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Title: ITA Discussion Forum Software upgraded to version 2.1 of Simple Machines Forum
Post by: Sudhakar on Nov 24, 2014, 02:59 PM
Respected team,

As you know very well that our discussion community forum is running on open source SMF software.

Long back we have upgraded the forum on 12 November 2010 - <<< Check the update note here >>> (

Past few months, we desperately wanted to update the forum to improve its performance.

And today was the time we have upgraded our forum software to the latest version available Smf 2.1 Beta 1.  :yes

With this upgrade, our forum will run faster and new facilities were Also added.

Apart form the software , our forum have a new dedicated server purchased by jan 2012 at , server provided by The Planet / Softlayer data center.

Switched ourselves from Pro Dedicated box to a Standard Dedicated Server 2 years back with Xeon 2.5 GHZ ( Quad Core ), 4 Gb ram, one 1 tb hdd Raid 1 with backup and much more to get the site loading in less than 5-6 seconds for our users.

current Status of IT Acumens Discussion forum  :educated

 1,82,115 Posts
133,299 Topics
38,858 Members

350+ Unique visits / day
1,000 Pageviews / day
1.5$ - 2$ Google Adsense revenue / day

 :agree Thanks for being with us and sharing cool informations around the forum.