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Title: Agricultural Solar – Making The Most Out of Solar Energy
Post by: errohitbhardwaj on Dec 23, 2019, 05:59 PM
If you have already decided to hop on the agricultural solar power bandwagon, then you must know everything about ground mounted solar panels and how can it help you and your farm.

Mounting Systems for Farmers

Mounting systems are a crucial element of solar arrays which help secure solar panels to the ground. The reasonably huge open space in your farm for installing a larger solar setup can help you benefit from the clean energy and also enjoy significant long-term savings.
How Do They Work?

Agricultural solar panels anchor to the ground and hold a large number of stacked panels. Usually, they hold two, but sometimes they are three or four panels high.

Typically, two rails support each panel, whether oriented in portrait or landscape. The anchoring to the ground is the tough part of these installations, as there are different types of foundations.

If there is no debris in the soil, steel beams are driven into the ground and the racking system is attached to the beams. If ground conditions are not suitable for smoothly driven beams, helical piles or ground screws may be used. These take more time to install, as they have to power through boulders and other large debris.

Benefits of Agricultural Solar Panels

If you are opting for agricultural solar panels, you can always read through the benefits it will offer you.

Agricultural solar installation is very easy and no infrastructural changes are required to install them.
More and more farmers are realizing that crops which grow under lower drought stress require less water, and they are able to photosynthesize longer and grow more efficiently.
Agricultural solar panels allows crops to grow in nearly full shade. It cuts back about 75% of the direct sunlight hitting the plants and allows the diffuse light under the panels to help the plants to grow well.
Solar panels make the most of the available space and sunlight. They are very easy to maintain and are designed to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

So, if you want to make the most of the sun and the extra outdoor space you have, invest in agricultural solar.