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Title: What makes a good QA or Test manager?
Post by: sukishan on Aug 13, 2009, 06:06 PM
A good QA, test, or QA/Test(combined) manager should:
be familiar with the software development process
be able to maintain enthusiasm of their team and promote a positive atmosphere, despite
what is a somewhat 'negative' process (e.g., looking for or preventing problems)
be able to promote teamwork to increase productivity
be able to promote cooperation between software, test, and QA engineers
have the diplomatic skills needed to promote improvements in QA processes
have the ability to withstand pressures and say 'no' to other managers when quality is insufficient or QA processes are not being adhered to
have people judgement skills for hiring and keeping skilled personnel
be able to communicate with technical and non-technical people, engineers, managers, and customers.
be able to run meetings and keep them focused