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Title: Ethernet Cables and Connectors
Post by: VelMurugan on Nov 04, 2008, 11:48 PM
Ethernet Cables and Connectors

What is AUI?

Ethernet is usually implemented a network interface card on a primary circuit board. Ethernet cabling standards indicates that how to utilize a transceiver to connect a cable to the physical network medium. The transceiver performs a lot of of the physical layer functions, as well as collusion discovery. Transceiver cable is connected end stations to a transceiver.

Ethernet provides for a verity of cabling options such as 10Base2, 10base5 and 10baseT. The 10base2 Ethernet connection is very rare nowadays because the 10base2 drivers are not so longer available while the 10base5 cable is referred as an AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) and the network attachment device is called a MAU (Media Attachment Unit), instead of a transceiver.

AUI Cable

The AUI connector is connecting with AUI to AUI cable. The AUI to AUI interface cable can be connected with the switch AUI port with the help of AUI and transceiver.

Gigabit Ethernet Physical Layer Implementation

The Gigabit Ethernet specification addresses three forms of transmission media: long-wave (LW) laser over single-mode and multimode fiber (to be known as1000Base LX), sort-wave (SW) laser over multimode fiber (to be known as 1000BaseSX), and the 1000BaseCX medium, which allows for transmission over balanced shielded 150 ohm copper cable. The IEEE 802.3ab committee is examining the use of UTP cable for Gigabit Ethernet transmission (1000BaseT); that standard is expected sometime in 1999. 1000BaseT draft specification would be used to enable Gigabit Ethernet to extend distances up to 100 meters for category 5 UTP cable which is widely used for cabling in buildings.

The Fibre Channel PMD specification currently allows for 1.062 gigabaud signalling in full duplex, Gigabit Ethernet will increase this signalling rate to 1.25 Gbps. The 8B/10B encoding allows a data transmission rate of 1000 Mbps.Existing type of connector for Fibre Channel and for Gigabit Ethernet is SC connector for both single and multimode fibre. The Gigabit Ethernet specification calls for media support for multimode fiber-optic cable, single-mode fiber-optic cable, and a special balanced shielded 150 0hm copper cable.