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Title: Seeing the Workspace Files and Classes
Post by: sukishan on Aug 13, 2009, 06:22 PM
In an earlier section the File View of your workspace was mentioned. This is normally shown on the left of your screen. With File View you can scroll through a tree showing all of your source files, organized by project.

Clicking on the ClassView tab gives you the Class View. Even if your program does not use classes, this view can be helpful in that it shows you the names and parameter information for all of your functions. If there is a box with a + in front of your project, click on the + to expand things to show the classes inside of your project. Then click on the + in front of a class name to see a list of the functions in that class.

Double clicking on the class name will take you to the class declaration. Double clicking on a class function name will take you to the code for that function. The data fields for the class are also shown within Class View. Under the directory labeled Globals you will find the stand-alone functions (such as main) and global variables (if any) that are used by your project.

Another useful tool is the Wizard Bar, usually found a few items to the left of the ! button on the toolbar. It has a "magic wand" button for a default action and a downward triangle pulldown for displaying other possible class-related actions (such as go to function definition, add new class, etc.). The Wizard also uses the three windows on the rest of the line to the left of this. If you are using classes, try the pulldowns for these windows as they give a convenient way of working with classes.