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Title: "Lemonade" a supplement to "lose weight" of those who love health.
Post by: jiraporn66 on Jul 06, 2020, 08:48 PM

Drinking lemonade The right amount May help make your internal organ systems increase the efficiency of metabolism as well. It may also make you feel less hungry. Feeling fuller more easily

According to the study of the researchers found that Nutrients in lemons Able to increase the activity of Mitochondria and Organelle, the cells that create energy Leading to stimulating heat for the metabolic system Until the result of good weight loss followed

There were 14 participants in the study, each of whom drank 16.9 oz. Or 0.5 liters of lemonade, which was quite satisfactory. Because researchers see the system of energy metabolism Which has a working rate of up to 30%

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