ள்ள அ‌றி‌க்கை‌ : இல‌‌ங்கை‌யி‌ல் ம‌க்க‌ள் இரு‌க்கு‌ம் பகு‌தி‌க‌ளி‌ல் தொட‌ர்‌ந்து கொ‌த்து‌க் கு‌ண்டுகளை ‌சி‌ங்கள ராணுவ‌ம் ‌வீ‌சி வரு‌‌கிறது. இத‌ன் ‌விளைவாக ஆ‌யிர‌க்கண‌க்கான ம‌க்க‌ள் ‌தினமு‌ம் படுகொலை செ‌ய்ய‌ப்ப‌ட்டு வரு‌கிறா‌ர்க‌ள்.

இ‌ந்த ம‌னி‌த‌ப் பேர‌ழிவை‌த் தடு‌த்து ‌நிறு‌த்த இ‌ந்‌திய அரசு மு‌ன் வராதத‌ை‌க் க‌ண்டி‌க்கு‌ம் வகை‌யிலு‌ம் கொ‌ல்ல‌ப்ப‌ட்ட த‌மிழ‌ர்களு‌க்கு அ‌ஞ்ச‌லி செலு‌த்து‌கிற வகை‌யி‌ல் வரு‌கிற 24 ம் தே‌தி மாலை 4 ம‌ணி முத‌ல் 6 ம‌ணி வரை த‌மிழகமெ‌‌ங்கு‌ம் கறு‌ப்பு‌க் கொடி ஊ‌ர்வல‌ங்க‌ள் நட‌த்துமாறு‌ம், ச‌ரியாக 6 ம‌ணி‌‌க்கு அனைவரு‌ம் ஒ‌ன்று கூடி அமை‌தி செலு‌த்து‌ம் வேளை‌யி‌ல் சகல‌ப் போ‌க்குவர‌த்தையு‌ம் ‌நிறு‌த்‌தி அவரவ‌ர்க‌ள் இரு‌ந்த இட‌த்‌தி‌லிரு‌ந்து‌ம், ‌வீடுக‌ளி‌ல் இரு‌ப்போ‌ர் ‌வீ‌ட்டு‌க்கு‌ள்ளேயு‌ம் ஐ‌ந்து ‌நி‌மிட‌ நேர‌ம் அ‌ஞ்ச‌லி செலு‌த்துமாறு வே‌ண்டி‌க் கொ‌‌ள்‌கிறே‌ன்.

இல‌‌ங்கை‌த் த‌‌மிழ‌ர் பாதுகா‌ப்பு இய‌க்க‌த்‌தி‌ல் அ‌ங்க‌ம் வ‌கி‌க்கு‌ம் அனை‌த்து‌க் க‌ட்‌சிகளை‌ச் சே‌ர்‌ந்த தலைவ‌ர்களு‌ம் தோழ‌ர்களு‌ம் ‌இ‌ந்‌நிக‌ழ்‌‌ச்‌சி‌யி‌ல் அவ‌சிய‌ம் ப‌ங்கே‌ற்றுமாறு வே‌ண்டி‌க் கொ‌ள்‌கிறே‌ன் எ‌ன்று அந்த அறிக்கையில் பழ.நெடுமாற‌ன் கூ‌றியு‌ள்ளா‌ர்.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
ம‌க்க‌ளி‌ன் இய‌ல்பு வா‌ழ்‌க்கை பா‌தி‌க்கு‌ம் வகை‌யி‌ல் போரா‌ட்ட‌ம் இரு‌க்க கூடாது எ‌ன்று உ‌‌ச்ச ‌நீ‌திம‌ன்ற‌ம் ‌அ‌ளி‌த்த ‌தீ‌ர்‌ப்பை ஆளு‌ங்க‌ட்‌சி பொது வேலை ‌நிறு‌த்த‌த்தை நடத்துவதால், உ‌ரிய நடவடி‌க்கை எடு‌க்க வே‌ண்டு‌ம் எ‌ன்று கோ‌ரி செ‌ன்னை உய‌ர் ‌நீ‌திம‌ன்ற‌த்‌தி‌ல் மனு தாக்கல் செய்ய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

இது தொட‌ர்பாக ஞானசேகரன் என்ற வழ‌க்க‌றிஞ‌ர் தா‌க்க‌ல் செ‌ய்து‌ள்ள மனு‌வி‌ல்," ஆளுங்கட்சி இன்று முழு அடைப்பு நடத்துகிறது.மே 13‌ ‌ம் தேதி பாராளுமன்ற தேர்தல் நடக்க இருக்கும் நிலையில் அதன் பணிகளை பாதிக்க செய்யும் வகையில் முழு அடைப்பு நடத்துகின்றனர்.

முழு அடைப்பினால் இன்று பேரு‌ந்து, ரயில் போன்ற போக்குவரத்து வாகனங்கள் ஓடவில்லை.கடைகள் அடைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன.அரசு ஊழியர்கள் வேலைக்கு வரமுடியவில்லை.

முழு அடைப்பு தொடர்பாக உ‌ச்ச ‌நீ‌திம‌ன்ற‌ம் ஏற்கனவே சில உத்தரவுகளை பிறப்பித்து உள்ளது.மக்களின் இயல்பு வாழ்க்கை பாதிக்கும் வகையில் போராட்டம் இருக்க கூடாது என்று கூறியுள்ளது.ஆனால் அதை மீறி உள்ளனர். எனவே ஆளுங்கட்சி மீது உரிய நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும் " எ‌ன்று கூறியு‌ள்ளா‌ர்.

இந்த மனு தலைமை நீதிபதி கோகலே, நீதிபதி இப்ராகிம் கலிபுல்லா ஆகியோர் கொ‌ண்ட அம‌ர்வு முன்னிலையில் நாளை விசாரணைக்கு வருகிறது.

courtesy : Yahoo News.
Chat Box / How to keep your password safe
Apr 24, 2009, 01:37 AM
Washington, April 14: Last year, one out of 13 people lost money due to internet fraud and identity theft, says a recent report. However, you can insure your password and data by following these easy-to-follow tips.

Always keep the cyber thieves guessing. Never use personal information to create a username, login or password. It could be the name of your pets, relatives, nicknames, dates of birth, etc.

Identity theft experts have become savvy at ferreting out these details. Hence, it is crucial to choose usernames and passwords that have nothing to do with your personal history.

Avoid using the same login and password across multiple sites and/or cards and accounts. If a thief gains access to one, it will be like a house of cards, allowing them to quickly wreak havoc across your entire financial portfolio.

Studies have consistently shown that a large fraction of all user-chosen passwords are readily guessed automatically. Shorter passwords are more susceptible to commercially available password recovery tools.

Such software is capable of testing 200,000 passwords per second. To improve the cipher strength of your password, longer passwords are better. Include a minimum of 8 characters - using both upper and lower case letters and a mix of letters, numerals and symbols. Do not use words found in the English dictionary.

Put yourself into a thief's shoes - don't even think about using an overly simplified password such as "12345678," "222222," "abcdefg."

Avoid sequential passwords or using passwords derived from the use of adjacent letters on your keyboard; this will not make your password secure. Also, avoid using only look-alike substitutions of numbers or symbols.

Criminals and other malicious users who know enough to try and crack your password will not be fooled by common look-alike replacements, such as replacing an 'i' with a '1' or an 'a' with '@' as in "L@rgeSoftw@re" or "P@ssw0rd."

But these substitutions can be effective when combined with other measures, such as length, misspellings, or variations in case, to improve the strength of your password.

There are many decent applications on the market that will digitally safeguard your various passwords. Avoid using the free ones "built-in" to browsers as these have been widely exposed for their security flaws.

Consider software like Password Manager that memorises and securely stores each username and password that you enter on a website.

Whenever you return to that site, Password Manager being offered by largesoftware.com will automatically complete your login information and click the submit button, making your login a snap, said a release of largesoftware.com.

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New Delhi, April 21: Catering to cricket lovers, online market place eBay India has joined hands with Indian Premier League team Kings XI Punjab to offer IPL merchandise.

Kings XI Punjab has started a brand store on eBay India offering a platform to buy merchandise related to the team.

The items related to Kings XI Punjab include car flags, cheering sticks, optical caps, expandable banners and mugs, eBay said in a statement.

"We are excited to partner with Kings XI Punjab to power eCommerce for their official website. eBayers across the world can avail of a wide range of cool merchandise, autographed memorabilia & celebrity experiences. Cricket fever continues with eBay," eBay India Senior Manager (Pop Culture) Deepa Thomas said.

A Kings XI Punjab spokesperson said, "We hope that eBay India will serve an exciting platform for cricket lovers to get their hands on our team cricket memorabilia and our partnership will prove beneficial to all".

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San Francisco, April 22: Google is giving people influence over what information turns up during online searches on their names.

The California Internet search king began Tuesday featuring voluntarily created Google profiles at the bottoms of US "name-query" pages.

"It's no secret that from time to time many of us have searched on Google for our name or someone else's," Google software engineer Brian Stoler wrote in a posting at the Internet firm's website.

"When searching for yourself to see what others would find, results can be varied and aren't always what you want people to see. We want to make that better and give you more of a voice."

Google profiles contain basic information and pictures that people don't mind sharing. Concise profiles are displayed along with results of searches on people's names to allow a little control of one's online image.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
San Francisco, April 21: Google has unveiled software tools that let people search the Internet using pictures or chronologically organize results of queries for news.

Fledgling versions of Similar Images and News Timeline made their way out of Google Labs, a place where engineers at the California-based Internet giant get to spend time tinkering with promising innovations.

A Similar Images feature added to Google's Image Search tool lets people scour the Internet for like photographs with a single computer mouse click.

Examples provided by Google include refining a search for "jaguar" to provide only images of the jungle cat or the luxury automobile.

"So if you see an image you like, but you're stumped on how to describe it, just click the 'Similar images' link to see more like it," reads an online posting yesterday by 'Googlers' Chuck Rosenberg, Andy Hertzfeld, and Michael Cohen.

Google News Timeline amasses stories from newspapers, magazines, blogs and other sources and presents search results in chronological graphs that can be zoomed in on or navigated by dates.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
New Delhi, April 23: Inflation on Thursday for week ended April 11 rose to 0.26% as against 0.18% for the previous week.

The Whole Price Index this time is up 0.3% and is at 228.8. So is the Manufacturing Price Index which is up 0.2%.

The rise in inflation is due to essential food articles like cereals, eggs, salt, and fruit and vegetable turning dearer.

During the week, prices of raw food as a whole rose by 0.5 percent due to tea prices increasing by 5 percent, bajra by 3 percent, fruit and vegetables by 2 percent, and mutton and maize by one percent each.

However, the prices of fuel items remained unchanged this week.

Inflation, still nearly the lowest in three decades during the week, does not take into account policy rate cuts announced by the RBI in its annual credit policy.

However, at 0.26 percent, inflation is much higher than the median forecast of 0.09 percent predicted by analysts. The annual inflation rate was 7.95 percent during the corresponding week of the previous year.

RBI Governor D Subbarao had on Tuesday projected India's WPI inflation to be around 4 per cent by the end of this fiscal, taking into account global commodity prices and domestic demand-supply balance.

The wholesale price index is more closely watched than the consumer price index, which is published monthly, because it covers a higher number of products and is released weekly.

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New York, April 23: Oracle's Lawrence J Ellison has emerged as the highest paid chief executive in the US with a pay packet of USD 556.58 million in 2008, even as the total compensation of CEOs at 500 biggest American companies declined by 11 per cent last year.

Business publication 'Forbes' has ranked Ellison as the top paid chief executive in America followed by Occidental Petroleum's Ray R Irani at the second spot with a compensation of USD 222.64 million.

"After a 15 per cent collective pay cut in 2007, chief executives of the 500 biggest companies in the US (as measured by a composite ranking of sales, profits, assets and market value) took another reduction in total compensation, 11 per cent, for 2008," Forbes said.

"In total, these 500 executives earned USD 5.7 billion in 2008, which averages out to USD 11.4 million apiece and computes to less than one per cent of total revenues and three per cent of total profits of their companies," it added.

Among the India-origin chief executives, the list features soft drinks maker Pepsico's Indra Nooyi, banking entity Citigroup's Vikram Pandit, financial services firm Hartford Financial Services' Ramani Aiyer and software company Adobe System's Shantanu Narayen, among others.

With a compensation of USD 9.36 million, Nooyi is ranked at the 147th position while Pandit has cornered the 369th place with a pay packet of USD 2.94 million.

Aiyer had a pay of USD 9.29 million and is at the 151st spot. Ranked at the 335th place, Narayen received a compensation of USD 3.60 million.

The report said that 64-year-old Ellison got just USD 1 million in salary whereas he realised USD 544 million by exercising vested stock options last year.

Irani is followed by Hess' John B Hess at the third position with a pay package of USD 155 million. Ultra Petroleum's Michael D Watford and EOG Resources Mark G Papa have been ranked at the fourth and fifth places, respectively.

"We count compensation when it turns into cash or marketable stock; we do not include the value of options until the executive exercises them.

"When calculating a chief executive's total compensation for the fiscal year, we count the following: salary and cash bonuses; other compensation, such as vested stock grants; and stock gains, the value realised by exercised stock options," Forbes noted.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Sydney, April 21: Employees who use the net at the office for sending or receiving e-mails or browse the web may be doing their bosses a favour because they are more amenable to working after office hours or from home, according to a new study.

The border between work and personal life created by the Internet is a boon for employees and employers, said Massey University student Andrea Polzer-Debruyne, who conducted the study for her psychology thesis.

She found that people whose employers tolerated a reasonable amount of personal e-mailing and other Internet use at work tended to be more open to doing work from home or making themselves available online to deal with clients or handle after-hours matters.

She said this was one of the few studies that looked at the reasons and attitudes behind the ubiquitous practice of personal Internet use at work.

Some workers she surveyed said they felt the boundary between work and life is becoming increasingly blurred, with growing expectations of being available online for work at home.

Consequently, workers feel justified in shopping, banking and paying bills online at work and are therefore less resentful of being expected to carry out work duties outside office hours.

Using the Internet for personal use at work may also reduce stress for employees, giving them mini breaks that can potentially make them more productive, she suggested.

"Using the Internet for private use at work can be good for an organisation," said a respondent. "If an employee orders a present or groceries over the net at work, it takes half the time it would if they had to leave the office and do it. In reality people can be more productive and balance their work and private lives better."

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Washington, April 21: The Fortune 500 may be dominated by male CEOs, but Indra Nooyi, Indian American CEO of Pepsico is listed fourth among "15 women (who) show what it takes to lead" some of the America's biggest companies.

Fortune 500 Women CEOs listing of the US business magazine notes that since becoming CEO in 2006, Nooyi, 53, has grown the company's top line-revenue from 10 percent in 2008 to USD 43.3 billion - and raised its profile in some goodwill-engendering arenas.

Nooyi, who gets USD 13.4 million in compensation, has pushed PepsiCo to target health-conscious and female consumers, resulting in such new products as Smartfood's low-fat popcorn clusters, low-calorie Trop 50, and Starbucks Frappuccino Lite.

"While Pepsi was forced to cut 3,500 jobs and close six plants last year, Nooyi has announced big expansions abroad: USD 500 million in India, USD 1 billion in China, and USD 3 billion in Mexico," Fortune said.

PepsiCo will also spend USD 1.2 billion over the next three years to boost the sales of carbonated soft drinks-including brands such as Pepsi and Mountain Dew-in North America.

The list of women leaders of firms from health care, to food, to retail, to technology is topped by Patricia Woertz, 56, chairman, president and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland who spent three decades working in the oil industry before joining ADM. She gets a compensation of USD 17.5 million.

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London, April 21: The UK has slipped into deflation for the first time in nearly 50 years, as the country's Retail Price Index saw a negative growth of 0.4 per cent in March.

The British economy reeling under the financial turmoil had seen a RPI of zero in February.

"RPI inflation slowed to -0.4 per cent in March, that is a fall of 0.4 per cent on the year, compared with 0.0 per cent in February," UK Office for National Statistics said in a statement today.

The RPI has fallen into the negative territory for the first time since 1960. Deflation is broadly defined as general fall in prices due to slackening demand.

According to the statement, there was a large downward pressure from housing with the main effects coming from house depreciation, mortgage interest payments and, to a lesser extent, buildings insurance.

With the Bank of England bringing down the rates in recent months to boost the nation's economy, the mortgage interest payments have also fallen.

In March, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual inflation -- the government's target measure -- dropped to 2.9 per cent against 3.2 per cent in February.

The statement noted that largest downward pressure on the CPI came from housing and household services. The UK economy is already in recession amid the financial crisis.

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Chennai, April 21: India would face "dire consequences" if it did not come forward to stop the on-going offensive in Sri Lanka at least at this juncture when innocent Tamils are getting killed there, MDMK leader Vaiko said on Tuesday.

"The Tamils across the world are gravely concerned about the war in the island nation and it is high time the Centre should come forward and stop the war. Otherwise, the country will face dire consequences in the future", he said in a statement here today.

He also urged the United Nations to take immediate steps by intervening directly to stop the war in Sri Lanka as it did in the case of Kosovo and East Timor.

DMK declares TN shutdown

Meanwhile DMK has announced a general strike on April 23 in support of the Lankan Tamils. CM Karunanidhi said they would soon evolve a strategy over the Lankan crisis.

Hours after sending telegrams to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Karunanidhi came out with a statement tonight, saying the need of the hour was an immediate ceasefire to save the Tamils, instead of debating whether LTTE Chief V Prabhakaran was a terrorist or not.

The DMK Chief, whose remarks that he did not see Prabhakaran as a terrorist had stirred the hornet's nest, described the war situation in Sri Lanka as "alarming" and the predicament of the Tamils "very critical".

"I insist that the Prime Minister, UPA Chairperson and External Affairs Minister give an ultimatum to Sri Lankan government for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and save lakhs of Tamils", he said in the telegrams.

In the statement, Karunanidhi said "what we want now is to stop the killings of Tamils there. There should be a permanent ceasefire."

He said though the issue concerned another country, the Centre should view it from a humantarian angle.

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New Delhi, April 21: ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Managing Director and CEO Shikha Sharma today resigned from the country's largest private sector life insurer to join Axis Bank.

Sharma tendered her resignation to the board of ICICI Prudential Life, sources said.

The development comes a day after Axis Bank appointed Sharma as new Managing Director and CEO, even as Chairman and Chief Executive P J Nayak quit in protest after being overruled by the Bank's Board.

Sharma had said that she was thankful for the opportunity to Axis Bank, which she said, has been built into a "great franchisee".

"It'll be my endeavour to take forward the legacy," she added.

Sharma's appointment is subject to approval from RBI and Axis Bank's shareholders who are meeting at an AGM on June 1.

Sharma, an MBA from IIA-Ahmedabad, began her career with ICICI, one of India's largest financial services providers, in 1980.

She has been instrumental in setting up various group businesses for the company, including investment banking and retail finance.

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Mumbai, April 21: Soon after the RBI reduced policy rates by 25 basis points, the country's largest private sector lender, ICICI Bank, today slashed the benchmark lending rate by 50 basis points, a move that would benefit millions of home, consumer and corporate loan borrowers.

The benchmark advance rate will be reduced by 50 basis points to 16.25 per cent with effect from tomorrow, ICICI Bank said in a statement.

At the same time, the bank also decided to reduce deposit rates by 25-50 basis points across various tenors.

The new fixed deposit rates would be effective from April 24, it said.

Meanwhile, the RBI today reduced the short-term lending (repo) and borrowing (reverse repo) rate by 25 basis points each to 4.75 per cent 3.25 per cent, respectively, with immediate effect.

The bank has also reduced the floating reference rate by half a percentage point to 13.25 per cent.

All the existing floating rate customers will benefit from the cut, the statement added.

ICICI Bank last reduced its lending and deposit rates effective December 31, 2008.

The Benchmark Advance Rate was reduced by 0.5 percentage points to 16.75 per cent.

The floating reference rate was slashed, home loan was reduced to 13.5 per cent while deposits rates were reduced by 50-75 basis points across various tenors.

Meanwhile, other banks including SBI also hinted at revision in both lending and deposit rates in the coming days.

"It (the RBI rate cuts) is a very clear-cut signal that interest rates should ease," SBI Chairman O P Bhatt told reporters after meeting RBI Governor D Subbarao.

At the same time, UCO Bank CMD S K Goel said "as far as my bank (UCO Bank) is concerned, we are going to reduce our BPLR by 0.25 per cent."

The Kolkata-based bank will be holding its Board meeting in the next 10-15 days and a decision on a rate cut would be taken then, he said.

HDFC says no cuts for now

Country's biggest mortgage lender HDFC on Tuesday said it has no plans to cut its interest rates as of now, even though there is intense anticipation of banks slashing interest rates after RBI today reduced key policy rates.

"We have no plans to lower our interest rates as of now," HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh told reporters on the sidelines of a function here today.

He said that the Reserve Bank has pegged GDP growth rate for this fiscal at six per cent.

On inflation, Parekh said that the wholesale price index (WPI) was low whereas the consumer price index (CPI) was still high.

"We have to bring it (CPI) down," he said.

The Reserve Bank today reduced the short-term lending (repo) and borrowing (reverse repo) rates by 25 basis points each.

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New York, April 21: IBM reported a sharper-than-expected 11 percent fall in quarterly revenue, showing that even one of the healthier U.S. technology companies is being hurt by the slowdown in corporate spending.

While International Business Machines Corp's first-quarter profit beat Wall Street projections and the technology giant reiterated its full-year outlook, its shares fell 2 percent in after-hours trading on Monday.

"I didn't expect them to miss on revenue by that much, which is probably why the stock is trading off," said Peter Misek, analyst at Canaccord Adams.

"Short-term bookings look a little weaker than everybody had hoped. That probably means that the next quarter will be mixed. The long-term guide looks solid."

IBM said its quarterly revenue fell to $21.71 billion from $24.50 billion a year earlier. That compared with analysts' average forecast of $22.56 billion, according to Reuters Estimates.

Net profit for the quarter ended March 31 fell 1 percent to $2.30 billion, from $2.32 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Profit per share, however, rose to $1.70 from $1.64, as the number of shares outstanding decreased. Analysts on average were expecting profit of $1.67 per share.

IBM has so far fared better than many other technology companies, thanks to its growing focus on software and services, such as outsourcing and technology support.

The company has moved to a more profitable revenue mix over the past decade, dumping increasingly commoditized hardware for software and services.

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New Delhi, April 21: IT industry association NASSCOM today said the export revenue target of 50 billion dollars by 2010 will be delayed by 3-4 quarters due to the global economic downturn, and warned of uncertainties in the near future.

The NASSCOM-McKinsey, however, presented an ambitious scenario for the Indian IT industry for the next 11 years saying the total revenue from export is expected to expand to 175 billion dollars by 2020 and revenues from the domestic market could achieve the 50 billion dollar mark.

"This, however, needs a concerted effort by both the industry and the government to ensure swift and sustained reforms in critical areas of education and infrastructure," NASSCOM said.

On the economic scenario, the organisation said the "global economic crisis will have far-reaching and as yet uncertain impact on the industry. Near term volumes and pricing is likely to come under pressure."

Commenting on the opportunities for the industry, Som Mittal, President, Nasscom, said, "The Indian IT industry is in the midst of unprecedented times because of the current economic environment. We expect the next few quarters to be extremely challenging with companies doing everything required to effectively overcome the challenges."

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Nokia has launched its first side slider phone called the Nokia E75 in India. It is powered by Nokia Messaging service and supports upto 16 email accounts.

The Nokia E75 offers full desktop email functionality as well as complete integration of email and messaging services. It also supports a range of third party email solutions such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, Hotmail, Sify and In.com. It alerts users for up to two email accounts.

Manage your personal and business life easily with E75's user friendly interface that features two customizable home screen modes. This phone supports folder and HTML including sorting capabilities, expandable views as well as other common functions used in emails.

The E75 comes with full integration between email, home screen, calendar and contacts. In addition to this, it also lets users create and respond to meeting requests and enables contacts look up and auto-complete. Moreover, the phone comes with a built-in mobile VPN for intranet access.

Mr. Vineet Taneja, Marketing Director, Nokia India states," Business mobility is now a necessity. The prosumers and enterprises in India are fast realizing that mobile business solutions can help provide a competitive advantage. The power-packed Nokia E75 with Nokia Messaging Service is the definite efficiency tool that offers the complete mobile email functionality and gives consumers an enriched and easy to use email experience while on the move. Connecting to and using email now on will be as easy as using SMS giving people the choice of applications they want to use and when they want to use."

The E75 bundles up other features such as 3.2 megapixel camera, media player, music player, A-GPS, pre-loaded maps, FM and Internet radio.

The Nokia E75 is available in two colors, silver black and red. It carries a price tag worth Rs. 26, 299.

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CHENNAI: Aiming to enhance India's defence surveillance capabilities, ISRO is all set to launch its first Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT) and micro educational satellite, ANUSAT, from its spaceport in Sriharikota at 6.45 am on Monday.

According to ISRO, Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C12 (PSLV-C12) would carry the 300-kg RISAT-2 and 40-kg micro satellite, ANUSAT, built by Anna University.

RISAT, to be launched from Sriharikota on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh, some 80 km north from here, has all weather capability to take images of the Earth and would also be beneficial in mapping and managing natural disasters, such as floods and landslides, besides amplifying defence surveillance capabilities of the nation.

As per specifications, RISAT is different from previous remote sensing satellites as it uses Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), equipped with many antennas to receive signals that are processed into high-resolution pictures.

courtesy : Economic Times.
NEW DELHI -- India's annual monsoon rains will be near-normal, the state-run meteorological department said Friday, which likely means the outlook for rice, oilseeds and other crops is positive.

The rains this year will be around 96% of the long-term seasonal average, the Indian Meteorological Department said in a statement. Last year, the country's monsoons were 98% of the long-term seasonal average.

The monsoon rain forecast has a 5% margin of error, the department said.

Monsoon rains, which lash various parts of the country between June and September, are crucial for crops that are sown when the rains arrive - including oilseeds and rice.

"The government's projection of 96% is good for the (oilseed) crop provided we have equal distribution of rains at regular intervals," said B.V. Mehta, executive director of India's Solvent Extractors' Association.

Oilseed production declined last year due to a dry spell in July and irregular rains during the year, despite near-normal monsoon conditions, he said.

India's oilseed output was 25.96 million metric tons in the crop year ending June 30 compared with 29.76 million tons in 2007-08, according to a government estimate.

"If rains are evenly distributed, we are going to harvest another good rice crop," said Vijay Setia, president of All India Rice Exporters Association.

Mr. Setia said 2009 rice output is likely to be around the same level as last year's level of 98 million tons.

India's rural population depends on the rains to irrigate the majority of crops.

courtesy : Wall Street Journal
இந்திய வம்சாவளியைச் சேர்ந்த 2 அமெரிக்கர்களுக்கு தனது அரசில் முக்கிய பதவி வழங்கி அதிபர் பராக் ஒபாமா உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளார்.

இதன்படி விவசாயத்துறையின் கல்வி மற்றும் பொருளாதார ஆய்வுகளுக்கான துணைச் செயலராக இந்திய வம்சாவளியைச் சேர்ந்த ராஜ்ஷா-வையும், முதன்மை செயல் நிறைவேற்றும் அதிகாரியாக பால் சோப்ரா-வையும் நியமிப்பதாக வாராந்திர வானொலி பேட்டியில் ஒபாமா தெரிவித்தார்.

தற்போது விர்ஜீனியாவின் தொழில்நுட்பப் பிரிவு செயலராக பணியாற்றி வரும் பால் சோப்ரா, முதன்மை தொழில்நுட்ப அலுவலர் பதவியைப் பயன்படுத்தி பல புதிய வேலைவாய்ப்புகளை உருவாக்குவார் என ஒபாமா தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

இதேபோல் தற்போது பில் மற்றும் மெலிண்டா கேட்ஸ் அமைப்பின் சர்வதேச விவசாய மேம்பாட்டுப் பிரிவின் இயக்குனராகப் பணியாற்றி வரும் ராஜ்ஷா, நாட்டின் விவசாய உற்பத்தியை பெருக்க நடவடிக்கை எடுப்பார் எனக் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.

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கொல்கத்தா நைட் ரைடர்ஸ் அணியின் கேப்டன் பொறுப்பிலிருந்து நீக்கப்பட்டது குறித்து கருத்து கூறிய கங்குலி, எப்போதும் எனக்கு மட்டும் இது போன்று ஏன் நிகழ்கிறது என்று தெரியவில்லை என்று வருந்தியுள்ளார்.

தென் ஆப்ரிக்காவில் உள்ள கங்குலி தொலைக்காட்சி சானல் ஒன்றிற்கு அளித்த பேட்டியில் "எனக்கு மட்டும் ஏன் இது எப்போதும் நிகழ்கிறது என்று தெரியவில்லை ; ஆனால் ஒரு விளையாட்டு வீரனாக சர்ச்சைகளை விளையாட்டின் ஒரு பகுதியாகவே பார்க்கிறேன்.

என்னை பொறுத்தவரை கடவுள் எனக்கு வாழ்க்கையில் நிறைய அளித்திருக்கிறார்.இந்திய கிரிக்கெட் அணிக்கு கேப்டனாக இருந்துள்ளேன், தேசிய அணிக்கு நீண்ட நாட்கள் விளையாடியுள்ளேன், கடவுள் என்னிடம் அன்பாகவே இருந்து வந்துள்ளார்.

கேப்டன் பொறுப்பிலிருந்து தான் நீக்கப்பட்டது அணியின் முடிவு அதனுடன் நான் ஒத்துப் போகிறேன் " என்று கூறினார் கங்குலி.

ஆனால் மெக்கல்லம் தலைமையின் கீழ் விளையாடுவது எனக்கு எந்த ஒரு பிரச்சனையும் இல்லை.அணியின் வெற்றிக்கு என் பங்கு என்னவாக இருக்கவேண்டும் என்பதைப் பற்றி நான் யோசித்து வருகிறேன்.

மெக்கல்லத்திற்கு எனது வாழ்த்துக்கள். அணி வெற்றி பெற பாடுபடுவேன் " என்று அந்த பேட்டியில் கங்கூலி கூறினார்.

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Paris, April 19: The World Digital Library, a website offering free access to rare books, maps, manuscripts, films and photographs from across the globe, launches on Tuesday at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Bringing together priceless material, from ancient Chinese or Persian calligraphy to early Latin American photography, it is the world's third major digital library, after Google Book Search and the EU's new project, Europeana.

Drawing on content from libraries and archives worldwide, it aims to reduce the rich-poor digital divide, expand "non-Western" content on the web, promote better understanding between cultures and provide a global teaching resource.

Launched by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and 32 partner institutions, it was the brainchild of James Billington, the Librarian of Congress, the world's biggest library.

The world library will be available in seven core languages -- Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish -- with additional material in other languages.

Libraries and cultural institutions from Brazil to Britain, China, Egypt, France, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States contributed content -- on a non-exclusive basis -- as well as expertise.

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GUWAHATI: Taking on the BJP for its charge that the Congress is "soft on terror", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said that there is a "lot of difference and contradictions" in the way the BJP speaks about and "actually acts" on terrorism.

Speaking at a poll rally in Amingaon on the outskirts of Guwahati, the prime minister also made an indirect reference to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being a communal party trying to divide the country on religious lines.

Referring to the 26/11 attacks, he said: "During the Mumbai terror attacks our government handled the situation very firmly? but did the opposition government at the centre (BJP-led National Democratic Alliance) ever take such bold steps?

"I don't have to elaborate on that? there is lot of difference and contradictions in the way the BJP speaks and the way they actually act," he said.

Hinting at the BJP for communalizing politics, he said: "There are some parties dividing the country on caste, creed, and religious lines and this is dangerous for our country.

We need to be careful and prevent such divisive forces to break the country's secular fabric by indulging in hate campaigns and mixing religion with politics."

"The Congress is the only party that stands for secularism and hence we appeal to the people of India to reject parties with communal overtones."

The prime minister also appealed to militant groups in the northeast to come for peace talks, and especially urged the outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) to join the mainstream.

"Our doors for peace talks are open and we want the ULFA to shun the path of violence and come and hold peace talks with us. We welcome the move by a section of the ULFA to have already joined the peace process by entering into a ceasefire," Mr. Singh said.

The prime minister was campaigning for the Congress party candidate for the Guwahati parliamentary seat Robin Bordoloi.

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New Delhi, April 19: The government has asked IT services solutions vendor Oracle India to pay over Rs 230 crore as tax on the royalty paid to its US parent as franchise fee and for its receivables from services.

While Oracle did not respond to emailed queries on the issue, a company spokesperson said she would not comment on matters related to taxes.

The Central Board of Excise and Customs has asked the company to explain why it did not pay service tax of more than Rs 225 crore along with education cess of about Rs 5 crore for the period between 2003 to 2008, an official said.

The tax department has said that the company "had intentionally and willfully suppressed the facts of providing and receiving impugned taxable services and collection of the impugned value of such taxable services".

While over Rs 141 crore service tax has not been paid by the company on the royalty paid to parent US firm as franchisee fee, about Rs 78 crore is on its income from product and technical support consulting, it said.

US-based Oracle Corporation operates in India through Oracle India. The parent firm has a software duplication and distribution licence agreement with the Indian firm. Oracle US is the franchiser and Indian firm is the franchisee having rights and authority to duplicate and sub-license its products in India.

The tax department has also demanded additional amount of over Rs 37 lakh, which it said, the company has wrongly availed as cenvat credit.

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Mumbai, April 17: The country's second largest cellular services provider, Vodafone Essar, on Friday announced reduction in international roaming rates for its post-paid customers travelling to South Africa during the IPL Twenty20 cricket tournament beginning on Saturday.

Vodafone Essar is the official partner of the second edition of the Twenty20 tournament.

Vodafone Essar has tied up with Vodacom, a joint venture partner with the Vodafone Group, to offer reduced rates, a company statement said.

The post-paid customers can select Vodacom as their default network while roaming in South Africa during IPL and enjoy up to 85 per cent discount on calls, SMS and GPRS services, it said.

Customers can make local and international calls at Rs 12.6 per minute and Rs 34.8 per minute respectively.

All local incoming calls will be charged at Rs 12.5 a minute and SMS at Rs 5 per message, which are special discounted rates during the tournament that will continue for over a month.

Special benefits would be extended to Vodafone's GPRS users who would get 85 per cent discount on the data usage with a minimal charge of 90 paise per 10kb of data usage.

The offer is applicable to all Vodafone Essar postpaid customers in South Africa till the IPL finals on May 30, the release said.

Meanwhile, Cellcast Interactive India, a mobile participation content company, announced that it had signed a deal with TMT Investment of Singapore to distribute content for the IPL through its SMS/IVR/USSD messaging platform.

Cellcast has packaged IPL mobile content for various mobile operators and will offer subscription packs of Rs 49.00 per month and Rs 99.00 for the entire tournament, a company statement said here today.

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Gurgaon, April 18: China would approach Indian software majors such as Infosys and HCL to set up units in IT and BPO parks, which will come up in Jiaxing city, a Chinese official said Saturday.

Jiaxing city plans to set up three to five IT/BPO parks and is now in the process of contacting big IT companies from India like Infosys, HCL and TCS, Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Vice-Director Shen Wenping said at a CII meet here.

India is the 15th largest exports destination and 29th largest exporter to Jiaxing.

Wenping further said the trade between India and China is likely to touch $60 billion in 2009, up from $51.7 billion last year.

A delegation from China is on a visit to India to promote Jiaxing as an attractive investment destination for Indian enterprises and to foster bilateral ties.

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Mumbai, April 10: Japanese auto major, Nissan, which is setting up a Rs 4,500-crore car-manufacturing facility with Renault in Chennai, said that the project is on schedule and that its first car would roll-out before summer 2010.

"There is no delay, our plans are on track and Nissan India will come out with its next-generation A-segment car, Micra, on schedule before summer 2010," Nissan Motor India's Managing Director and CEO, Kiminobu Tokuyama, a news agency told here.

The 50:50 joint venture between Nissan and Renault at Oragadam near Chennai, will have a capacity to manufacture 4-lakh cars annually and Nissan will initially manufacture 2-lakh cars which it then proposes to scale-up to manufacture up to 3-lakh cars in about 4-years time.

The Micra hatchback car is named March in Japan and the Indian version would be christened either Micra or March, he said.

As of now, the joint venture stands, though Renault which was originally to roll-out its models by mid-2010, has not yet indicated when it would now launch its vehicles from the facility.

"As of now, we only know that their launch has been postponed," Tokuyama said.

Tokuyama said Nissan proposes to manufacture 4-5 models from its stable in the next 4-5-years.

Initially, it would be Micra which would be followed by a derivative of Micra but a sedan which is expected to be launched one year later in 2011.

The Micra would be available in both petrol and diesel engines, he said, adding that nearly two-thirds of its production would be exported.

The Ennore port in north Chennai will have a dedicated jetty for exports of Nissan cars and the company hopes to export 2-2.5-lakh cars annually in 3-4-years and sell 90,000-1,00,000 units in the domestic market.

Tokuyama made it clear that Nissan has no plans to manufacture a small car to take on the Tata's Nano at this facility but Nissan-Renault would be collaborating with Bajaj Auto to manufacture a small car in the country.

He also said that Nissan's plans to manufacture light commercial vehicles with Ashok Leyland was on but its launch has been delayed because of the prevailing economic environment.

This would be at a different facility which was coming up in Chennai and the proposal is that Nissan India would market the vehicles, he said.

Tokuyama said that Nissan viewed India as a major manufacturing and export hub for its cars and even though the company has reduced its investment plans in other regions, it was committed to India.

India was high on the radar for Nissan which is the fourth-largest auto manufacturer in the world along with Renault.

Apart from setting up manufacturing facilities, the company has also set up a high-tech R&D facility in Chennai, which is developing painting robots for its international business besides engineering. The centre employs 1,200 personnel.

courtesy : Zeenews.com

Toronto, April 04: Shares of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) shot up almost 20 percent Friday after the wireless communication
leader Thursday posted a record profit of $518.3 million for the last quarter of fiscal year 2009 ending Feb 28.

RIM shares closed at $72.80 on the Toronto Stock Exchange - more than 19 per cent since Thursday.

This is in addition to 14 percent gain the shares made Thursday immediately after the Waterloo-based company put out its quarterly financial results.

Considering that RIM shares have been stuck around $45 since December, the 34 percent gain of the last day belies all speculation about slump in the smart phone market in the current economic climate.

The bounce in the fortunes of the Canadian wireless communication giant come just week after JPMorgan Chase had downgraded RIM, sending its shares downward on the TSX and Nasdaq.

In its report, JP Morgan Chase analysts had said that BlackBerry will find it difficult to maintain its growth rate amid the global meltdown as corporates resort to lay-offs and belt-tightening.

In this climate, the report had added, RIM will be forced to look for non-corporate consumers to sustain its sales in the coming 18 months.

"We believe RIM's current replacement rate of 69 per cent for full-year 2009 - implying users replace their BlackBerrys every 1.5 years - is unsustainably high in the current environment,'' the JPMorgan Chase report had said.

But RIM has not only posted a record profit for the last quarter of its fiscal year, but has also launched online applications store BlackBerry App World on the lines of Apple's App Store to make its smart phone "sexy'' for non-corporate consumers, including teenagers and students.

Currently, BlackBerry has a subscription base of over 21 million in about 150 countries and it has so far sold more than 50 million smart phone devices.

At $72.80 Friday, RIM shares were almost half of the $150-mark they touched early last year.

courtesy : Zeenews.com

New Delhi, April 03: The pledge of the world's 20 major economies to refrain from raising new barriers to trade and investment will put India's exports back on track by June, apex body of Indian exporters FIEO said on Friday.

"... if further protectionist measures are not taken by our trading partners, Indian exports will be back on track by the end of the first quarter of the current financial year," FIEO President A Sakthivel said.

After growing at an impressive rate of over 30 per cent in the first half of 2008-09, exports started declining and in October 2008 dipped, for the first time five years, by 12.1 per cent on account of demand slowdown in major markets. They declined by over 21 per cent in February 2009.

India had scaled down its USD 200 billion export target for the last fiscal to USD 175 billion in the wake of global the financial crisis. India's exports in 2007-08 were valued at USD 162 billion.

The US and EU account for about 35 per cent of Indian exports. The country's exporters are facing non-tariff trade barriers such as safety and labelling norms in the US and EU.

The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) said the G-20 resolve would benefit global trade.

The WTO had said that global trade is likely to shrink by 9 per cent in 2009.

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Jammu, March 29: The first cancer hospital is coming up by December in Jammu and Kashmir, where the disease is witnessing a sharp increase.

The cancer hospital, being constructed by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMDSB), will come up at Karyal near Katra, about 40 km north of here, Govenor NN Vohra said Sunday.

Cancer cases are on the rise in the state, particularly in the Jammu region. Last year the Government Medical College in Jammu received more than 1,400 new cases, followed by more than 1,300 in 2007, 1,266 in 2006, 1,185 in 2005, 1,168 in 2004, 1,058 in 2003, 996 in 2002, 952 in 2000, 901 in 1999, 937 in 1998 and 803 in 1997.

The proposed cancer hospital is part of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Institute of Medical Excellence (SMVDIME).

Vohra, who is the chairman of the shrine board, was speaking at the second governing council meeting of the SMVDIME.

The meeting approved the draft recruitment rules and the bylaws as well as various other agenda items after detailed discussions. These included an identification of the super-specialties to be established in the first phase and a calendar to purchase equipments.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Ahmedabad, March 29: The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (IIM-A) has increased fees for its Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) by Rs 50,000 from the year 2010-11, institute director Samir Baura said here on Sunday.

"Last year we had decided that the fee for PGPM for 2008-09 would be Rs 5.5 lakh and for 2009-10 it would be Rs 6 lakh. The board today decided that the fee for year 2009-10 for the incoming batch will remain the same," Barua said after a meeting of IIM-A Board of Governors here.

"But for the second year, that is 2010-11, the fee will be Rs 6.5 lakh, an increase of Rs 50,000. So the batch of 2009-11 of the PGPM will be paying a maximum of Rs 12.5 lakhs for the course," he said.

"But the fee waiver scheme which we had started last year will continue for the next year. There were 21 students last year who did not have to pay anything at all for the course," Barua said.

When asked about the rationale behind the hike in the fee, Baura said, "With passage of time the cost of teaching goes up. We have to account for increase in the cost of everything."

Barua said foreign universities keep on revising their teaching methods and programme. "So we too need to continue evolving to compete with them."

When asked if the increase in fees will continue on a regular basis, he said, "That we don't know. It will depend on the situation next year." The board will decide next year if there has to be another revision or not, he added.

Taking about the average fee collection, Barua said it will go down considerably as the OBC (other backward class) quota will be increased to 13 per cent this year from last year's six per cent.

"OBC applies to mainly non-creamy layer so the income levels will be below Rs 4.5 lakh per annum. Therefore large number of OBC students will be entitled for subsidies under our fee waiver scheme," he said.

Chairman of the IIM-A board of governors, Vijaypath Singhania said, "Despite the hike in fees, we are leaving large part of our increase in cost uncovered which will come from our corpus fund."

He said IIM-A will be making arrangements to accommodate additional number of OBC students, for which the central government has already committed Rs 34 crore for capital expenditure. The approximate increase in the intake of IIM-A's PGPM course this year will be 353 including the OBC students.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Mumbai, March 29: With inflation fast approaching zero per cent, bankers have sought to allay fears that the country may be in the deflation mode on grounds that the consumer price index was still high and deflation was a statistical phenomenon due to base effect.

Deflation happens in the economy if negative inflation sustains over a period of time.

"Deflation is unlikely to have any major impact on the economy. Negative inflation, if it happens, will occur mainly on account of declining oil prices, easing monetary policy. It is unlikely to stay long," IDBI Bank Chief Financial Officer R K Bansal told reporters here.

Inflation, now at 0.27 per cent, is unlikely to stay below zero for more than one-two weeks. This will not have any major impact on demand as the consumer price inflation is still high, Bansal said.

"It (deflation) is unlikely to remain long and affect the common man," Bansal said.

India's inflation started declining to historic lows after the Reserve Bank started to aggressively reduce its policy rates.

Citibank Chief Financial Officer Abhijit Sen echoed a similar view saying that a declining inflation was a reflection of slowing economic growth and easing of monetary policy.

"This (deflation) is unlikely to continue for a long time. There are early signs of recovery in the economy and such a statistical phenomenon is unlikely to pose any threat to the common man in the long term," Sen said.

India's WPI-based inflation rose to around 13 per cent mid-last year on account of high international crude and commodity prices but started declining after RBI took a series of policy actions, injecting over Rs 3-lakh crore liquidity into the system.

Deflation or negative inflation is unlikely to sustain for more than a few weeks, Sen said.

"Demand is improving in the system owing to the various stimulus measures taken by the Government and RBI. I do not expect a deflation in the economy," Axis Bank, Head of Credit, Partha Mukherjee said.

"Even if deflation occurs in the economy, it will not have any major impact on the common man as food prices are directly linked to consumer price index (CPI)," Mukherjee said.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
Google / Google hiring after layoffs
Mar 30, 2009, 12:57 AM

San Francisco, March 29: Google is hiring to fill about 360 jobs, even after it announced plans this week to lay off almost 200 sales and marketing employees in its third round of job cuts this year.

The openings listed on Google's website range from software engineers to sales and marketing positions, to one opening for a Foodservices Supply Chain Manager at Google's Mountain View, California headquarters.

The Internet search giant has acknowledged over-hiring in certain areas when it announced the 200 layoffs on Thursday. In January, Google said it would eliminate 100 full-time recruiters and it said the shuttering of its broadcast radio advertising business could result in 40 layoffs in February.

Google is an organisation of more than 20,000 people doing an incredibly diverse array of jobs, said spokesman Matt Furman.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
London, March 15: Supporting India's stand that protectionism should be avoided, the Finance Ministers of G-20 countries agreed to end the convention by which the heads of the IMF and World Bank are decided by Europe and the US, respectively.

At a summit that will set the tone for the April 2 gathering of global leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in London, ministers promised to "maintain open trade and investment".

In a joint communiqu issued by the leaders in Horsham, West London, the finance ministers last evening made it clear that raising barriers to trade and free movement of workers would not resolve the crisis, promising to "fight all forms of protectionism".

Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia is leading a ten-member Indian delegation at the two-day discussion.

Finance Ministers of the G-20 countries have agreed to increase the International Monetary Fund's 250 billion dollar fund "very substantially".

The finance ministers also agreed to end the 50-year-old unwritten rule whereby the heads of the IMF and World Bank are decided by European and the US governments, respectively.

courtesy : Zeenews.com
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