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Member GalleriesGalleries created by members0
IT Acumens & TeamWe share the photos and latest albums happening around IT Acumens & Team0
Kalyan & Velu Bday 2013Kalyan & VelMurugan, IT Acumens birthday snaps0
Bala Bday 2011Bala Ganesh, IT Acumens Lead Designers & Global Moderates birthday snaps0
Sudhakar BDay 2011On 09 March 2011, we have celebrate my birthday at Mamalla Resort in Chennai with our team.0
JOB AlbumDownload all files related to Our IT Acumen's Portal for Free.1305
Cars & BikesYour can view, and leave Opinions about Your Dream Cars and Bikes Here.1104
Hot NewsSharing / Download all files which is related to World News or Amazing Moment.943
My Kids Diary AlbumAlbum containing photos, Videos and files owned by MyKidsDiary.in0
Tech GadgetsCollections of Digital Devices and New Gadgets2891
Apple Iphone - Apple ipad - Apple MacApple Iphone3 to Apple iphone 11 pro max till Apple iphone SE64
ExtrasSharing some creative and interesting albums to share with all acumens....6023
Rare PicsYou could add some Rare Picture Collections on this category.820

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