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Title: isCOBOL Application Platform Suite
Post by: sukishan on Aug 13, 2009, 06:15 PM
isCOBOL Application Platform Suite
- Improve time to market
- Reduce costs and enhance profitability 
- Simplify data access and deployment 
- Future-proof computing 

Supporting the latest ANSI and legacy dialects, the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (isCOBOL APS) enables comprehensive, cost-effective development, deployment, maintenance and modernization of COBOL applications.
At a Glance
In addition to a robust compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), debugging facility and numerous data access options, isCOBOL APS has a portable graphical user interface (GUI) and is able to execute on any device running the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - from mainframes to mobile phones.

By compiling COBOL code into Java, you retain and enhance valuable COBOL application and development assets while taking full advantage of the Java technology platform in deployment. Since all development and debugging tasks are performed in a familiar, flexible and user-friendly COBOL environment -- no retraining or rewriting code is required.