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Title: Parasoft C++test
Post by: sukishan on Aug 13, 2009, 06:12 PM
A complete C/C++ developer's toolkit for code analysis, code review, automated unit and component testing, coverage analysis, and regression testing -- on the desktop under leading IDEs and in batch processes.

Parasoft C++test is an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices proven to improve software development team productivity and software quality. C++test enables coding policy enforcement, static analysis, comprehensive code review, and unit and component testing to provide teams a practical way to ensure that their C and C++ code works as expected.

C++test can be used both on the desktop under leading IDEs as well as in batch processes via command line interface for regression testing. C++test integrates with Parasoft's GRS reporting system, which provides interactive Web-based dashboards with drill-down capability, allowing teams to track project status and trends based on C++test results and other key process metrics.

For embedded and cross-platform development, C++test can be used in both host-based and target-based code analysis and test flows.