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Posted by ap exam results
 - Mar 07, 2017, 04:39 PM

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Posted by dennan
 - May 29, 2016, 12:32 AM
love is beautiful but i didn't get till now
most of us love the person with attractive and cheating
i didn't think love is true or not most of love is not true 
Posted by Sana
 - May 28, 2016, 01:21 AM
Who we are...

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." -Nelson Mandel

I thought and 'am still thinking that language is something that is used to communicate our views, color means just plain color.But for some people it is their identity, something which they use to define them.

I really don't think that we are going to live this same life again, with the same people around?

Let's stop hating someone for not knowing your language, not belonging to your country or your state at the least your locality.Our language or country or state is not our identity.We are living beings.All of us have emotions, all of us have gone through something that really hurts us.There are some memories that we all hold which will make us laugh the moment we think of it and that one memory which we want to erase it (literally).

Life is beyond all these, the unknown.

All of us have different views, Agreed!!

If at all we can't respect our fellow humans for whatever they are and wherever they belong,there is no point in calling us humans. I still agree that every language has the best literature and its own forte, but still there is one common language that will bind us all together. The language of Love. Everyone of us know this language and it's never taught. It is everyone's asset. Everyone here means every living being on earth. Please don't forget that we (humans) are the only species who pay to live here (Earth).

To love someone is natural. Let's not confine our selves to one corner of this planet.We have so much to learn from every person whom we come across, every day.Every part of this planet hides it's beauty, try to explore it. Get to every nook and corner. Maybe the place we belong today may define us now, after some point of time it is our character that is going to define us. Let's be true to us ( tough part..😛 ) and to be true to others will be automated....😉


Posted by Sana
 - May 28, 2016, 01:13 AM
What a Wonderful World...!!!

Here I am back with some new thought...😉
What is it....??

Think think think...


Nope, not about it now....


Oops, nooooo...

What else will it be....

This language that most of us find soul comforting, makes us tap our feet, bounces on those wonderful memories... :-)


yeah..awesome its nature is..isn't it?

It has control over our thought flow, the way we think changes completely as we listen to music, at the same time silence has it's own magic, it will make us feel calm at times and we also know how silence can kill us. Weird like me.See I started this post with something I am somewhere now talking about silence and I am confused what to write next....Too many thoughts you see....


With so much confusion I started listening to my favorite songs....One among them being  Louis Armstrong's  "What A Wonderful World"

Just try starting your day with this song and let it combine with the nature's music, I can the promise that day will turn into the best ever day...Music is magical. It heals the soul from within, let us appreciate things that we have and how precious life is...😉

Music is in the air around us and everywhere, fall in love with music and life....!!!!

Posted by Sana
 - May 28, 2016, 01:08 AM
Embrace your Fears..!!

"The Cave you fear to enter holds the Treasure you Seek - Joseph Campbell"

All of us have our own fears. Some of them say "face it" , some say "conquer it" and some say "live with it".

It always has been an option that was left in front of us to face it, conquer it, live with it or embrace it. While all have their own perspective about others "FEARS", it isn't that easy to face it or to embrace it when it comes to our own fears.
Some of us fear heights, some fear losing a dear friend, some fear loneliness, some fear heights, some fear darkness.

"It is easily said than done!!", it is easy to listen to a pep talk and feel good about facing ours fears, but after an hour the same fear conquers us.

Face it! Conquer it!! Embrace it!!!

A great person once said,

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers the fear."

At some point we must thank our fears for it has taught us to be strong!!

We all once feared to stand on our own and the fear of falling taught us to walk.

Let's us conquer the unknown, the formless, the innermost fear
It is always us who has to face them.
Let's never let our fears determine what we are!!

A life of "oh wells" is rather better than a life of "what ifs"!!

Posted by Sana
 - May 28, 2016, 01:05 AM
Not Again, Please...!!

We had been to team lunch the other day from office. This is happens occasionally.

We ordered and were waiting for the food to arrive. We (rest of them, actually) were discussing about all the random stuffs, from food to technology, everything and anything on earth

My colleague and I were trying to solve a puzzle on rebus on his smart-phone. So we missed out on the topic about Tesla cars that was the current topic. As soon as I heard the name, I was curious to know what were they talking about since it was the week TESLA cars were making news as the booking reached "325,000" mark.

Here's how the conversation goes,
Me: "Hey! What was it that you guys were discussing, I think i missed out something interesting'
Col: "Nothing at all it about some car TESLA, we were discussing about" (his expression was like "You don't know about it,  why do even want to know")
Me: A  smile.

Another instance,


We all got mail like this, "We're screening Game Of Thrones S06E01 at Central Park!"

Central Park is the name of the conference rooms in our office.

Situation: My team-mate (TM1) & I are working on something. Manager(OM) asks a question, response of my team-mate (only 4 of were involved)
OM: "Hey is it real that they screening this?"
Me: Yes! I think.
OM: Totally ignoring me, asks the same question to my male colleague "Hey X! Is it real"
X: "Yes, I think so".
TM1: "Hey what is GOT ?(testing if I really know about it)"
Me: (mind voice: Seriously???) "It's a series".
TM2: "Do you follow that?"
Me: Nope! (he is getting ready for the next question already "then?"), I have read "a song of ice and fire".
TM2: What is that now?
Me: (mind-voice: "I choose not to answer that question") "Nothing!!":)

There are so many such incidents. I am not generalizing anything here, but this is how it is when we have people who keep
judging you for your gender.

Definition of a girl is not always "pink" and a guy is not "blue"!! Those are mere colours.  All have their own area of interest(s). Do not judge anyone because you know someone else of same gender, religion, country, state, place (whatever it maybe on earth) . Try to know a person before jumping into conclusion about them.


Posted by Sana
 - May 28, 2016, 01:04 AM
Premam - Love is in the air!!

To love and to be loved is the best thing in this world.
We fall in love with someone for what they are, it maybe how they look, how they talk, how they smile, how good they are  at heart or it's just their silence.

People who of you are in love, you already know how it feels. People who are scared to fall in love, take that one leap and you are in the paradise.I have heard people who have had heart-breaks say, "Love hurts". It is not love that hurts, it is our expectation that hurts us a lot. Aren't we supposed to love someone the way they are?

Why do we then ask the person to change? When we tell them to change, we are eventually losing the person whom we fell in love with. Personally how would we feel when someone tells us to change the way we look and that person will fall in love with us. Don't we feel outraged?

There are so many such situations in life where we get hurt, at times hurt others as well. Your lover might miss this wonderful candle-light dinner that you had planned for weeks or she/he might forget to wish you on you birthday. Happens...:)

We all know that no matter what, people we love or who love us are going to hurt us at some point of time. It's up-to us on which one to choose "the person or the pain". Love is beyond time, looks, money, everything...Love is the only thing that is true but elusive. How Ironic!!

Know the person whom you are in love with, stand by them all the time. They will tell you to get lost at times, but make sure you stay right next to them.
They don't mean it, you know!

Love is a beautiful feeling. Words always fail us when we talk about love, that is why we use gestures.

Kiss her on her forehead, hug him when he is upset, take long walks in silence, spend a little lot of time with your loved once.

Love never ever hurts. If it hurts, you know what to do.

Fall in love, everyday, every minute, every second of your life.

Posted by Sana
 - Mar 15, 2016, 05:42 PM
The best revenge of all: Happiness!!

Last week I felt so bored at work, that I ended up cleaning & organizing my mail. I felt really nice after doing that.  It looks neat with no more unwanted mails. If cleaning up a mail can bring in a nice feeling, imagine how better we would feel if we get rid off all the negativeness  from our life. It is not essential that we have to do or hold onto certain things just because someone hurt us. We always have options: either hold on to it & spoil our inner peace or let go of it & forgive the person who did that to us. Forgiving part helps us a lot than the person whom we forgive. We get relieved of all the pain and frustration, when we loop through the incident, that we go through.

All of us know this famous quote  "There is no better revenge than success."  Let's try altering this a bit "There is no better revenge than HAPPINESS", if it is difficult to forgive someone try being happy in front of the people. Happiness that is not artificial, happiness that is true. The happier we are the better and oriented we feel. No matter what in the end we will just get over the pain at some point and the person as well.

Life is beyond all of  the fight, the vengeance, the hatred, the envy. We are beyond all these. Maybe we lost our actual self in search of something we never wanted, things we were told that makes our life.

If we are told that we have one minute to think of the best thing that happened in our life and by the end of the sixtieth second we will be gone forever , we wouldn't think of the people whom we won against or whom we lost to. It will be a heart warming thing that ever happened. Let all the materialistic things take the back seat and let bliss ride our lives. :)

Let's us live happily and drive people crazy.



Posted by Sana
 - Mar 08, 2016, 06:43 PM
All that Matters...

All that matters is how we feel. Let's say " A group of friends, all have their own opinion, except for one". That one person is none other than us. They comment about the way we dress, they decide what we have to eat but when it comes to  our suggestion, "WE" are no one, "WE" don't even exist. That was just an example. It not only happens among friends, it happens everywhere at work, at home. At times we will be asked opinions which will not even be considered. I am not trying to create a bad opinion about people who knowingly or unknowingly ignore us.

It really doesn't matter if we are a Lion's tail or an ant's head, all that matters here is how we feel about ourself. If we think that we have to be heard, we can be a bit more louder and we should always feel free to walk away from that place where we are not treated right. Having said that, it doesn't really mean we are always the once who get ignored, at times we may do the same to others (can be unintentional). We tend to talk before we listen, which drowns the voice of the person who is talking. Most of us need someone to listen to whatever we have to say. Just listen.... It means a lot.

It is not necessary that the person who ignore and who is being ignored in a conversation are just friends or colleagues. It could be a dad who was busy working late hours, a daughter who slept holding her (first ever) painting which she wanted to show her dad. It could be a our little brother who aced in guitar lessons and we don't have the time to listen to him play. A dad at his late sixties figured something on his smartphone but doesn't have his kids around to show that off. A mom who never asked for anything and a daughter who never asked if she had any wish and it goes on.

Never take the people who love us for granted. We will miss them so badly. All we can hold on to at that point of time is the memories that we create when they are still with us. There are certain things that can't be undone. Let's not regret later for  missing the best times of our. Money can be earned but a dad's advice, a mom's love, the time we spend with our loved once are best  things money can never buy.

To love and to be loved is the very purpose life.


Posted by Sana
 - Feb 16, 2016, 11:22 PM
Happiness is by choice not by chance!!

Happiness, it’s something all of us are looking for.

All have their own ways of finding it, some find in music whereas some find in silence, some find in money, some find in helping others, some of them are still looking for it…..

Babies can laugh for the silliest of things. They don’t judge us or our actions.

Do you know that happiness drives some people crazy.Try laughing in front of people who envy you, it will drive them crazy. Keep the reason behind your laughter hidden.

Laughter helps us in so many ways. A heart felt laughter is equal to some many supplements that keeps our skin glowing.

Even a smile will do, smile at some random person, we may end up finding the best of friends.
Weirdest thing will be someone yelling at us and the response they get is a smile or laughter.
How do you think that person will react?
Confused of course…!!

Happiness is bliss..!! Happiness is by choice not by chance…!!
Keep smiling… Spread some smile always.

Posted by Sana
 - Feb 16, 2016, 11:20 PM
Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind..!!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Most of us will agree to the above quote. It somehow goes well with our choices.
Choices that we make in our life should make us happy. It is important that it should not hurt anyone around us, at the same time it should make us feel better.

Say we are making a choice of taking up our passion as our career. It is not important that the whole world should approve of it. End of the day it is us who will be sitting there doing things. If it does not make us happy, what's the point in doing that job?

People who love us will understand us without any explanation. Maybe not right away, but eventually someday they might.It will be a nightmare to consider everyone's opinion before making a choice. It is nice to make others happy with our decisions, but it doesn't mean that we should bury our dreams.

Making every decision to make someone happy is going to be tough. When will we ever live our life?

It's not that we should be self-centered, it's that we can at least consider including us in our own choices.

We should love ourselves for us to love others. Before including every other person's opinion why not consider our's first? We spend most of our time with us. At any point of time our choices should make us feel happy despite of the fact that we made up our mind considering only us or considering other's judgement.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr.Seuss

This holds good for every choice that we make and the life that we lead. Try including the self part as much as possible.A choice is wise only when it makes the person feel good, who makes it. Make happy choices. Stay happier!!

Posted by Sana
 - Dec 30, 2015, 06:23 PM
Empty Yet So Full....

People fear to step in here during the dark. It is the secret hiding place in broad daylight. Even when exposed no one will ever be questioned.

This is that one place people run to take all the calls except for business calls ;). Poor walls, they engross everything reflexively. They get kicked & punched when the guests lose their temper.

All the relationship talks happen here: advice, arguments, love yous, swear words :P. It holds all the secrets, smoke, known, unknown almost everything yet nothing. People who love solitude has the best lake view. That silent guy/girl who never speaks to you will be singing his/her favorite song here.

The unofficial smoking zone in a no-smoking premises. Passive smokers inhale a lot of smoke than the active smokers. People become friends here by sharing one when they run-out of cigarettes.

Every person who visits this place is treated fairly no matter what position he holds. This is a location in my work-place. The 5th floor. It is empty yet so full: filled with voices, thoughts, silence, frustrations, everything. Not all of us feel the same way though. It is not so safe to hang out for a long while  but is the place to hide all the secrets.

It is more or less like that safe place in our hearts, where we hold our secrets and memories. Only we have access to this place, we re-visit those memories some of which bring a wide upward curve, whereas others are straight away connected to our eyes, which gets filled with water not always for the sad memories. Though we are not sad, we feel the emptiness, which can never be defined nor expressed.

How I wish we have a chest of drawers where all of these memories can be saved & accessed only by us without getting into a chain reaction and we can just keep tripping on the best ones. :)


Posted by Sana
 - Jul 27, 2015, 04:24 PM
Love thy neighbor as thyself!!

These lines were part for my school days. Not that I was such a nice person, it was one of those chapters in our English text-book. It dealt with how people were treated in the 18th century, how badly humans treated humans.

There were slaves, there were masters. A Master is someone who would love his/her pets and treat them really well than his/her slaves.They never worried if it was an age old person, someone of his/her age or a child.

All they did is mistreat someone of their own kind just because they had money. The worst part was humans bought humans. They were all ill-treated in all possible ways.When we read that lesson, we would empathize for those humans who were called slaves.As kids we were told that there was no more slavery on earth, which turned out to be a BIG LIE!!

Slavery still exists. Don't people buy people who are less fortunate who have less money or no money.I still haven't found an answer for my question as in when did money become an integral part of human life.

I might be repetitive but I always believed and still believe that love is the only thing that could solve all the problems on earth. can love feed a hungry child?
Love of someone who is kind enough to share will certainly feed a hungry child. Easily said than done. Please try feeding someone who is hungry, who had been starving. The happiness that we get can never ever be explained in words.If you don't like don't do it the next time.Just once. Try giving instead of taking. Helping someone is something that helps nurture our soul.It is such a good feeling,we may end up doing that again.

Next time when someone asks for our help let's help them without judging them, not even for a second. Buy that toy car that kids sell for a living, even if you are not going to use it. It may cost us 10 bucks, but after a long time when we just look at that car we will certainly have a memory associated with it.Try talking to them.We never know, we may end up finding an inspiring story.Trust me it will be worthy enough.

We will never know it can mean the world to them. Love has the ability to change things around us. Let's Love thy neighbor,
we will start loving thy self, even if had not been.We have been always compared to someone for the way we look, we talk, we walk,etc, and they tell we inherited most f our characteristics from our family members.But when it comes to emotions like love & hatred, former is intact while latter is learnt. Let's not let the bad things influence us.

Someday we all will live in a world where love has taken over the power again. When I say this some people might call it just a day-dream, but I call it HOPE & BELIEF!!

Posted by Govt Jobs in India
 - Jul 06, 2015, 05:51 PM
Nice Information in the post

Govt Jobs in India
Posted by Sana
 - Jul 06, 2015, 05:24 PM
A Little Love.. 

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

That one moment when we lose all our faith we had, just because that one thing we planned did not work. How disappointing..:/

We end up thinking it is the end of life at times.Are we doing it right? Absolutely not. Don't we know that success has no shortcuts and failures are the not the end of the world? Though we know the fact, disappointment just shatters us. When all these happens just don't forget to count on your blessings that money can't buy.

Success is defined by us. Someone's success is always someone's failure. Landing a highly paid job is important, but it is not that important that we miss our dinner everyday with family. "Life is not about how many breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away".

Remembering every point that our boss said & adding it up in our presentation shows that we have a good memory, but what is the point when we forget our Mom's birthday.

We can easily escape this saying "Without money we can't live". AGREED!! Do we earn for a living or do we live to earn? Though we know the exact answer, still we are influenced by things. We have started loving things & using people, which has to be otherwise.

Success is not always landing that 6 digit salary, 3 bedroom flat. What's the point when the money is never used to help someone in need & an empty flat when we slog at work?

Let's start re-defining Success. Just imagine all of us being happy on earth, every one of us. Reason would never be money or properties. It will be things that money can never afford. Let's remind ourselves often.

A little love always helps us & others as well.

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