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this is great by student of iim calculta for having highest annual salarm of 1.6 cr
this is great iit madras have won competition in new york next idea
this should be proud to be indian and congrats that students for performing well
now only i now this cbcs system most of the college are not implement this scheme to tamilnadu college
most of the college are not following rules
this symposium is more useful for ece students
this will develop their skills and knowledge to improve
this is great for developing in knowledgw in ethical hacking workshop is more useful for students
with this e-hack competition to develop skills and hackers process technology
Colleges in India / Re: BCA Colleges In India
Jul 06, 2016, 06:18 PM
i think before to study bca but i cant study i missed it
the entire world is developing with computer technology this should help more
now a days Journalism have developing new technology
journalist have good job to have decision to take anything
its a powerful job
this is good to seetop fashion college in india
nowadays most of them studying fashion technology it have great future
for engeering india is best to study its four year to complete but in usa it have five year
for higher studies its best in usa
i cant think this is best college
simply advertisement like this to cheat student having good atmosphere with have direct seeing the college we refer good decision
this is more useful for list of college
in this tamilnadu have 2 college its very happy to see
this is great idea change to improve internal marks it has great opportunity for many students in kerala unversity
like this many unversity can allow chance to improve internal marks
this training program can help more student
this is really good like this every big institute to adopt
and give facility
Database and SQL / Re: @@CURSOR_ROWS
Jul 04, 2016, 05:36 PM
with this cursor solve syntax its has easy to recover
with this new microsoft sql server 2014 is mainly use of new feature
with powerful database
with this sql server 2000 database
it has given many suspects to solve it easily or not in computer requirement
Database and SQL / Re: @@IDLE
Jul 04, 2016, 05:27 PM
this sql server is mainly solve problem
with this easy calculation to solve it
this game is really amazing to play it has more adventure
why getting housing loan we should see proper details for every legal document
this case is simply publicity for media and politics
like this many cases are coming why they follow that case
Fresher Jobs / Re: UP Police Recruitment 2016
Jul 02, 2016, 01:06 AM
with have high qualification to get police post
with have many facility to get posting
its amazing vfx with making movies
in i with have best vfx effects
the bmw x1 is amazing model with extra feature
it has much awaited model in bmw
these design are very attractive design for apple car
it called as imovie
this is more useful for avoiding accidents
its model are amazing
these trucks are amazing in future
it should be great un future
this is really a high prize
this should be encourage the student like this
this is really great he is our former president
and also he is scientist
yes really it has more updates and have million of document search in it
it has well type and have more updated software
Google / Re: Everything we get through Google
Jul 01, 2015, 12:52 AM
yes it correct we get any from google it can get with typing with hints only we get that word what we want
google is amazing to use in web browser
it has good clarity pictures and can be downloaded easily with this technical pictures
this information not helpful
can give more information
yes absolutely the google has many features with using web browser and have software are well technology with amazing to use in windows
it would not play any editorial role it would not censor network but would act any complaint
the google does not sensor
i dont think how it sensor the editorial role the information has given detail about
google digital book future the company best equipped and most motivated to digitize the worlds books
the google book Search project is certainly among the companys top projects it scanning, indexing, and displaying online millions of books the google digital book is amazing experience
the new version of Google Search Appliance the software architecture design for indexing capacity to billions of document
the new alliance can index up to 30 billion documents the google minimum capacity of 15 billion documents
it has applications, document management tools, databases, Web servers and files the updated version software the company uses search engine
this is bad
can give information
Google / Re: What’s new in Google Chrome
Jun 30, 2015, 10:32 PM
the google have released new version of chrome web browser
it has change is to  remove thumbnails from the New Tab page another change in Google Chrome is Full Screen Mode that will let users hide the title bar and the rest of the browser
Chrome 2.0 boast of up to 30 per cent faster page loading
google is closing goal of producing renewable energy at a price cheaper than coal it can produce own renewable energy
that could have multiple megawatts plant they invest in advanced geothermal and wind they focus on solar thermal a type of solar energy with the sun energy is to heat up that produces steam to turn a turbine from solar power the sun ray directly in to electricity
google add new customer to voice service
it gives user phone number that will ring phones at work, home and mobile devices. Additionally, it includes a central voicemail box that is accessible online
the user can listen to voice mail message and sent sms easily through mobile phones and stored online
farsi is a spoken language in iran has available in google translaction service
Google is hoping to improve the country  access to information and communicate directly to the world
it can easily translate to email,webpage,tweet etc to message with translation
google have made to do with you simply have to click on the link button while reading a book and copy and paste the embed code into your own Web page
within get you get small preview panel that place search term in context and also a thumbnail view mode that shows all the pages in a public domain text with this advertising and getting social they earn easily by google
yes rearly in google webpage with some think hint type means we get full details
can give more information
the google and facebook launvhes the version of Persian
like youtube and twitter service google translate one more tool that Persian speakers can use to communicate directly to the world and it can increase the information from this persian
Google / Re: A Six-Pack of Gmail Hacks
Jun 30, 2015, 06:44 PM
the six pack of gmail hack with secure
Google applications to stay organized and productive Gmail has the standard Gmail star, enabling you to highlight certain emails in your mailbox
TwitterGadget allows you to see and manage your Twitter account right within Gmail
it hack to whole server that cannot possible with that should google with more application
fluent mobile launches with Vision to Bring the Speed, Reliability and Convenience of Desktop Web Browsing to Mobile Devices
it has first used in iphone and ipod toch application
it has difference mobile and desktop Web browsing by optimizing the search,
google is developing open source operating system
chrome OS will be available for computers based on the x86 architecture
chrome OS has separate from android that can different from using smartphone mobile device
google aims at commuter with google apps ad with marketing next level
Google Apps with a different ad for each day of the week and google apps have online have email service
the google plans pc operating system
this is great os it has release many os with this they have release android for smartphones and netbook but it has not sucess with netbook but in smartphone the android have success with this software
Chrome OS as its preferred operating system for netbooks Web browser but also a tool to let users interact with powerful Web programs like Gmail, Google Docs and online applications
why it cant update it bad
most of use in google it have available in google gear than has mainly possible to have
with firefox 3.5 should want update with that to have fast process
please update the information
Google / Re: Google spreads mozilla and ie8
Jun 30, 2015, 02:32 PM
this is great news
the mozilla and ie8 are amazing to use in google and it spread their features
imac is offering for education institution it has very stylish and have 17 inch with best price
it has cover all the people imac by apple
in this it has white polycarbonate enclourse to aluminum and black polycarbonate
in this new aluminum it has 20 and 24 inch screen and has stylish look
the home backup and media sever are used with 1tb or 2 tb green drive
the home network-connected PC and Mac desktop and notebook client hard drives it carries out a full backup of data on those drives the user have browser access to the device's content through the Mionet remote access service. 
Android operating system in some of its netbooks, displacing Microsoft's Windows
hp is currently testing android for free open source operating system for possible netbook
mostly major all part of smartphone are used only with android
in terabit etherner it has high speeds many of us are still trying to get our brains around 100 Gigabit Ethernet
it is first commercial use of the high-speed Ethernet
now it working on 40 gb and 100 gb
in this WiMax network in Silicon Valley for software developers to try out new applications on the fourth-generation mobile broadband technology.
the Application developers will have free access to the network
Clearwire found an average downstream data rate of 6.5Mbit/sec.
it can also use in 2g,3g and 4g
dell faces server competition
it would start selling computer servers powerful computers that run networks the dell ranks second in server market
the dell have type more has in server
the transcend release have hard drive it amazing
this in pendrive the transcend has best in sale but now enter hard drive with 192gb it has high speed solid state drive and it has sata2 intwrface
in this hardware it has three component embedded service processor, for data-plane traffic, a route processor,for control-plane functions and one or more line cards.
in this module all feature has 40-core Quantum Flow Processor
The SPA modules in turn fit into SPA interface processor  line cards.
this graphics card are amazing
the new card are powered by second generation it has Architecture with 240 stream processors
The cards use 896MB of GDDR3 memory technology and a 448-bit memory interface.
this cards also come with a full version of GRID- a racing game that features realistic graphics and physics
it has very faster and have game clarity graphics card
the xerox are sign with info drive
it has Chennai-based Info-Drive Software and Xerox
it also providing world class xerox copiers, scanners and other office automation products, Info-Drive will provide imaging services, workflow applications, system integration, document & content management solutions.
in this array based on x86 for clousd storage
The new V-Max array, with its Symmetrix Virtual Matrix Architecture it use of industry-standard processors and VMware's hypervisor enables the system to scale up to hundreds of thousands of terabytes of storage and tens of millions of I/O operations
in this array it an automated way to move data between Tier 1 and Tier 2
it has solid state drive with the release of a new 512GB drive from storage start-up Super Talent
MasterDrive RX range in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, three of which are based around multilevel cell,based on single-level cell are available in 128GB and 256GB capacities.
last year it release 256gb ssd has released espically for laptop
it cost is somewhat high 1500 dollar of 512gb ssd
intel sends sample Westmere pc chips to pc makers
Westmere is a smaller version of Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture, which is used in the Core i7 desktop and Xeon 5500 server chips.
to improve graphics performance while drawing less power than Core 2 processors.
this samsung ram is easy to use
it can less 30% of power usage
it has 40nm dram chip
it has use with the Intel GM45 series Express mobile chip sets.
the core duo is intel first dual core cpu
It's a whole new architecture for Microsoft, using two cores on a single die it has two chips in one package and has lower speed than other pentium
the core 2 duo chips are built using the same production process and fit in the same sockets as Core Duo it frontside speed are same but core 2 duo speed faster than other
The frontside bus communicates between the CPU and RAM
this information gives how to block the ads this is more useful
this is amazing i ahve 18 in monitor i am eargely waiting for dell monitor
its great idea with cheaper mirror are have used with solar power to save power
with this google we can able to call some friends with free calls
this is really a amazing idea with this
this is super it can check for absolutely free
now a days most of hospital are aim to gain only profit
this is super college it has best infrastructure
Chat Box / msg is not posting
Jun 22, 2015, 06:04 PM
i have problem in sending post what to do
so i am sending with my mobile
they have created milestone
the japan has created has many million pounds have used to research more
they have used with world collabration
this is really amazing with this
it has many feature with lenovo laptop it cost also some what ok
this help more people have cover with r-world
many job search have oppurnatity to get in r-world
i like this car it looks like smart
this is really amazing and show how they assemble nice inforamtion
this tips gives information to get this health care job
i have solve this program in college days it easy to get result
this is easy program to solve this easy with loop
we have to ready to face this atmosphere circulation
this climate change will affect us
Chat Box / Re: Healthy Foods to Eat
Jun 21, 2015, 03:11 AM
yes really many doctor are saying to eat fruit daily to have good circulation
now a days morre not following leave dayse office a
this is amazing formula
with the paper and salt we can make disposal battery it gives electricity
this is most advanced laser
this can scan accurate with earth atmosphere to measure
it has better to use with high powered laser
yes now a days they have many processor with advance
in core i7 they have so before processor like quad-core processor
this is nice
for daily purpose they are using robots what humans are doing cleaning the dust in road and garbage collection etc
they have most advanced infuture to create now itself
this is great idea
now a days most of the city of developing with solar power plan project with more power to consume
this is really nice information
thanks to share
this news is good information
it helps to develops ou country with this cost
this technique is really wonderful
this should be help in cars,aircraft,pcs and end other electronic devices
with this software we can easily do facial recognition
this is really amazing and advanced to use with picasa latest software
this is nice information
with our house or office we have this dust alert to warm of pollution
this device will help where more pollution has occur like factories,mines,etc.
this antivirus is amazing
this have most secure while using internet
this is really great idea
many countries have this plan roof with green plant
in our city now most of the houses have green plants to avoid global warming
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