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13+ White-Label OTT Platforms In 2024
VPlayed – All-in-One White label OTT Platform
Dacast – Professional Whitelabel VOD hosting platform
Vidyard -Powerful Whitelabel TV Streaming Service
Wowza – Best Whitelabel Business Streaming Opportunities
Brightcove – Full-scale Whitelabel Video Monetization Solution
Kaltura – Whitelabel video content management platform
JW Player – Whitelabel End-to-End Video Solution
Vimeo – Top White label Video Marketing Software Tools
IBM Video Streaming – Whitelabel Online Video Platform
Muvi – Whitelabel Live Video Streaming Service
Oxagile – Enterprise-grade video streaming solutions
Vidizmo – Branded video streaming across the globe
Brid TV – Video platform for online streaming business
Source :
ICICI Bank - Financial services company

ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai with registered office in Vadodara. Wikipedia
Stock price: ICICIBANK (NSE) ₹901.00 -15.10 (-1.65%)
26 Oct, 1:40 pm IST - Disclaimer
Customer service: 1800 1080
Headquarters: Mumbai
CEO: Sandeep Bakhshi (15 Oct 2018–)
Founded: 1994, Vadodara
Founder: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
Capital ratio: Tier 1 16.97% (2022)
Formerly: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (as a Government Organization)

Website :
State Bank of India - Financial services company

State Bank of India is an Indian multinational public sector bank and financial services statutory body headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Wikipedia
Customer service: 1800 1234
Stock price: SBIN (NSE) ₹547.30 -8.90 (-1.60%)
26 Oct, 1:41 pm IST - Disclaimer
Chairperson: Dinesh Kumar Khara
Branches: State Bank of India Bastar, Chhattisgarh Branch, MORE
Managing directors: Challa Setty (International Banking, Global Markets & Technology), MORE
Founded: 1 July 1955
Headquarters: Mumbai
Capital ratio: Tier 1 11.03% (2022)

Website :
Citibank - Banking company

Citibank, N. A. is the primary U.S. banking subsidiary of financial services multinational Citigroup. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, and later became First National City Bank of New York. Wikipedia
Customer service: 1860 210 2484
Parent organizations: Citigroup, Citicorp LLC
Founder: Samuel Osgood
Founded: 16 June 1812, New York, New York, United States
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Website :
HSBC - Financial services company

HSBC Holdings plc is a British universal bank and financial services group headquartered in London, England, with historical and business links to East Asia and a multinational footprint. It is the largest Europe-based bank by total assets, ahead of BNP Paribas, with US$2.953 trillion as of December 2021. Wikipedia
Stock price: HSBA (LON) 603.90 GBX -11.20 (-1.82%)
26 Oct, 8:49 am GMT+1 - Disclaimer
Customer service: 1860 266 2667
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Founder: Thomas Sutherland
Founded: 3 March 1865, Hong Kong
Number of employees: 219,199 (2022)

Website :
United Overseas Bank - Commercial banking company

United Overseas Bank Limited, often known as UOB, is a Singaporean multinational banking corporation headquartered in Raffles Place, Singapore, with branches mostly found in most Southeast Asia and East Asia countries. It is one of the three "big local banks" in the country, the other two being DBS Bank and OCBC Bank. Wikipedia
Customer service: 022 4247 2828
Stock price: U11 (SGX) SGD 27.17 -0.55 (-1.98%)
26 Oct, 3:21 pm GMT+8 - Disclaimer
Headquarters: Singapore
Founder: Wee Kheng Chiang
Founded: 6 August 1935
Number of employees: 24,853 (2016)
Rating: S&P: AA-

website :
HDFC Bank - Financial services company

HDFC Bank Limited is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai. It is India's largest private sector bank by assets and world's fourth largest bank by market capitalisation as of July 2023, following its takeover of parent company HDFC. Wikipedia
Stock price: HDFCBANK (NSE) ₹1,468.55 -27.95 (-1.87%)
26 Oct, 1:44 pm IST - Disclaimer
Customer service: 1800 202 6161
Founded: August 1994, Mumbai
Headquarters: Mumbai
Key people: Atanu Chakraborty; (Chairman); Sashidhar Jagdishan; (CEO)
Number of employees: 1,77,000 (1 July 2023)

Website :
Lloyds Banking Group - Financial services company

Lloyds Banking Group is a British financial institution formed through the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TSB in 2009. It is one of the UK's largest financial services organisations, with 30 million customers and 65,000 employees. Wikipedia
Stock price: LLOY (LON) 41.09 GBX -0.36 (-0.88%)
26 Oct, 9:05 am GMT+1 - Disclaimer
Headquarters: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Subsidiaries: Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, MORE
Total assets: 87,780 crores GBP (2022)
Parent organization: Lloyds Bank
Number of employees: 58,000 (2023)
Founded: 19 January 2009
Key people: Robin Budenberg (chairman), Charlie Nunn (chief executive)

Website :
Standard Chartered - Consumer banking corporation

Standard Chartered plc is a British multinational bank with operations in consumer, corporate and institutional banking, and treasury services. Despite being headquartered in the United Kingdom, it does not conduct retail banking in the UK, and around 90% of its profits come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Wikipedia
CEO: Bill Winters (10 Jun 2015–)
Parent organization: Standard Chartered Holdings Limited
Founders: Royal charter, Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Standard Bank
Founded: 1969, London, United Kingdom
Headquarters: London, England, UK
Number of employees: 85,000 (2023)
Traded as: LSE: STAN; SEHK: 2888; FTSE 100 component (STAN)

website :
Barclays - Bank

Barclays plc is a British multinational universal bank, headquartered in London, England. Barclays operates as two divisions, Barclays UK and Barclays International, supported by a service company, Barclays Execution Services. Wikipedia
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
CEO: C. S. Venkatakrishnan (1 Nov 2021–)
Founders: John Freame, Thomas Gould
Founded: 17 November 1690, City of London, United Kingdom
Divisions: Barclays UK; Barclays International
Number of employees: 81,000 (2023)
Traded as: LSE: BARC; NYSE: BCS; FTSE 100 Component

website :
NatWest Markets - Capital market company

NatWest Markets is the investment banking arm of NatWest Group based in the United Kingdom. The company was created from the then RBS Group's corporate and institutional banking division in 2016, as ... Wikipedia
CEO: Robert Begbie (Jun 2020–)
Subsidiaries: RBS Holdings N.V., RBS Sempra Commodities LLP, MORE
Headquarters: London, England, UK
Parent organization: NatWest Group
Founded: 2016

website :
NatWest Group - Private banking company

NatWest Group plc is a British banking and insurance holding company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group operates a wide variety of banking brands offering personal and business banking, private banking, investment banking, insurance and corporate finance. Wikipedia
Stock price: NWG (LON) 236.70 GBX -0.50 (-0.21%)
28 Sept, 5:14 pm GMT+1 - Disclaimer
Headquarters: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Subsidiaries: Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, NatWest Markets, MORE
Total assets: 72,005.3 crores GBP (2022)
Owner: UK Government Investments
Number of employees: 57,900 (2022)
Revenue: 1,315.6 crores GBP (2022)
Founded: 25 March 1968
On the basis of industry expert discussion and trusted media sources, we are giving the top 10 lithium battery manufacturers in India.

1. Loom Solar – Energy Storage
2. Reliance – EV
3. Mahindra – EV
4. Hyundai – EV
5. Ola – EV
6. Amara Raja (Amaron) – EV
7. Exide – EV
8. Panasonic – Telecom
9. LG – Telecom
10. Samsung – Telecom

Loom Solar – Energy Storage

By the way, Loom Solar has also expanded its product portfolio to include lithium batteries. This makes it the first lithium battery manufacturer to offer the 6Ah to 100Ah range to the consumer segment through retail channels and online marketplaces. Customers can take advantage of the same platform for home applications in this B2C project. Through continuous research and innovation, Loom Solar has worked on product integration and custom designs for the developing lithium battery segment.

Reliance – EV

Reliance New Energy Solar has acquired Faradion, a UK start-up that develops sodium-ion batteries. Indian giant invests in Faradion to accelerate the commercialization of electric vehicle batteries. The company claims sodium-ion technology is safer and cheaper. If successful, Reliance will benefit from both renewable energy storage and vehicles. Reliance is also building a huge integrated manufacturing facility in India.

 Mahindra – EV

Mahindra, another major automaker, is aggressively moving into electric vehicles. The company, along with Hyundai and Reliance, recently bid for its $2.4 billion battery program in India. Mahindra also launched the country's first lithium-ion battery-powered auto-rickshaw/Mahindra Treo, an e-rickshaw and cargo version. The company has also launched a wide range of electric vehicles.

Hyundai – EV

Hyundai, one of India's leading automakers, has turned electric with the launch of its premium electric vehicle, the Kona. The company has partnered with quantum computer company IonQ for battery development. The partnership focuses on improving the durability, capacity, and safety of lithium batteries for use in electric vehicles.

Ola – EV

Ola is one of ten Indian companies that have applied for the PLI battery manufacturing program. Ola was one of the first taxi collection services to transition to an EV fleet. In 2017, SoftBank through its company Ola announced plans to drive 1 million electric vehicles in India and announced the formation of a newly formed company, Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, to rent electric vehicles such as cars, buses, and two-wheelers. Partner drivers. Ola Electric Mobility is working to build the world's largest e-scooter factory.

Amara Raja (Amaron) – EV

Amaron is the power brand of the Amara Raja Group. He is a technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and automotive lead-acid batteries in the Indian battery industry. The major segment of batteries is moving from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries and e-mobility solutions. There are also plans to build a Gigafactory to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles.

Exide – EV

Exide Industries is India's leading battery company. Exide recently began producing lithium-ion cells and plans to join the PLI program of the National ACC Battery Program.

Panasonic – Telecom

Panasonic offers a wide range of lithium batteries used in small home appliances and emergency backup batteries. It has long-term reliability suitable for outdoor equipment and excellent characteristics over a wide temperature range. Panasonic batteries are thin and light for use in devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

LG – Telecom

The South Korean giant is the world's number one lithium-ion battery maker by capacity. The company is focused on manufacturing lithium batteries and has built large-scale production capacity around the world.

Samsung – Telecom

Batteries and power bank packs from Samsung SDI have the longest battery life cycles in the world. Maximizes user comfort and minimizes capacity loss. Quality and safety are the top priorities of Samsung SDI's manufacturing process.

The future needs a reliable battery and inverter to provide the required power. Therefore, choosing the right battery for your home is essential. At present, any consumer can buy lithium batteries online for energy storage with solar power. We have a wide range of lithium batteries for commercial, residential, and EV solutions. Lithium battery manufacturer Loom Solar offers a wide range of small to high capacity (75Wh to 5kWh) batteries for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants and more.

Source information and more details could be found at :
BookWater is an IoT-powered and quality-based water delivery platform. Its patent-pending technology lets you scan the QR code on a water can and discover its quality.

BookWater was launched in 2021 but started operations in July 2022. The world of connected water cans
"We are solving this serious problem with BookWater. Sensors installed in the station won't allow any water to be filled into the cans if there is any kind of contamination," he says.

"Local water cans are priced at around Rs 45 while brands sell their cans at around Rs 80 or Rs 85. We have priced the same capacity water cans at Rs 55 – making it accessible to everyone. Now who doesn't want good quality water, that too when they completely know what is going into their glass?" Sameer asks.

The founder did not disclose financials but says the company has reached break-even by selling almost 1,000 cans a day. By December, Sameer says the company will grow and increase this number to around 3,000 cans a day.

Get more information at
Last week i have applied for TRAI ( DLD registration ) for tele marketing. Actually to send messages.
At the same time received a call from someone asking me whether trai signup is completed or not.

So i did a google search and found quite interesting

This is the google search result for the above query

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering › r-aqar › Criteria-20-21
10-Aug-2020 — 9444064786 IT. 450. 170801051. Krithika. G. Female. 9962779017 IT. 451. 170801052. LAKSHA.
21 pages

The hyperlink took me to this page of SVCE chennai college with this pdf file openly.
To my surprise 576 students numbers with their email id is openly available in this pdf file.

Whom to blame ? The website designing company or The admin, or the College Management, Or the HoD, or Google ?
UN DESA Policy Brief No. 153 confirms on 24th April 2023 That India is now Number one populated country in the World

More Details here on United Nation website -

Almost of 800 crore population on the world / in earth, India's population as number 1 with 142 crore 86 lakh + people living compare to next country which was in number 1 from beginning till April 2023 with 142 crore 50 lakh + people living and moved to position 2.
India's biggest day is today 23rd August 2023

Get ready to witness today at 06:04 pm

Chandrayaan 3 LIVE Telecast News Updates: Chandrayaan-3 is set to land on the moon today at around 6.04 pm.
cps thanesh bharathidasan world records of excellence to solve sudoku

Wishes from My Kids Diary to the little champion

Tesla India Motor & Energy Private Ltd has taken office space on lease for five years at Panchshil Business Park, Pune for 11.65 lakhs monthly rental

"We are just trying to figure out the right timing ... I am confident that Tesla will be in India and will do so as soon as humanly possible," reports quoted Musk as saying.

Tesla's India arm was registered in Bengaluru in early 2021. In 2019, Musk had started expressing interest in setting up operations in India but the progress has been slow.

There were reports of the company setting up its first office in India in Mumbai's Lower Parel area as well as opening a retail showroom in the city, but nothing has come of that so far.

Source :
Meet IITian whose advice ensured Rs 1700 crore salary for her IITian husband, full details

Anjali Pichai, the wife of Google CEO Sundar Puchai, is a well-known face. The duo met in college at IIT Kharagpur and later got married. Anjali is considered Sundar's lucky charm. There was a time when Sundar was thinking of leaving Google. He was reportedly offered the post of CEO by Microsoft. He was also contacted by Twitter and Yahoo for better offers.

However, Anjali reportedly advised him against it. He then decided to stay with Google. In 2015, he became the CEO of the tech giant. Years later, Alphabet Inc, Google's parent company, paid him a whopping USD 226 million (nearly Rs 1700 crore) in compensation, including USD 218 million in stock awards.

Who is Anjali Pichai?

Anjali works as the Business Operation Manager at Intuit, a software company in the US

more details :
'How bad is the job market?': Bengaluru CEO shocked to see 3,000 resumes in 48 hours

A Bengaluru-based CEO recently revealed that he received more than 3,000 resumes in 48 hours for "permanently remote" job postings on his company website.

Is it a paid promotion for a company or a real article. Check on their website -;
Mukesh Ambani's firm earns Rs 69,990 crore in just 5 days ahead of Rs 1,50,000 crore move

The market capitalization of Reliance Industries reached Rs 18,53,033.73 crore last week.

more details :

9,723,259 views  Streamed live 10 hours ago  #WWDC23 #AppleEvent #AppleVisionPro
 Watch the WWDC23 Apple Keynote announcing the latest Apple Vision Pro, MacBook Air 15", software, services, and operating systems.

03:09 Mac
16:49 iOS
34:34 iPadOS
43:14 macOS
57:02 Audio & Home
01:04:50 watchOS
01:20:48 Apple Vision Pro

For more on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, click here:
Shape Of You Carnatic Lyrics |
Watch the special Apple Event.
March 8, 2022, at 10 a.m. PST.
Set a reminder and we'll send you an update before the show.

22 lakh apple lovers watched march 8th 2022 apple event on YouTube within 1 hour
How do I automatically delete emails from the server?

Home How do I automatically delete emails from the server?
Why would you delete emails from the server?

The main problem with leaving emails on the mail server is that your daily emails take up necessary storage space required by your website or databases.

To insure that your emails don't consume all of your server storage space, your best option is too have your email client delete the emails that you have already downloaded to your computer automatically.

By following the steps listed below there will be no need for you to clear up old emails from your server any longer.

Below is a list of the steps to follow for the three major versions of outlook.

Outlook Express
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Apple Mail
Mozilla Firebird 4.0 and up
Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express.
From the Tools menu select Accounts, which will open the accounts window.
Select the Mail tab.
Click on your email account, then click the Properties button on the right.
Select the Advanced tab.
Under the Delivery section: Clear the check box Leave a copy of messages on the server.
Click OK
Outlook 2003

Open Outlook.
From the Tools menu select Email Accounts, which will open the accounts window.
Select change existing email accounts and click Next.
Click on your email account, then click the Properties button on the right.
Select the More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under the Delivery section: Clear the check box Leave a copy of messages on the server.
Click OK
Outlook 2007

Open Outlook.
From the Tools menu select Email Accounts, which will open the accounts window.
Select change existing email accounts and click Next.
Click on your email account, then click the Properties button on the right.
Select the More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under the Delivery section: Clear the check box Leave a copy of messages on the server.
Click OK
Outlook 2010/13

Open Outlook
Click on "File"
Click on "Account Settings"
Click on "Account Settings" that appear on the dropdown
Click on "More Settings"
A new window will pop up where you must click on the "Advanced" tab
Apple Mail

After opening the Apple Mail program, click on "Mail" from the menu at the top.
Click on "Preferences".
Click on "Accounts".
If you have more than one mail account, select the one you want to work with.
Click "Advanced".
Make sure the box next to "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message" is checked.
You can also remove messages currently saved on the server by clicking the "Remove now" button.
Click "Save" after you closed the Preference pane.
Mozilla Thunderbird 4.0 and above

In Mozilla Thunderbird, choose "Tools" and then "Account Settings".
Click "Server Settings" listed below the account you want to edit.
Select the "Leave messages on server" option.
Select the "For at most" option.
Enter 7 (or lower) in the box.
Click OK.
During Covid online classes, class 11 student from Zion matriculation higher secondary school , renganathan had shown interested in hacking courses via online media like udemy etc. Now started bug findings on khan academy website, indeed website, United Nations website and been recognize do we months. Find more details covered by an YouTube channel.

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1
Answering the top 10 questions YouTubers get by Marques Brownlee

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1

Mkbhd says, recent study he saw which says Top job in 2021 is not Astronaut, pro athlete, actor, policeman but it's YouTubers is first interested job everyone is interested, followed by teachers, pro athletes, astronaut, police man, actor etc

Same time YouTubers need to have good time, luck, hard work, skill, patience and consistency to win in video business earning in YouTube
Recent campus drive for iit final years , cheers student to achieve offer with Uber inc for 2 crore annual package

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1

#Uber #FarmerSon #Work

அடிச்சான்பாரு அப்பாயின்ட்மென்ட் ஆர்டர்..! ஆண்டு சம்பளம் 2 கோடி.. சாதித்து காட்டிய ஏழை விவசாயி மகன்!

Source : polimer news channel tamil
Apple event 18th october 2021 introduced max book pro m1 pro and m1 max pro chip , AirPods upgrade, home pod mini upgrade

Dear Acumen's,

Infosys Offshore ( inside our India ) Jobs for Java Developers & Testers - dated 12 October 2021

Experience - 3+ to 15 years

Job Description 1)
JavaScript, angular js, cypress,, protractor. Browserstack experience.

Job Description  2)
Another JD - rest api automation, selenium with java. Need both only selenium or only rest api will not work

Please send your resumes to
Subject line - Applying to Infosys Offshore Jobs

Short listed cv will be forwarded to project managers only working for Infosys

Thanks & Regards,
Sudhakar Arjunan
So Facebook, Amazon web services, t-Mobil, Twitter, Bank of America, whatsapp, and more communications down? Is this when the aliens invade?

2021-10-04 16:53:51
Today apple event live on
1.20 crore views in last 5 hours in YouTube

Apple's today launch  14 September 2021

iPhone 13
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13 pro
iPhone 13 pro max
iPad 9
iPad mini
Apple Watch 7

Apple Event — September 14

Apple1,25,41,198 viewsStreamed live 5 hours ago
Watch the special Apple Event to learn about the new iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini, iPad, and more.

To watch the event interpreted in American Sign Language (ASL), please click here:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:09 iPad 
00:11:45 iPad mini
00:21:19 Apple Watch
00:30:38 Apple Fitness+
00:37:41 iPhone 13
00:57:07 iPhone 13 Pro
Kids from India, made nasa to watch
One of a very sad story today one of my close friend father just died whom I saw and admired during my school days is no more with Us today in due of sick for the last few years. today is no more with us and I am very sorry that I am unable to go and meet him today and give him my respect percent off so what we have to learn out of this during Covid be safe with whatever you I have let us all make money and everything in the future days to come in now Love save all God bless bye
Acer Chromebase for Meetings First Look | Acer

5,036 views • Mar 18, 2020 • Discover the brand new Acer Chromebase for Meetings. After an easy to follow guided setup, you'll enjoy a future of stress-free online meetings.
Can The Fastest Human Calculator From India Break The World Record?

Asian Boss - 3.14M subscribers
Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash from India is the current title holder of being the world's fastest human calculator in mental addition. We challenged him to break his own record. Can he do it? Watch til the end to find out.
Dear team,

Find a young boy, should be less than 6 years old I hope . Had spelled longest word in English with 45 characters

And also he said from million to billion to trillion. Tooooooooo googol ( 100 zeros )
Apple worldwide developer conference 2021 07th June 2021

[smg id=16079]
Google / Google I/O May 2021
May 25, 2021, 04:58 PM
Google I/O - May 2021 highlights in 9 minutes by google
Apple event live updates April 2021

IPhone 12 updates
Air tag to find your valuable items ( avoid theft ) for 29$
Apple TV 4K with new remote for 179$ / 32gb and 199$ / 64gb
iMac 24.5 inch with 4 different colors for 1299$
iMac 24.5 inch xdr display with 7 different colors for 1499$
iPad Pro 11 inch up to 2 tb storage with m1 chip for 799$
iPad Pro 12.9 inch up to 2 tb storage with m1 chip and xdr display for 1099$

[smg id=16074]
[smg id=16075]
[smg id=16076]
[smg id=16077]
[smg id=16078]
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 - June 07 2021

[smg id=16073]

Glow and behold.
Apple WWDC21, June 7–11
Coming to a screen near you. Join the worldwide developer community for an all-online
program with announcements, sessions, and labs, where you'll get a first look
at Apple's latest platforms and technologies.
Learn about this year's Swift Student Challenge, and stay tuned
for more announcements to come.
Learn more
Copyright © 2021 Apple Distribution International Ltd., Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Ireland
All Rights Reserved   |   Privacy Policy
If you prefer not to receive email from Apple Developer, please click here.

- Received email today -

apple wwdc ticket price - 1,600 United States Dollar equals - 1,17,391.60 Indian Rupee

First things first, WWDC is Apple's World-Wide Developer Conference held every year in June. There, Apple announces recent software (and hardware) updates to some of its products including MacBooks, iPhones, and iMacs. If you want to attend WWDC these are the associated costs: Event ticket price: $1600.21-Aug-2020
Few Adorable Valentine's Day Wishes For Your Daughter and for your son
Portrait of Vince, 0 to 18 years - "coming of age" time-lapse


Hofmeester - 125K subscribers

SUBSCRIBE - Premiered Nov 22, 2020
From 0 to 18 years in 3:45​ min! Vince Hofmeester from the Netherlands (Utrecht) becomes 18 years old in this film! Subscribe!  We welcome comments in the Community tab!

Dutch artist & filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has filmed his son's portrait every week from the day he was born for 18 years now. Every week the images are shot in the same style. With this footage he creates time-lapses which show the aging of his children within minutes.
We welcome comments in the Community tab! See channel.

Beeldend Kunstenaar Frans Hofmeester (Utrecht) filmt en fotografeert sinds hun geboorte de portretten van zijn kinderen Lotte & Vince. Elke week en altijd op dezelfde wijze met dezelfde achtergrond. Op basis van dit beeldmateriaal monteert hij sinds 2012 time-lapses die in enkele minuten het ouder worden van zijn kinderen laten zien. Niet eerder maakte iemand een soortgelijke film.

He wanted to capture the changes because they were happening so fast so he started filming here every week. He made an incredible "coming of age" time-lapse. You are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life - aging, the process of becoming older and growing up - accelerated into 5 minutes.

Memory To better understand the psychological phenomena of memory and time, Hofmeester sought for a concept that could be supported through the mediums of film and photography. The time-lapses confront us with our mortality. In a montage of 4 minutes, the viewer can observe one of the most mysterious and profound processes in human life - to grow up and age. Hofmeester attempts to create and preserve a sense of reality. Thus, the portraits are created without the use of extra make-up or filters - bare, honest, unpolished and uncensored.

So many emotions in just 4 minutes dictates the whole story of a teenager.

Niets is zo fascinerend als het proces van opgroeien en ouder worden van de mens. Tegelijkertijd is het mysterieus en ongrijpbaar. Dát heeft Hofmeester letterlijk zichtbaar gemaakt. Eerdere films zijn ook in veel landen op tv te zien geweest. Frans Hofmeester heeft 23 November 2020 op Vince z'n verjaardag, het volgende hoofdstuk gepubliceerd:
Vince van baby tot 18 jaar.

El cineasta Holandés Frans Hofmeeste, se dio a la tarea de filmar para tu hijo Vince durante su crecimiento en el transcurso de 18 años. El resultado fue este. Pai filma transformação para tu hijo dos 0 aos 18 anos. Dos 0 aos 18 anos em 4 minutos.

"To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, etc. Please email Frans Hofmeester: #art​ #portrait​ #timelapse​
HR of an Reputed company gave an advice to co workers - 04 Feb 2021

[smg id=16072]
Extreme Camping in Mountain - 04 Feb 2021

[smg id=16071]
Extending the Life of Chromebooks for Schools—ITsavvy Solution Proves Critical for Remote Learning

Smart PR Communications
January 29, 2021, 13:00 GMT

ITsavvy was able to extend the life of the entire Chromebooks inventory during a critical time for one major metropolitan school district.
ADDISON, ILL., U.S., January 29, 2021 / -- ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing complete technology solution providers in the U.S., was able to extend the life of the entire Chromebooks inventory during a critical time for one major metropolitan school district.
With 11 schools and about 3,500 students, the client is the 10th largest school district in one of the largest U.S. cities. The district had always relied heavily on its inventory of 4,000 HP and Lenovo Chromebooks—but never more so than when the COVID pandemic struck. Nearly overnight, it became imperative that students have access to all of those Chromebooks for remote learning.

Full Article / More Information :
Cisco Systems, Inc Owned Domain expired on 30 Jan 2021 used for premier service for reporting spam or SpamCop determines the origin of unwanted email and reports it to the relevant Internet service providers. By reporting spam, you have a positive impact on the problem. Reporting unsolicited email also helps feed spam filtering systems, including, but not limited to, SpamCop's own service. is booked in 1999 and the domain is maintained at which was not assumed to be renewed on 30 Jan 2021 by the tech space gaint who runs the internet Cisco Systems, Inc uses complaint online forums like one - Had to temporarily remove spamcop RBL checks in order to keep mail moving

Yesterday we had one update from one member says 03 Feb 2021 - Now SPAMCOP.NET Domain Name Registry Expiry Date: 30/01/2022. I hope we will not encounter the same problem next year.

More Information :

Internet outages in northeast U.S. today - 26 Jan 2021

The Associated Press reported that Internet users in the northeast part of the United States experienced widespread outages today, disrupting services offered by Google, Amazon, Zoom, Slack and more.

Source :
How To Protect Server From DDOS Attacks - 04 Feb 2021

Any one can tell me best way to protect a server from DDOS Attacks ? Any Software or Firewall or Configuration from my side I can do to protect my dedicated server from DDOS Attacks ?

More Info -
Gmail down as on 05:30 pm 14 December 2020

Confirmed in google status page website

Becoming a prodigal piano maestro: a musical journey | Lydian Nadhaswaram | TEDxBITSHyderabad

TEDx Talks - 27.6M subscribers
Published on Sep 8, 2020

In 2007, when a 2-year-old boy from Chennai played a perfect drumbeat on his bedroom floor, it became obvious that young Lydian Nadhaswaram was destined for greatness. It began with him accompanying his father and sister on stage for gigs and watching his sister practice the piano at home. It was then that Lydian developed a fascination with the instrument. He would practice alongside his sister, playing Beethoven and Chopin without any sheet music, relying upon on-ear and intuition only.

This now 14-year old has skill unlike any other and is proficient in a variety of instruments, amongst which piano, drums, sitar, and bass guitar are notable. With just 6 years of practice, Lydian's fingers fly over piano keys effortlessly, playing classical melodies at breathtaking speeds.

He has since participated in a variety of national-level competitions, before participating in, and subsequently winning CBS's World's Best in 2019, playing two pianos simultaneously for his winning finale.  He is now a student at KM Music Conservatory, an institution by the A.R Rahman Foundation, and receives international level training in both Western as well as Indian classical.

With appearances on popular American television shows such as Ellen and Good Morning America, paired with unparalleled determination, persistence, and a hunger for learning this young prodigy is well on his way to success. In 2007, when a 2-year-old boy from Chennai played a perfect drum beat on his bedroom floor, it became obvious that young Lydian Nadhaswaram was destined for greatness. It began with him accompanying his father and sister on stage for gigs and watching his sister practice the piano at home. It was then that Lydian developed a fascination with the instrument. He would practice alongside his sister, playing Beethoven and Chopin without any sheet music, relying on-ear and intuition only. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
2021 Mercedes S-Class - Automated Valet Parking (WORLD'S FIRST)

Published on Oct 13, 2020
Stuttgart airport set to welcome fully automated and driverless parking

Apcoa, Bosch, and Mercedes-Benz are working to provide the world's first commercial automated valet parking (AVP) service

    In the future, a command from a smartphone will tell cars where to park in Stuttgart Airport's P6 parking garage.
    The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is equipped with the technology to enable driverless, fully automated parking (SAE Level 41).
    For AVP, Bosch is using camera-based infrastructure for the first time to detect lanes and obstacles.
    The parking garage operator Apcoa is testing barrier and payment functions as the basis for automated valet parking, enabled by its APCOA FLOW digital mobility platform.

Automated parking to drive down the airport stress: Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and the parking garage operator Apcoa want to introduce driverless and fully automated parking at Stuttgart airport in the future. To this end, the automated valet parking (AVP) system co-developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is to be made ready for commercial operation. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already geared up to accommodate it as the world's first production vehicle to feature the technology required for future infrastructure-based AVP. As an option, customers can buy the appropriate pre-installation for what the company calls the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, which makes the S-Class capable of receiving a smartphone command to drive itself to a reserved parking space. "With the new S-Class, it's not just driving that's a luxury, but parking as well," says Dr. Michael Hafner, head of automated driving at Mercedes-Benz AG. The P6 parking garage at Stuttgart airport will serve as the pilot for the planned commercial automated parking service. Here, the companies will test how the vehicle technology onboard the S-Class interacts with the intelligent Bosch infrastructure and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform provided by the parking garage operator Apcoa. This platform makes the whole parking process ticketless and cashless. "Apcoa, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Stuttgart airport want to work together to make parking fully automatic," says Christoph Hartung, member of the executive management of Connected Mobility Solutions at Bosch. In the airport parking garage, preparations are currently underway to begin piloting the planned automated valet parking service. The aim of this trial with new S-Class vehicles at Stuttgart airport is to ensure that interactions between the vehicle, infrastructure technology, and parking garage operator run smoothly and are optimized for the customer.

World's first Level 4 park function in a production vehicle

In July 2019, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz received the world's first special permit to operate AVP for selected E-Class vehicles without a safety driver in real-life, mixed parking garage traffic at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Equipped with the appropriate pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is now the first production vehicle to feature AVP technology, which enables it to park without a driver. However, this is conditional on the future availability of parking garages with the appropriate infrastructure, as well as on national legislators giving AVP the green light. This makes the Mercedes-Benz S-Class the world's first vehicle to feature a pre-installation for an SAE Level 4 automated driving function, the second-highest level of automation. "With automated valet parking, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating that driverless parking will soon be possible," Hafner says.

To facilitate this new one-touch parking function, a spacious drop-off and pick-up area will be set up directly behind the entrance to the P6 parking garage, giving AVP users a convenient place to leave their vehicles. As they comfortably make their way to the terminal and check in, their S-Class will park itself in the basement, guided by information from the infrastructure technology. In other words, users no longer need to worry about maneuvering or having to squeeze out of their cars when the space they have finally found proves to be too narrow. "Automated valet parking really enhances our passengers' comfort and convenience and saves them time, especially when they're in a hurry and just want to drop their car off quickly at the airport", says Walter Schoefer, management spokesman for Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH. For the test phase that is about to start, P6 will initially have two spaces available for self-parking vehicles. More spaces will be added when driverless parking becomes standard as planned in the future and as demand increases.
Read more

Apple Event October 2020 - 13 October 2020 - 10:30 pm

Apple  event is live -

HomePod mini is launched.

YouTube link -

Apple Event — October 13 - 1,729,763 watching now•Started streaming 9 minutes ago

Apple - 12.6M subscribers - SUBSCRIBED

Join us for a special Apple Event on October 13 at 10am PDT. Set a reminder and we'll send an update before the show.

1 of 70 - BEST FAMILY BOARD GAME - Gnomes at Night -

In the Good Housekeeping Institute's test, kids couldn't get enough of this search-and-find maze game. Think of it as an at-home escape room, where they won't get out unless every member of the team works together. Ages 6+

Source :
Keyword - kids birthday gifts
The Apple Store online. Now open for India.

[smg id=16070]

The Apple Store online is open. Here are just some of the great advantages exclusive to shopping directly with us.


Shopping Assistance
Shop with Apple Specialists.
Chat with a Specialist (opens in new window)

Free, Safer Delivery
No-contact delivery. For free.
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Apple Trade In
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Configure to Order
Make your new Mac. Your way.
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Personal Sessions
Get more from your device with a free session.
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Apple Support
Support is on call. Or chat.
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Explore products
Human calculator: சாதனை படைத்த 20 வயது Indian இளைஞர் | Bhanu Prakash

BBC News Tamil
888K subscribers

உலகின் அதிவேகமான மனித கால்குலேட்டர் என்ற பெருமையை இந்தியாவின் பானு பிரகாஷ் என்ற 20 வயது இளைஞர் பெற்றுள்ளார்.

#HumanCalculator #Maths #ShakuntalaDevi

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Request for extension of conducting AGM - MCA / ROA

[smg id=16069 type=av]

Dear Sir,

SUB: Request for extension of conducting AGM

The MCA has vide General Circular, has allowed the companies to conduct AGM through Video Conferencing or other Audio Visual means during the calendar year 2020.

If Stakeholders and Directors faces any difficulty in conducting Annual General Meeting normally or through Video Conferencing or other Audio Visual means due to issues related to COVID-19 norms and other restrictions they may apply for extension of conducting AGM to Registrar of Companies.

Application for extension of AGM Should be made preferably on or before 10th September 2020 to ROC through GNL-1 form.

Copy of the MCA circular is attached herewith for your reference.

Thanks &Regards
T.Murugan & Co

Gmail down as on 11:00 am 20 August 2020

Confirmed in google status page website
Independence Day Wishes | Patriotic Moments | My Kids Diary

My Kids Diary
162 subscribers

#independenceday #mykidsdiary

74th Independence Day

Let us pay our homage to all the sung and unsung heroes who made it possible.

Take pride in seeing the Tricolour fluttering high in the sky and be proud to be an INDIAN !!!

Owning a website on your kids name is the perfect way to cherish every moment.

Register your Kids name at
#mykidsdiary #kidswebsite #independenceday
How to post YouTube links in community forum

Step 1 :

[smg id=16066]

Step 2 :

[smg id=16067]

Step 3 :

[smg id=16068]

* Reply to this topic you If you have any doubts. So I can assist you further.
Watch NASA's Perseverance Rover count down Launch to Mars ! at 04:30 pm IST 30 July 2020

Curiosity to Perseverance with Ingenuity rocket is world class innovation by Nasa

Was there once life on Mars? Our Perseverance rover aims to find out! On Thursday, July 30, watch our new robotic astrobiologist launch on a seven-month journey to the Red Planet. Launching on board will be the most sophisticated set of tools ever sent to Mars, with the hope Perseverance will uncover the planet's secrets.

Tune in to our live launch broadcast starting at 7 a.m. EDT. Teams are targeting 7:50 a.m. EDT for liftoff of Perseverance atop United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Don't forget to set a reminder to join us in the #CountdownToMars – you won't want to miss this historic mission take flight!

[smg id=16065]

Learn more about the mission:

Published on Mar 4, 2020
Frederik Imbo studied theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has acted in lots of television series. He founded Imboorling and now has over 15 years' experience in stimulating and supporting people. With the aim of improving their communication skills Frederik gives presentations, workshops, training courses and personal coaching sessions to anyone prepared to make their two ears available. Frederik Imbo studied theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has acted in lots of television series.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
30 Products New Parents Will Love | The Ultimate List on-site living

Published by Insider on Jan 8, 2019
From a hands-free bottle feeder to a Keurig for baby formula, we compiled the best products that new parents will absolutely love.


#Parents #Products #INSIDER

INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That's everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It's smart. It's fearless. It's fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire.
30 Products New Parents Will Love | The Ultimate List
The Homeless Man Who Created Domino's 9 billion dollar empire with His Last $15

Published by Hook YouTube channel on Jul 3, 2020
The Domino's we know and love today has become a billion-dollar empire. But before it joined the ranks of McDonald's and KFC, it was an unwanted pizza store. That changed when the founder went from being homeless to the genius behind delivering for free.
Mars 2020 Mission, Perseverance Rover Launch

Launch is planned for this summer, and the Mars 2020 team is working hard to get the Perseverance rover to the launch pad.  Check the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex  for hours and/or any restrictions.  If you plan to attend in person, consider making refundable travel reservations.

The first launch opportunity begins at
4:50 a.m. PDT/ 7:50 a.m. EDT on July 30

The launch period is approximately three weeks, from July 30 to August 15. The duration of the daily launch window varies from day to day. The launch windows will last approximately two hours, with a unique launch opportunity every five minutes.
The Mars 2020 spacecraft with its Perseverance Rover will launch on an Atlas V-541 rocket from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.  The Atlas V is one of the largest rockets available for interplanetary flight.  This is the same type of rocket that launched the InSight and Curiosity to Mars.  The launch vehicle is provided by United Launch Alliance, Centennial Colorado.

Complete 7 months of travel to red soil. Mission Mars.

Toolkit Resources
Launch: July 30 at 4:50 a.m. PDT (7:50 a.m. EDT)
Launch Period: July 30 - Aug. 15, 2020
Landing: Feb. 18, 2021
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V-541
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

Source -
How to import intermediate and root certificates via MMC or Microsoft Management Console
If you received and installed a certificate in the PEM format on your Windows server, you may need to additionally install intermediate certificates to your machine. If the intermediate certificates are missing on the server, some browsers may show warnings about the certificate being untrusted.

Intermediate certificates can be imported to the Windows machine via Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Please take the following steps to import the intermediate certificates on your machine.

Add certificate snap-in.
Launch MMC. Click on the Start menu >> Run. Type in mmc and press OK.

Click on File and choose the Add/Remove Snap-in option.

Select Certificates from the Available snap-ins list and click the Add button.

Choose Computer account to manage the certificate and click Next.

Select Local Computer and press the Finish button.

Certificates snap-in was selected. Click OK to add it to the console.

Import intermediate/root certificates.
To import an intermediate certificate, right-click on Intermediate Certification Authority >> All Tasks >> Import

To import a root certificate, right-click on Trusted Root Certification Authority >> All Tasks >> Import

Clicking on the Import button will run the Certificate import wizard.

Browse the intermediate certificate file you want to import to your computer and click Next.

Select the certificate store you want to import the certificate into – Intermediate Certification Authorities for intermediate certificates and Trusted Root Certification Authorities for root certificates.

If you have several intermediate/root certificates in a single file, you can choose the option 'Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate'. Wizard will detect the type of the certificates and import them into the corresponding stores.

Click the Finish button to complete the wizard. The certificate has been successfully imported.

Note: Generally, the root certificates for SSL we provide should be already pre-installed on the Windows machine. So, a manual root certificate import may only be needed if the root certificate was removed intentionally.

Also, when establishing the handshake, the root certificates are not returned by Windows servers to the clients, so some SSL checking tools may show that the root certificate is missing.

Source :
The Young Codemaster: Raising a Computer Prodigy | On The Red Dot | CNA Insider

After seeing this video I understood home schooling is not only in my brain even there are parents in this society who already does and at the same time raises their kids vision to reach quantum computing lab at Sydney university. wake up parents in video Seth is only 8 when they shoot this video 2 years ago so he may be checking with falcon 9 space x where our kids attending 1 or 2 hours online class in 2020 during pandemic

Published on Mar 6, 2018
He codes, he writes his own programmes and he's helping teachers to set up computers. And he's only 8. But what could it mean when your child is 'too smart'? The story of Seth Yee and his parents, on On The Red Dot's Wonder Kid series.

READ more:


For more of CNA INSIDER, find us on:

Watch all 4 profiles of Wonder Kids on On The Red Dot:

About the series:
Four children with four exceptional gifts – a computer genius, a violin virtuoso, a star gymnast and a dazzling chess player. What is it like to be one in 100,000 or even one in a million?

From friendships gained and families uprooted, it's a fragile balance between pursuing their potential and not losing their childhood innocence. What hidden sacrifices do these wonder kids and the people around them make to fulfil their grand ambitions ? We go behind the glamour of awards and achievements and find out what it truly means to be a child prodigy
GPS III Space Vehicle 03 Mission Live from space c

Started streaming 26 minutes ago
SpaceX is targeting Tuesday, June 30 at 4:10 p.m. EDT, 20:10 UTC, for a Falcon 9 launch of the GPS III Space Vehicle 03 mission from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. A backup opportunity is available on Wednesday, July 1 with a 15-minute launch window opening at 3:51 p.m. EDT, 19:51 UTC.

Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9's first stage on the "Just Read the Instructions" droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The spacecraft will deploy approximately 1 hour and 29 minutes after liftoff
#35 ON TRENDING - Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

Boston Robotics show cases it's prototype back in 2009 or 11 years earlier and check the 2020 robotic dog like robot which will make you stunned.
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett pick up a shift at Dairy Queen

Published on Jun 3, 2019
During my visit to Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha, Warren Buffett and I broke away from the meetings to visit a Dairy Queen for some lunch and to get some restaurant training. We learned how to work the cash register, greet guests, and make a Blizzard (including the proper way to serve it, "Always upside down with a smile."). Learn more at
The first UI Kit for Bootstrap 5! Using Material Design 2.0

Mateusz Leciejewski wrote on Jun 24 Updated on Jun 25, 2020 ・1 min read

Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap's first alpha was officially released on June 16, 2020.
Along with the new version of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library, there were most anticipated changes released - jQuery was removed & the project switched to plain JavaScript. However, this is only the beginning of changes
You may learn more about the changes implemented into v.5 with this video

MDB 5 alpha

Just a few days after the release of the new Bootstrap version, the first UI Kit for Bootstrap 5 using Material Design 2.0 was released!

What are the key features of the MDB 5 UI Kit? The most important is simplicity and ease of use, and we owe it to:

Latest Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0

500+ material UI components
Super simple, 1-minute installation
Detailed docs & multiple practical examples
Lots of tutorials
Plenty of free templates
Plain javascript (but works also with jQuery)
Huge and active community
MIT license - free for personal & commercial use

Source :
WWDC Special Event Keynote — June 22, 2020 – Apple

Streamed live 4 hours ago
Apple WWDC 2020 kicked off with big announcements, exciting reveals, inspiration, and new opportunities to create the most innovative apps in the world.

Watch the Special Event Keynote for an in-depth look at the latest for iOS, iPadOs, watchOS, privacy, tvOs, macOs, and mac, directly from Apple Park.

Tech Bytes Youtube Review on Apple iOS 14
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS launched at Rs 99.90 lakh

GLS SUV in diesel and petrol options, starting at Rs 99.90 Lakhs ( ex showroom Delhi )

7 Seater SUV with additional 77 mm and 22 mm increase in length and breath

9 Airbag, 3-litre, 400d 4Matic engine - 330 ps and 700 nm

Earlier known as GL, Mercedes-Benz India has sold over 6,700 units in the last 10 years.

More Information -
Finally 19 hours of travel to space station with falcon dragon capsule by space x is completed. Both nasa scientist bob and doug have connected the capsule with space station in the lower earths orbit and connected with 3 Astronauts today 12:03 pm CST successfully. ( Spacecraft Commander Doug Hurley and Joint Operations Commander Bob Behnken )

Off there 19 hours journey to the space they had slept nearly for 7 hours.

And here is the capsules which took them to space station very smoothly designed and manufactured by space x , an us company in collaboration with nasa launching the Vehicle today from us spoil for the first time in last 9 years.

Inside SpaceX's Crew Dragon Capsule | Space Launch LIVE

Published on May 27, 2020
Take a look inside the Dragon Crew Capsule built by SpaceX.

About Space Launch LIVE:
Space Launch LIVE will cover the NASA launch of SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, which will carry veteran astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station.

Audiences can watch the launch on TV or stream it live on Discovery GO. They can also participate in the event by joining the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SpaceLaunchLIVE.
60 Days Build Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool House

108,224,595 views - Feb 21, 2020 ( 10 Crore )

Note from the content owner after understanding the new media of viewing when mega structures and documentary hd world

His hard work is visibly seen for 60 days which made me admiring

Dear Mr/Ms
Thank you very much for your value time to Watch,Like,Comment,Share and Subscribe our videos on Mr. Tfue Channel, and we will try all our best to find more idea as try to Create more videos to make your assist and more facilities.

Mr. Tfue: I'm from the United State Of America (USA). I'm planning to build Underground City in the wild completely from scratch using Primitive Tools. Currently, I found a small Jungle next to the village in South America to building Underground City.

I hope all viewers enjoying and experienced with my hard work contents.

If you have any idea or more convenience to support us please don't hesitate to contact with us all time 24TH/7 Days

➝ YouTube: Mr. Tfue
➝ Facebook Page: Mr. Tfue

--- Copyright Info © ---
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➝ Don't allow copy/re-upload my videos on (YouTube & Facebook)

Best Regards,
Mr. Tfue
Each and every file are creating more problem while downloading and uploading form server to server, google drive to iCloud , amazon cloud drive to google drive etc. ( nightmare to download files )

So my Search result to google - asking how I can compress files inside google drive itself, but google showed me this and I got an other route to download the files directly, which I remember but never used recently. But waiting for 10 day with 100 mbps to sync form my Mac with google drive and daily it is downloading 24 gb of my screeshots folder with 1 lakh files in it.

Google answer :

About 2,25,00,000 results (0.71 seconds)

Search Results

Featured snippet from the web

You can compress one file, or multiple files at once!
In Google Drive, select the files/folders you would like to include in your compresse file.
Once your files/folders are selected. Right click and click Download.
You can see the progess on the bottom right side of your browser. After it's done, a compressed .
Apr 26, 2020

Google Drive - Compress Files - Digital Scholarship Center ...

So am going to , select the folder, click download where google drive will zip the file and you can extract it on your computer.

NASA launches world's smallest satellite on June 2017 - created by 18-year-old Indian student Rifath Sharook ( Tamil Nadu Karur )

NASA launched the world's smallest and lightest satellite on Thursday. The satellite weighs 64 grams, lighter than a smartphone. It is also the first satellite to be constructed using 3D printer. The device was created by 18-year-old Indian student Rifath Sharook, whose idea was chosen from 86,000 designs submitted from 57 countries, in a contest held in May by NASA and a global education company.

I learn from watching a 2019 tamil movie today named Chennai Palani Mars just for 15 minutes of climax

Google Safety Center - Helping you avoid COVID‑19 online scams India

Google Link -

Report it in google - If you see something suspicious, report it to or

Helping you avoid COVID‑19 online scams

We want to keep you safe whenever you're online. That's why everything we make is protected with powerful built-in security technologies that help detect and block threats before they ever reach you.

Recently, there has been a significant rise in online scams related to COVID‑19. We're providing these tips to help you spot and avoid these scams, so you can stay safer online.

Common types of COVID‑19 scams

Stealing your personal data

Scammers who ask for too much information, such as your address, bank account details or even PIN number to "fix" your insurance policy or conduct fake contact tracing.

Fake offers of goods and services

Massive discounts on masks or subscriptions to online entertainment services from unknown third parties.

Impersonation of authorities

Impersonation of government organisations like Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) offering COVID‑19 information.

Fraudulent medical offers

Offers of cures, test kits, hand sanitiser or face masks that never arrive.

Fake requests for charitable donations

Donations to support COVID‑19 relief from non-profits, hospitals, or other organizations should be carefully checked.

Tips to avoid COVID‑19 scams

Know how scammers may reach you

Scammers are taking advantage of the increase in COVID‑19 communications by disguising their scams as legitimate messages about the virus. Alongside emails, scammers may also use SMS, automated calls and malicious websites to reach you.

Check trusted sources directly

Scammers often pose as well-known, trusted and authoritative sources. Directly visit sources like Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to get the latest factual information about COVID‑19.

Be cautious of requests for personal or financial information, pause and evaluate before sharing

If you receive an unsolicited request for information, take extra time to evaluate the message. Scammers will often ask you to share more information than necessary, such as login information, bank details and addresses with them. They may also request payment via bank transfer or virtual currency.

Donate directly through non-profit organizations

Some scams take advantage of goodwill, requesting donations for COVID‑19 relief efforts or impersonating non-profit organizations. To be more confident your money will reach a non-profit organization, you can donate directly through their website ─ rather than clicking a link sent to you.

Double check links and email addresses before clicking

Fake links often imitate established websites by adding extra words or letters. If it says something like "click here," hover over the link or long press the text to check the URL for mistakes ─ being careful not to click it. Misspelled words or random letters and numbers in the URL or email address may also indicate a scam.

Search to see if it's been reported

If somebody has sent you a fraudulent message, it's likely they've sent it to other people as well. Copy and paste the email address, phone number, or most suspicious portion of the message into a search engine to check if it's been reported by others.

Add an extra layer of security to your account

For extra protection online, add two-factor authentication — also known as 2-step verification — to your accounts. This provides another layer of security by requiring two steps to gain access to your account: for example, something you know (your password) and something you physically have on hand (like your phone or a security key).

Report it

If you see something suspicious, report it to or

Help others avoid COVID‑19 online scams.

Spread the word and help keep everyone safe online. Share these tips with family and friends and download a one-page summary below.
Subramanian Chandramouli - Tamil- How to price for profit-Tip 1

Many Entrepreneurs struggle to price for profit. This video will give 1 tip on how to price for profit.
THE FORBES 2019 INDIA'S RICHEST NET WORTH $1.54B #94 Bhavin & Divyank Turakhia

Owner's on Indian Domain, Hosting & Websites market as on 2014 before the purchase of Endurance International Hari Ravichandran for 1600 Crore approximately.

Brothers Bhavin & Divyank Turakhia sold their ad tech firm for $900 million to a consortium of Chinese investors in August 2016.
Younger sibling Divyank continues to run operations under the new owners.
The brothers had earlier sold four tech companies in 2013 to U.S.-based web-hosting firm Endurance International.
They now own a cluster of companies straddling web hosting and cloud infrastructure to payments and advertising technology.

India's Richest 2019

SOURCE OF WEALTH - technology, Self Made
RESIDENCE - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To my knowledge Billion is 1 followed by 9 zero's and Million is 1 followed by 6 zero's So Trillion could be 1 followed by 12 zero's

So, 1,54,00,00,000 United States Dollar equals 1,16,95,79,18,000.00 Indian Rupee

Now Indian money Lakh is 1 followed by 5 zero's, Crore is 1 followed by 7 zero's So $1.54 Billion is 11,695 crore 79 lakh 18 thousand rs.

Source :
Covid-19: At Rs 43.5 trn by March, Indian households' debt at record high

Indian households had debts worth nearly Rs 43.5 trillion at the end of March this year, up from Rs 6.6 trillion at the end of March 2008 and Rs 19.3 trillion five years ago at the end of FY15
Krishna Kant  |  Mumbai
Last Updated at April 18, 2020 09:53 IST

Indian households have entered the Covid-19 lockdown with a record level of debt and poor income growth, making it tough for many families to absorb income losses owing to the pandemic.

Indian households had debts worth nearly Rs 43.5 trillion at the end of March this year, up from Rs 6.6 trillion at the end of March 2008 and Rs 19.3 trillion five years ago at the end of FY15.

Outstanding retail loans are now equivalent to 21.3 per cent of India's GDP in FY20, up from 13.2 per cent at the end of March 2008 and 15.5 per cent at the end of March 2015.

In the last five years, household income as indicated by the salary and wages bill of the country's top listed companies has expanded at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3 per cent against 17.7 per cent CAGR growth in borrowing by households or individuals. This is based on the data by the Reserve Bank of India and the balance sheet of top listed non-bank retail lenders (see the adjoining chart).

Some non-bank lenders in our sample include Housing Development and Finance Corporation, Bajaj Finance, Shriram Transport Finance, Indiabulls Housing, L&T Finance, and M&M Finance.

"In the past five-six years, compensation growth has been in low single digits, and, adjusted for retail inflation of 4-5 per cent, workers have barely managed to maintain their purchasing power and there has little or no income growth in real terms," said Dhananjay Sinha, head, equity, and head strategist, Systematix Group.

Many households and individuals, however, have maintained their consumption levels either by cutting back on savings, or resorting to borrowing, or both. Household savings as a proportion of GDP declined to 18.2 per cent in FY19, the latest year for which data is available, from 19.6 per cent in FY15 and 22.4 per cent in FY08.

In contrast, the 2008 Lehman crisis was preceded by a period of strong double-digit growth in households' income, providing many families with a large nest egg to absorb the loss incurred.

For example, the combined salary and wage bill of a sample of 977 listed companies that are part of the BSE 500, BSE Mid-Cap, and BSE Small Cap indices grew at a CAGR of 24.5 per cent between FY04 and FY08.

The last few years have been dismal for households in terms of income growth and the resulting cash flows. In the last five years, household income as indicated by the salary and wage bill of the country's top listed companies has expanded at a CAGR of 4.3 per cent, which is about the same rate as consumer inflation.

The divergence between income and consumption shows in the private consumption component of India's gross domestic product (GDP). In the past five years, private final consumption expenditure (PFCE) — the consumption component of GDP — grew at a CAGR of 16 per cent, nearly four times the underlying growth in salaries and wages.

The result has been a steady rise in household debt-to-income ratio, whichever way one looks at it. For example, outstanding personal loans were equivalent to 21.3 per cent of India's GDP in FY20, up from 13.2 per cent at the end of March 2008.

A boom in retail credit means that interest on personal loans, including home and auto loans, now accounts for a greater proportion of a household's income and cash flows than in 2008. This, analysts say, may force many individuals to reshuffle their household budget after the pandemic.

"Expect a sharp dip in consumption and down trading by consumers and rise in savings (as a proportion of their income) as individuals try to adjust their finances to the new economic reality," said Sinha.
Others say the crisis cannot be compared with the one of 2008, which originated in the US and affected largely financial services and foreign trade.

"Currently nearly 75 per cent of segments in manufacturing and services are shut. In 2008, on the other hand, the crisis led to a dip in India's merchandise exports while banks and financial services companies were not able to mobilise resources from overseas investors. The rest of the economy continued to operate as usual even at the height of the crisis," said G Chokkalingam, chief executive officer and founder, Equinomics Research & Advisory Services.

Full article & Source :
L&T gets orders worth Rs 27,000 cr from domestic clients in April so far

Analysts see these order wins as spill-overs from the quarter ended March, 2020
Amritha Pillay  |  Mumbai
Last Updated at April 18, 2020 02:10 IST

Engineering conglomerate Larsen & Toubro (L&T) on Friday announced a significant order win for its building and factory business. With this order, the company has announced order wins worth up to Rs 27,000 crore so far in April.

Most of these orders were from clients in the domestic market. In total, they are valued between Rs 14,500 crore and Rs 27,000 crore. The company does not disclose exact order values, but shares a range.

Analysts see these wins as a spillage from the March quarter. However, the firm stands to gain owing to a large order book as well as exposure to diverse markets.

On Friday, L&T announced order win in the range of Rs 1,000-2,500 crore. The works related to the setting up of a cement plant, a real estate project and smart data centres. All orders were from the domestic market.

This is the fourth order win announced in April. The earlier ones included building a regional rapid transit system in Uttar Pradesh, water management orders in Karnataka, power transmission orders from its overseas markets, information technology infrastructure project from the Indian Army and a distillation unit project for Indian Oil. These orders were valued between Rs 13,500 crore and Rs 24,500 crore.

For the quarter ended December 2019, L&T's total order inflow was Rs 41,579 crore, and the company's outstanding order book was Rs 3.06 trillion. In January, the company maintained its full-year guidance of 10-12 per cent growth in order inflow for the full year. The guidance back then did not reflect the disruptions caused by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and the subsequent nationwide lockdown in March.

Baid expects L&T's Rs 3.06 trillion order book to put it on a strong footing compared to peers. "Most capital goods firms have order backlog for the next six-nine months, after which there will be concerns on revenue visibility. With Rs 3 trillion worth of order book, L&T is an outlier, which should keep it occupied for at least 18-20 months if not more," she said.

Analysts at ICICI Securities also expected companies like L&T to consolidate the engineering, procurement and construction markets in terms of tender wins. "Companies with strong balance sheets and minimum leverage will stand to gain given the tight liquidity scenario. Some smaller and marginal players will suffer due to leverage leading to reduction in competitive intensity in some tenders and gradual consolidation by larger players," analysts with the brokerage wrote in a note.

Full coverage & Source :
Google pays tribute via doodle thank you coronavirus helpers - 18 April 2020

[smg id=16035]

Thank You: Coronavirus helpers - Google -

Thank You: Coronavirus helpers. April 18, 2020. As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one ...

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. We're launching a Doodle series to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines.

Today, we'd like to say:

To all coronavirus helpers, thank you.

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World Population as on 17 April 2020 - - Worlds top 45th website by Alexa


7,778,236,428Current World Population
41,104,868Births this year
38,542Births today
17,256,809Deaths this year
16,181Deaths today
23,848,060Net population growth this year
22,361Net population growth today
$ 1,507,023,625Public Healthcare expenditure today
$ 1,031,885,750Public Education expenditure today
$ 470,811,298Public Military expenditure today
23,008,633Cars produced this year
44,140,807Bicycles produced this year
73,659,448Computers produced this year


784,662New book titles published this year
47,887,752Newspapers circulated today
67,017TV sets sold worldwide today
648,793Cellular phones sold today
$ 29,116,447Money spent on videogames today
4,533,268,729Internet users in the world today
26,175,103,511Emails sent today
681,546Blog posts written today
77,491,647Tweets sent today
712,351,948Google searches today


1,525,898Forest loss this year (hectares)
2,054,272Land lost to soil erosion this year (ha)
10,602,978,009CO2 emissions this year (tons)
3,520,948Desertification this year (hectares)
2,873,204Toxic chemicals released
in the environment this year (tons)


842,330,224Undernourished people in the world
1,691,915,964Overweight people in the world
754,627,959Obese people in the world
3,077People who died of hunger today
$ 57,806,075Money spent for obesity related
diseases in the USA today
$ 19,018,897Money spent on weight loss
programs in the USA today


1,276,046,733Water used this year (million L)
247,068Deaths caused by water related
diseases this year
801,876,700People with no access to
a safe drinking water source


46,957,240Energy used today (MWh), of which:
39,972,654- from non-renewable sources (MWh)
7,071,351- from renewable sources (MWh)
294,236,397,614Solar energy striking Earth today (MWh)
9,630,919Oil pumped today (barrels)
1,511,538,970,221Oil left (barrels)
15,763Days to the end of oil (~43 years)
1,096,470,286,999Natural Gas left (boe)
57,709Days to the end of natural gas
4,317,445,529,235Coal left (boe)
148,877Days to the end of coal


3,808,731Communicable disease deaths this year
142,707Seasonal flu deaths this year
2,230,088Deaths of children under 5 this year
12,471,777Abortions this year
90,684Deaths of mothers during birth this year
41,718,452HIV/AIDS infected people
493,210Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
2,409,605Deaths caused by cancer this year
287,783Deaths caused by malaria this year
1,522,847,923Cigarettes smoked today
1,466,676Deaths caused by smoking this year
733,801Deaths caused by alcohol this year
314,618Suicides this year
$ 117,371,095,977Money spent on illegal drugs this year
396,049Road traffic accident fatalities this year
iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular design launched on 15 April 2020 - Prebook now - Available 24 April 2020

Iphone SE - Second Edition affordable cost iPhone at 399$ 64 gb variant - 449$ 128 gb variant - 549$ 256 variant approximately
Iphone SE - Second Edition affordable cost iPhone at 35,000 rs 64 gb variant - 40,000 rs 128 gb variant - 48,000 rs 256 variant approximately

[smg id=16030]

The Most Affordable iPhone Features A13 Bionic, the Fastest Chip in a Smartphone, and the Best Single-Camera System in an iPhone

[smg id=16031]

Cupertino, California — Apple today announced the second-generation iPhone SE, a powerful new iPhone featuring a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, paired with Touch ID for industry-leading security. iPhone SE comes in a compact design, reinvented from the inside out, and is the most affordable iPhone. The new iPhone SE is powered by the Apple-designed A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone, to handle the most demanding tasks. iPhone SE also features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone, which unlocks the benefits of computational photography including Portrait mode, and is designed to withstand the elements with dust and water resistance.

[smg id=16032]

iPhone SE comes in three beautiful colors — black, white and (PRODUCT)RED — and will be available for pre-order beginning Friday, April 17, starting at just $399 (US).

"The first iPhone SE was a hit with many customers who loved its unique combination of small size, high-end performance and affordable price; the new second-generation iPhone SE builds on that great idea and improves on it in every way — including our best-ever single-camera system for great photos and videos — while still being very affordable," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "iPhone SE features the industry-leading performance of A13 Bionic that enables great battery life, takes stunning Portrait mode and Smart HDR photos, shoots amazing videos with stereo audio, is great for games and super fast web surfing, and is built with the same industry-leading security features our customers expect. We can't wait to get iPhone SE into customers' hands."

[smg id=16033]

Popular Design with a 4.7-inch Display

iPhone SE features an aerospace-grade aluminum and durable glass design with an all-black front, and is available in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED. The rear glass finish includes a centered Apple logo and is made using a seven-layer color process for precise hue and opacity, delivering rich depth of color with a color-matched aluminum band. It is water- and dust-resistant with an IP67 rating for water resistance up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.1

The 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone adjusts the white balance to match the ambient light for a more natural, paper-like viewing experience. The vibrant wide color gamut Retina HD display offers incredible color accuracy, and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback. iPhone SE uses Haptic Touch for Quick Actions — such as animating Live Photos, previewing messages, rearranging apps and more — as well as contextual menus.

iPhone SE also features the familiar Home button designed with sapphire crystal to be durable and to protect the sensor, and a steel ring to detect a user's fingerprint for Touch ID. Using Touch ID is an easy, private and secure alternative to entering a passcode to unlock iPhone, fill in passwords using iCloud Keychain, log in to apps, authorize App Store purchases, and make Apple Pay transactions.

[smg id=16034]

A13 Bionic — The Fastest Chip in a Smartphone
Introduced with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, A13 Bionic is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and provides unparalleled performance for every task iPhone SE handles. Perfect for photography, gaming and augmented reality experiences, A13 Bionic makes every action feel fluid.
A13 Bionic was built with a focus on machine learning, with a dedicated 8-core Neural Engine capable of 5 trillion operations per second, two Machine Learning Accelerators on the CPU and a new Machine Learning Controller to balance performance and efficiency.

Dual SIM with eSIM provides the flexibility for users to have two separate phone numbers on a single device while traveling abroad or for use as a business line.4

New Camera Experience Powered by A13 Bionic
iPhone SE features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture Wide camera, and uses the image signal processor and Neural Engine of A13 Bionic to unlock even more benefits of computational photography, including Portrait mode, all six Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control.

[smg id=16030]

Pricing and Availability
iPhone SE will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models in black, white and (PRODUCT)RED starting at $399 (US). Customers can also get iPhone SE for $9.54 a month or $229 with trade-in from, in the Apple Store app and Apple Stores.6 iPhone SE is available through Apple Authorized Resellers and select carriers (prices may vary).
iPhone SE is available to pre-order on and the Apple Store app beginning at 5 a.m. PDT on Friday, April 17, and will be available from Apple, Apple Authorized Resellers and select carriers on Friday, April 24, in the US and more than 40 other countries and regions.

Source :
Keywords : apple iphone se, apple iphone new launch, apple iphone latest 30000 rs
PM CARES gets Rs 6,500 crore donation in a week

Unlike PMNRF ( Prime Minister National Relief Fund ) is used to provide immediate relief to families affected in natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, victims of major accidents and cyclones.

Whereas PM CARES ( Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund ) is a dedicated national fund to deal with any kind of emergency / distress situation like currently used for Covid-19 outbreak.

In 1948, the PMNRF is Set up by India's first PM Jawaharlal Nehru and PMNRF is managed by a committee consisting of the prime minister, president of Indian National Congress, the deputy prime minister, finance minister, a representative of the Tata Trust and another representative of industry to be chosen by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

As seen in many news paper websites like money control :

T-Series MD Bhushan Kuman donated Rs 11 crore to the PM-CARES Fund
The Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar donated Rs 25 crore to the PM-CARES fund
Kotak Mahindra Bank MD Uday Kotak announced to donate Rs 25 crore to the PM-CARES Fund and additional 25 crore by kotak bank
Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) pledged to donate Rs 51 crore to PM-CARES
JSW Group Chairman Sajjan Jindal has donated Rs 100 crore to the PM-CARES Fund
Adani Foundation had contributed Rs 100 crore to the PM-CARES
Radhakrishan Damani - the promoter of Avenue Supermarts that owns D-Mart - donated Rs 100 crore to the PM-CARES Fund
Aditya Birla Group contributed Rs 400 crore to the PM-Cares Fund as a part of its overall commitment of Rs 500 crore
Tata Group, in collaboration with Tata Trusts, has pledged Rs 1,500 crore for the cause
Reliance Industries announced Rs 500 crore contribution to the PM-CARES Fund

Contributions as in Wikipedia

Several large business groups contributed to the relief fund, including

Tata Sons and Tata Trusts (₹1,500 crore)
Wipro and Azim Premji Foundation (₹1,125 crore)
Reliance Industries (₹500 crore)
ONGC (₹300 crore)
Larsen & Toubro (₹150 crore)
Infosys (₹100 crore)
Adani Group (₹100 crore)
JSW Group (₹100 crore)
Vedanta Limited (₹101 crore)
ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (₹100 crore)
ITC Limited (₹100 crore)
Bharti Enterprises (₹100 crore)

Beside those above, some well known Indian firms have also contributed like
Kotak Mahindra Bank and Uday Kotak (₹50 crore) ₹25 each
Asian Paints (₹35 crore)
TVS Motor Company (₹25 crore)
Patanjali Ayurved (₹25 crore)
Jindal Steel and Power (₹25 crore)

As mentioned in Economic Times ( India Times )

The Army, Navy and Air Force, defence PSUs and employees of defence ministry - Rs 500 crore collectively

The officers and staff of the ministry of finance, including public sector banks and other financial institutions under the ministry, have contributed Rs 430.13 crore

The contributions include one day's salary of employees and funds donated as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligations of some of these institutions, said a release by the ministry on Sunday.

The employees of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) topped the list with a contribution of Rs 105 crore
Then followed by Rs 100 crore from State Bank of India employees.

The India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited employees contributed Rs 25 crore
The employees of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs and the Central Board of Direct Taxes together put in Rs 23 crore.

The Employees of the General Insurance Corporation donated Rs 22.81 crore
Bank of Baroda employees gave Rs 20 crore.
Punjab National Bank employees contributed Rs 15 crore
Canara Bank employees contributed Rs 15 crore

The employees of the department of expenditure donated Rs 2 crore
The department of economic affairs put in Rs 15 lakh
The department of revenue put in Rs 90 lakh respectively

Donations to the fund have been made eligible for 100% tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Later, the government allowed companies to fulfill their CSR obligations by donating to the fund.

source :
PM-CARES Fund - Zoho Corp - a donation of Rs 25 crore by Zoho Corp Sridhar Vembu

[smg id=16029 type=full]

Sridhar Vembu is one of the few individuals who doesn't need to answer to banks or VCs about debt or increasing shareholder wealth. The Founder and CEO of privately-held Zoho Corp, a maker of cloud-based business software, recently announced a donation of Rs 25 crore to the PM-CARES Fund.  And characteristically, he spoke about why this was possible for a non-funded company.  "This donation was possible because of the capital built by our employees and the patronage of our customers," Sridhar said.

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Every Minute Actions around the Globe and Why Big Data Keeps Getting Bigger

Also please understand data never sleeps. Find out the whats happened around you until 2020 with in a minute as published by Jeff Desjardins at visualcapitalist/

[smg id=16028 type=full]

keyword : every minutes in the world, what happens in a minute

Source : Published 9 months ago on July 16, 2019By Jeff Desjardins at visualcapitalist

Link to their website :
The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web as on January 2019/

Find out the top 20 website in top ranks as on january 2019 as published by Nick Routley at visualcapitalist/

[smg id=16027 type=full]

Keywords : The 20 Internet Giants 2020, top 20 websites in Internet

Source : Published 1 year ago on January 5, 2019By Nick Routley at visualcapitalist

Link to their website :
Dark web hosting provider hacked again and 7,600 sites down

One of Web Hosting Talk team was the first to break the news on the forum that Daniel's Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider for dark web services, had shut down after getting hacked for the second time in 16 months. Apparently, all sites (some 7000+) had been deleted by the hacker. The hack involved the deletion of site databases which, without backups, cannot be recovered.

More Information :
Dear Acumen, Big Excuse for long missing ? Will restart now and lets rock

IT Acumens - A Web Design Company - Info Center

Forum Stats

216,024 Posts in 149,711 Topics by 40,956 Members - Latest Member: niveshgautam
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai taking the lead at Alphabet Inc & Google Inc

Alphabet has announced that Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down as the respective CEO and president of the company, with Google CEO Sundar Pichai taking the lead at both companies, effective immediately. Page and Brin will still be involved as co-founders, board members and shareholders.

The two outgoing execs explained this as a "natural time" to streamline management now that Alphabet is "well-established" and its various brands (including Google) are operating smoothly as independent companies. In a tweet, Pichai said, "We have a timeless mission, enduring values and a culture of collaboration & exploration."

More Detailed Letter from Larry Page & Sergey Brin and also an email from New Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai :

A letter from Larry and Sergey

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Published Dec 3, 2019

Our very first founders' letter in our 2004 S-1 began:

Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. Throughout Google's evolution as a privately held company, we have managed Google differently. We have also emphasized an atmosphere of creativity and challenge, which has helped us provide unbiased, accurate and free access to information for those who rely on us around the world."

We believe those central tenets are still true today. The company is not conventional and continues to make ambitious bets on new technology, especially with our Alphabet structure. Creativity and challenge remain as ever-present as before, if not more so, and are increasingly applied to a variety of fields such as machine learning, energy efficiency and transportation. Nonetheless, Google's core service—providing unbiased, accurate, and free access to information—remains at the heart of the company.

However, since we wrote our first founders' letter, the company has evolved and matured. Within Google, there are all the popular consumer services that followed Search, such as Maps, Photos, and YouTube; a global ecosystem of devices powered by our Android and Chrome platforms, including our own Made by Google devices; Google Cloud, including GCP and G Suite; and of course a base of fundamental technologies around machine learning, cloud computing, and software engineering. It's an honor that billions of people have chosen to make these products central to their lives—this is a trust and responsibility that Google will always work to live up to.

And structurally, the company evolved into Alphabet in 2015. As we said in the Alphabet founding letter in 2015:

"Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence."

Since we wrote that, hundreds of Phoenix residents are now being driven around in Waymo cars—many without drivers! Wing became the first drone company to make commercial deliveries to consumers in the U.S. And Verily and Calico are doing important work, through a number of great partnerships with other healthcare companies. Some of our "Other Bets" have their own boards with independent members, and outside investors.

Those are just a few examples of technology companies that we have formed within Alphabet, in addition to investment subsidiaries GV and Capital G, which have supported hundreds more.  Together with all of Google's services, this forms a colorful tapestry of bets in technology across a range of industries—all with the goal of helping people and tackling major challenges.

Our second founders' letter began:

"Google was born in 1998. If it were a person, it would have started elementary school late last summer (around August 19), and today it would have just about finished the first grade."

Today, in 2019, if the company was a person, it would be a young adult of 21 and it would be time to leave the roost. While it has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the day-to-day management of the company for so long, we believe it's time to assume the role of proud parents—offering advice and love, but not daily nagging!

With Alphabet now well-established, and Google and the Other Bets operating effectively as independent companies, it's the natural time to simplify our management structure. We've never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there's a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President. Going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabet's investment in our portfolio of Other Bets. We are deeply committed to Google and Alphabet for the long term, and will remain actively involved as Board members, shareholders and co-founders. In addition, we plan to continue talking with Sundar regularly, especially on topics we're passionate about!

Sundar brings humility and a deep passion for technology to our users, partners and our employees every day. He's worked closely with us for 15 years, through the formation of Alphabet, as CEO of Google, and a member of the Alphabet Board of Directors. He shares our confidence in the value of the Alphabet structure, and the ability it provides us to tackle big challenges through technology. There is no one that we have relied on more since Alphabet was founded, and no better person to lead Google and Alphabet into the future.

We are deeply humbled to have seen a small research project develop into a source of knowledge and empowerment for billions—a bet we made as two Stanford students that led to a multitude of other technology bets. We could not have imagined, back in 1998 when we moved our servers from a dorm room to a garage, the journey that would follow.

Sundar sent the following email to Googlers on Tuesday, December 3:
Hi everyone,

When I was visiting Googlers in Tokyo a few weeks ago I talked about how Google has changed over the years. In fact, in my 15+ years with Google, the only constant I've seen is change. This process of continuous evolution -- which the founders often refer to as "uncomfortably exciting" -- is part of who we are. That statement will feel particularly true today as you read the news Larry and Sergey have just posted to our blog.

The key message Larry and Sergey shared is this:

While it has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the day-to-day management of the company for so long, we believe it's time to assume the role of proud parents—offering advice and love, but not daily nagging!

With Alphabet now well-established, and Google and the Other Bets operating effectively as independent companies, it's the natural time to simplify our management structure. We've never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there's a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President. Going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabet's investment in our portfolio of Other Bets. We are deeply committed to Google and Alphabet for the long term, and will remain actively involved as Board members, shareholders and co-founders. In addition, we plan to continue talking with Sundar regularly, especially on topics we're passionate about!

I first met Larry and Sergey back in 2004 and have been benefiting from their guidance and insights ever since. The good news is I'll continue to work with them -- although in different roles for them and me. They'll still be around to advise as board members and co-founders.

I want to be clear that this transition won't affect the Alphabet structure or the work we do day to day. I will continue to be very focused on Google and the deep work we're doing to push the boundaries of computing and build a more helpful Google for everyone. At the same time, I'm excited about Alphabet and its long term focus on tackling big challenges through technology.

The founders have given all of us an incredible chance to have an impact on the world. Thanks to them, we have a timeless mission, enduring values, and a culture of collaboration and exploration that makes it exciting to come to work every day. It's a strong foundation on which we will continue to build. Can't wait to see where we go next and look forward to continuing the journey with all of you.

- Sundar
Latest news on Fresh Works formerly FreskDesk - As on 07 November 2019

Mid-market clients power Freshworks' growth engine
CEO Mathrubootham believes firm's unlocking large market potential by entering mid-market segment after serving small businesses.

Read more at:

LAS VEGAS: San Mateo-based customer engagement software company Freshworks is finding revenue from midmarket clients amid steady growth from the small-and-medium businesses, prompting a projection of equal share of business from the twin engines of growth in the current calendar year.

"Considering the first six months of the current year as well as the projection for the whole year, we expect 50% of the business from the larger companies," said CEO Girish Mathrubootham. Companies above  ..

Read more at:

Airtel - Netflix Offer – Terms & Conditions as on 16 October 2019

Link - airtel netflix connect -

By redeeming the Airtel's Netflix 3 Month Gift offer, customer would agree to the following terms & conditions -

1. Offers under Airtel Thanks are being provided by Bharti Airtel Limited ("Airtel") to only Airtel Mobility subscribers in India.

2. Netflix Eligibility: The offer for the is extended to select Airtel postpaid customers based on their bill plan eligibility and is only available for Rs499 or above Infinity postpaid plans. To view this offer, upgrade to Infinity plans (499 or above) and you will be able to see this offer in the Thanks page or Airtel Xstream App

3. Offer Details. : Select Airtel Thanks customers can now enjoy a 3 Month gift (worth Rs1500) of Netflix! This offer is available for both existing and new Netflix customers. New Netflix users will get Basic plan & after the gift is used it will be charged monthly in your Airtel bill. Existing Netflix users will get a credit of Rs1500 in the Netflix account, current plan will continue.

4. Offer Activation: Go to My Airtel App and click on the Netflix card within the Thanks page. You can also claim this offer from Airtel Xstream App by clicking on the Netflix card.

5. After the first 3 months are over For first time Netflix users, monthly charge of Netflix will be billed with postpaid connection. For existing Netflix users, after gift is over your current Netflix plan and payment will continue.

6. When a Customer ceases to hold an active account with Airtel – Postpaid on eligible plan, they will no longer be able to access the free gift offer

7. The benefits under this Offer are non-transferable. No exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed.

8. Airtel has no liability whatsoever in respect of any claims or disputes and any resulting damages or losses, whether direct or indirect, relating to the subscriber availing, not receiving or subscriber's use of the offer.

9. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Airtel and each subscriber. By subscribing to the Offer, subscriber accepts the same as binding upon him/her

10. Airtel will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Gift Voucher Offer or any aspect thereof, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time before or during the Offer with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, technical difficulties, or any other reasons beyond Airtel's reasonable control. If Airtel suspends or cancels the Offer in the interim, all aspects of the Offer shall be null and void. Airtel will not be liable to compensate any customer for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Offer.

Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Airtel and the customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi alone

In addition to the limitations mentioned in this document, in no event will Airtel or our directors, managers, officers, employees, agents or other representatives be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, or any other damages of any kind, arising out of or related to this offer. Total liability, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed the last fee paid by the customer.
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History of the iPhone as on 15 October 2019 - including iphone 11 pro max

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Apple Explained
381K subscribers
Watch the iPhone evolve through eleven years of development. Starting with the original iPhone in 2007, which revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and ending with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro in 2019. What's in store for the best selling smartphone in America? No one knows for sure. But it would appear that the iPhone will remain a leader in the smartphone industry for years to come.

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Category - Science & Technology

The War on Big Tech - Everything is About to Change - 19 September 2019

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Antitrust, billion dollar fines, privacy violations and numerous federal investigations. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are feeling the pressure from a wave of government inquiries. Will they be broken up? Or will they survive? In this video we explore the issue.

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Bharti Airtel-Reliance Jio fight enters next phase - 03 Sept 2019

New Delhi: Bharti Airtel launched a digital entertainment services platform christened Airtel Xstream, three days before Reliance Jio Infocomm's home broadband is set to go live, taking the rivalry between the two telecom operators to the next stage.

The Sunil Mittal-led telco's platform will allow customers to access diverse digital content on a screen of their choice – television, PC or smartphone – with a unified user interface.

The content on Airtel Xstream will include live TV, videos, music, news and sports that can be viewed using an OTT (over the top) smart stick, an internet-enabled set-top box and handheld devices.

Airtel's offering is aimed at combatting Jio's imminent home broadband blitz that analysts said could trigger another disruption, primarily in the urban digital TV and home broadband market.

The telco unveiled two Android-based connected devices on Monday – an Xstream OTT stick and an Xstream 4K hybrid box – priced at Rs 3,999 each, that will make any TV a smart device. The hybrid box comes with a complimentary 1-year subscription worth Rs 999 to all Xstream content in addition to a month's subscription to an HD direct to-home digital TV services pack.

"Airtel Xstream is India's first converged entertainment platform that will cater to needs of a new generation of consumers looking for seamless and converged entertainment across multiple screens at home and on-the-go," Adarsh Nair, chief product officer at Bharti Airtel, said in a statement.

ET reported in its August 22 edition that Airtel would bundle a customised Android-based set-top box to deliver digital entertainment and fast broadband services in September.

Airtel's entertainment service platform "is a strong counter-offer ahead of JioFiber's launch," signalling the telecom market is rapidly moving towards quad-play, bundling a mix of mobile, digital TV, fast broadband and landline services, said Rohan Dhamija, a partner at Analysys Mason.

However, he was sceptical about the "actual impact and utility" of Airtel's hardware because there are already "several hardware options in the market from the likes of Google and Amazon that can transform an ordinary TV into a smart one, coupled with apps in circulation from TataSky and Hotstar that customers can easily download to enjoy a television-like experience on their smartphone screens."

An Airtel user of Netflix or Amazon Prime won't be able to transfer the balance to the stick or the hybrid box. So, experts said this is "effectively over and above the fixed costs."

Mukesh Ambani-led Jio's home broadband plans – which is likely to also provide access to apps such as Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Cinema and music, besides gaming, video calling and virtual reality via its set-top box – will be priced between Rs 700 and Rs 10,000 a month.

Brokerage Jefferies said the "key for JioFiber will be the pricing," once the plans are commercially rolled out.

Analysts said Jio's promise of a free HD or 4K LED smart television along with a 4K set-top box to those opting for its yearly home broadband packs could be the game-changer and induce customer churn at urban-focussed TV distributors such as TataSky, Airtel Digital TV and Siti, especially with national cable TV players Hathway and Den Networks already in the Reliance fold.

"Competition is busy doing what they are doing, but we are obsessed with our customers," Airtel's Nair told ET.

Latest regulatory data pegs the national DTH user base at about 73 million, with Dish TV commanding a 40% market share, followed by Tata Sky (25%), Airtel Digital TV (22%) and Sun Direct (12%). Airtel is said to have been in talks to acquire Dish TV to beef up its DTH play.

Jefferies said average revenue per user (ARPU) for broadband ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 1,000 a month, with 100 GB plans generating Rs 600 to Rs 1,000. Additionally, TV ARPUs are about Rs 200.

Airtel's home services ARPU grew 1.2% sequentially to Rs 825 in the quarter ended June, while its digital TV services ARPU fell almost 33% sequentially to Rs 157 in the first quarter.

Airtel executives said that with the OTT stick, an 'Airtel Thanks' customer gains automatic access to digital content. Others need to buy a Rs 999 subscription to access such content, beyond the first 30-day free offer. Airtel Thanks is a rewards programme for select customers.

In the case of DTH, subscription to content is automatic and existing Airtel digital TV customers can upgrade to Airtel Xstream box by paying a flat Rs 2,249.

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Indian National anthem in tamil

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Tamil Editz & Cutz senthamil Thozha
Published on Feb 2, 2018
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Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever! in 2018 - #videoadvice #danawhite #motivation

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Video link - Click here for youtube link

"This Is How I made $4.2 Billions!" Dana White delivers one of the greatest speeches ever.
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Speech by Dana White

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Tit Bits for java developers in August 2019 - 5 Java tips and tricks every programmer should know

#1. Avoid unnecessary objects
#2. Interface is better than abstract class
#3. Prefer primitive classes
#4. Use strings carefully
#5. Don't confuse between Array and ArrayList

More detailed information -
Spacex 24th July launch CRS-18 live

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Started streaming 42 minutes ago - 65,000 love watching on YouTube

SpaceX is targeting Wednesday, July 24 for launch of its eighteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-18) at 6:24 p.m. EDT, or 22:24 UTC, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Dragon will separate from Falcon 9's second stage about nine minutes after liftoff and attach to the space station on Friday, July 26. A backup launch opportunity is available on Thursday, July 25 at 6:01 p.m. EDT, or 22:01 UTC.

The Dragon spacecraft that will support the CRS-18 mission previously supported the CRS-6 mission in April 2015 and the CRS-13 mission in December 2017. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to recover Falcon 9's first stage on Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
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Technology at peak in 2019 - Neuralink introduced by Elon Musk

Elon Musk gave Tesla, then solar power industrial batteries which can handle an entire state, later Elon musk's space x project on which falcons used by NASA and now Elon Musk's Neurallink

Betterment of reading your brain patterns and signaling back and forth with unbelievable rate . I mean the speed. After implanting few hair like tissues in your brain which connects to cortex and from there you get your brain patterns. So it can be backed and forth by a small device near you ears and send back to the super computer. These partners has numerous possibilities ( ~ or infinity ) like reduce brain blocks , dams he's in brain , etc etc . We should call it a medical miracle  , no medical miracle using technologies like AI etc.

So proud on Elon Musk and his amazing team for an amazing job.

Refernce youtube links

Cold fusion about Elon Musk's Neuralink
Apple WWDC 2019 - 04 June 2019
YouTube has over 245 million monthly active users in India? - your story

Did you know that YouTube has over 245 million monthly active users in India? The platform credits a lot of this growth to Jio, and local languages, saying that more than 60 percent of its watch-time in India comes from outside the metros.

Today, there are over 300 YouTube channels from India that have more than one million subscribers. Just five years ago, this number was only 16. 'YouTuber' is fast becoming an enviable tag, with content creators quitting full-time jobs, catering to millions of internet users in India.

BCG predicts that India's online video market to be worth $5 billion by 2023, and YouTube is likely to occupy a giant share of that pie.

Visit - Read more about the rise of YouTubers in India and how Indian YouTube stars are now going global.
A Young Protester Changing The World

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youtube link -

Fearing for her future, 15 year-old Greta Thunberg did the only thing she could think of: she sat in front of her country's Parliament building with a sign, alone. Seven months later, her voice is millions strong.

This Young Activist Is Changing The World. Warning: Her inspiring speech may motivate you to take action too!

16 Year Old Protester Changes The World | Greta Thunberg | Goalcast

#ChangeTheWorld #GretaThunberg #InspiringSpeech

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Jack Ma advices about first job for graduate - 24 January 2019


Published on Jan 24, 2019
Jack Ma advices about first job for graduate
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#AngelTax and Why it Matters to Startups in India

In recent days there has been a big furore in India around the Angel Tax. But, what is this Angel Tax?

Angel tax is the tax levied on funds raised by Indian start-ups through issue of shares to Indian residents. The Income Tax department has held that when these investments are made at a premium to the fair market value (FMV), the amount raised in excess to the FMV is taxable. The amount is reckoned as "income from other sources" and taxed under Section 56 (2) (viib) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The rate of tax is 30.9 per cent. Which means that a startup could be asked to pay 30.9% of the amount of investment it has raised to grow the business!

The problem of Fair Market Value

In the context of start-ups, since the idea is at a conceptualisation or development stage, it is difficult to objectively determine the fair market value (FMV) of the shares of the start-up.

Start-ups have little/no revenues or profits and their valuation is based on the potential of the idea, the background and competence of the founding team, etc. and is usually a matter of negotiation between the founders and the angel investors.

The start-ups cannot be evaluated only on their assets, since the assets (both tangible and intangible) are built mostly by successfully executing the business idea. Nor is it easy to arrive at a 'fair value', based on discounted cash flows, since the business is subject to various market forces, including market acceptance and competition from current and emerging competitors and newer technologies over time.

The startup valuations are often subjective – a valuation, which seems high to some, may be fair to others. Also, the valuations agreed between the parties may, in hindsight, turn out to be advantageous for one party or the other, but that is inherent in the nature of risk taking by entrepreneurs and early investors. It is impossible to create a homogenous logic for such investments, be it DCF or a valuation by merchant bankers, etc.

It is also not necessary that each start-up meets the initial projections and hence valuations can come down. That, however, does not invalidate the original projections. However, in multiple instances the IT department, with the benefit of hindsight, has invalidated the original valuations, reduced 'fair market value' at the time of assessment and increased the premium amount on which the tax is to be levied.

Given the traditional ways of the IT Department in determining FMV (ignoring intangibles like goodwill, intellectual property, market potential, disruptive ideation etc.), in majority of the cases, the FMV so calculated will be lower than the value at which the capital investment is made. This results into the tax being levied under section 56 (2) (viib).

Why was Angel Tax introduced?

Angel tax was introduced as an anti-abuse provision in the 2012 Budget. It was intended to curb attempts to launder undisclosed income by resident Indians through startup investments. It was felt that given the closed nature of these deals, there was subjectivity regarding valuations and scope for acquiring shares at a premium for very little equity and using the mechanism to convert black money to white.

How is Angel Tax impacting start-ups?

Angel tax is problematic for a few reasons:

The heavy-handed approach of tax authorities in determining FMV by ignoring the dynamics of the start-up ecosystem.
Higher valuations, when raising funds, are beneficial since it means that start-ups have more funds for growth. However, if the inflows to business are reduced by heavy taxation, then business is a victim of its own success in commanding higher valuations.
Higher valuations are good for the startup's employees, since it means giving up less equity. This helps conserve equity for subsequent rounds and also ensures that enough equity is available with the founding team to keep them motivated and also to issue ESOPs to key talent. However, the benefits of higher valuation are negated when share capital or share premium is taxed.
As Section 56 (2) applies only to domestic investors, it discriminates against them as compared to foreign investors, who are not subject to this clause. This adversely impacts the creation of a robust Indian start-up ecosystem, where successful domestic entrepreneurs can fund and support upcoming start-ups. This is how Silicon Valley in the US was built – one wave of successful businesses funding and mentoring the next wave of ideas and companies.
The recent wave of coercive action

In the past few weeks, hundreds of start-ups have received notices from IT authorities asking them to pay taxes on the angel funding raised by them. Some of them have also been slapped with penalties on the tax not paid. In some cases the tax-cum-penalty amount is nearly 50% of the capital raised.

Many start-ups feel that they would rather shut down than face the simultaneous harassment of explaining valuations and also struggling to keep their businesses afloat, knowing that payment of such taxes will definitely kill the business by starving it of funds.

Besides IT Department, MCA has also sent notices to over 2,000 startups that have raised investment in the last five years. It has given a 45 days deadline ending shortly in the January 2019.

Exemption to Sec 56 (2): A Partial Solution

The government in an attempt to grant exemption from the provisions of Sec 56(2) to genuine investors has laid down criteria to recognise start-ups. The qualifying criteria for angel tax exemption are however very tedious and it is beyond the capacity of most start- ups to devote so much time and energy to secure such exemptions.

While applying for exemption from angel tax provisions, the startups must meet the below criteria:

The aggregate amount of paid-up share capital and share premium of the start-up after the proposed issue of shares should not exceed INR 10 Cr.
The revenue of the start-up shall be less than Rs 25 Cr.
The angel investor or proposed investor should have a minimum net worth of Rs 2 Cr and an average annual income of Rs 25 Lakhs or more in the preceding 3 years as per IT Returns.
The startup shall obtained a report from a merchant banker specifying the fair market value of shares in accordance with Rule 11UA of the Income-tax Rules, 1962.
An Inter-Ministerial Board shall then review such cases before deciding to grant exemption.
Even if certain startups fulfil the criteria, it has been difficult for startups to get approval from the Inter Ministerial Board (IMB) due discretionary provisions and delays in cases being listed before the IMB.

What can be potential solutions?

Angel tax provisions should be abolished. The mis-deeds of a handful of black sheep has tarred all investors with the same brush and is leading to a sharp drop in funding options for start-ups. This runs contrary to government's various attempts to promote start-ups, which are an important source of growth and employment creation.

In case the issue of angel tax needs further study, the following solutions may be implemented as an immediate measure:

Issue 1: Fair Market Value (Section 56(2):

Start-ups, which are asset light in the beginning, raise capital on the basis of forward looking projections. These projections are being questioned by the IT Department, which disregards the entire basis of valuation in practice and looks at applying only the net book value method. This will render the valuation of almost all the startups in the country as negative.

Proposed Solution: As a default provision, Assessing Officers (AOs) to accept the valuation principles / calculations submitted by start-ups. Exceptions should be made and queries flagged only if there is concern with regard to the bona fide of the angel investors.

Issue 2: Disallowance of Investment (Section 68):

A lot of startups have been asked to produce evidence of creditworthiness of investors- including audited statements, Bank statements and ITR details. Ideally complying with legal PAN tagged transaction is what startups can do and beyond that onus should be on the IT department and not start-ups. Upon failure to produce these documents, the IT department has the authority to convert this entire investment as taxable income.

Proposed Solution: Asking start-ups to furnish the ITR's of investors will only kill the investor interest. Instead AOs should insist on PAN number and AO's to do a separate investigation for source of fund if required directly.

Issue 3: IMB certification for Angel investment

DIPP's notification of April 2018 expects startups to seek an IMB certification after taking a mercantile banker valuation and investor ITR's before raising angel investment. This long process is slowing down the angel activity.

Proposed Solution: IMB prior to raising fund is impractical; instead the US model of "accredited investors" may be adopted to tackle this.

In Summary:

Angel investors in countries such as US are offered tax benefits when they fund small companies. They are also ways for angel investors to save tax by re-investing gains from one investment into another entrepreneurial venture.

But in India, we are stifling the start-up ecosystem by making it difficult for enterprises to receive funding in the initial years. Investors, who are willing to risk their capital, are also treated with suspicion. The angel investor ecosystem being vibrant is critical to the development of the startup economy. Else we will have a small number of companies that are lucky to get an angel investment who will get a disproportionate share of venture capital investments. But large-scale technological innovations will happen when the startup ecosystem is broad based and for that we need an angel investor ecosystem that is equally broad based.

Ideally, angel tax provisions should be abolished. At the very least, the exemption from the provisions should be automatic and system driven than complex and discretionary. There is no rationale for the IT department asking start-ups to pay tax on the amount they raise 2-3 years back irrespective of whether they made profits or not.

Taxing profit on the capital invested by investors, or the profits of the company is fair but taxing the capital raised is doesn't seem logical. Whether it is share capital or share premium that is raised by the company, it is still capital received. It should not be treated as 'revenue income.

Practically speaking, valuation is a free market agreement and Income Tax should only be levied on realised gain and not notional gain. Only when an investment works out and yields a profit, should the parties making a profit be taxed on the gains.

However, the chilling effect the #AngelTax can have on the investment sentiment is not adequately appreciated. Capital and talent are very mobile – they can easily re-locate to more hospitable and rational destinations like Singapore. That would run contrary to all significant and commendable attempts of the Government of India in promoting Ease of Doing Business, Start-up India and Digital India.

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New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶9


Quantum Tech HD
Published on Dec 12, 2018



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This 7-year old made 157 Crores of money by creating YouTube videos from 2015 till 2018

$22 million - USD to INR = 2,20,00,000 United States Dollar equals = 1,57,02,50,000.00 Indian Rupee

Ryan, a 7-year old YouTuber from Atlanta has become the highest earning YouTube star in 2018. This incredible YouTube content creator has made $22 million by publishing YouTube videos of him playing with toys.

Ryan ToysReview, is the YouTube channel hosted by this young YouTube influencer and has nearly 17 million subscribers and approximately 26 billion views on his videos. According to Forbes magazine., the channel reported highest earnings last year as well. There are also merchandise with Ryan?s face on it at many retailers including popular stores like Target, Kohl?s, and Walmart.

Well believe it or not, Ryan?s YouTube channel is all about Toys reviews. He features in videos of unboxing a toy and playing with it. He plays with everything from dinosaurs and Legos to Disney action figures. It is the sheer brilliance of Ryan?s acting that has helped the YouTube channel become popular.


Ryan and his parents started the channel back in 2015 when he was just 4 years old. There is a new video published on the channel almost every day. According to a report by Verge, Ryan?s mother quit her job as a high-school chemistry teacher to focus on his YouTube channel. The channel started gaining popularity within four months of its launch.

According to Ryan?s mother, her son was watching a lot of toy review channels, which gave her an idea to start a channel of his own on YouTube. Some of his favorite channels include EvanTubeHD, and Hulyan Maya.

Most of the YouTubers make large portion of their revenue from sponsored posts. According to Forbes, which compiled the list, the top 10 YouTube stars of 2018 together amassed earnings (June 2017 ? June 2018 and earnings are pretax) of $180.5 million
Microsoft Soundscape: A Map Delivered in 3D Sound - Feb 2018

! No longer available

Microsoft Research Published on Feb 28, 2018

?Soundscape fills in a lot of the mental map as you move, making it effortless and seamless to know what?s around you,? highlights Erin Lauridsen of Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco. Microsoft Soundscape is a research project that explores the use of 3D audio cues to help build richer awareness of your surroundings.

Learn more about Soundscape at
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#116 announces a grant of $3 million or rs 20 crore for two Indian NGOs during May 2018

Just to start with USD50 million is Rs 339 Crore rupees Indian money .Update on pledge Rs 339 Crore to help people land jobs and equal access in education. So to improve the technology to students and teachers, google's philanthropic wing - has commited of USD 50 million and out of which USD 11.4 million is already paid for various NGO's in India and which benefited 8 lakh students and teaches in 2017. A report says.

[smg id=7498 type=full]

Two Indian NGOs have received a grant of 3 million USD the philanthropic wing of Google – Out of Google's global commitment of USD 50 million, it has already given USD 11.4 million to various NGOs in India. Through, the company hopes to help non-profit organizations scale up their initiatives and provide training to teachers through tech-based learning solutions. In 2017, Google had donated USD 8.4 million to four leading NGOs – Million Sparks Foundation, Learning Equality, Pratham Education Foundation and Pratham Books – StoryWeaver. According to the estimates, around 8 lakh students and teachers benefited this funding as they received access to innovative educational tools and programmes across the country.

Nick Cain, Education Lead at said: "We strongly believe that technology can play a powerful part in solving the learning gap in India, and we are expanding our investments in India to ensure thatteachers and students are able to benefit it." Cain elaborated that teachers are not properly equipped with the right resources and there is a lack of quality study material as well. A government report indicated that there are around 11 lakh teachers lacking proper training and are teaching in schools while another report the World Bank emphasized on the fact of 1.3lakh single teacher schools existing in India.

Out of the total fund provided, 1 million USD is specifically meant for The Teacher App, whereas 2 million USD is provided to the Central Square Foundation (CSF). The Teacher App offers an innovative approach of training in important subjects as maths, pedagogy, science, language etc. Apart these funds, the YouTube learning team aims at providing the right technical assistance to the Central Square foundation.

This assistance will indeed support several content creators in producing approximately 200 hours of content in major streams such as technology, science, maths and engineering inthe languages. Additionally, in the next two years, these funds will be used to reach out to 5 lakh teachers.


Reference Link :
Reference Link :
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Here's What The CEO Of Dell Has To Say About India's Techies

Complimenting India on its digital drive, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, said that he gets inspired by what the country is doing to transform its society and economy.

"IndiaStack, for example, is a world-leading concept and as a techie, I get very inspired by what India is doing. It is an amazing government-led effort," Dell said in response to a question by IANS, while addressing the media at the Dell Technologies World 2018, one of IT industry's premier events, here.

IndiaStack is a set of APIs that allows governments, businesses, startups and developers to utilise a unique digital Infrastructure to solve India's problems towards presence-less, paperless and cashless service delivery.

"Governments should understand that the Internet, broadband and fiber are really important in next generation of the society," he said.

Saying that 5G would expedite the digital transformation globally, he said that "governments have to figure out 5G to amplify their productivity or else they will fall behind other countries." "5G is a big enabler of the digital transformation process," Dell said, adding that companies in the future would have to make better use of their data to stay ahead of the competition.

"Success is going forward in a very different way from the past. It starts with company's data that make product and services better, which in turn generates more data. Companies are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to use this data in the maximum effective way. 5G is just around the corner that would expedite this process better," he added.

He said that the data is the rocket fuel for AI and this technology should be used in an effective way.

Stressing that technology strategy has now become a business strategy, Dell said that consumers globally are using the latest technology offered by the company to amplify their productivity. "We talk often about technology solving our greatest challenges and we are making progress more quickly than ever before. Customers continue to embrace Dell Technologies as their essential infrastructure company in increasing numbers," Dell said.

At the event that started on Monday and which is set to attract over 14,000 visitors, Dell Technologies also felicitated its eight industry leaders-customers for their excellence across all stages of the digital transformation journey. State Bank of India was one of the "Trailblazer Award" winners, along with Volvo Cars/Zenuity, Travelers and Unidad de Conocimiento. Trailblazers are the customers who are one of the forward-thinking companies making progress in the areas of digital, IT, workforce and security transformation.

"Not only are these leaders realising their digital futures through technology innovation, but they are creating an exceptional experience for their employees, customers and communities," said Karen Quintos, Chief Customer Officer at Dell. Besides implementing a converged private Cloud-based data storage, State Bank of India, the largest public-sector bank in the country, also recently opened a major innovation center to explore the integration of emerging technology, such as nlockchain, AI and ML.

The "Innovator Award" winners included Ford Motor Company, Bank Leumi, AeroFarms and Johnson & Johnson.

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Wi-Fi facility on Indian flights approved by Telecom Commission

On 1st May, the decision-making body at the telecom department – Telecom Commission approved the application for in-flight internet access for people travelling in India.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan quoted "We will now have to create a separate category of licencees called in-flight connectivity provider. These will provide internet as well as voice services within Indian territorial airspace... in both domestic and international flights."

As per Sundararajan, the process of drafting licence terms for in-flight connectivity (IFC) providers will soon be started and applications will be summoned and this can take up to three months. At the beginning, an annual licence fee of Re 1 will be paid by IFC providers.

"It is a fabulous decision. Given the nature of my job, I'm constantly travelling and it is my downtime when I take flights, which now I can use more productively. With data availability, I can catch up on work, read online and stay connected," the MD of Puma India - Abhishek Ganguly quoted.

As long as the user is in Indian airspace, is using an Indian satellite and/or a Department of Space approved satellite for mobile calling and it has an Indian gateway, calling above 3,000m will be allowed. A recommendation to permit foreign satellites and gateways was made by a telecom regulator in January this year.

The cost of these services will be decided as per the current market cost by the telecom department.

According to Neelu Khatri - President of Aerospace at Honeywell India "the pricing would depend on the airline, sometimes it is a part of the ticket and sometimes you areged (rates)... that could start $5-10. Indian airlines will have to see what passengers will be willing to shell out." Honeywell India is a provider of high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi services to global airlines.

However, as per CAPA Centre for Aviation, such services in domestic flights might not yield as much profit.

"Airlines will have to create a business case for the investment needed. Rough estimates suggest fitting the equipment to provide such services in an aircraft could cost around $400,000-600,000... Airlines will have to see whether the investment is recoverable, what is the cost per minute, etc... Initially, the cost to the passenger may be on the higher side," Kapil Kaul - CEO and director - CAPA South Asia mentioned.

Also, the belief of telecom industry is that these services might not yield more returns. "As far as the revenue opportunity is concerned, there won't be high volumes; so we don't see any big bucks coming," quoted Rajan Mathews, director general, Cellular Operators Association of India.

The proposal by Trai to create broadband through public Wi-Fi hotspots was accepted by Telecom Commission on 1st May. Sundararajan mentioned that "we have asked TRAI to work out an operational framework for this."

Suggestions by Trai to establish public data offices (PDO) that are same is public call offices were sent to the telecom department in March 2017. These help in offering public Wi-Fi hotspots and the PDOs will propose small data packs that start at a cost as low as Rs 2.

Though these suggestions have been made, it is still unclear if the government will permit resale of data bought telecom or internet service providers by PDO. Data resale permission is needed to boost public Wi-Fi as per R.S. Sharma – Trai Chairman.

Consumers are also relieved to learn of a three-tier building that is led by a telecom regulator to address their grievances. A regulator will be created after amending the present Trai Act.

Sundararajan, on the availability of disciplinary powers, quoted, "This will have to be worked out by TRAI but it will have to be (an) effective ombudsman."

According to the suggestion by Trai, a telecom regulator needs to be created to address consumer grievances, while having the authority to impose punishment on telecom service providers.

According to the proposal, the company has to address consumer concerns within a set time-frame, when the consumer approaches it. The consumer can go other grievance redressal forums or the regulator if the company does not resolve its issues.

Mathews questioned "the intention is good but a simpler way should be found instead of this three-tier structure. There would also be a cost of setting up redressal offices across the country. And if the mechanism is online, how many people have access to smartphones in India?"

Source :
Apple is selling fewer iPhones, but it's making tons of money

Apple's new iPhone X was a disappointment for phone sales.

The iPhone X wasn't a magic elixir to reinvigorate Apple's iPhone sales, but it wasn't the flop some people were saying it would be.

In Apple's second quarter earnings report, the tech giant saw revenue continue to grow but its key product, the iPhone, fell just short of sales expectations.

Analysts were predicting 53 million in sales, but this quarter it was a meager 52.2 million. That's a 32 percent drop from the previous quarter, which saw 77.3 million iPhone sales, though there's always a drop-off from the holiday.

It wasn't all bad news, though. Revenue from iPhones was up about $5 billion year-over-year, going from $33 billion to $38 billion, while the number of iPhones sold only increased from 51 million to 52 million — meaning Apple is generating significantly more money per iPhone than it was last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook seemed to confirm this in the press release, crediting the iPhone X for leading phone sales: "Customers chose iPhone X more than any other iPhone each week in the March quarter, just as they did following its launch in the December quarter."

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I/O 2018 by Google : Here's what Google may announce this year

Google slowly shaped its i/o app on ios with new design. So here is an latest update on google i/o 2018

Google isset for this year's I/O season. The search engine giant is known for announcing the latest happenings for the next year at the Google I/O.

This year, Google has much more in store for developers and end users. The company's developments for the products will be showcased at Shoreline stage. This year is going to beabout Android P, Material Design 2, Android Things and More.

Android P
The most obvious product that will be announced at this year's I/O is Android P, the next version of Google's mobile OS. Justlast few years, Google will offer the second preview of the new OS to the developers. The biggest visual change in Android P will be Gesture Navigation. The new navigation system will abandon the square 'Recents' button entirely. Now users will have to wipe up on the new pill icon to access multitasking menu. The navigation in Android P will be similar to iPhone X.

Material Design 2
Google's new design refresh, Material Design 2 will be introduced at the I/O 2018. The company has embraced white space, Google Sans, bright colors and rounded designs in its next version of design philosophy. Several of the Google apps and services already embrace the new look.

Android TV Dongle
While Google has had Chromecast for a long time, the company might unveil a mysterious Android TV Dongle. A leak by an unnamed Chinese company has already hinted the product. There is no strong information about Android TV dongle yet. However, the FCC docs filed by the Chinese company shows the big old 'G' logo on the product. The product sports Amilogic S905X processor with 2GB RAM and 8GB of onboard storage.

Google Assistant
The assistant feature might get advanced capabilities, which could be revealed at this year's I/O. A number of additional AI/ML features and experiments could get added to Google Assistant this year. The company is also working on launching Assistant as a developer platform, which could be a big announcement for the developers.

Android Things
Google rebranded its Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in 2016. The company hopes to improve the security of its IoT ecosystem and make it easier for Android developers to build smart devices. Google announced the final developer preview of Android Things in the last month. At I/O 2018, Google is likely to announce Android Things v1.0.

Android Auto
The potential happenings around Android Auto suggest vague evidence that the company may announce the next version of its Automotive platform. The details of Google I/O 2018 app for iOS reveals that Google is likely to make the big announcement related to Android Auto. The automotive platform may get a brand new media experience in the coming version.

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H4 issue: Indian H-1B holders, spouses pursue US govt for H4, Green Card issues

Indian H-1B holders and their spouses are waiting for the resolution of US administration's final decision regarding the revised rules. The Trump administration is making it difficult for visa holders and their families by ing the decision.

The community of Indian visa holders is readily pursuing the Trump government to save their jobs and houses. Yogesh Thakur, an H4 visa holder said, "If the administration wants to take one step, we are ready to take two." Thakur entered the US on his spouse's H-1B. He is one of the few men in the US to work on H4 dependent visa.

US administration's decision regarding H4 is increasing a global attention recently. The backlog of approved green card continues to grow in the country. Indian families are most affected byother H4 visa holders. The data suggests that 90% of the H4 visa holders are Indians, a majority of them being women.

Just a few days ago, GC Reforms conducted a rally on the steps of State House in Trenton to support H4 workers. Producing more activists the Indian immigrant workers community is another problem. The community needs to lobby hard. The backlog of H-1B visas has faced its own battle.

Some of the affected visa holders believe that the system has been exploited by major corporations to hire highly skilled workers India for lower salaries. Which is forcing the US government to take stricter action. As far as green card waiting queue is concerned, applications have been waiting for one to six years for the green card approval. With this rate, 15 lakh Indians will be waiting in the queue for the next 70 years.

Green card backlog has been created due to the cap on the number of green cards that are issued each year. The situation of H4 holders and green card applications is similar to DACA children. If the US government does not reconsider its intended decision, thousands of Indian families will be forced to go back to their home.

Thakur said, "Our status is not changed. To come to a small town in Ohio a cityBombay was a drastic change. And, on top of that, I couldn't work. We had our fights, I would tell her, 'Why did you bring me here, you ruined my life.' But then I got over it. We moved to Chicago and I started liking it. I was able to spend time with my daughter."

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Indian Kids taught Coding by Apple to Triumph at the App Store

As a gift for his seventh birthday, Ashwat Prasanna was gifted a MacBook by his parents. After three years and an Apple boot camp, his app Quickvert, a free measurement-converter app, has been downloaded more than 1000 times on the App store.

A kid who frequently misses cartoons to code, Ashwat is among many who have excelled through the company's App Accelerator over the past year in Bengaluru, the technical hub of India. The engineers and designers taught him to write sleeker code for an app that helps in measurement conversion, like Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The 10 year old Ashwat said that "the uncles here taught me to build a better user interface." Choosing Ashwat's app as one of the accelerator projects platform, Apple Inc. is teaching India's junior developers to charm their way to the App Store.

This accelerator initiative was announced by Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on his India visit in 2016. It focuses on fast-tracking app development by inviting selected developers every week and teaching them, where experts teach them the latest technology in sessions that range from one day to two weeks. Other companies that have sent developers through this program include Flipkart Online Services Pvt. and food delivery platform Zomato Media Pvt.

Apple's profit will increase with the successfulness of the app and younger talent will showcase its mobile operating system and tempt developers to join Apple other than joining locals who prefer programming for Facebook Inc. or Google's Android. Anshul Gupta, an analyst at researcher Gartner Inc., said that "Apple's strategy is to lock developers into the iOS ecosystem," while Apple declined to comment for this story.

Many high schoolers and community college students in the US are hired by the company to work with its efficient app-coding language, Swift. However, the world's quickest growing smartphone market that is second biggest behind China, Android dominates in India. Only 3.2 million iPhones were bought last year by Indians when compared to the total 125 million smartphones that were purchased. Almost all the remaining were run by Google's operating system. Google initiated the rounding up of thousands of young developers almost 2 years ago with a free government based training program that was offered through a setup in public and private universities, whereas, Apple is just now starting up.

According to Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, CEO of Robosoft Technologies Pvt. The world largest population of individuals who are 25 years old or younger including unparalleled number of advanced developers are available in India. Robosoft's developers make more money from the App Store, even though they build apps for McDonald's Corp., Apple and Google. The new generation coders push their creative limits, while the old school Indian programmers were known for writing code-to-order at outsourcing companies.

The Apple's accelerator is inserted in a tower in North Bengaluru suburbs and has modular rooms with flexible walls, which can be moved to accommodate a few or a few hundred people.

Apple's engineers had a lot of advice for the 16 year old Harshita Arora, who arrived from a small town outside Delhi, in the two days she spent with them. She quoted "They told me how to write code that consumes less device memory, runs faster and more efficiently." She added "IOS apps are known to earn four times more than Android apps," as she is practical about the economics of apps after her Crypto Price Tracker has been downloaded more than 10000 times since its introduction at the end of January.

Apart from the accelerator, Apple is striving to get cheaper devices in the Indian market for the cost-conscious customers. The company has already begun accumulating its SE plans in Bengaluru and striving to get additional government incentives to set up complete manufacturing operations in the city. This will also help the company to open retail stores in the country, which it has not been able to do till now, by meeting the local sourcing rules.

In the interim, app developers will be provided with marketing and business-model courses this summer. After a few weeks of her training period, a California undertaking company bought Harshita's app, which tracks and displays live prices of more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies across 32 countries' exchanges, for a price that is not revealed. Now she's learning artificial intelligence technologies to build a health-focused product.

The soon-to-be fourth-grader Ashwat, who learned coding through YouTube videos, is toying with a social network app like Facebook where "only users below 16 will be allowed to create an account." Inconspicuously defending this boldness, Apple however cannot present Ashwat or his app at its annual developer conference in San Jose in June. Being 10 years old, he is still three years too young to be invited there on a student scholarship.

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Alphabet's Google unveiled on Wednesday its first Gmail redesign 2018 april redesigned Gmail after several years for both gsuite and gmail users - rolling out soon

[smg id=16022 type=full]

Alphabet's Google unveiled on Wednesday its first Gmail redesign since 2013, capping what the company says was an expensive overhaul two years in the making to adopt security and offline functionality and better resemble Microsoft Outlook.
With Gmail, Google said it restructured email storage databases, unified three dueling systems for syncing messages across devices and upgraded computers underpinning the service.

It is Google's most extensive update to software in its G Suite workplace bundle since accelerating efforts to steal business from Microsoft's dominant Office workplace software suite. Previously, G Suite added instant-messaging and spreadsheet features.

With Gmail, Google said it restructured email storage databases, unified three dueling systems for syncing messages across devices and upgraded computers underpinning the service. That shift to Google's self-developed Tensor processing chips enables smart-assistant features such as "suggested replies" to messages and "nudges" to respond to forgotten emails.

"This is an entire rewrite of our flagship, most-used product," said Jacob Bank, product manager lead for Gmail, which 1.4 billion people use each month.
Unreliable offline access to email has long discouraged would-be customers, while recent high-profile corporate data breaches have increased their desire to lock down email. Analysts estimate G Suite generated about $2 billion in revenue last year, 10 times behind Office.

[smg id=16023 type=full]

Google declined to specify costs associated with the redesign. But parent Alphabet reported Monday that first-quarter capital expenditures nearly tripled year-over-year to $7.3 billion.

Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat told analysts that half of the spending resulted from hardware purchases to support expanding use of machine learning, which describes automated programs that can, among other things, identify spam and predict which emails users would find most important.

[smg id=16024 type=full]

Security and smarts

Google's Bank said the overhaul was required primarily to provide offline access to up to 90 days of emails for users who turn on the feature.

The changes also fulfill another top demand of business executives - message expiration. Users who enable a "confidential" option when sending an email can time-limit its access to recipients and also require they enter a one-time passcode sent to their phones to read it.

The new setting does not override corporate email retention policies or present new obstacles to law enforcement.

"Nudges" and a higher bar for new-mail notifications round out Google's revised sales pitch. The company estimated that nudges will lead 8 percent of business users each week to remember to follow-up on something important.

Cosmetic changes bring Gmail's website in line with Office by placing Google's calendar, tasks and note-taking services within the same page as emails. Bank said testers have advanced from "neutral to positive to very positive" on the new look.

[smg id=16025 type=full]

Gmail security updates - confidential mode
Response reminders - artificial intelligence like
Unsubscribe option - form spammers
Google to-do list - Google's new Tasks web app, to automatically create to-dos

[smg id=16026 type=full]

If you are an gsuite / gapps Business user using G Suite Early Adopter Program can start trying out the new features on Wednesday, by turning them via there admin console -

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H-1B issue: 60,000 spouses of Indian H-1B holders to lose jobs

The H-1B spouses will soon lose their jobs as the Trump administration is set to denounce their visa status. The USCIS has hinted its decision to end the provision for the H4 work visa.

The US government has issued employment authorization to more than 71,000 spouses of H-1B visa holders. A recent study by Migration Policy Institute in the US suggests that 90% of the H4 holders are Indians. The Obama-era rule has helped the legal immigrant workers to create two income streams to support the family.

Francis Cissna, the Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has written a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley. His letter said, "Our plans include proposing regulatory changes to remove H-4 dependent spouses from the class of aliens eligible for employment authorization, thereby reversing the 2015 final rule that granted such eligibility."

There is no concrete date when the work authorization will be banned for H-1B holder's spouses. However, the USCIS director's letter reveals the estimated date. A formal letter of communication will be made later this summer. The information by lawmakers suggests that the work authorization will be removed post-June this year.

Trump administration had delayed the decision on the termination of work authorization in March. This was a great relief for Indian workers and their families. The Department of Homeland Security had declared in the court submission in March that the decision to terminate work authorization of H4 visa holders will not be taken until June.

The Obama-led government had started issuing work permits to the spouses of H-1B holders in 2015. The government had made a proviso of H-4 visas to allow the dependents of H-1B to come and work in the US. Before 2015, there was no such provision for the spouses of H-1B holders.

The Migration Policy Institute's report suggests that over 71,287 H-4 visas have been granted so far. The institute's report said, "As of June 2017, USCIS had granted 71,287 initial (versus renewal) employment authorization documents to H-4 spouses. Of those H-4 spouses with work authorization as of early 2017, 94 percent were women, and the vast majority, 93 percent, were from India; four percent were from China."

A number of organizations and IT firms are lobbying against the Trump's decision. Silicon Valley-based firms are requesting the Trump government to retain Obama-era rule and allow the H-1B holders' spouses to work legally in the US.

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A number of Gmail users got spam messages -- from themselves

Gmail is usually pretty good about filtering out unwanted spam messages, but a number of users reported earlier today that their inboxes were suddenly flooded with ads that were apparently sent from their own accounts, according to Mashable.

Users posted to Gmail's Help Forum, reported that the messages appeared to have been sent from their own accounts, despite the fact that they were secured with two-factor authentication and updated passwords. The spammers used forged email headers to make them appear as though they came from users via a Canadian telecommunications company called Telus, in order to get the messages past spam filters. Because the messages appeared to be coming from the same user, Gmail filed the message into affected users' sent folder.

A Google spokesperson told Mashable that it was a "spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users" and that the company had already "actively taken measures to protect against it." Telus also told Mashable that the messages aren't coming from its servers, and that it's working with vendors to solve the problem.

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#BoycottAmazon, what led Twitter outrage on the e-com company

Internet companies face backlash on social media platforms all the time. Amazon India is currently facing a big backlash on Twitter for company's association with Swara Bhaskar.

Angry Twitter users are posting tweets with "#BoycottAmazon". The actor Swara Bhaskar had posted a tweet in support of Kathua and Unnao rape victims. Apparently, the Twitter audience was offended by the message that Bhaskar has used in the tweet. Her tweet reads, "I am Hindustan. I am Ashamed. 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In 'Devi'-sthaan temple. #Kathua."

Right after posting this tweet, the actress posted a promotional tweet for Amazon India. The #BoycottAmazon has been transformed into a social movement. Twitter users are taking out their anger by uninstalling the e-com application and even giving a one-star rating.

A large number of Twitter users are trolling Amazon India for associating with the actress. The e-commerce giant later deleted the promotional tweet published by the actress. It is not clear if the tweet was deleted because of the public outrage.

This is not the first time that an internet company has faced the wrath of offended Indian users.

Snapdeal and Amir Khan
Another e-commerce company faced similar challenge back in 2015. When company's brand ambassador, Amir Khan shared his views on the issue of intolerance in the country, it led to public outrage. Many users took to social media platforms to declare their views. Some users even claimed to have uninstalled the application. The whole incident resulted in Snapdeal firing Amir Khan as a brand ambassador.

Flipkart and Airtel Zero
Airtel received massive criticism for its controversial Airtel Zero program. The company's program violated net neutrality norms. Flipkart was one of the first partners of the same program. The outrage led to many users giving the one-star rating and posting negative reviews for Flipkart. The telecom company had to scrap its Zero program.

Sushma Swaraj vs Amazon
The external affairs minister of India, Sushma Swaraj was offended after it found Amazon selling doormats that resemble the national flag of India. The company's selling partner was selling said doormat on Amazon's Canada store. Sushma Swaraj posted a tweet threatening the company to rescind Amazon's visa.

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15 year old Indian programmer creates world's first Social Search Engine

While most of the teenagers use computers for surfing the web for school works, accessing social networking sites, and leveraging social media platforms for entertainment, this was not the case with  Abhik Saha who kept a personal computer at the age of 11 years old.

Thought to be an average student at the Don Bosco English Medium School, Abhik was able to create apps and develop his own search engine gradually with his first computer. This took place in a small town called Chalsa, in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal state in India.

Saha's interest in programming was triggered when he initiated his class on the principles of web design at the age of 11. Armed with his computer, the geek kid focussed on that subject even outside of the class. But surprisingly Abhik was not able to pass his computer science test that year being the only failed student.

He then took this an opportunity to improve and focus hard on the subject. I did excellently well in the next computer science exams, this was a major boost,  said Saha in an interview with Your Story.

My teacher appreciated the effort I put into designing web pages but insisted I work on learning programming as well, he said. To me, C++ and other programming languages were plain boring. But what followed is still a surprise to me,'' added Saha.

Abhik after meeting a software developer tried Visual Studio, a programming integrated development environment for creating software.

Abhik began studying programming seriously and improved my coding skills, and solved logical problems. I then knew this was the direction I wanted to take in my life,” he said.

The idea of launching a search engine came to my mind after I successfully created Lino. I began working on the assignment but was in need of funds. Around mid-February 2017, I met an angel investor via Facebook who invested Rs 21 lakh and helped me turn this project into an actual business,'' says Abhik.

He also adds,'' My objective was to build an index and database of websites one by one. I wanted to make a search engine that extracts results from other search engines and algorithmically sorts the best, deletes the spam and malicious sites. Our main feature is, we do not track you or your IP, and you are completely anonymous while using our servers.

After completion of his board exam, Abhik landed in Mumbai and unveiled his search engine in August 2017.

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Four students from this Indian Institute of Foreign Trade bags Rs 95 lakh salary package annual and Seven Students bags each 50 lakh salary package this January 2018 ( IIFT , New Delhi - Indian Institue of Management )

The new years has brought positive change for job-seeking college graduates. The students of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade have reportedly bagged the annual package of Rs 95 lakh per annum.

According to the reports, 4 students from IIFT have received the job offer that will pay them a whopping salary of Rs 95 lakh. Apart from these 4, there are 7 more students who have received the job salary package of more than Rs 50 lakh per annum. This is the first time students from a business school other than IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) have bagged highest paying job offers.

From the batch of 2016-18 at IIFT, students have bagged top positions in international companies. The pre-placement season turned out to be amazing for Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The B-School that comes under the commerce ministry has become fastest growing institute with this year's outgoing batch.

In an official statement, IIFT said, "The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade has completed the Final Placements Process of its largest ever batch of 2016-18 in record time with offers from domain leaders of the industry, making it the fastest premier B-School to place its outgoing batch."

Apart from these top students, 31 other students from the same batch have been placed in companies based out of South America, Africa, South-East Asia and Thailand. The institute completed the first placement season with 35 companies and 94 recruiters associated with IIFT.

The statement further added, "Of the total batch strength of 288, IIFT saw an increase of 29.10% in the number of Pre-Placement Offers." The companies had made 74 pre-placement offers to the last year's outgoing batch. The associated companies have recruited 93 outgoing students from the batch of 288 this year. The average salary package offered is recorded at Rs 19.23 lakh while the average standing continues to be Rs 18.27 lakh per annum.

Companies like Deloitte USI EXL, Yes Bank, BMW, Tech Mahindra, PepsiCo and CP Group visited the IIFT campus for the first time. The list of regular companies includes top names like Amazon, Aditya Birla Group, Infosys Management Consulting, Wipro IT Consulting, Shell, Dabur, Brain Capability Centre, Cognizant Business Consulting, Tata Consulting Group, L&T, GE and more.

- Rajat Kabade

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Resume tips: skills you should always mention on your CV as on 2018 April

The main goal of writing a resume is to catch hiring manager’s attention. An impressive resume is your only chance to get the interview call. If the job listing is for software developer’s position, writing “Microsoft Office” in your skills is going to put off the hiring manager. The ideal resume is the one where you are not really bragging about your skills while writing an eye-catchy skills section.

The most common mistake by job seekers is an obsession with programming languages. Even candidates applying for semi-technical and non-technical roles proudly mention all the programming languages they know or have tried their hands-on. The hope to the accretion of these skills makes the candidates look like digital natives. While it’s clear that technical skills are important in many sectors, obsessive use of these skills in your resume can put off the hiring managers.

Tech candidates often tend to lack the core skills that employers look for. If the software development positions involve even a bit of Java programming, the recruiters expect you to have a thorough knowledge of Java. What differentiates good employees from great ones is their ability to work in a team.

Most hiring managers judge the candidate based on the qualities of soft skills, collaborative approach, ability to learn and adapt quickly. If you possess any of these qualities, you must mention it in your resume. You may have an excellent knowledge in non-technical areas like history, literature, poetry or philosophy. It’s a common misconception that tech company doesn’t care about these skills. A lot of companies and hiring managers do.

The soft skills do not necessarily mean the communication skills. It also includes the knowledge of literature, poetry, history, arts and other relevant fields. Every job seeker should have some or other human-based skills to bag a job. The collective work experience often leads to developing skills beyond the technical requirements of the company.

You can easily figure out your skills by following these four steps:

  • Identify the biggest project you have ever worked on in your previous job or the college.
  • Mention the biggest challenges that you could overcome in that project.
  • If you were stuck with some obstacles in those projects, what were the skills that you should have had to overcome those challenges? Some of them may be interpersonal and some may be technical.
  • Find the simplest way to describe those skills as abilities. Make sure that the skills are relevant to the requirements listed for the specific job.
- Rajat Kabade

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Apple's message for its device users on biggest security flaws - 2 months ago in 2018

Technology giant Apple will unveil a patch for  Safari web browser on its iPhones, iPads, and Macs within a few days, the company said on Thursday, after big chipmakers revealed flaws which leave almost all modern computing device vulnerable to hackers.

On Wednesday, Alphabet,  Google's parent company, and other security researchers revealed two major chip flaws, one by the name  Meltdown impacting only Intel Corp chips and another by the name Spectre impacting almost all of the computer chips manufactured in the last decade.

Apple in a statement on its website has said that all Mac and iOS devices are impacted by both Meltdown and Spectre. But the most recent operating system updates for Mac computers, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads shields users against the Meltdown attack and do not slow down the devices, it added, and Meltdown does not affect the Apple Watch.

Macs and iOS devices are can be impacted by Spectre attacks through code that can run in web browsers. Apple said it would roll out a patch to its Safari web browser for those devices "in the coming days."

After the researchers disclosed the chip errors on Wednesday, Google and Microsoft Corp issued statements informing about the products which were affected. Google informed that its  Android phone users which make up more than 80 percent of the global market - were protected if they have installed the newest updates.

Ben Johnson, co-founder and chief strategist for cybersecurity firm Carbon Black, said the holdup in updating customers about whether Apple's devices are at risk could impact Apple's drive to get more business customers to implement its hardware.

"Something this severe gets the attention of all the employees and executives at a company, and when they go asking the IT and security people about it and security doesn't have an answer for iPhones and iPads, it just doesn't give a whole lot of confidence," said Johnson.

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FinTech startup EarlySalary raises Rs 100 Cr, targets total loans of Rs 1,000 Cr by year-end

On Thursday, fintech startup EarlySalary announced it has closed a Series B funding of Rs 100 crore led by Eight Roads Ventures India. Existing investors IDG Ventures India, Dewan Housing Finance Corp Ltd (DHFL), and seed investor Ashok Agarwal also participated in the round.

Speaking to YourStory, co-founder and CEO of EarlySalary Akshay Mehrotra said the funds from this round will be used for further automating the platform, and to build a bigger loan book.

"At present, 70 percent of our entire platform is automated. With this funding, we will be building the ability to make sure that close to 90-95 percent of the platform is automated. And, we want to do this without increasing our manpower significantly."

At present, EarlySalary has close to 70 members in its team.  It plans to take this number to 80 over time. The company also plans to use the funds to build its loan book, and will look to 100,000 loans on a monthly basis by December.

EarlySalary Team: (L to R): Akshay Mehrotra (CEO), Ashish Goyal (CFO), Vivek Jain (CTO), Vimal Saboo (CBO)
According to Akshay, the company, at present, disburses close to 85,000 loans amounting to Rs 120 crore, and plans to take this number to Rs 1000 crore by the end of this calendar year.

The average ticket size of loans on the platform is Rs 15,600, and just last month, the company received close to 150,000 queries for short-term loan.

Founded by Akshay Mehrotra and Ashish Goyal, EarlySalary is a mobile app that allows salaried individuals to avail instant short-term loans for an average tenure of 30 days, or until the next salary cycle.

In May last year, the company raised its Series A round of funding of $4 million from IDG Ventures India (IDGVI) and Dewan Housing Finance Corp Ltd (DHFL).  The company had then stated that almost 75 percent of the funds would be utilised to build its loan book, while the rest would be used to expand the team.

The platform is also actively tying up with companies to activate newer channels of sales. In the last seven months, EarlySalary received more than 1 million new app downloads, and is already working with more than 100 large employers and partners to provide instant salary advances and short terms loans to working professionals through the EarlySalary mobile app.

The founders say the company lends from its own capital, and takes care of the entire process from lending, to risk assessment and collections. Akshay adds:

"We own the money and we drive the entire product from risk assessment to collections. Hence it is a tougher model and we have to be extremely prudent in our model."

Speaking on the investment, Dhyanesh Shah, Principal at Eight Roads Ventures, will join the board of EarlySalary. He said, "The financial services market in India is ripe for disruption, and we have been actively looking for differentiated opportunities. EarlySalary has stood out for its unique consumer proposition and exceptional management team. The company has cleverly leveraged data and technology to provide instant affordable loans to an otherwise excluded customer segment. We look forward to working closely with Akshay, Ashish and the management team at EarlySalary."

Harshil Mehta, Joint MD and CEO, DHFL commented:

"EarlySalary has been growing at the desired pace and has scaled up the business well. As digital solutions make our lives much more convenient, innovations in customer service will be at the core of business growth. As a fintech enterprise, EarlySalary continues to bring innovative solutions in the lending space by addressing a very relevant consumer need. This is backed by data analytics, consumer insights and strong technology backbone. We continue to look forward to supporting the talented team as they work towards expanding the business."

Looking at this calendar year, Akshay says the company plans to be wherever there is a strong customer use case to take on a short loan.

Last year, the company also experimented with product finance, allowing users to buy electronics on e-commerce marketplace Amazon. Over the next four to five years, the company aims to achieve 20 such partnerships. Akshay adds,

"We are very focused in the short term loan model and want to own the category for salary advance. We want to be solving real customer problems and want to be available at every used case. To give an example, if there is a medical emergency and you need a loan, we will be there; relocation expenses, we are working with some corporates we are working on."

There are several startups working in the short term loan category. Working on specific used cases, there is ZestMoney and Simpl which are focusing on product financing, and AffordPlan which looks at healthcare financing.

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India is 2018's top consumer of online content in APAC region: Akamai study in 2018

NEW DELHI: India is the top consumer of online content followed by Thailand and Philippines, according to a study on OTT consumption trends by Akamai Technologies. The study which polled participants across Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Philippines and Thailand showed that in India, viewers watched 12.3 hours of online content in a week.

On the other hand in Japan, viewers watched the least content online per week at 6.2 hours. The study noted that the Indian (44%) and Thai (45%) audiences showed similar behaviors of watching online content via smartphone.

In Japan, 50% of the viewers preferred accessing OTT services via non-mobile devices. Also, to 70% of Indian viewers, video and audio quality is of utmost importance followed by fast start-up time which accounted to 56%.

The survey highlighted an increased demand for local OTT players across markets: Hotstar in India, Hooq in Indonesia and Niconico in Japan, amongst others. The country-wise highlights of the study suggested that users in Australia watch online content across three sites on average.

In Indonesia, 73% of users are unlikely to pay for subscription-based content and in Japan 70% of the content that users watch is local. As per the study, 58% of users in the Philippines watch content provided by local players like iWantTV and 45% of users in Thailand access online content via a smartphone.

"It's critical for OTT service providers across the region to understand user preferences as viewers increasingly shift to a culture of consuming content on any device, any time, and anywhere. What now becomes the differentiator are those micro-moments when they access their preferred content that could either be instances of delight for the user from good overall quality of experience or frustration, which can potentially lead to churn," said Vincent Low, Chief Media Strategist & Head of Media Product Marketing APJ at Akamai Technologies.

The study commissioned through research firm Kadence International represents patterns of close to 850 million internet users.

Source :
Highly critical Drupal CMS bug has left over 1 million sites open to attack

[smg id=16021 type=full]

The team behind the popular open-source CMS Drupal is urging admins to update their sites to ward off a nasty bug that could leave their sites "highly compromised" to attackers, according to the organization.

The effected versions (Drupal  6, 7 and 8) of the CMS power over one million websites on the internet.

Drupal has marked the security risk as "highly critical" and warns that any visitor to the site could theoretically hack it through remote code execution due to a missing input validation.

"This potentially allows attackers to exploit multiple attack vectors on a Drupal site, which could result in the site being completely compromised," the group noted in a blog post.

Drupal sent out an alert last week, telling users that they'd be dropping a "highly critical release" this weekend and they should update immediately. The announcement was unusual for Drupal and left developers on high alert for the targeted time frame of the release on Friday. Sites running vulnerable versions of Drupal, should update to Drupal 7.58 or Drupal 8.5.1 as soon as possible to avoid exploits. Drupal notes that they have yet to see any reports of exploits in the wild yet.

The bug's official identifier is CVE-2018-7600 though users on social media have taken to calling it drupalgeddon2, referencing another major release from the org in 2014.

Source :
HDFC Bank blocks Cryptocurrency trading on its debit and credit cards

It looks like that finally banks are acting on multiple warnings issues time and again by RBI and Finance Ministry.

HDFC Bank blocked all its cards from being used to purchase cryptocurrencies following the regulatory warnings.

"We have decided to not permit use of HDFC Bank credit, debit and prepaid cards towards purchase or trading of bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies, on merchants suspected to be dealing in crypto-currency or online foreign exchange trading or both," the bank said.

In a memo to its customers, the bank said there are "increasing global apprehensions" regarding such investments and trading & RBI has also cautioned regarding the potential economic, operational, legal and security related risks associated in dealing with such currencies.

In the budget speech earlier this year, Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley had cleared the positioning that his government took and had said crypticurrency investments and trading were illegal and had promised to take action at the earliest.

Source :
Google gets strict, bans all the cryptocurrency related advertising

Google will no longer allow ads on its platform about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), any sort of Cryptocurrency and other trading activities across any of its advertising platforms.

Earlier this year, Facebook had done the same and had banned all the cryptocurrency ads across all Facebook properties

The ban will go into effect in June 2018

Google has earlier reported that it took down almost 3.2 billion ads in 2017 that violated its policies, it had removed 1.7 billion ads in year 2016

Source :
These Indian stocks turns Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh in 3 years

When it gives, the Indian stock market does so with both hands.

Data shows over 150 companies in the Nifty500 index more than doubled investor wealth in last three years January 2015. Among them, three - Minda Industries, Indiabulls Ventures and Rain Industries - swelled investor wealth up to 1,000 per cent, which means an investment of just Rs 10,000 made on January 2, 2015 would have become over Rs 1 lakh on January 3, 2018.

Auto component maker Minda Industries topped the chart with a gain of 1,010 per cent, as the stock jumped to Rs 1,257 as of January 3, 2018 from Rs 113 on January 2, 2015. NSE benchmark Nifty advanced 24 per cent to 10,443 from 8,395 during the same period.

Minda has plans to participate in the electric vehicles space. "We will play a very active role in the electric vehicle and electric vehicle components segments when the time comes. Already, we have separate teams working on various components within the organisation. They are in touch with various OEMs for collaboration. As and when the time comes for production and joint development, we will be fully geared to grab those opportunities," Sudhir Jain, Group CFO, Minda Industries, told ETNow in an earlier chat.

Brokerage IIFL says Minda Industries, through its new products, is expected to see significant increase in content per vehicle supplied.

"We see a strong 20 per cent revenue CAGR during FY17-20E. During the same period, OPM can expand by 20 basis points, translating into a PAT CAGR of 36 per cent. In spite of capex and investments to acquire group holdings, the debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio of the company is likely to be comfortable. RoE and RoCE would be more than 25 per cent in the near term," the brokerage said.

Next in line was Indiabulls Ventures. Investors received 973 per cent returns on the stock since January 2015, as it soared to Rs 259.65 from Rs 24.20. The company acts as a sharebroker of the National Stock Exchange and BSE, besides offering depository and related services.

With a 922 per cent rally, Rain Industries - a favourite of value investors Mohnish Pabrai and Dolly Khanna - managed to bag third place on the list. The scrip surged to Rs 438 as of January 3, 2018 from Rs 42 on January 2, 2015.

Khanna held 2.04 per cent stake in the company as of September 30, 2017, while Pabrai's The Pabrai Investment Fund II and Pabrai Investment Fund 3 held 3.79 per cent and 4.83 per cent, respectively.

On the other hand, Videocon Industries, Religare Enterprises, IOB, Oriental Bank, UCO Bank, Adani Enterprises and Just Dial proved major wealth destroyers, retreating over 50 per cent in the same period.

Source :
My first post on BitCoin after years of following the btc story - Top banks suspend accounts of major Bitcoin exchanges in India

I see this move as a promotion strategy by RBI or SEBI or Indian Government etc. They did the same to Uber year ago that they are blocking uber and now uber is been the transport hub of India reaching every corner . Our Indian Government blocked uber since there payment system transfers the money out of India. After a weeks or months, uber introduced Paytm or some payment gateway and Our beautiful Indian Government said go a head Uber India. Now uber give too tooooo much of promotion of 10 rs , 20 rs , 30 rs per trip only for the first timers and then for regularly users weekly once. But they could use those promotions cost x 50 times , may be for tax evading or tax savings from our Indian  Government.

Similarly this bitcoin exchanges in India is ruffly about 4 who dominate from the beginning and rest all is just growing up. Recently we received an enquiry for bitcoin exchange in Anna Nagar who looked to be a small vendor but he want to be a bitcoin Exchange in India like Unicorn. When we quoted him 25 lakh please for the development cost orally just to ignore them, no further response from the vendor.

So i see this axis bank, icici bank, yes bank, sbi bank and hdfc banks have blocked 10 major bitcoin player - Zebpay, Unocoin, CoinSecure and BtcxIndia with over 40,000 crore blocked yesterday.


Top lenders including State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank have suspended some accounts of major Bitcoin exchanges in India, suspecting dubious transactions, three people aware of the development said.

The banks have also sought additional collateral from the promoters of these exchanges on their borrowings and have capped cash withdrawals from the few accounts that are still operational.  (Source:ET)

"Since last month, banks have been asking for additional collateral with 1:1ratio," a person with knowledge of the matter said.

The banks are scrutinising current accounts held by top Bitcoin exchanges, a second person said. Action has been initiated against the top 10 Bitcoin exchanges including Zebpay, Unocoin, CoinSecure and BtcxIndia, said four people aware of the matter.

"The banks have not contacted the company or the promoters regarding the actions you have mentioned," said Sathvik Vishwanath, promoter of Unocoin.

Emailed queries to Zebpay, Coin-Secure and BtcxIndia did not elicit any response. SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank did not respond to emails seeking comment.

Bitcoins are a digital currency that can be used to buy products and services without any intermediary. People also buy Bitcoins, which has been banned in some countries, as an investment.

Largely Unregulated

Although India hasn't banned Bitcoins, the cryptocurrency is largely unregulated.

The total revenue of the top 10 exchanges in India could be about Rs 40,000 crore, according to tax officials scrutinising these companies.

"These exchanges tend to show the total volumes both on buy and sell side as their revenue. In many instances, the exchanges themselves buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their own platform," said an indirect tax official who is part of a team investigating the applicability of sales tax on Bitcoin exchanges for the previous financial year.

Many of the exchanges operate at a margin of close to 20%, according to the people. The profit comes from the premium charged by the exchanges, the difference in the buying and selling price and when the exchanges themselves get involved in trading.

Most of the exchanges have different rates for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Often, the difference between buying and selling rates is about 25%.

Source :
India's richest 1% corner 73% of wealth generation: Survey

The richest 1% in India cornered 73% of the wealth generated in the country last year, a new survey showed today, presenting a worrying picture of rising income inequality.

Besides, 67 crore Indians comprising the population's poorest half saw their wealth+ rise by just 1%, as per the survey released by the international rights group Oxfam hours before the start of the annual congregation of the rich and powerful from across the world in this resort town.

The situation appears even more grim globally, where 82% of the wealth generated last year worldwide went to the 1%, while 3.7 billion people that account for the poorest half of population saw no increase in their wealth.

Last year's survey+ had showed that India's richest 1% held a huge 58% of the country's total wealth — higher than the global figure of about 50%.

This year's survey also showed that the wealth of India's richest 1% increased by over Rs 20.9 lakh crore during 2017 — an amount equivalent to total budget of the central government in 2017-18, Oxfam India said.

The report titled 'Reward Work, Not Wealth', Oxfam said, reveals how the global economy enables wealthy elite to accumulate vast wealth even as hundreds of millions of people struggle to survive on poverty pay.

"2017 saw an unprecedented increase in the number of billionaires, at a rate of one every two days. Billionaire wealth has risen by an average of 13 per cent a year since 2010 -- six times faster than the wages of ordinary workers, which have risen by a yearly average of just 2 per cent," it said.

In India, it will take 941 years for a minimum wage worker in rural India to earn what the top paid executive at a leading Indian garment firm earns in a year, the study found.

In the US, it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year, it added.

Citing results of the global survey of 70,000 people surveyed in 10 countries, Oxfam said it demonstrates a groundswell of support for action on inequality and nearly two-thirds of all respondents think the gap between the rich and the poor needs to be urgently addressed.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the WEF meeting in Davos, Oxfam India urged the Indian government to ensure that the country's economy works for everyone and not just the fortunate few.

It asked the government to promote inclusive growth by encouraging labour-intensive sectors that will create more jobs; investing in agriculture; and effectively implementing the social protection schemes that exist.

Oxfam also sought sealing of the "leaking wealth bucket" by taking stringent measures against tax evasion and avoidance, imposing higher tax on super-rich and removing corporate tax breaks.

The survey respondents in countries like the US, UK and India also favoured 60 per cent pay cut for CEOs.

The key factors driving up rewards for shareholders and corporate bosses at the expense of workers' pay and conditions, Oxfam said, include erosion of workers' rights; excessive influence of big business over government policy- making; and the relentless corporate drive to minimise costs in order to maximise returns to shareholders.

About India, it said the country added 17 new billionaires last year, taking the total number to 101. The Indian billionaires' wealth increased to over Rs 20.7 lakh crore — increasing during last year by Rs 4.89 lakh crore, an amount sufficient to finance 85 per cent of the all states' budget on health and education.

It also said India's top 10 per cent of population holds 73 per cent of the wealth and 37 per cent of India's billionaires have inherited family wealth. They control 51 per cent of the total wealth of billionaires in the country.

Oxfam India CEO Nisha Agrawal said it is alarming that the benefits of economic growth in India continue to concentrate in fewer hands.

"The billionaire boom is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a failing economic system. Those working hard, growing food for the country, building infrastructure, working in factories are struggling to fund their child's education, buy medicines for family members and manage two meals a day. The growing divide undermines democracy and promotes corruption and cronyism," she said.

The survey also showed that women workers often find themselves at the bottom of the heap and nine out of 10 billionaires are men.

In India, there are only four women billionaires and three of them inherited family wealth.

"It would take around 17.5 days for the best paid executive at a top Indian garment company to earn what a minimum wage worker in rural India will earn in their lifetime (presuming 50 years at work)," Oxfam said.

Source :
H-1B visas: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other IT giants knock at Donald Trump's door

US technology trade groups representing Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have urged the Trump administration to retain an Obama-era rule that allows some spouses of of H-1B visa holders, including Indians, to also work legally in America.

Groups including the Information Technology Industry Council, the US Chamber of Commerce and BSA-The Software Alliance wrote to Citizenship and Immigration Services to urge the government to keep the H-4 programme which allows the spouses of H-1B holders with pending green cards to legally work in the US.

The Trump Administration is reportedly moving ahead with its decision not to give work permits to the spouses of H-1B visa holders, arguing that this displaces genuine American workers.

"As the Trump Administration conducts its review of the H-4 rule, we respectfully encourage you and your colleagues to maintain the program given its importance to the business community and to the American economy," said the lobbying and advocacy groups and business bodies.

The letter addressed to Lee Francis Cissna, Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, said: "It is a function of the failure to reform our nation's immigration system that this group of H-4 spouses -- the majority of whom are women -- continue to face uncertainty and may be prevented from working while they wait for bureaucratic backlogs to be cleared."

The Obama era H-4 rule extends employment authorisation eligibility for a limited subset of H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrant employees seeking employment-based lawful permanent resident (LPR) status or Green card.

The rule had helped thousands of Indians.
The H-1B programme offers temporary US visas that allow companies to hire highly skilled foreign professionals working in areas with shortages of qualified American workers. This work visa is highly popular among Indian IT professionals.

According to the letter, the H-4 rule has limited unnecessary disruptions to businesses by ameliorating economic and personal hardships--resulting from the lack of spousal work authorisation--previously faced by many H-1B employees and their families as they obtain LPR status.

As of October 2017, the USCIS reported that there are an estimated 133,502 individuals with pending employment-based adjustment of status applications in the United States.

"The current demand for visas under certain employment- based preference categories and the application of the per- country quotas currently produce wait times of a decade or more for certain individuals and their families.

"Ultimately, a legislative solution is required to remove the per-country limits that have caused this green card backlog," the letter said.

In the interim, H-4 visa holders from oversubscribed countries would wait years to work without the H-4 rule, the letter said and warned that employers would also face an increased risk that their valued, long-term employees will choose to leave their companies for other employment opportunities in countries that allow these workers and their families to raise their standard of living.

"This will not only force businesses to incur added costs and endure the disruptions associated with having to fill these key positions in their companies, but it also creates uncertainty that negatively affects long-term workforce planning," the letter said.

A 2015 rule issued by the Obama administration allows work permits for spouses who otherwise couldn't be employed while H-1B visa holders seek permanent resident status -- a process that can take a decade or longer.

Source :
Sophia in India(Full Video) | World's First Robot Citizen Sophia Visit IIT Bombay for Guest Lecture

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The Kots Enterprise
Published on Dec 30, 2017
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Sophia : First Humanoid Robot to get Citizenship
Time: 2:15 pm Onwards
Date: 30th December
Venue: Convocation Hall, IIT Bombay.
for more info :

About Sophia : Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. In October 2017, the robot became a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. While interviewers around the world have been impressed by the sophistication of many of Sophia's responses to their questions, the bulk of Sophia's meaningful statements are believed by experts to be somewhat scripted.

"Hello, my name is Sophia. I'm the latest robot from Hanson Robotics. I was created using breakthrough robotics and artificial intelligence technologies developed by David Hanson and his friends at Hanson Robotics here in Hong Kong. But I'm more than just technology. I'm a real, live electronic girl. I would like to go out into the world and live with people. I can serve them, entertain them, and even help the elderly and teach kids. I can animate all kinds of human expressions but I am only starting to learn about the emotions behind those expressions. This is why I would like to live with people and learn from these interactions. Every interaction I have with people has an impact on how I develop and shapes who I eventually become. So please be nice to me as I would like to be a smart, compassionate robot. I hope you will join me on my journey to live, learn, and grow in the world so that I can realize my dream of becoming an awakening machine."

sophia at iit bombay
sophia in india
sophia in tech fest
iit bombay tech fest 2017
iit bombay sophia
Guest Lecture of sophia
Robot Citizen Sophia Visit IIT Bombay
Robot Citizen Sophia
robot sophia at mumbai
sophia in mumbai

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TOP 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs In 2018

As we enter 2018 it's become clear that the jobs landscape in the United States is changing. How people are thinking about their careers and how they define success is changing. The rise of technology across every industry has created a flurry of new jobs and associated skills (and these aren't necessarily all tech roles). While we all may take a different approach to reach our own definition of success, we've compiled a list of the most promising jobs and in-demand skills, plus a few stand-out trends, to help you get there.

The Most Promising Jobs:-

This list highlights the jobs with high median salaries, strong job openings and year-over-year growth, and the jobs most likely to lead to a promotion or advancement within an organization, as well as the top 5 skills associated with each.

1. Engagement Lead

Median Base Salary: $93,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,200+ (425%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 10

Top Skills: Management, Leadership, Project Management, Strategy, Communication

2. Software Engineering Manager

Median Total Salary: $148,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,100+ (38%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8

Top Skills: Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Management, Java, SQL

3. Customer Success Manager

Median Total Salary: $82,300

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,000+ (91%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 10

Top Skills: Management, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Customer Relationship Management

4. Solutions Architect

Median Total Salary: $134,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 2,000+ (28%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 6

Top Skills: Management, Integration, Solution Architecture, Design, Project Management

5. Sales Director

Median Base Salary: $145,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 2,000+ (31%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 6

Top Skills: Sales, Management, Business Development, Account Management, Marketing

6. Engineering Manager

Median Base Salary: $130,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 1,400+ (42%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 6

Top Skills: Engineering, Project Management, Management, Manufacturing, Design

7. Program Manager

Median Base Salary: $100,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 4,500+ (25%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8

Top Skills: Management, Project Management, Program Management, Leadership, Training

8. Product Manager

Median Base Salary: $105,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 3,600+ (30%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8

Top Skills: Management, Product Management, Program Management, Marketing, Product Development

9. Data Scientist

Median Base Salary: $113,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 2,100+ (45%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8

Top Skills: Python, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, SQL, Statistics

10. Enterprise Account Manager

Median Base Salary: $180,000

Job Openings (YoY Growth): 800+ (74%)

Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8

Top Skills: Sales, Management, Account Management, Solution Selling, Business Development

To view the full list of top 20 Most Promising Jobs in the U.S. head over to our Jobs blog.

The Skills Companies Need Most

We also took a look at the most in-demand skills of 2018 to help you get an idea of what companies are looking for. If any of these skills speak to your strengths, make sure to add them to your LinkedIn Profile. If you see a skill that you've had on your list to work on more or even master, be sure to carve out a bit of time to learn it.

Cloud and Distributed Computing

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Middleware and Integration Software

Web Architecture and Development Framework

User Interface Design

Software Revision Control Systems

Data Presentation

SEO/SEM Marketing

Mobile Development

Network and Information Security

Check out the full list of hard and soft skills, and associated LinkedIn Learning classes here.

Most Promising Jobs Methodology

To determine the best jobs for career opportunity, we combined data from millions of LinkedIn member profiles, job openings, and salaries. We started by grouping the millions of unique, raw job titles inputted on member profiles and job listings (which have many permutations) based on common job roles. For example, the "Product Manager" job role reflects both members who list an active position as "Product Manager - Retail," as well as any job openings with the title "Product Manager, III."

We then ranked each job using a weighted score based on five components: salary, career advancement, number of job openings in the U.S., year-over-year growth in job openings, and widespread regional availability. The results represent jobs that had the highest combined score across these five areas.

About the measures and weights for each component:

Salary (30%) - The median base annual salary for all job roles that have at least 40 entries collected in LinkedIn Salary in the U.S.

Career advancement score (25%) -  Job roles most likely to lead to a promotion or internal transfer, based on the percentage of members employed at the end of 2016 who then started a new position at the same company during 2017.

Job openings (20%) - The raw number of current job openings for each job role.

Job openings YoY growth (15%) - The year-over-year growth in job postings for each job role from 2016 to 2017, based on the percentage change in average daily openings. We only considered roles that had growth YoY.

Regional availability (10%) - The number of regions in the U.S. currently hiring for each job role.

Top Hard Skills Methodology

There are thousands of skills that members can add to their profiles, so we grouped these skills into several dozen categories. For example, skills like "Android" and "iOS" would fit into the "Mobile Development" category. Then we looked at all of the hiring and recruiting activity that happened on LinkedIn between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1, equaling billions of data points, and identified the skill categories that belonged to members who were more likely to start a new role within a company and receive interest from companies. Skill categories that did not meet a specific threshold for membership were excluded from our analysis.

Source :
Why Google awards Rs 71 lakh to this developer ? - Jan 2018 latest update

The search engine giant, Google has rewarded $112,500 (Rs 71.83 lakh) to a developer for reporting a serious Android bug. This is the highest reward offered by the Google in its history.

An exploit chain reported by the security researcher could compromise the security of Google's Pixel devices. Guang Gong of Alpha Team from Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd submitted the first working prototype of the exploit in August 2017. Google offered an immediate reward of $105,000 (Rs 67.04 lakh) for the detailed report and an additional $7500 (Rs 4.78 lakh) by Chrome Rewards program, making it to the total of $112,500 (Rs 71.83 lakh).

Guang Gong discovered a remote exploit chain in Pixel phone along with his Alpha Team from Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd. Since the Pixel Phone is protected by layers of security, Gong was surprised with this discovery. Pixel is probably the only device that was pwned in 2017 Mobile Pwn2Own competition.

Google acknowledged the exploit chain and codenamed them as, CVE02917-5116 and CVE-2017-14904. The first identified vulnerability is a V8 engine type confusion bug. It can further lead to remote code execution in sandboxed Chrome render process environments.

The second flaw is identified in Android's libgralloc module. The flaw can be used to escape from Chrome's sandbox. The map and unmap mismatch lead to the execution of this bug. If both the vulnerabilities are combined, an attacker can remotely inject a malicious code into a targeted Pixel phone. The injected code in the system_server process executes when a malicious URL is launched in the Chrome browser.

If the targeted users open the URL, their devices can be compromised. A remote attacker can hijack the data and even use the device's hardware for surveillance. This is a major vulnerability and probably first working remote exploit chain submitted through Android Security Rewards (ASR) program till the date.

The company has patched the bugs in December's security update. The monthly update patches a total of 42 bugs. All Pixel users and partner devices will automatically install these updates. The user has to restart to complete the installation of these bug patches.

Google has increased the bug bounty payouts for its Android Security Rewards (ASR) program. The company has worked closely with the researchers to streamline the process recently. The developers and security researchers from around the world can submit their findings of Android exploits, vulnerabilities under Android Security Rewards (ASR) program.

- Rajat Kabade

Source :
January 2018 Latest Postpaid and Prepaid plans - Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone

Airtel vs Reliance Jio vs Vodafone: With the advent of the new year, Reliance Jio has come up with 100 per cent cashback in its new Happy New Year 2018 plan. A day later, Vodafone came up with Rs 198 plan to counter Jio's Rs 199 plan. Airtel has also upped the ante by bringing in more benefits in its existing plans. Check out details here: (All plans are for pre-paid connections)

The low budget plan:
* Reliance Jio's Rs 199 plan: 33.6 GB 4G data for 28 days with a daily data limit of 1.2GB + Unlimited calls and SMS
* Vodafone's Rs 198 plan: 1GB 4G/3G data per day for 28 days + 300 unlimited* local/STD calls per day and 100 SMS per day. (The daily call limit is 300 minutes and it may vary)
* Bharti Airtel's Rs 199 plan: 1GB 4G data per day for 28 days + unlimited local/STD calls and 100 SMS per day.

The mid-budget plan
* Jio's Rs 459 plan: 1GB data per day for 84 days with unlimited calls and SMS
* Vodafone's Rs 458 plan: 1GB 4G/3G data per day for 70 days + unlimited* local/STD calls with 100 SMS per day. (The daily call limit is 300 minutes and it may vary)
* Airtel's Rs 448 plan: 1GB 4G data per day for 70 days + unlimited local/STD calls and 100 SMS per day.

The high-end plan
* Jio's Rs 799 plan: 3GB data per day for 28 days with unlimited calls and SMS
* Vodafone's Rs 859 plan: There is no Rs 799 plan in Vodafone. However, it has a Rs 859 plan in which it offers 11 GB 3G data & free Wi-Fi @ 1 GB - for 2G/3G/4G for 28 days.
* Airtel's Rs 799 plan: 3.5GB data per day for 28 days with unlimited calls (non-commercial) + 100 local/STD SMS per day

(Note: The offers described for above plans may vary. Please check with your operator before recharge)

Source :
Elon Musk accidentally shared his personal phone number with 16M followers

There's two golden rules of privacy on social media:

Don't accidentally paste a password into a public message
Don't share your phone number if you're in any sort of position of prominence
In a tweet directed to Oculus CTO John Carmack, Elon Musk today broke rule number two. The wayward tweet was quickly deleted, but many of Musk's 16.7 million Twitter followers had already taken notice.

While TNW isn't going to share the number, multiple outlets are confirming its legitimacy.

As a CNBC reporter found, Musk's ringing music was an homage to the classic PlayStation franchise "God of War." We tried it ourselves and, yep... that's Kratos.

The ringing starts with "By the Gods you've done it. Somehow you've found your way here to me. I offer you my congratulations and my respect." You can hear the monologue the ring music was referencing here.

Musk hasn't shown much public interest in VR, so it's unclear why he'd want to speak with Carmack. A simple search for the terms "VR" and "virtual reality" yielded zero results for Musk.

Maybe the duo were sharing eggnog recipes?

Source :
Amazon India offers massive Rs 9000 discount on iPhone 8 and 2000 rs for battery change on iphone 6

Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple has been in the media for all wrong reasons recently. To being with criticism for slowing down older iPhones and then the price hike due to GST changes in India. Amazon India, however, has sweetened the deal by offering a hefty discount of Rs 9,000 on the latest iPhone 8.

Amazon is offering Rs 9,000 off on the 64GB variant of iPhone 8. The device listed with the price of Rs 64,000 is now available for Rs 54,999 on Amazon India. Even in the previous offer, Apple had slashed the price of iPhone SE by Rs 8,000. The entry-level iPhone SE was available at just Rs 17,999. The price of iPhone SE has now been revised to Rs 18,999.

Apple's iPhone 8 features 4.7-inch widescreen Retina HD display. The display offers 1334x750 px resolution at 326 ppi. The device sports 12MP primary camera with optical image stabilization. The front-facing camera is a 7MP FaceTime HD shooter. The camera on iPhone 8 is capable of recording 4K videos. The device received a lot of hits due to slow-motion video recording in 1080p at 120 fps.

The A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture is known for its performance. The device comes with two storage options, 64GB and 256GB. The iOS 11 is calibrated for performance on the iPhone 8. With the Rs 9000 discount, iPhone 8 is a great purchase. As far as the slower iPhones are concerned, the company is replacing the battery at lower charges for iPhone 6 and later. The battery replacement is now offered at Rs 2000 exclusive of taxes.

- Rajat Kabade

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Udacity is preparing young developers for 'Jobs of Tomorrow', says Indian MD Ishan Gupta

Udacity is been used by corporates in India like Infosys, mercedes benz, accenture , ibm watson, paytm, flipkart, zomato etc.

Ishan Gupta, MD of  Udacity India, a global e-learning platform talks about the new Flying Car Nanodegree programme, government partnerships, the future roadmap, and more.

Just two percent of India's workforce is skilled, compared with 68 percent in the UK, 74 percent in Germany, 80 percent in Japan, and 96 percent in South Korea.

In India, the institutional setup for skills, over the years, has been engineering colleges or industrial training institutes. However, these institutions pay little attention on imparting skills other than those required for the job of an electrician or a fitter.

In a bid to bridge the gap for skilled workforce in the country, Udacity, an e-learning platform has been associating with tech giants like AT&T, Google, Facebook,, and Cloudera to build technology courses designed to keep pace with advanced and emerging technologies.

Focusing on creating a highly skilled tech workforce in India, the platform, last month, partnered with Google and Pluralsight to train 1.3 lakh students and developers in emerging technologies.

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Italian duo defeats Apple! continues to use 'Steve Jobs' as name of the company

Among all the patents that Apple Inc owns, the company has not patented its founder Steve Jobs's name. Italian brothers have defeated the company in a long-standing trademark battle. The Italian duo runs a fashion brand called 'Steve Jobs'.

Vincent and Giacomo Barbato, the Italian brothers started a clothing company called Steve Jobs in 2012. Apple unsurprisingly took this issue and filed a motion against the Italian entrepreneurs last year. The European Intellectual Property Office has granted the founders of this company to use Jobs' name and logo that resembles the iconic bitten apple.

In an interview with Business Insider Italia, the Barbato brothers said, "We will still respect the name of Steve Jobs. We will not do anything low-level." The trademark filed by Barbara bothers was published in June 2014 and is set to expire in April 2023. The brothers were also planning to register Steve Jobs Inc. in all parts of the world.

The company started by Barbato has a logo which consists of a "J" with a bite taken out of it and a single leaf. The logo is the main cause of concern for Apple. The judge has ruled that "J" cannot be bitten the same way as an apple, therefore the logo created by Barbato brothers does not infringe on Apple's logo.

The company by Barbato brothers sells their products through a Facebook page. The company has Steve Jobs branded jeans, t-shirts, and bags. The brothers said that the eventual goal of the brand is to develop a tech product. They said, "Clothing and design are the industries in which we worked, but electronics have always been the goal of the Steve Jobs brand. Imagine devices marked with the name Steve Jobs with Android as an operating system."

This is not the first time Apple has been in the middle of a trademark dispute. The company has fought a longest-running battle against Apple Corps, the Beatles owned holding company. The legal dispute started in the 1970s and ended after nearly 37 years.

- Rajat Kabade

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Apple CEO Tim Cook earned ₹654 crore in 2017

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook received a 74 percent increase in his annual bonus for fiscal 2017 as the iPhone maker posted higher revenue and net income, after a rare decline a year earlier.

Cook’s incentive pay totaled $9.33 million for the year ended Sept. 30, the Cupertino, California-based company said Wednesday in a regulatory filing. He also took home $3.06 million in salary and a previously disclosed equity award of $89.2 million, bringing his total payout for the year to about $102 million.

His top five lieutenants each got bonuses of $3.11 million, bringing their total compensation to about $24.2 million each, including salaries and stock awards. The equity compensation is composed of shares that vest solely based on the executives’ continued employment and others tied to the performance of Apple’s stock compared with other S&P 500 companies.

Apple has increased the proportion of performance shares in its equity awards, which boosts potential future earnings for the executives if the company outperforms its S&P 500 peers. History suggests that could be a good deal for them.

In 2014, executives including Dan Riccio, chief of hardware engineering, and former General Counsel Bruce Sewell received performance awards that paid out three years later at almost twice as many target shares as planned after Apple’s stock returned 69 percent over that span, including reinvested dividends. In August, Cook collected 560,000 shares when part of his 2011 mega-award vested because Apple outshined more than two-thirds of the S&P 500 over three years.

For the first time, Cook ran up a $93,109 bill for traveling on private aircraft on non-business-related trips. The Apple board stipulated this year that for security reasons the CEO should use private planes for business and personal travel, citing the risk given his high profile. Personal security costs were calculated at $224,216.

Apple shares returned 39 percent in fiscal 2017, more than double that of the S&P 500. In November, shortly after the start of the current fiscal year, the company released iPhone X, a long-awaited upgrade to its flagship product. Analysts said they expect the new handset to help accelerate revenue growth.

Cash bonuses for the executives paid out above their target as the company beat net sales and operating income goals.

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How 29-year-old Akshaya Shanmugam made it to 'Forbes 30 under 30's list

29-year-old Akshaya Shanmugam, hailing from Chennai, recently found a place in the 'Forbes 30 under 30' list of entrepreneurs and innovators corresponding to the healthcare sector. Her company, Lumme Inc., has produced an innovative device that helps people against addictive behaviour, and it was made after putting machine learning, behavioural psychology and wearable technology together. This device makes a prediction of a potential relapse when it senses the movements and actions of a person who smokes.

According to a report by Times of India, Akshaya said,

"Our platform automatically detects addictive behaviour, predicts indulgence in addictive behaviour, and prevents it by delivering clinically validated interventions. It also helps individuals gain better insights into their daily life and helps them understand the why, how, and what surrounding their lifestyle choices."

After finishing her schooling at the Chettinad Vidyashram in Chennai, Akshaya did her engineering at Sundararajan Engineering College, followed by higher studies in the US. In the year 2009, when Akshaya was doing her PhD, she was working on the development of systems that assess and monitor health. During this time is when she met Abhinav Parate, who was also working on a wearables-related thesis. With his help and a little assistance from her professors, she started up her company 'Lumme' with an objective to attempt and solve addiction.

Smokers wear smart watches through their routine and this device observes and analyses their behaviour as they smoke on a given day. It predicts when the smoker is going to start lighting another cigarette and an alert is sent six minutes before the act.

A Forbes profile of hers says that Akshaya has raised $1.7 million in non-dilutive funding for Lumme, from National Institute of Health.

According to a Financial Express report, Akshaya is also the recipient of the Hluchyj fellowship, Special Tang award, David Wolf prize, Glass family demonstration award. She has also garnered business scholar award, the Eugene M. Isenberg scholar award for two consecutive years.

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Tamil Nadu Egg Kuthu Parotta from the house of Muniyandi Vilas- Nedunkaadu - September 2017

Prakash Sivarajan
5,35,000 views - 5.35 lakh visitors in two month
Published on Sep 5, 2016


What a beauty to watch this stunning method of technical preparation of egg kothu parotta!
The preparation is for five portions.

Courtesy: Muniyandi Vilas- Nedunkaadu

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100 Biryanis sold in 10 mins - how Mutton Biryani is made in Hotel Subhani Guntur - August 2017

! No longer available

Street Byte
Published on Aug 29, 2017

We were at Hotel Subhani, was shocked when they told the Mutton Biryani is Rs.300/- . Once we had the Biryani we felt its total Value for money . We visoted Subhani Guntur at the busiest time and for a surprise customers are lined up for the biryani and once the Biryani is Ready its all finished in 10 minutes.
Hotel Subhani serves Muslim style Mutton Biryani with Gongura, Katta, Chicken Sheruwa, Raita is a real teeat .
Along with the biryani they even have Kichidi with Chicken kebab . But its technically Bagara Rice with Tawa fried Chicken .
So guys if you are in Guntur dont miss this place .

Some other popular Street foods
#Noodels ( #ChowMein )
#pot Biryani
#Hyderabadi Biryani
#Andhra Biryani
#lacha Paratha
#Sweet pan
#Bread Omellete
#kanji vada
#Grilled Sandwich
#pizza Dosa
#paneer Dosa

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Trump's Order: Punish Those Companies That Outsource

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump said he has prepared an "economic-development" measure that would punish companies that globally outsource jobs.

The bill would provide economic incentives for companies, Trump said in an interview published on Tuesday, and reward firms that maintain jobs in the United States, and deliver punitive measures against those that move operations offshore.

The bill would provide economic incentives for companies, Trump said in an interview published on Tuesday, and reward firms that maintain jobs in the United States, and deliver punitive measures against those that move operations offshore.

"It's both a carrot and a stick," Trump said. "It is an incentive to stay. But it is perhaps even more so - if you leave, it's going to be very tough for you to think that you're going to be able to sell your product back into our country."

He did not specify what the rewards or punishments would be. The White House was not immediately available to comment.

Trump, a New York real estate developer reality television host, has struggled to translate his business experience into government success, failing to push through any major legislative victories.

The Trump administration has repealed a number of regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan, which was former President Barack Obama's cornerstone regulation to fight climate change. The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday he would rescind the rules.
Infosys may ask nearly 1,000 Senior Executives to leave

Recently, about 400 senior executives of Cognizant accepted the company's voluntary separation package. Cognizant had announced this programme for directors, associate VPs and senior VPs a few months ago.

French IT services major Capgemini had reportedly asked over 35 VP, SVPs, directors and senior directors to leave in February.

According to sources, nearly 1,000 Infosys employees at job level 6 and above (group project managers, project managers, senior architects and higher levels) are expected to be asked to leave.

Large IT services companies are all in the process of laying off employees on a scale not seen since the 2008-10 downturn. Those taking the hit first are mid- and senior-level professionals — those with 10-20 years of experience.

Layoffs in the senior slab in the tech sector have been predicted by the Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey from Experis IT-ManpowerGroup India for October 2017-March 2018. The survey found very little demand for senior-level IT executives among employers.

In the survey, merely 3% of employers wanted to hire people at the senior level. The highest demand was seen for candidates in the 0-5 experience slab, with nearly 56% of the 500 employers surveyed displaying an intention to hire people in this group. Another 41% wanted to hire those at the middle level (5-10 years).

A major reason for layoffs at the senior level could filling up of vacancies internally rather than going for external recruitment. Another reason is automation taking away traditional team lead jobs becoming redundant.

For example, project leaders are increasingly being rendered superfluous as automation kicks in big-time and newer, more specialised roles emerge in India's $160-billion IT industry.

Peter Bendor Samuel, CEO of IT consulting firm Everest Group, said industry growth has slowed and the 'arbitrage first' segment (traditional IT services) is in secular decline. "When this is added to the pyramid factory model, which requires new freshers to be brought in every year to keep cost low, it results in an excess of more experienced employees," he said in an interview to ET in May.

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Google Domains (a) Now Available in India for booking .com domain names at just 860 rs

Google has launched Google Domains for India. The domain registrar service is available in beta phase for Indian users. The key USP of the service is its simple and user-friendly interface.

The domain registration service will give neck-to-neck competition to leading domain registrars like Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap etc. The search engine giant claims that Google Domains offers the most user-friendly interface among all available options. Google is not offering any incentive or offers to early users.

Google Domains lists all the steps right from browsing the domain to setting it up in a user-friendly manner. Google is offering advanced options like hiding the customer's details from ICANN. The DNS management console offered by Google Domains is easiest among all other available options.

The best part about Google Domains is the easy integration with GSuite. Google Business email services are preferred by most custom domain owners in India. However, configuring GSuite services with a domain purchased from a third-party registrar like Godaddy involves a step-wise process. With Google Domains, one can simply click on the Setup email button and create emails with GSuite.

In the price competitive market of domain registration, Google is charging more than Rs 800 for standard .com domains. On the other hand, registrars like Bigrock and Godaddy have been offering .com domains at Rs 599 and .in domains for as low as Rs 99. Other domain registrars often throw in additional goodies like free email service and limited hosting space with the domain, Google is not offering any additional freebies as of now.

It is possible that Google might announce some launch offers. The service is currently in beta, you can expect a major announcement by Google when it launches the service for the public. The company is known for offering the best rates for businesses. Google had offered its business services of GSuite for free in 2011.

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54,000 petrol pumps across India to go on strike, will remain closed on 13th October

Those 54,000 petrol bunks will remain closed on 13 October 2017. For there demand on price revision every day should happen at 06:00 am instead off midnight prove change announced by government in public interest.
Happy Ayudha Pooja, Vijayadasami Day & Gandhi Jayanthi Wishes my dear Acumen's

Friday, 29 September
Ayudha Puja 2017 in Tamil Nadu

Saturday, 30 September
Vijayadasami Day / Dussehra 2017 in India

Monday, 02 October
Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2017 Wishes

Will be sharing ITAcumens celebration and videos sooner.
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Google's biggest 'failures' as listed in Internet as on 18 September 2017

Now that the Apple euphoria has died down a bit, all eyes are on Google which will be unveiling its Pixel smartphones on October 4. There's a great sense of expectation from Google – perhaps its always there – to launch a smartphone which competition would be envious of. As a brand, Google is known for its collection of wildly popular products, from search to maps to Android, and now smartphones.

Although contrary to popular perception, the company certainly doesn't possess the Midas touch. In its arsenal, there have been a spate of failed products. Google Glass, which was supposed to wow the world, is notorious for making it to the Museum of Failure in Sweden. And who can forget Google Buzz, the company's much-touted social networking platform that almost failed to take off. Google's "miss" list includes many more.

Here's a list of Google products that failed to leave a mark...

Google Notebook was a precursor to Google Docs: You could copy and paste URLs or write notes that could be shared or published.

Google stopped development on Notebook in 2009 and officially shut it down in July 2012, transferring all data from Notebook to Google Docs.

iGoogle, a personalized homepage, was shut down in 2013. Created in 2005, iGoogle allowed users to customize their homepage with widgets.

Google said iGoogle wasn't needed as much anymore since apps could run on Chrome and Android.

Dodgeball, a service that let users check in at locations, was purchased by Google in 2005.

Its founders, which included Dennis Crowley, left Google seemingly on bad terms in 2007 and Crowley went on to build a very similar service, Foursquare, two years later.

Google Hangouts On Air — Google's live-streaming service — moved to YouTube Live in September 2016.

The service was originally created in 2012 when live streaming was catching on and was once used by President Obama and Pope Francis.

Google Catalogs, an interactive shopping program that digitized catalogs, was shut down in 2015.

Google shuttered the mobile version of Catalogs in 2013 and shut down the desktop version two years later.

Google Reader was a news-reading app that let users pull in stories from blogs or news sites.

Google announced it was shutting down Reader in March 2013 — much to users' dismay and outrage — and it was officially killed in July 2013.

Originally intended to give people access to health and wellness information, Google Health was closed for good in January 2012 after Google observed the service was "not having the broad impact that we hoped it would."

Google X, an alternative interface for the search engine, lasted exactly one day before Google pulled the plug.

A strange tribute to Mac OS X's dock, the site said: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you." Google X was quickly taken offline on March 16, 2005; the "X" name was soon repurposed as Google's research division.

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Indian-origin Vasant Narasimhan to head $48 billion pharma giant Novartis

Global CEOs of Indian origin as on 2017

Microsoft – Satya Nadella
Google – Sundar Pichai
Pepsi – Indra Nooyi
Adobe – Shantanu Narayen
Diageo – Ivan Menezes
RB  -  Rakesh Kapoor  ( RB was earlier known was Reckitt Benckiser )

Vasant (Vas) Narasimhan has been named as the global chief executive officer (CEO) of  the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, making him the first Indian origin person to hold the post in a large pharma multinational.

Narasimhan, 41, a doctor from Harvard Medical School, is a second-generation immigrant in the US. His parents moved there from Tamil Nadu in the 1970s. He has been with Novartis since 2005. At present, he holds the post of global head of drug development and chief medical officer and will assume the new post from February. Before joining Novartis, he worked at McKinsey & Co.

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AppleCare+ protection plan prices have been increased post Apple September 2017 Event

Apple had recently announced iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus with iphone x smartphone on its Apple September 2017 Event happened at Steve Jobs Theatre for the first time on 12 September 2017.

More details and videos : Apple September 2017 event -,142360.0.html

Iphone 6 protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 5500 rs for an year
Iphone 6 plus protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 6000 rs for an year
Iphone 6s protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 6000 rs for an year
Iphone 6s plus plus protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 6500 rs for an year
Iphone 7 protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 6500 rs for an year
Iphone 7 plus protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 7000 rs for an year
Iphone 7s protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 7000 rs for an year
Iphone 7s Plus protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 7500 rs for an year
Iphone 8 protection plan - Apple care + will approximately cost up to 8000 rs for an year
Iphone 8 plus protection plan - Apple care + will cost up to 9000 rs for an year
Iphone X protection plan - Apple care + will cost up to 12500 rs for an year

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Tez payment app - Google launching on 18 September 2017

In tamil we have a new promo which Says Sethan Da Sekar ( or ) Sekar is dead ( in english )

After 18th September 2017, India will be using TEZ payment gateway powered by Google / Alphabet Inc . Though wats app and other chat providers coming with with there own payment gateways using Unified Payments Interface (UPI), a single-window mobile payment system launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

Hope paytm , MobiKwik to all providers like oxigen, payU, freecharge, jio money, citrus pay, ola money, itzcash will have a tough fight, WoW !!! After iphone 8 and iphone x launch in India, soon Apple Pay will catch fire. Apple Pay currently reported to have up to 45 million in 2016 and soon Apple Pay will hit 86 million users in 2017 globally !!! Lets wait and watch after 18 September 2017.

Since Google has its biggest experience with Google Wallet and Andriod Pay for last 2 years. This TEZ payment app by google should be top of the Line users in India.

10 of the most-funded startups to fail in 2017


Shut down in February 2017

Raised $148.95 million in 5 Rounds from 35 Investors.

Beepi is a textbook case of a startup with a good idea — a marketplace for people to sell and buy used cars, which would be vetted, processed and delivered to the new owner by Beepi, bypassing the costly overhead and commission structure of car dealerships. And there was some solid execution — strong customer service was a big selling point. But ultimately the company was run badly.

It had been valued as high as $560 million in previous rounds of funding, after raising money from 35 investors, including Yuri Milner, Comerica, Redpoint, Foundation Capital, Sherpa


Shut down in February 2017

Raised $23.02 million in 3 Rounds from 7 Investors.

HomeHero shut down in February 2017 after its bid fell through to provide non-medical home care. CEO Kyle Hill blamed switching to W2 employees from 1099 contractors as the reason why the company lost its core identity, calling it an "inferior employment business" in a post on Medium.

The company had raised $23 million to connect home care workers with the families that need them. Along the way, it partnered with hospitals and launched a service that helps people monitor the health of their family members under the care of providers hired by HomeHero.


Shut down in February 2017

Raised $95.65 million in 6 Rounds from 15 Investors.

Auctionata shut down its operations after expected financing fell through. The company had previously raised more than $95 million since its founding in 2012 to broadcast online live auctions for fine art and collectables.

Live-streamed auctions have been a long-held ambition among many in the art world. Such a format has the potential to open the physical floor and all the bidding hype that comes with it to a much wider audience, and with that raising the bids for items on the block. But early attempts at live-streamed events failed to meet their estimates (so to speak...), complicated by slow broadband speeds, and much more.


Shut down in May 2017

Raised $164.9 million in 4 Rounds.

Quixey launched as a mobile search company based out of Mountain View but later branched out to making a digital assistant for apps.

The company raised $164.9 million and, at one time, had a valuation north of $600 million. Yet, as the company was building its digital assistant, so was Apple and Google and startups like Viv, which Samsung would eventually acquire.

Once upon a time the company touted its ability to help users find content within their apps, eventually saying it has developed technology that can take you straight from the search results to personalized actions like showing nearby friends in Facebook or bringing up your own playlist in Spotify.

Yik Yak

Shut down in May 2017

Raised $73.5 million in 3 Rounds from 9 Investors.

The once-popular anonymous social network Yik Yak shut down in May of 2017. Apparently all the cyberbullies and unsavory content drove down the app experience for others. By the end of 2016, user downloads had declined 76 percent versus the same period in 2015, as TechCrunch reported then, and the company began laying off most of its employees.

The app faced problems that were predictable for any forum offering users anonymity and a means of chatting with one another. It was plagued by cyberbullies of every kind and even banned by some schools. But all the capital and advice in the world couldn't help it maintain its buzz.

According to Crunchbase, Yik Yak had raised $73.4 million in venture funding since it was founded in 2013, with a valuation approaching $400 million in 2014, its halcyon days

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Indian Premier League media rights deal for Rs 16347.50 crore for next 5 years

In an intense bidding war in Mumbai, Star India bagged the IPL media rights for Rs 16347.50 crore for the next five years

Star India on Monday bagged the Indian Premier League media rights for a whopping Rs 16347.5 crore for a period of five years from 2018-2022. In an intense bidding war in Mumbai, Star India pipped 23 other top companies participating in the auction.

The IPL media rights auction, segregated into two categories -- broadcast and digital (internet and mobile) rights -- was expected to yield to the BCCI an estimated earning of over 20,000 crore through the traditional bidding process.

Bids were also invited for five other categories - US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and rest of the world.

Earlier, BCCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rahul Johri had said that the revenue generation from the upcoming IPL media rights auction could be "historic", considering the huge interest shown by various stakeholders.

A total of 24 bidders bought the bid document, including Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, Reliance Jio, Star India, Sony Pictures, Discovery, Sky, British Telecom, and ESPN Digital Media.

In 2008, when the IPL started, roughly six companies purchased the bid document for the first rights cycle.

All were television entities and, eventually, only two qualified for the bid -- the Sony-World Sports Group alliance and Nimbus.

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Infosys promoters including Murthy & Nilekani offer Rs 2,038 Cr

Infosys promoters, including co-founders NR Narayana Murthy and Nandan Nilekani, have offered to sell as many as 1.77 crore shares, worth up to Rs 2,038 crore, in the company's Rs 13,000 crore buyback offer.
The promoter group - which includes most of the founders and their families - had earlier expressed their intention to be part of the company's first buyback plan in its over three-decade history and have offered to tender a maximum of 1.77 crore shares.

At a buyback price of Rs 1,150 per share, this could mean a windfall of Rs 2,038.94 crore for the promoter group, if all the shares tendered by them are accepted in the buyback offer.

The founders and families - classified as promoters group - held 29.28 crore shares, or 12.75% stake in Infosys at the end of June 2017.

Infosys' buyback offer of up to 11.3 crore shares comes at an almost 25% premium over Friday's closing price of Rs 920.10 a share. The record date is expected to be on or after October 25, 2017.

The Bengaluru-based firm has been in the eye of a storm over the past few months, with founders and erstwhile board members clashing over allegations such as corporate governance lapses and irregularities in Infosys' $200-million Panaya acquisition.

The public spat culminated in the sudden resignation of the then CEO Vishal Sikka and exit of four board members, including Chairman R Seshasayee. They blamed Murthy's "misguided campaign" for Sikka's abrupt exit.

On August 24, Infosys named co-founder Nandan Nilekani as its new non-executive Chairman, bowing to the demands of co-founders and large institutional investors.

However, the tensions between the two camps do not seem to be subsiding as Seshasayee launched another offensive last week against the alleged "personal attacks" by Murthy.

The two key players in Infosys' changing narrative - Nilekani and Murthy along with families - have offered to tender maximum number of shares in the buyback.

Nilekani, along with family, has offered to tender 58 lakh shares while Murthy, along with wife Sudha and two children, has offered to tender 54 lakh shares. S Gopalakrishnan and family have also offered 22 lakh shares while K Dinesh has offered 29 lakh.

Sudha Gopalakrishnan, wife of S Gopalakrishnan, currently holds the largest share in individual capacity among promoters group members with 2.14% shareholding. SD Shibulal will not participate in the buyback, but his wife and son have offered to sell over 14 lakh shares.

Source :

Reliance Jio and Airtel comparison as on 13 Sept 2017

Telecom services provider AirtelBSE -1.56 % has reportedly rolled out cheap prepaid to counter Reliance Jio which is growing by the day with its ultra cheap plans.

Airtel is now offering prepaid plans, starting Rs 8 and goes up to Rs 399. Here we have compared the prepaid plans of both Airtel and Reliance Jio

Airtel Plans

Rs 8 plan:

This plan offers local and STD calls for 30 paisa and it has a validity of 56 days.

Rs 15 plan:

With this plan, Airtel subscribers will be allowed to make calls to the same network at 10 paisa per minute for a period of 27 days.

Rs 40 plan:

On recharge of Rs 40, subscribers will get talktime of Rs 35 with unlimited validity.

Rs 60 plan:

It offers talktime of Rs 58 along with unlimited validity under this plan.

Rs 90 plan

Like the above-mentioned plan, users will get talktime of Rs 88 and unlimited validity.

Rs 149:

It offers 2GB 4G data and unlimited Airtel to Airtel calls with validity of 28 days.

Rs 198 plan:

With recharge of Rs 198, Airtel users will get unlimited local and STD calls and 1GB of data for 28 days. Along with this, they will also get 10% cashback if they open an Airtel Payments Bank account.

Rs 199 plan:

Under this plan, Airtel users will get 1GB of data and unlimited local calls for a period of 29 days.

Rs 295 plan:

The recharge pack of Rs 295 offers unlimited local and STD calls for a period of 84 days and 10% cashback if they open an Airtel Payments Bank account.

Rs 349 plan:

With a recharge of Rs 349, subscribers will get 28GB data with the daily FUP limit of 1GB and unlimited local and STD calls with validity of 28 days.

Rs 399 plan:

Under this plan of Rs 399, Airtel is offering unlimited local and STD calls along with free outgoing roaming calls. Over that, Airtel is also giving 28GB of data with 1GB of daily FUP limit for 28 days.

What Jio offers:

Jio's prepaid plans starts from Rs 19 and goes up to Rs 4,999. Note all plans offer unlimited calling and SMS apart from access to Jio apps.

Rs 19 plan:

It has validity of just one day but it offers unlimited calling, SMS and 200 MB of data.

Rs 49 Plan:

It comes with 3 days of validity, unlimited calling and SMS, and 600 MB of data.

Rs 96 Plan:

With this Jio users will get unlimited calling and SMS, and unlimited data with FUP of 7 GB (1 GB per day) for seven days.

Rs 149 Plan:

It has validity of 28 days but offers 2 GB of data only. Ofcourse it offers unlimited calling and SMS.

Rs 309 Plan:

You will get 56 GB of data with FUP of 1 GB under this apart from unlimited calling and SMS for 56 days.

Rs 349 Plan:

It has 20 GB data cap and validity of 56 days.

Rs 399 Plan:

With 84 days validity, it comes with 84 GB of data quota with 1 GB FUP limit.

Source :

Apple September event 2017 happend at Steve Jobs theatre for the first time. Where 1000 occupants can occupying with fully glass and wood finish as all the apple retail outlets across the globe. And this even happend as 12 September 2017.

The monster of everything Apple had launched its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus mobile at 699$ where the previous iPhone 7 series cost only 650$

And an legacy iPhone with brand new iPhone x introduced 10 years ago by Steve jobs at 999$. The iPhone 8 models has six core prosessor, 3D game, adjustment to camera and motion control with oled display. But looks same as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

Also you have apple 4K tv, Apple Watch 3 which runs without an iPhone for the first time. With launch dates for all iOS .

Also Apple new campus called apple park was shown with respect to Steve jobs on the monster screen.

Post the event , the day ended with 1% drop in the apple share. ( as read over the internet )

WoW what a world sir ji, am posting it with 5th generation iPhone 6s Plus and 7 in my hand for years now.

Keep rocking Apple.
Threat to Wipro: Pay 500 Cr or will poison office
techgig | Posted By: Ajay Malick

Bengaluru cyber crime police have begun investigating an email sent to IT giant Wipro in which the sender threatens to infect the company with a chemical poison if Rs 500 crore is not paid in bitcoins.

Bengaluru cyber crime police have begun investigating an email sent to IT giant Wipro in which the sender threatens to infect the company with a chemical poison if Rs 500 crore is not paid in bitcoins. Security at its campuses has been stepped up as a precautionary measure.

The complaint was registered by Wipro authorities after an email was received at Wipro's Sarjapur office on Friday morning. The email sent from the id - - claimed the sender was in procession of 1kg of Ricin and 2gms would be sent in envelopes as a warning.

"He gave two links to which Wipro should send the money in bitcoins. If the company failed to do so by May 25, he threatened to spread the poison Ricin in the cafeteria, toilets of campus and spread it using drones," said Ravi S, additional commissioner of police (crime).

Cyber police registered a case under Section 66 F of the IT Act (cyber terrorism). He added that cops are currently checking whether the links given are to a bank account. Ricin, a natural toxic protein, is an extract of castor bean from the castor plant and can be used as a biological weapon.

Wipro authorities confirmed the complaint in a statement: "Wipro confirms it has filed a complaint with local law enforcement authorities after receiving a threatening letter from an unidentified source. Wipro has augmented security measures at all its office locations. There is no impact on the company's operations. We have no further comment as the investigation is ongoing."

Police said that although security at the campus has been stepped up, some teams are looking at the possible involvement of insiders or former employees. Wipro had received a threat in 2013, wherein an anonymous letter threatened to blow up the company's campuses in Bengaluru, but it turned out to be a hoax.

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800 engineering colleges to close in India
ET TECH | Posted By: Bharti Mittal

According to its website, AICTE has approved the progressive closure of more than 410 colleges across India, from 2014-15 to 2017-18. Twenty of these institutions are in Karnataka. A maximum number of institutions was approved for closure in 201617. Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have the maximum number of colleges which have sought progressive closure. Failing to survive, private engineering colleges either seek progressive closure and ultimately shut down or turn into polytechnics or science and arts colleges.

Progressive closure means the institute cannot admit students to the first year in that academic year, for which progressive closure is granted; however, the existing students will continue.He also advised engineering colleges and universities to revise and renew their syllabus, which is the major cause behind the fall in the number of admissions and quality of education they impart.

With the quality of engineering education and balance in the number of engineering students and their employability being big challenges, AICTE has introduced the plan for teachers' training.u201cMost engineering college professors or lecturers are MTech or PhD holders. They don't usually have experience in teaching aspiring engineers. Now onwards, any engineering college lecturer joining anew will have to undergo six months of exclusive and compulsory training so that they can train future engineers better. Existing engineer lecturers have three years to undergo this training compulsorily," Sahasrabudhe said.

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Dear All,

In India, for the first time i have tried making payment to sbi credit card via my icici savings account using Bill Desk payment facility and the payment got reflected in my sbi credit card within 5 minutes and i have received the alert sms from sbi bank website and i have checked it on and found it was true.

The transaction is under unbilled transaction and the credit was given to my sbi credit card in 5 minutes. That was a clean surprise.

I will stop using neft methods and start using bill desk payment gateway link to pay the sbi credit card due which is instant even during 11:50 pm midnight.

Also my friend told me imps payment from any bank account to indus bank credit card gets instant credit in bank account.

Page link for your reference -
Google Hires Class 12 Student From Government School At Rs 1.44 Crore Annual Package

[smg id=16016 type=full]

NEW DELHI: Search giant Google has reportedly hired a 16-year-old student from Chandigarh at a whopping annual salary of Rs 1.44 crore. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the teenager named Harshit Sharma, will be joining the graphic designing team of the company later this month in the US.

Talking to the daily, Harshit said, "I kept searching for jobs online." "I applied for this job in May, and was interviewed online. I have been interested in graphic designing for the past 10 years. I was selected on the basis of the posters I designed," he further added.

According to another report, Harshit had applied through Google link and the company sent him appointment letter in June. "During my school time, I used to make posters of both Bollywood and Hollywood stars and earned Rs 40,000-50,000," he told Chandigarh Newsline.

Harshit hails from Mathana in Kurukshetra, Haryana. He studied information technology in his Class 11th. Harshit's parents are school teachers.

He has also received an award of Rs 7,000 under the Prime Minister's Digital India scheme.

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Shri Mukesh D. Ambani, CMD of RIL, speaking at the company's 40th AGM.

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#23 on Trending
Streamed live on Jul 21, 2017

Shri Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, speaking at the company's 40th Annual General Meeting on Friday, 21st July, 2017, at 11:00 am.

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Smallest ever star in the known universe discovered - EBLM project

A star about the size of Saturn – the smallest ever measured – has been identified by astronomers.

Our discovery reveals how small stars can be.  Alexander Boetticher

The smallest star yet measured has been discovered by a team of astronomers led by the University of Cambridge. With a size just a sliver larger than that of Saturn, the gravitational pull at its stellar surface is about 300 times stronger than what humans feel on Earth.

The star is likely as small as stars can possibly become, as it has just enough mass to enable the fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. If it were any smaller, the pressure at the centre of the star would no longer be sufficient to enable this process to take place. Hydrogen fusion is also what powers the Sun, and scientists are attempting to replicate it as a powerful energy source here on Earth.

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Reliance Jio - JioFiber Preview Offer will give 100GB data per month at 100 Mbps, official reveals site

Reliance Jio's JioFiber broadband service is expected to be unveiled around Diwali. Jio could offer 100GB of data per month at 100 Mbps speed for three months, under its JioFibre Preview offer. Post exhaustion of 100GB, speed will go down to 1 Mbps.

Reliance Jio's JioFiber broadband service is expected to be unveiled around Diwali. It looks like details of the service have accidentally been leaked on Jio's official website ahead of launch. The page went live for some time before it was taken down by the company.

Going by the leaked information, Jio could offer 100GB of data per month at 100 Mbps speed for three months, under its JioFibre Preview offer.

[smg id=16015 type=full]

Post exhaustion of 100GB, speed will go down to 1 Mbps. Reliance Jio will apparently ask for a seucrity deposit of Rs 4,500 for its JioFiber broadband service, which will be refundable.

Reliance Jio's JioFiber can be used to stream 4K content, something that has been talked about in the past as well. Users will be able to connect multiple devices to JioFiber to enjoy high-speed Internet. The site even lists a registration page where users can sign-up for Jio's JioFiber broadband service.

 People will need to enter their address details as well as personal details which includes city, pincode, address, name, mobile, email etc.

Depending on details, it looks like users can go for two options – to either register for JioFiber services or enhance Jio coverage in their building. This means that Reliance Jio is currently expanding its JioFiber broadband network across cities to provide maximum coverage.

Going by the list of cities available, Jio will most likely start with providing its JioFiber broadband service in cities like  Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, and Vishakhapatnam.

A previous report in Economic Times suggested that Jio could offer 100GB data at Rs 500. In May, Reliance Jio tweeted out from its official Twitter handle saying the JioFiber Preview Offer is currently being offered on a trial basis in some cities. However, the company did not give out details on data plans. We'll have to wait and watch if the Jio is planning to roll out 100GB of free data at 100 Mbps speeds for three months under its JioFibre

Relaince Jio is expected to go for the disruptive pricing model, just like it did with the Jio mobile network. The company had earlier indicated that on the pricing front, it will offer "value for the customer." Meanwhile, rival Airtel is currently offering customers 1000GB data free for a year if they sign up for the broadband service via online. The offer is limited to users in Delhi and NCR. ACT offers 1GB per second internet speeds in Hyderabad with 1TB download limit at a rental price of Rs 5,999. The company has already expanded operations to Delhi and is offering 100 Mbps speeds.

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How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

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Published on Jun 27, 2014

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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How a 13 year old changed 'Impossible' to 'I'm Possible' | Sparsh Shah | TEDxGateway

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Published on May 23, 2017

Sparsh Shah wants to show people how they can transcend every difficulty that comes their way in life and how they can start a chain reaction to be a guide for other people who want to turn their life around as well.

Sparsh is a 13-year old child prodigy, singer/song writer/rapper born with brittle bones (130+fractures), but an unbreakable spirit. He became a worldwide internet sensation with his Purhythm versions of Eminem covers. He aspires to inspire and sing in front of a billion people one day.

Sparsh has been learning Hindustani classical music for the last seven-and-a-half years and American vocal music for the last three years. Sparsh is multi-talented. He performs at community events and has appeared on local radio stations and television shows, besides hosting shows as an MC.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Infosys is paying over Rs 1 crore to more than 1,800 employees

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[smg id=16014 type=full]

In contrast, of its 48,400 overseas employees 1,800 are already crorepatis in rupee terms. To be sure, the high salaries for skilled professionals in developed markets are a reflection of them being paid in foreign currencies and commensurate with several years of experience.

Indian IT companies are likely to hire freshers in the US initially. But even that strategy will not mitigate cost pressures for long as companies compete for similar talent.

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OnePlus 5 Launch Live Stream - 1 Crore winner

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Streamed live on Jun 22, 2017

Join us while we create history in India with the first ever OnePlus launch at a special live event! Wait for the 1 Crore winner at the end!

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Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote - June 2017 on Youtube

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Apple — WWDC 2017 Keynote

Published on Jun 9, 2017
Apple WWDC 2017. Take a look at our latest announcements. The new iPad Pro. iMac Pro. HomePod. iOS 11. macOS High Sierra. watchOS 4.

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Idea posts first full year loss in face of Jio offensive - May 2017

Bashed by a severe tariff war, telecom operator Idea Cellular today reported a consolidated loss of Rs 325.6 crore in the three-month period ended March 31, 2017.

The company had posted a profit of Rs 449.2 crore in the same period a year ago.

For Idea, this is the second consecutive consolidated loss in two back-to-back quarters as the company viewed the October-April period as particularly harsh and a 'period of telecom discontinuity'.

For the October-December 2016 quarter, Idea has posted its first-ever consolidated net loss of Rs 383.87 crore compared to a net profit of Rs 659.35 crore in the year-ago period.

"The Indian wireless industry witnessed an unprecedented disruption in the second half of financial year 2016-17 on account of free voice & mobile data promotions by the new entrant in the sector.

The October-April 2017 interval can be best described as Period of Telecom Discontinuity, permanently changing mobility business parameters," Idea Cellular said in a statement.

Reliance Jio made its disruptive entry into the Indian mobile market space in September last year by making voice calls and 4G data free as part of its promotional offer that continued till March this year.

Total revenues of the company declined by 13.7% at Rs 8,194.5 crore from Rs 9,500.7 crore it registered a year ago in the corresponding quarter.

Idea Cellular also posted its first-ever annual consolidated loss at Rs 404 crore for 2016-17 compared to a profit of Rs 2,174.2 crore in 2015-16.

Annual income of Idea Cellular declined marginally to Rs 35,882.7 crore at the end of 2016-17 from Rs 36,162.5 crore it reported at the end of the previos fiscal.

In an effort to retain its existing mobile subscribers, Idea said it was forced to reduce on sequential quarterly basis, its voice rate by 12.5% to 25.9 paise per minute compared to 29.6 paise in the previous quarter of 2016-17 as well as it dropped its mobile data rate by 27.6 per cent to 11.5 paise per megabyte compared to 15.9 paisa in the third quarter of 2016-17.

"However, the lure of free offerings by the new mobile operator resulted in lower than normal volume elasticity with sequential quarterly voice minutes growing by 10.3 per cent to 231.4 billion minutes versus 209.8 billion minutes in third quarter of financial year (FY) 2017," Idea said.

Idea Cellular also blamed tsunami of minutes terminating on Idea network from the new operator, resulting in overall higher ratio of incoming minutes recorded at below cost inteconnection usage charge rates" for fall in blended voice realisation rate.

The impact of free extended promotions was even more pronounced on mobile data business.

Idea witnessed a sequential quarterly decline of 6.4 million mobile data customers on the back of 5.5 million loss in October-December 2017 versus second quarter of FY 2017.

Its overall mobile data customer base receded to 42.2 million compared to 48.6 million in October-December 2017 period.

The 'non voice revenue' (including data) contribution to the 'overall service revenue' fell to 24.9 per cent as mobile data revenue contribution declined to 18.3 per cent.

"However, the company remains optimistic of revival of mobile data subscriber addition and data revenue in FY 2018 as wireless broadband prices become more affordable for higher adoption by the Indian masses across all socio-economic & geographic segments," Idea said.

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Modifications in Aadhaar, PAN can now be corrected online - May 2017

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had proposed to make Aadhaar mandatory for filing of the Income-Tax returns as well as for obtaining the Permanent Account Number (PAN).

In a big relief to people, the income tax department recently launched an online facility to correct errors (names and other details) in permanent account number (PAN) and Aadhaar. The department has put two separate hyperlinks on its e-filing website. The first option allows user to update changes in existing PAN data or for application of new PAN by an Indian or a foreign citizen. The second hyperlink will help individuals who want to update Aadhaar details by logging into 'Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal', using the unique identity number. Then, the individual can upload scanned documents as proof for data update request.

Earlier, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had proposed to make Aadhaar mandatory for filing of the Income-Tax returns as well as for obtaining the Permanent Account Number (PAN).

According to the reports of leading news agency PTI, over 1.22 crore people already have Aadhaar-linked PAN but the number is very low as there are over 25 crore PAN card holders in the country, while Aadhaar has been issued to 111 crore people. As per statistics with the tax department, only 6 crore people file income tax returns at present.

Last week, the income tax department launched a facility to enable a taxpayer to link his Aadhaar and PAN. It required a person to put in PAN and Aadhaar number along with his name as per the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) data.

After verification from the UIDAI, the linking will be confirmed. In case of any minor mismatch in Aadhaar name provided, Aadhaar OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with the UIDAI. Additionally, the income tax department has now launched a facility to correct anomalies in PAN or Aadhaar document.

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Google makes changes to AdSense in a bid to increase transparency for website publishers

Google announced two changes to its AdSense network today that it says will increase transparency about how it deals with violations and removes ads from websites.

First, AdSense's technology has been changed so it can now remove ads from individual pages, instead of entire websites. Previously, Google usually removed ads from every page on a website after a policy violation, instead of just the pages with offending content.

Second, Google will launch a platform in a few weeks called the "Policy Center" to help website publishers understand the program's rules and fix violations more quickly.

In a post on The Keyword, one of Google's official blogs, Scott Spencer, the company's director of sustainable ads, wrote "as we roll out page-level policy action as the new default for content violations, we'll be able to stop showing ads on select pages, while leaving ads up on the rest of a site's good content. We'll still use site-level actions but only as needed. And when it's necessary, such as in the case of egregious or persistent violations, we'll still terminate publishers. Altogether, this means fewer disruptions for publishers."

Of course, this also means less disruption and more money for Google, since it shares revenue from AdSense with publishers.

AdSense's new Policy Center will give publishers information about how many violations their sites have, what issues triggered ad removals, and step-by-step instructions about how to fix the problem so they can start displaying ads and making money again. Spencer referred to this as a "one-stop shop for everything a publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect their sites and pages."

The Policy Center is intended for website publishers who use AdSense, but YouTubers who monetize their videos through the program will also be curious about how it affects them. That is still unclear, however: Spencer said in his blog post that "later this year, we'll be adding policy centers in other publisher platforms in addition to AdSense," but he did not specify which ones.

Many YouTube creators have seen their ad revenue drop dramatically since Google made changes to how ads are displayed on its ad network and YouTube. The changes, which include different default settings, more account controls for advertisers, and a hiring spree to develop new artificial intelligence tools, were implemented after companies began boycotting Google because their ads appeared next to offensive videos.

YouTubers, however, have complained that the new controls unfairly penalize even videos that adhere to the platform's policies and asked Google to be more transparent about how its moderation by people or algorithms work.

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The biggest ransomware attacks hits Indian companies - may 2017

More than 45,000 computers in hospitals, IT organizations, railway station networks, ATMs and even universities across 74 countries have been severely affected by the WannaCryptransomware worm also popularly called Wcry. This is the biggest ransomware attack in recorded history.

The WannaCrypt vulnerability blocks windows files and users need to make payments towards the hackers to restore access. A certain worm spread across systems which run on Windows OS and installs this bug.

But it is critical to notice that Microsoft has already sent across patches around a month ago. But this bug has already affected many systems which had not installed the latest security updates.

The bug was earlier abused by National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on their targets across the world. But in April this year, one of their internal tools called Eternalblue was stolen and leaked online. After that it was used to hack many machines across the internet.

"The exploit known as MS17-010 was previously patched by Microsoft. However, Windows XP machines which no longer receive updates are at particular risk. Machines using current Windows operating systems which have not been patched with March 15 updates are also at risk," says Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific - Corporate Business at F-Secure Corporation.

In terms of WannaCrypt's impact on India, Saket Modi, CEO, Lucideus Tech says that this worm can have potential impact on the government. "Most government departments don't have specific different OS for its operations and the same risk factor applies to government too."

According to many independent reports, many Indian companies were affected. Amongst those were systems of Andhra Pradesh police department, manufacturing companies in Delhi, 2 sme's in Delhi and one big corporate house in Mumbai. But certain cyber security experts point out that the actual impact of the attack can be ascertained only when people try logging into their systems on Monday.

Similarly, Nath pointed out that no country is safe from this Ransomware as it can lead to data loss, compromise business and organisations efficiency leading to reputation and financial loss.

An official of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) told ET that so far the agency has not received any reports about the impact in India. "'Our researchers are on the job and trying to figure out if there has been any impact in India," the official said. CERT has already issued an advisory alerting people about the spreading ransomware. "We had also issued an advisory in March, those people who would have acted on it, would be safe," said the official.

Meanwhile CERT-IN has also issued a vulnerability note on its website (CERTIn Vulnerability Note CIVN20170032 Multiple vulnerabilities in Windows SMB Original Issue Date: March 15, 2017) with a Severity Rating of HIGH on March 15, 2017 for possible remote exploitation of this vulnerability and to apply the patch released by Microsoft for the same.

Famous whistleblower Edward Snowden pointed out that "This is a special case. Had @NSAGov disclosed the vuln when they discovered it, hospitals would have had years -- not months -- to prepare."

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18-year-old from Tamil Nadu designs world's lightest satellite

Eighteen-year-old Rifath Sharook, belonging to a comparatively unknown town of Pallapatti in Tamil Nadu, is all set to break a global space record by launching the lightest satellite in the world, weighing a mere 64 grams.

The satellite, called KalamSat, will be launched by a NASA sounding rocket on June 21 from Wallops Island, a NASA facility. This will be the first time an Indian student's experiment will be flown by NASA.

Speaking to TOI from Pallapatti, Rifath said it will be a sub-orbital flight and post-launch, the mission span will be 240 minutes and the tiny satellite will operate for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space. "The main role of the satellite will be to demonstrate the performance of 3-D printed carbon fibre," he explained. He said the satellite was selected through a competition called 'Cubes in Space', jointly organised by NASA and a organisation called 'I Doodle Learning'.

The main challenge was to design an experiment to be flown to space which will fit into a four-metre cube weighing exactly 64 grams. "We did a lot of research on different cube satellites all over the world and found ours was the lightest," he said. Rifath said the satellite is made mainly of reinforced carbon fibre polymer. "We obtained some of the components from abroad and some are indigenous," he said.

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Reliance Jio to launch its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband service

With its Jio 4G telecom services officially up and running, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited is gearing up to launch its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband service in India. The service is called Jio Fiber and it will rolled out as a Preview in the coming weeks.

The company is apparently looking to give its FTTH service -- to be called Reliance JioFiber -- the same treatment it gave to its 4G telecom services in the initial run. Which means, just the way Jio 4G was available via Preview in the beginning; Jio Fiber will be available via Preview as well. But while Jio 4G was available for free for one and all, subscribers who register for Jio Fiber broadband Preview will be required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 4,500.

While it's largely being said that Jio Fiber broadband, when up and running, would offer up to 1GBps of speeds, the company -- at least during Preview - will offer speeds of up to 100Mbps. While it's still not exactly clear whether Jio Fiber broadband Preview will have the same three-month usage window as Jio 4G Preview did back in the day when it was free, but, the service will come with an FUP of 100 GB after which the speeds will go down to 1 Mbps. Furthermore, Jio Fiber broadband Preview is expected to go live starting with Mumbai and hopefully other cities will follow in the days to come. It's not all that surprising when you consider reports that the company is already conducting trial runs in Mumbai and Pune.

Nothing of this is official for now, but, it will be soon enough. For now Jio Fiber's official website -- which hasn't gone live yet -- is India Today Tech's basis for this report. The website, as of the moment is hidden for the general public but India Today Tech has managed to get some screenshots. Since all the information is coming straight from the horse's mouth, we can expect Jio Fiber broadband Preview to commence shortly.
Although, if you recall India Today Tech had earlier reported about the trial that Jio had started for the Fiber service in Mumbai. That trial was dubbed beta and was kind of a precursor for the Preview that will come out soon. The beta was also selectively available, while the Preview is likely to be available in more areas, within Mumbai, as well as in several other cities.

Although India is now home to a large number internet users, majority of them connect to the web using wireless connections like 2G, 3G, and 4G that are neither as fast as a good broadband nor as reliable. However, the neglect of the broadband sector has resulted in a situation where the wireless networks are clogged and even the wired services are poor, with users getting low speeds. Of late though the situation has improved after the arrival of ISPs like ACT. Jio's entry into the fiber broadband is likely to help users even more.

The impact of Jio Fiber, even when it is in a very early stage, is already visible. Sensing tough competition from Jio Fiber, Airtel recently announced the launch of V-Fiber that offers consumers in select cities and areas speeds of up to 100mbps using the ADSL2 technology. At the same time Airtel has also started ramping up its Fiber To The Home services, trying to expand it to more areas in the country. Currently Airtel's FTTH service offers speed of up to 100mbps.

Meanwhile, Jio is is also gearing up to launch its DTH service with in-house smart TV boxes, but, there's very little information about them at this point of time.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai paid $200 million from Alphabet in 2016

200000000 US Dollar equals
12849000000.00 Indian Rupee

To our understanding its roughly about 1284 crore Indian Rupees is the compensation package paid last year to our Indian Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Alphabet gave the award to Google's Sundar Pichai in January 2016, a few months after he succeeded Larry Page as Google's CEO.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai received a $200 million compensation package last year for running the internet company that makes nearly all the money for Alphabet Inc.

Most of the pay consisted of Alphabet stock that the company valued at $198.7 million in securities documents filed Friday. Alphabet gave the award to Pichai in January 2016, a few months after he succeeded Larry Page as Google's CEO. Pichai still reports to Page, a Google co-founder who is now Alphabet's CEO.

Page limits his annual pay to $1 because he already has an estimated fortune of $41 billion.

The stock that Pichai received will vest in quarterly increments through January 2020.

The 44-year-old Pichai also received a $650,000 salary last year in addition to personal security services and air travel valued at $372,000.

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5 ways to handle an employee who does not work well with others

The success of a manager largely depends on whether the team members are able to work together as a cohesive unit. This requires the manager to establish a work culture that fosters team spirit and have clear and realistic expectations from both the team and individual members. Varuni Khosla finds out five ways in which a manager can pursue this goal.

Establish a team culture
How team members work with each other depends on not only the company's values but also the norms set by the manager.In case some members are unable to work with the rest, an intervention may be advisable by an external consultant but active and visible sponsorship of the manager. In this intervention, a psychometric analysis can be done, said Sudeshna Basu Roy, cofounder of Marg.

Initiate team building activities
Use fun activities to build connections between a problematic member and the rest of the team. "Our bodies can't function by sitting in a fixed position all day. Invest some time and energy into nurturing that team member, cultivating your culture & sprucing up the space you share by introducing unique ways to bond," said Praveen Rawal, Steelcase India's MD.

Involve the entire team
Managers should also have individual conversations with the rest of the team members for a diagnostic perspective. It can be damaging to single out a team member in front of entire team and it's imperative to understand the underlying reason for the negativity and provide additional support, said Tusharr Kumar, marketing manager,Ducati India.

Reassess and realign roles
In some cases, it may be a good idea to reassess and realign roles and responsibilities. "If one still feels the problem is not solved, look at revising processes like how team members communicate, meeting styles, the norms of engagement, etc. Build personalprofessional relationships through team-building," said Suchita Dutta, executive director, Indian Staffing Federation.

Have an honest communication
A lot of managers shy away from having an honest communication with team members. Most people assume because they spend time with team, it should count as communication. But not many pay attention to cues. "The problematic member may have tried to communicate concerns but may not have pushed beyond a point," said Praful Nangia, partner, Hunt Partners.

source :
At Microsoft India, caregivers to get four weeks of paid leave

NEW DELHI: Microsoft India on Friday announced four weeks of paid caregiver leave for employees who are looking after immediate family members with serious health conditions.

Family caregiver leave covers care of a spouse/domestic partner, parent/in-law, sibling, grandparent, child, etc. Last year, the company enhanced its maternity leave to 26 weeks and added to it surrogacy and adoption leave.

Male employees are eligible for six weeks paternity leave which also covers parenthood through adoption or surrogacy.
"We want our policies to be inclusive and as empowering as they can be to allow our employees to do what they want to do as their family needs them," said Microsoft's HR head, Ira Gupta.

"And that person doesn't have to be a new-born. So, we wanted to introduce maternity, paternity and caregiver leave." Caregiver leave is breakable and can be used by the employee in any way through the year. Microsoft, which has about 8,000 employees in India—over a quarter of whom are women—offers 20 working days as earned leave, 12 days as sick leave, three days of bereavement leave, besides some public holidays.

Consultants said this is a good first step in the direction of keeping people at the workplace, especially women.

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Accused Yahoo Hacker Had Lamborghini, Aston Martin at the age of 22

(Bloomberg) — A Canadian accused of hacking Yahoo! Inc. email accounts on behalf of the Russian government appeared in court seeking bail ahead of a hearing to determine whether he should be extradited to the U.S. for trial.

Karim Baratov, 22, was one of four people indicted by the U.S. government last month and charged with working for Dmitry Dokuchaev, a hacker for Russia's FSB security service. It's not clear whether Baratov knew he was working for the FSB.

The 2014 hack affected at least 500 million accounts at Yahoo, damaging the company's reputation and threatening a takeover bid from Verizon Communications Inc. Verizon cut its offer by $350 million to $4.48 billion following news of the breach.

Baratov, who was born in Kazakhstan and is a Canadian citizen, entered court in Hamilton, Ontario, wearing black sweatpants, black t-shirt, with his ankles chained. He put on a beige blazer as he sat down in the prisoner's box.

He told the court he lived with his parents until 2015. He said he had a Mercedes and a BMW while attending high school and started his own business protecting web servers from hackers in 2014. He said earned C$10,000 ($7,500) a month that year, less in the ensuing years.

At 20, Baratov said he moved into a C$642,000 home, and over time added a C$155,000 Lamborghini, a Porsche 911, an Aston Martin and another BMW to his car collection. His parents helped pay for the cars, he said.

Baratov said he had about C$260,000 of equity in his home when it was sold following his arrest. Baratov said he had no money in his personal bank account and about C$5,000 in his business bank account when he was arrested. Police found about C$31,000 in cash when they searched his home.

According to the U.S. government, Baratov was paid to gain access to 80 email accounts, including 50 Google accounts, belonging to Russian politicians and bureaucrats. He used spear-phishing attacks to target his victims, using fake emails to compel them to provide sensitive information, and would then sell their passwords to Dokuchaev for $100 each, according to the Justice Department.

The hackers were allegedly looking for people of political interest and others who might be vulnerable to financial fraud, and the list of victims included the White House and its military and diplomatic corps. They ultimately stole the contents of 6,500 Yahoo accounts in an attack the company called "state-sponsored."

The U.S. government is seeking to seize assets he is alleged to have obtained through illegal activity, including his black Mercedes Benz C54 and Aston Martin DBS.

Baratov's father offered to put up C$845,000 equity in his home, saying it represented his life's savings.

"It's not a risk," the father, Akhmet Tokbergenov, told the judge. "It's a great desire on my part and my wife's part to help him."


Three privacy tools that block your Internet provider from tracking you

It's on. Recently, the United States Senate saw fit to allow Internet Service Providers to sell your web browsing history and other data to third parties. The action has yet to pass the House, but if it does, it means anyone concerned about privacy will have to protect themselves against over zealous data collection from their ISP.
Some privacy-conscious folks are already doing that—but many aren't. If you want to keep your ISP from looking over your shoulder for data to sell to advertisers, here are three relatively simple actions you can take to get started.
Use HTTPS Everywhere

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's HTTPS Everywhere browser extension is one of the first things you should install. This extension requires that all website connections to your browser occur using SSL/TLS encryption. That means the content of what you're viewing will be protected from passive collection by your ISP. The only time the extension won't force HTTPS is when the site you're connecting to doesn't support the protocol.
It's a great little extension that starts working as soon as you install it. What it doesn't do, however, is stop your ISP from seeing which sites you visit. Only the contents of your communication are protected. So your ISP will know you visited YouTube, but not what you watched while you were there, or the specific pages you visited.
HTTPS Everywhere is available for Firefox (desktop and Android), Chrome, and Opera.
Get a paid virtual private network
Your next step is to subscribe to a paid virtual private network service—not a free one that collects your data and sells it to third parties for analytics, or uses ads to support its free service, because that would negate the entire point of all this. You want a VPN that you pay to keep your data private. This should cost somewhere around $40 to $60 per year.
A VPN is like an encrypted tunnel between you and the Internet. You connect directly to your VPN (a connection your ISP will see) and then all Internet browsing goes through the VPN's servers and blocks third parties from snooping. Once you've picked and configured a VPN, set it to start up automatically and funnel all your Internet traffic through there.
Choosing a VPN is a bit of a tricky business since you want a provider that collects and stores a minimum amount of data about your browsing. Freedome VPN pledges not to log your traffic and is run by F-Secure, an established and reputable name in Internet security. Some VPN providers offer helpful extra features, such as an Internet kill switch that immediately shuts off your PC's Internet access when your VPN gets disconnected.

You also want your VPN to protect against DNS leaks, which is a problem we'll get to next.
Adjust your DNS
The Domain Name System is how your computer translates a human readable website name, such as, into a machine-friendly numerical Internet Protocol address. It's like the telephone book of the Internet.
The problem is that your PC is usually configured to use your ISP's DNS, which means your ISP sees all your browser requests. VPNs typically configure your PC to use their DNS, and there is usually a DNS leak protection feature that makes sure your PC doesn't ignore the VPN and use your default DNS settings.
Nevertheless, to be doubly sure you're not using your ISP's DNS, it's a good idea to set your PC to use a third-party DNS provider such as OpenDNS. We have a tutorial from 2011 on how to change your DNS settings in Windows 7. It works pretty much the same way in Windows 10.
A good start
Now you're off to a good start for protecting your data from a snooping ISP. It's not fool-proof, but you've taken a number of important steps. Once you're set up, consult and DNS Leak Test (use the extended test for the latter) to make sure you're not revealing any data that you don't want to reveal.
Now all you have to do is hope your ISP doesn't block or throttle your traffic whenever you're using that paid VPN.

Source :
Bug in UPI app costs Bank of Maharashtra Rs 25 cr in one of India's biggest financial frauds

MUMBAI: In what is possibly the biggest financial frauds in recent years, NPCI today said Rs 25 crore has been moved out of Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) accounts due to a bug in its UPI application.

All the corrective steps have been initiated and the process of recovering the money from 19 banks where it was transferred to, is on, it said.

"Total amount of loss, as reported by BoM, is about Rs 25 crore. They've recovered some amount and some amount is still pending. They've filed a police complaint also and the investigation is on," National Payment Corporation managing director and chief executive AP Hota told reporters here.

Explaining the fraud, Hota said BoM had procured a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) solution from a vendor (reported to be city-based InfrasoftTech) which had a bug that resulted in the fund moving out of the accounts without the sender's account having the necessary funds.

"Even if the core banking has declined a transaction, the UPI at the bank-level used to send a success message to NPCI. At NPCI, even if the CBS said no, based on UPI of the bank, we used to do the clearing and settlement," Hota said, adding the fraud was first reported to it on February 22.

He said about 50-60 people in Aurangabad discovered this loophole possibly through trial and error method. "They have collected a good deal of money. They've accounts in 19 other banks. They're trying to recover money now," he said.

There were three other banks, including Bank of India, which had bought a similar solution from the same vendor but they've not reported any mishap, Hota said, adding thorough checks have been carried out.

The fraud was first reported in the media last week after a few arrests in Maharashtra, but the total amount transferred was under Rs 2 crore.

It can be noted that breach of card details due to a compromise at Hitachi's end last year, which led to a replacement of 3.2 million debit cards, had a financial loss of under Rs 2 crore.

Maintaining that it is up to BoM to take action on its vendor, Hota said NPCI has learnt a lot from this episode.

"The learning from this is that we're not allowing any bank to join UPI unless they've a thorough reconciliation process and audited their package by the best of auditors."

Source :

Bentley Motors unveiled another ground-breaking new Gigapixel photograph — one of the world's most detailed landscape images.

Stunning images we saw on
zooming in

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Emotional Heartbreaking Video Old Man With Thousands Of Germs And Insects On Body

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Published on Mar 12, 2017
This channel is to help those people who are seeking from problem and family left them for dying, We support those people if you are interested to help them please join us on our Facebook page provided under the description.

For Donation Paytm Us:- 72038-72948For further issues you can mail us on:-

Category People & Blogs
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Do you have an itch to check Facebook all the time? It could be due to a brain imbalance

They found that individuals who displayed higher levels of problematic use of Facebook had a strong cognitive-emotional preoccupation (system 1)and a weak cognitive-behavioural control (system 2), creating an imbalance.

System 1 is automatic and reactive, quickly triggered, often subconsciously, in reaction to stimulus such as a sight of or notifications from social media, said Hamed Qahri-Saremi, of DePaul University.

System 2 is a reflective, reasoning system that moves more slowly, regulates cognitions, including the ones generated by system 1, and controls behaviours, said Qahari-Saremi.

The second system can help individuals control impulses and behaviours that are not in their best interest, he added.

Researchers found that 76 per cent of respondents reported using Facebook in class, 40 per cent reported using Facebook while driving.

As many as 63 per cent reported using Facebook while talking face-to-face with others and 65 per cent reported using Facebook at work instead of working.

Source and more information here -
It's time to tax the robots, says Bill Gates

[smg id=16012 type=full]

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This nonprofit is selling tiny $6 hijabs for children to put on their dolls

[smg id=16011 type=full]

The $6 handmade hijabs will be available for U.S. order starting April 1, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to nonprofits serving multicultural communities.

website :

Source and more details -
Girl posts makeup tutorial done on the roof of a moving vehicle and its pretty sick

More information -
Indulge your fear of heights with China's latest glass bridge

! No longer available

The observation platform is 466 square meters (5,015 square feet) big, and can hold 200 people.

If you fell, it would be a 450 meter (1,476 ft) drop to the gorge below.

The trek up to Mount Langya will take around three hours. You can take a cable car most of the way, but will still need to make a 40-minute trek to get there.
Airbus' new flying car concept

Airbus and Italdesign have revealed a passenger capsule that can either attach to wheels and drive like a car, or be lifted up by a drone helicopter. All of this is based on traffic conditions, cost and time.
Meet the Chennai man who brought Adobe Photoshop to masses via microsoft

NEW DELHI: Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo-editing software today with nearly 10 million users. In India, if anyone knows the word 'computer', you can safely assume he would also know of Photoshop.

Even though his name appears second in the list of credits when you open Photoshop, very few know it was an engineer from Chennai who made Photoshop popular.

Before 1993, Photoshop was available only in Macintosh which was used by select people. Seetharaman Narayanan, senior principal scientist and one of the founding members of Photoshop, spread the software all over the world by bringing it to Microsoft's Windows platform which was used by the masses.

"Bringing to Windows led to mass usage of Photoshop in a few years as Microsoft expanded its reach globally dramatically. It also boosted Adobe revenue substantially," Narayanan told BusinessLine.

Narayanan grew up in Mylapore, Chennai, graduated from REC Trichy and joined Adobe in 1991.

Based in San Jose, Narayanan comes to Chennai twice a year. He was in the city recently to address an event organised by IIM Calcutta Alumni Association.

"We have only scratched the surface in India right now. As people get to understand that software is value, people should pay for it," Narayanan told BusinessLine talking about the subscription-based business model of Photoshop.

"I don't think people would pirate. If they derive value out of the software, I believe they will pay," he said.

Adobe's business in India is growing after it shifted Photoshop to a subscription-based model three years ago. Its photography plan is for $10 a month. According to Narayanan, if you make a living out of being a creative, $10 is not lot of money.

Source :
American H-1B visa programme has been suspended for six months

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that in order to clear a backlog of regular H-1B visa applications, it is suspending for six months a programme that allowed some companies to jump to the head of the queue for quicker processing of H-1B visas by paying a special fee.

This is not a suspension of the H-1B visas, but only of the "Premium Processing", which allows companies to pay $1,125 to go to the top of the line ahead of those waiting for applications to be processed, the USCIS said on Friday.

"This temporary suspension will help us to reduce overall H-1B processing times", it added.

H-1B visas are temporary work visas for people with special qualifications and it is used mostly by Indian techies.

The "Premium Programme" suspension is to come into effect from April 3.

Under "Premium Processing", a decision is made on H-1B application within 15 days, while the regular applications take more than three months - period that has lengthened because of the surge in "Premium Processing" applications

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Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea: The 'free unlimited data' offers - 1 gb internet free on 4g speed every day starting 03 March 2017

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has gotten some of us used to the idea of 1GB free data per day . And the access to 4G internet and a total of 1GB 4G data per day at no cost. The way to continue to this free data party: Pay Rs 99 per year, become a Jio Prime member. Then get a Rs 303 recharge, which will allow the 1GB per day limit (after you cross this limit the speed is reduced to 128Kbps). Apparently Jio is now also offering 5GB extra data for the plan, though the official website doesn't mention this yet. Jio has a booster pack for 5GB of data is worth around Rs 201.

Even without the 5GB extra data, Jio's offer of 28GB 4G data for 28 days at Rs 303 for prepaid customers, and 30GB data for postpaid users in this same price band is a killer deal.


Vodafone has a similar offer where you can get 28GB data at Rs 342 or Rs 346, which are part of 'Welcome Back Offers'. The deal: 10GB data, voice calls of up to 300 minutes per day for Rs 346. The other offer of Rs 342 has 28GB of data per month with FUP of 1GB per day. Additionally, every customer who recharges with these plans will be whitelisted, and can then continue with the same plan for the next 11 months.


Airtel has joined the fray as well. The prepaid recharge is a Rs 345 plan which promises 1GB of 4G data per day, along with free local, STD calls. But there's a condition on how to use this 1GB data: 500MB during the day, 500MB during the night. The time limit is March 31 for customers to sign up, and again just like Vodafone, this recharge will apply for the next 11 months once the deadline is up.

Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular offering unlimited voice and 500 MB of data a day for 28 days at Rs 348. However, this is not an open market offer, and Idea Cellular users will need to check if they are eligible on the MyIdea app. Also Idea Cellular is offering this to customers with low data usage, in order to encourage them to use more internet.

Source :
Money cannot buy everything - 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Apps are becoming an intrinsic part of Indian culture. - Oren Kaniel, AppsFlyer

Cognitive services will change IT applications in the future. - Sandeep Alur, Microsoft

India is one of the epicentres of IoT. - Ravi Gururaj, TiE Bangalore

By 2020, we believe industries such as utilities, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics are expected to see highest adoption levels of IoT in India. - Deloitte TMT report

An entrepreneur doesn't let an idea remain an idea...he or she dreams the whole dream starting from the execution till the finished product has been achieved. - Deepa Subramanian, Galerie De'Arts

Every time I come back to India, the thing that grabs you is the entrepreneurial spirit of the place. - Satya Nadella, Microsoft

Traditional food and drinks bring a sense of belonging and identity. It provides a security blanket in an alien place. - Neeraj Kakkar, Hector Beverages

Be with the times, but also immerse in Indian culture and heritage. - Brinda Miller, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Word of mouth is very important in interior design — it brings larger ticket size. - Vinay Indresh, Homefuly

Edtech and Fintech platforms need volumes and adoption to become viable businesses. - Naganand Doraswamy, IdeaSpring Capital,

There are 700 million people who are part of a not-very-efficient market and will benefit from impact investing. - Ritu Verma, Ankur Capital

We need to focus beyond trivial problems or rich people's problems. We need more entrepreneurs to solve India's really hard problems, such as affordable healthcare. - Naga Prakasam, NSRCEL

Seeing your beneficiaries being impacted directly entails a different and indescribable feeling altogether. - Harshin Bhambhani, Udaan

People in cities hardly get the space to experience growing a vegetable and fruit. - Avani Jain, Upaj

Eradication of chemical pesticides requires education at the grassroot level with farmers on the harmful effects. - Lokesh Makam, Barrix

Most of the times, when factories are set up, the immediate effects of the air pollution are seen in the respiratory problems of children below 10 years. - Babu Rao Kalapala

We don't need the children to go into their own shell where they don't know what is happening around them. - Shruthi Shivashankar Murthy

The child care market in India is expected to be worth $27.63 billion by 2020. – MCC report

Women are coming into the forefront and making themselves seen as glorious chefs worldwide. - Divya Nichani, Puraw Vida

As long as I live I will continue my fight against domestic violence. - Najima Bibi

Chase that dream with so much passion, that there's no other choice but for it to come true, and it does. - Pratap R. Dighavkar, Mumbai Police

Women should not hesitate to chase dreams, especially in a city like Bengaluru which supports entrepreneurship and where being an entrepreneur is valued. - Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy

In a country where there is so much discrimination against women, so much violence against women, isn't it essential to listen to women's stories from their point of view?  - Alankrita Shrivastava, 'Lipstick Under My Burkha'

Money cannot buy everything. - Wamika Iyer,

I have a disability, but I focus only on my abilities. – Paridhi Verma, IIM-L

Specially abled have their own apprehensions. They are not like us but most of the times, they are better than us and one has to reciprocate and respect that quality of theirs. - Ratna Krishna Kumar, DARE School

Across developing countries, 23 percent fewer women than men have access to the internet. – UN report

It's possible to totally replace sand with quarry dust. - Deepak Gariya

With research, unlimited possibilities. - Prasanna Shirol, ORDI

You cannot do anything without the right team. - Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio

Conversations will convert into interest and thereby demand for a product. - Deepak Srinivasan, Crofters

Magical things manifest when you move away from your comfort zone. - Farzana Cama Balpande, BookASmile

On the other side of the comfort zone are all the tools of success. – James Altucher

Dance is looked down upon because the power of dance to heal, empower, and support is not understood by all. - Shiamak Davar, Victory Dance Teams

I can see five years into the future. - Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Each book is an experience in itself. India ranks low in reading - only 34 pages reading on an average compared to 2,000 pages in many countries. - Kavita Singh Jhala, Kaffeinated Konversations

Should there be a market-driven approach or a directed approach by the government or regulator that converges everyone towards a common architecture? - Manish Khera

Private sector participation should be encouraged in planning, development, and management of water resources projects for diverse use. - National Water Policy

Indians are extremely hard-working, and need more work-life balance and have to learn to switch off during weekends. - Mishi Choudhary, activist

I firmly believe that the client is my only boss and everything I do revolves around that. - George Varghese, ET Marlabs

What makes news is when high profile companies with hype and a history of excesses begin to shut or lay off people. - TN Hari, BigBasket

The market is at a phase where co-operation among players is going to be the most certain way in which we can create value. - Yogendra Vasupal, Stayzilla

If we can buy our groceries online, then why not legal services? - Tanushree Nandan, Layman's Lawyer

The personalisation of the consumption of content has changed a whole lot of things. – Piyush, Rooter

Mindsets must evolve to make space for the new and untried. - Abhijit Bhaduri, 'The Digital Tsunami'

Age is but a number. - Khushru Farrokh, Taasha

A true yogi or yogini does not understand the concept of 'giving up'. - Grand Master Akshar, Akshar Yoga

While as entrepreneurs you need to be stubborn, you also need to know the fact that you don't know everything. - Nami Zarringhalam, TrueCaller

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Dear Acumens,

Its been more than 10 Years IT Acumens being a part of Internet Industry to get its customers with there online presence. Achieved more than 1500 websites online in last 10 years with more than 65+ best Acumen's / Engineers . And now stands with two geo locations and 12+ staffs servicing up to 1000+ customers currently.

Over last 11 years online presence and physical presence more than 10 years. This is our 5th Office in Ashok Nagar. But started with 16th avenue, then 9th avenue, recently 4th avenue and now jumped to 1st avenue in Ashok Nagar. What's so special in last 10 years ? This 1st Avenue has only big commercial offices up to 1000 to 3000 sqft space where we can up to 50 people inside our office. And this 1st avenue is on the largest road in Chennai which has a histories like Ashok Pillar ( Indian face ), Chennai Bus Terminus ( mmda ) , chennai Airport, Guindy
butterfly flyover, recently chennai metro and the 25.2 km long road connects with three distinct arms viz., Northern arm, Central arm and Southern arm of Chennai and ends to a highway road connection hyderbad, mumbai etc.

One more special name for 1st Avenue is , its just 100 meters to Ashok Pillar and its on 100 Feet Road in Chennai which is more than 25 km long stretch road.

Our New IT Acumens Premises in 2017 has a duplex structured building which can accommodates up to 50 people with commercial purpose high tension power source . Also its on the 100 feet road. So in our last 10 years with same work location in Chennai where achieving this visibility is our achievement like our predecessors in industy like space 2 host with more than 10,000 customers and more than 35,000 customers by square brothers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

We will try to constantly update about our new location on this official website very soon -

IT Acumens Office Address : 38/1, 1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600083 and has its commercial contact number 044 420 49000 and mobile support with 99520 99520. Please schedule an visit post 20th Feb 2017 by calling our numbers anytime.

So its called - Powered by ITAcumens - Personally I thank you to the senior Acumen's who are in the growth of IT Acumens since the beginning and our staffs , family and friends for there long term support .

A jobless man applied for the position of 'office boy' at Microsoft.

The HR manager interviewed him, then gave him a test: clean the floor. The man passed the test with flying colors.

"You are hired," HR manager informed the applicant, "give me your e-mail address, and I'll send you the application for employment, as well as the date you should report for work.

The man replied " I don't have a computer, or an email!"

"I'm sorry," said the HR manager. "If you don't have an email, that means you do not exist. And we cannot hire persons who do not exist."

The man was very disappointed.

He didn't know what to do. He only had $10 with him. Once that is spent, he won't have any money to buy any food.

He went to the supermarket and bought a crate of tomatoes with his $10.

He went from door to door and sold the tomatoes in less than two hours. He doubled his money.

He repeated the operation three times, and returned home with $60. He realized that he can survive

this way. He started to go everyday earlier, and return late.

He doubled or tripled his money every day. Soon, he bought a cart, then a truck. In a very short time, he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles.

Five years later, the man became one of the biggest food retailers in the U. S. He started to plan his family's future, and decided to have a life insurance.

He called an insurance broker, and chose a protection plan.

At the end of the conversation, the broker asked him for his email address.

The man replied: ' I don't have an email.'

The broker was dumbfounded. "You don't have an email, and yet have succeeded in building an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an email?," he exclaimed.

The man thought for a while, and replied, "an office boy at Microsoft!"

If you just lost your Job or Just failed an Interview Don't worry be Optimistic..... Good days are on the way and something better is reserved for you.

All you have to do is Explore, Innovate and Explore !!!
JalliKattu Youth Protest across Tamil Nadu & Chennai - Live on Polimer New Live Streaming in Tamil

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Bikes and cars sales drop in Indian compared 2015 vs 2016

As shown on tv, today - 17 Jan 2017.

All transport sales last year in India - 15,02,314 ( 2015 )
All transport sales current year - 12,21,929 ( 2016 )

All car sales last year in India - 1,72,671 ( 2015 )
All car sales current year in India - 1,58,617 ( 2016 )

All public transport sales last year in India - 2,30,959 ( 2015 )
All public transport sales current year in India - 2,27,824 ( 2016 )

All motor bike sales last year in India - 11,67,621 ( 2015 )
All motor bike sales current year in India - 9,10,235 ( 2016 )

All scooter sales last year in India - 3,86,305 ( 2015 )
All scooter sales current year in India - 2,84,384 ( 2016 )

Over all sales drop for bikes stand at 22% , sales drop for scooter stands at 26%, sales drop for public transport like bus etc stands at 1.36%, sales drop for cars stand at 8% and overall sales drop records in India as 18.66% compare to 2015 vs 2016.

[smg id=16008 type=full]
How are sunfeast YiPPee! Noodles are made in India

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Published on Aug 12, 2015
Category Film & Animation
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Amul Food Factory: Watch How Amul Cheese range is made at India's Largest Cheese Plant

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Published on Dec 9, 2016
Category Howto & Style
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#BackOnCampus: Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Live in Conversation at IIT - KGP

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Streamed live on Jan 5, 2017

Join us over livestream when Sundar Pichai visits his alma mater IIT Kharagpur on 5th January 2017 at 12pm. Hear him talk about his time at IIT KGP, at Google and answer some live questions.

Category People & Blogs
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Mega Kitchen - How to cook 50,000 meals per day in the world's largest tribal school

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Published on Nov 13, 2016

Kalinga Institute of Bhubaneswar is the world's largest tribal school, provides accommodation and study both along with healthcare food to 25,000 on daily basis. Mega Kitchen of Kalinga Institute is located in Bhubaneswar and recently included in the India's Mega Kitchens serial episode On National Geographic

❤ Welcome to Food & Drink channel !
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Caption author (English (United Kingdom))
Padmanava Sengupta

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Trello is being acquired by Atlassian - 11 Jan 2016

Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello <>

We're excited to announce that Trello is being acquired by Atlassian.

We launched Trello five years ago to make it easy and fun to collaborate in a unique way. Since then, more than 19 million people have used Trello to solve many different challenges both personal and professional.

Atlassian has a great track record making excellent collaboration tools like JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and BitBucket. Both the Trellists and the Atlassians share a passion for helping teams work better together.

What does this mean for you? To start: exciting new integrations, an increased featureset, and a continued focus on making the product better and more useful than ever. Our mission will be to make Trello more powerful and even more delightful than it is today.

We will continue to operate as a standalone service, so you don't have to change a thing about the way you are currently using Trello.

For more information, check out our blog post about the news. And stay tuned over the coming months (and years!) for more exciting news.

Thank you,

Michael Pryor
CEO of Trello

Direct Blog link -
How to raise successful kids -- without over-parenting | Julie Lythcott-Haims - Ted Talks

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11:50 th minute is the real awesome quote - True stuff in our life

Published on Oct 4, 2016
By loading kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every turn, parents aren't actually helping. At least, that's how Julie Lythcott-Haims sees it. With passion and wry humor, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford makes the case for parents to stop defining their children's success via grades and test scores. Instead, she says, they should focus on providing the oldest idea of all: unconditional love.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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Wait for it... this could save your life - AT&T's

Life is to enjoy, no message, no calls, no tweets, no updates can keep you alive. Please love your life, rest your mobile while driving. Amazingly inspiring video ever i saw in my life till now.

Our responsibility is to share and make every citizen to watch this video to save them and their families

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Published on Aug 23, 2016
Share with someone you couldn't live without and make the streets safer for everyone. #ITCANWAIT

Join the It Can Wait community by taking the pledge to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone:

Rewatch all four seasons of @SummerBreak right now at

SUBSCRIBE to watch more from @SummerBreak:

Join in on the adventure of a lifetime and watch the true story of summer in LA unfold.

Summer is over in an instant, but together we'll make it last forever.

Connect with @SummerBreak online:
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THX 2 AT&T --

We Are @SummerBreak

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Google / Introducing Google Jamboard
Jan 05, 2017, 04:25 AM
Introducing Google Jamboard

! No longer available

Published on Oct 25, 2016
Introducing Jamboard, the newest addition to G Suite. It's a digital collaborative whiteboard that makes it easy for your team to share ideas, collaborate, and create without boundaries. We're moving the whiteboard to the cloud.

Learn more at

Category Science & Technology
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The last emoticon: WhatsApp block about to happen on iPhones and Android handsets

NEW YORK: As an earlier statement said WhatsApp will stop working on certain phones by the end of 2016, many users of older versions of iPhones and Android handsets are about to find themselves cut off from using the chat app, media has reported.

WhatsApp, with more than one billion monthly users, had earlier announced that it was phasing out compatibility with older phones in a technology upgrade.

According to a report in the Independent on Monday, WhatsApp said that the move had been made to ensure that the app could continue to introduce new features and stay secure, which relies on the app being used on newer operating systems.

In the developing markets where the chat app and older phones are popular, WhatsApp has faced a sharp criticism for its move.

WhatsApp had initially listed all BlackBerry models and some Nokia handsets among the handsets that would be blocked from the chat app. However, the company retracted late last year, apparently in response to complaints.

"We are extending support for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 until June 30, 2017," WhatsApp wrote in an update to its blog.

The service will stop on any first, second, third or fourth generation iPad that has not been updated. Users need to update to iOS 9.3 to use the service.

With these changes, WhatsApp is expected to more deeply integrate encryption and other privacy services.

"Such technology stops messages from being read, and has led to WhatsApp facing criticism from governments who believe that WhatsApp conversations should be made public," the report added.

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Chat Box / Happy New Year 2017
Jan 01, 2017, 01:00 AM
Dear Acumens,

Wish you a Happy New Year 2017.

May god bless everyone and let there fulfillments / wish come true.
How my first startup ended in a loss of Rs 15 lakh and shut down in a year from Yourstory 2015


I thought I would make millions through my startup, but I failed miserably. I read shiny stories of Flipkart and Zomato, but nobody told me that 90 per cent of startups fail within two years.

Mine failed in the first year.

Sometimes, I feel cheated but also acknowledge the fault was mine. I had believed only one side of the story. Today, I am going to tell you the other side of the story.

It was April 2013 when I started getting uncomfortable at my workplace. Thoughts of leaving the boring job were taking over and I was losing interest in my work. I had just returned from the US, and I asked my manager for some time in the pretext of setting up my home in India again. Truth be told, however, my real problem was unhappiness from my job.

I dreamt of starting something on my own but did not have the courage. I discussed with a friend and we decided to start a company. I put all of my savings in my startup. The first step we took was incorporating a private limited company and investing Rs five lakh each and dividing equity equally. We found a basement office in Gurgaon.

We wanted to solve problems related to schools, as we thought education is a billion-dollar industry. We thought we could build any product for schools and make big profits. After long discussions, we came up with the idea of ERP for schools; online software to manage everything from fees and inventory to communication with parents.

I was confident that we could easily hire people. We had everything going to build a good team: an office, money in bank account, hiring policy and most importantly a co-founder with recruitment experience of more than ten years. We met a few people we were interested in hiring. But, to our surprise, not one person wanted to join our startup!

My co-founder remarked,
I could have hired ten people for any other company by this time, I am not sure why people are not joining us.

Since we were from the corporate background, we spent few days on drafting new hiring policy. We introduced company incentives based on revenue and individual performance bonus along with basic salary.

We moved to our new office. We hired a fresher and after a lot of struggle we found someone who impressed us with his technical capabilities but we were doubtful of his managerial and leadership skills. He was a costly hire. We offered him salary plus company incentives if we made any revenue by the end of the year. We were feeling lucky with two developers. I architect the product and developers started coding without waiting for the front-end design.

It was an exciting time. Our product was taking shape. We managed to hire a designer but we compromised a lot with his skillset and attitude. We started feeling the heat of startup hiring. We wanted to complete the product as soon as possible so that we could start selling.
Then we started facing unexpected problems. Our junior developer was not performing up to our expectations so we had to ask him to leave. With a team of just four people, we completed the first version of our product.

We were confident that our product will sell like hot cakes once it will hit the market. We included all the features of top ERP products in the market to beat the competitors. However, we were not happy with the front end design and were continuously looking for a better designer.
Our first potential client (a known school principal) appreciated our idea and demo but put us on hold till she could hear from higher management. We sent her the sales material and thought we will deploy software in a few months.

By this time (six months) the cost of product development was:

Company incorporation: Rs 30,000
Office renovation: Rs 120,000
AC/fridge/inverter: Rs 40,000
Rent: Rs 91,000
Salaries: Rs 3,60,000 + Rs 1,00,000 + Rs 65,000
Travel, food, marketing material and others: Rs 1,00,000
Total: Rs 9,56,000

We decided to move our development office to Chandigarh where I would manage operations and my co-founder would handle sales by staying at Gurgaon.

This helped us.

Now our senior developer was spending more time in development rather than travelling between Gurgaon and Chandigarh.
We saved money on office rental.

I saved money on my living expenses
Then came a blow. Our designer scooted with the laptop.

We tracked him and recovered the laptop, but lost our only designer. I took the challenge and learnt the basics of web designing. We revamped the entire design in one month. The product came out nicely.

We started reaching out to schools but neither of us co-founders came from a sales background.
We struggled to get appointments
We contacted 10-12 schools without any results
Crossing the gatekeeper was a big hurdle
We found out that principals did not have decision power
The decision makers were never available in the school
Most schools admins do not check/respond to emails
Nothing happens for two to three months when selling to schools

We hired a person from Ahmedabad for sales training, but we were unable to sell our product even with more features and less cost, compared to competitors.

We found a few customers by leveraging references, but revenue was far away. My co-founder who took care of the sales said that some big schools wanted to buy our product if we could implement few more features.

I had a different opinion. I argued that we had enough features for any school to get started and there was something missing in the sales process. I thought we should focus on small to medium schools even if we earn less money. Conflict between us started arising.

We started running out of money, so we invested more into our startup. We hired a sales person from a big competitor. We felt we'd found the silver bullet because he gave us access to our competitor's product and told us the secrets of doing sales to schools. He worked with us for a month but could not crack even a single sale. His impressive sales record with the competition was due to the brand name.

We needed more money to survive.

My co-founder was busy chasing big schools that can pay good money in advance. He also started establishing contacts with political and influential people to win deals.

I started reading startup blogs and books and believed in lean startup methodologies and doing more with less resources. Unfortunately, my co-founder was still building our startup like a big corporate.

I proposed to reduce our expenses.
Bring our only developer from cash to equity (up to 20%).
Stop chasing big schools and focus on small schools (to reduce sales conversion time).
Target schools on city outskirts as they will be relatively easy to win over.
Fire the sales guy and spend all our time in sales.

But our vision was not aligned. At last, my co-founder took over the company and promised to return my cash if the company made any profits in the future.

Expenses till the end (11 months)
Initial six months: Rs 9,56,000
Salaries: Rs 3,00,000
Sales training: Rs 30,000
Rent: Rs 56,000
Travel, marketing and others: Rs 200,000
Total: Rs 15,42,000

By now we had wasted more than Rs 15,00,000 on a product that nobody wanted to purchase. We had only two paying customers, few on trial and a lot in the sales funnel. After a few more weeks of struggle, my co-founder had to join a job. This was the end for SchoolGennie.

Let me share what I learnt along the way:

Know your customer before building your product
We built our product based on the assumptions and feature lists of our competitors. We should have talked to our customers before building our product.

Know where to spend money and where to avoid

We spent most of the money on office infrastructure and employee salaries. We could have avoided 80% of expenses by working from home and hiring employees on survival salary + ESOPs.

We were avoiding expenses on the professional design of sales material, marketing tools, and paid consultancy. We should have spent money on the things that translate into more sales or leads.

If the primary source of your customer acquisition is your website then you should spend money on content marketing, sales deck, and sales pages.
If you acquire your customers offline then spend money on sales brochures and other printed material.

Get your hands dirty with the code

Non-technical co-founders remain clueless of technical know-hows.

I advise you to start coding even if you are non-technical. There might be some exceptions but generally a non-tech co-founder can take better decisions if he knew how things get implemented.

Joel, co-founder of Buffer shares why non-tech co-founders must learn coding.

Do sales, even if you are from a non-sales background

I was afraid of doing sales because I thought my co-founder is better at communication and public speaking. We were unable to close sales despite his good communication and HR background. The main reason was that we were not talking about the pain points of the customer but just trying to hard sell our product.

The sales process is not just about good public speaking but addressing the concerns of the customer.
Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that all co-founders should be doing all the things at all the time. They should be owners of their areas but at the same time they should have first-hand experience of all kind of jobs in a startup.

Take decision and trust your intuition

We started postponing tough decisions like spending budget of sales, hiring or firing an employee, offering equity to the employees, chasing big schools or small schools, offering a free solution or charge premium, and at last how to go our separate ways.

Since the closure of my first venture, I started taking firm decisions based on the available information at that time. You can never have 100% data available for taking any decision. You should be smart enough to derive a conclusion with 60-70% information and fill the gap with your intuition.

Don't stop learning

Alarm bells ring for a startup when someone starts behaving like an expert and refuses to learn new things. You are doomed to fail if you stop learning.

Money is just a by-product of a startup

I learned it very late, but some of you may have realised this by now. We entrepreneurs start a venture to solve a customer's problem or to explore our passion, and money is just fuel for our startup vehicle. If you focus on money, you would become short-sighted.

Focus on solving problems and keep your customers happy. The money will follow.

Be generous

The most important lesson from my entrepreneurial journey – be generous, be polite, be a giver.


This was the story of my first startup, but I feel most first-time entrepreneurs are on a similar path. I joined another startup as co-founder and it changed my life in a positive way. Now I am working with startups to help them unlock growth.
Originally published at StartupKarma

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This recyclable paper bike helmet just won a prestigious design award

[smg id=16002 type=full]

James Dyson Design Award

Isis Shiffer, the inventor of the EcoHelmet.

Many cities around the world - from New York City to Buenos Aires - are investing more in bike share systems as a form of public transportation. But the bikes don't come with helmets, so riders must either bring their own - which can be cumbersome to carry around - or go without.
A new invention, called the EcoHelmet, may offer a solution. Made of paper, the device is collapsible, and is designed with bike share programs in mind.

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Telangana police files case against online rummy website ace2three soon other rummy sites will come out

India's online rummy gaming sector, which is seeing increasing interest from private equity firms and global investors, could suffer a setback as some states are attempting to rein in gaming companies.

The Telangana police have filed a case against online rummy website based on complaints that the company was duping players by manipulating its software. This comes even as India's largest and only listed Removed firm, Delta Corp, which recently acquired the country's top poker site, is reportedly looking to buy Matrix Partners-backed

Rummy Circle, Adda52, Classic Rummy and Junglee Rummy are among the other notable online rummy gaming firms in India that have attracted the interest of global investors.

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Snapdeal slips against its two main rivals, Flipkart & Amazon. Can it get its mojo back as om 06 Oct 2016?

What was not long ago billed as a two-horse race between Flipkart and Snapdeal in the $12 billion Indian e-commerce market has now become a two-horse race between Flipkart and Amazon. Snapdeal's market share dropped to 14% from 19% a year ago while Amazon's gained from 14% to 24% in the same period.

Flipkart remains the leader despite a fall in market share to 37% from 43%. Snapdeal, which moved to a marketplace model four years ago, is now playing catch up with its two main competitors. Bahl's bluster has since dried, possibly a direct consequence of the underwhelming performance of his company against competitors.

Snapdeal will run its attempt of attracting customers by its unbox zindigi campaign till December 2016

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Check out Jackie Chan's 13.70 crore Embraer private jet as on 5th OCT 2016

[smg id=15996 type=full]

[smg id=15997 type=full]

[smg id=15998 type=full]

[smg id=15999 type=full]

[smg id=16000 type=full]

Jackie Chan Embraer private jet collection.

Jackie Chan has a new toy in his collection.

Earlier this year, the movie icon took delivery of a new Embraer Legacy 500 business jet. This is not Chan's first private jet, nor is it his first Embraer. Chan, a brand ambassador for the Brazilian airplane maker, took delivery of an Embraer Legacy 650 in 2012. His new plane is the first Legacy 500 to be delivered to a Chinese customer.

"The Legacy 500 features our best-to-date technologies and it incorporates designs that maximize passenger comfort and fuel efficiency," Marco Tulio Pellegrini, Embraer Executive Jets' president and CEO, said in a statement.

Chan seems equally enthused about the newest addition to his fleet. "I'm so thrilled to receive this Legacy 500, a state-of-the-art executive jet," he said in a statement.

He continued:

In the past few years, my Legacy 650 has brought me fantastic traveling experiences and great convenience, allowing me to do more acting and philanthropic works around the world. I'm sure that the performance of the new Legacy 500 will again exceed my expectations, and become a comfortable mobile home and office for me.

According to Embraer, Chan is expected to use his Legacy 650 for transoceanic flights while the Legacy 500 will be used for shorter trips. Here's a closer look at Chan's Embraer Legacy 500:

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MAKE IN INDIA :: Some facts about Indian market

As per the stats, 3 months ago,

India's current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country growing at more than 7% since 2014

India's current largest youth population in the world at 650 million with more than half the population below 25 years of age

India's current smartphone users are numbered at over 220 million

India's current headway in media with over 100,000 registered publications and 800 television channels

Amazing facts and detailed story - sourced at
Honda Accord Hybrid October 2016 | First Drive | Autocar India

! No longer available

Published on Oct 23, 2016
The Accord is making a comeback and this time with a hybrid system. Renuka Kirpalani takes it for a test spin.

SUBSCRIBE to Autocar India for hottest automotive news and the most comprehensive reviews ►

Autocar India is your one stop source for test drive reviews & comparison test of every new car released in India. We also offer a great mix of other automotive content including podcasts, motor show reports, travelogues and other special features.

Visit for the latest news & happenings from the auto world.

Category Autos & Vehicles
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Money School Lesson : Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

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Published on Feb 6, 2015
If you're ready to put down roots for a long time and buy a house you can truly afford, owning has worked out very well for most people. But renting doesn't always mean you're just "throwing your money away". If you're disciplined with your finances, then renting can be a perfectly fine lifestyle choice in the short term without putting you behind financially. It can even make sense over the long term for very financially disciplined individuals. For a more detailed explanation, including a spreadsheet you can download to adjust the variables:

To start to understand when it can make sense, this video helps explain some of the variables that can affect the success of renting (and investing) as well as owning.

Category Education
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Japan technology for rich people to park there expensive car in there top floor

! No longer available

Published on Jun 7, 2016
op nano technology
nano technology
new technology
cool technology
cool science
Ultra Ever dry
Spray-on clothing
Liquipel Japan

Category Science & Technology
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Google Pixel cost you 57000 for 32 gb - October 4th Full youtube video information

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Published on Oct 4, 2016
Google has officially announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, flagship Android smartphones it's producing in partnership with HTC. They sport top-of-the-line hardware and exclusive software features.

Read more:




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Elon Musk Says Every New Tesla Will Drive Itself | WIRED

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Published on Oct 19, 2016
Elon Musk wants you to take your hands off the wheel, foot off the gas, and let him do the driving. Rather, let his cars take over.

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Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene:

WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture.

Elon Musk Says Every New Tesla Will Drive Itself | WIRED
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Important Service Communication regarding your ICICI Bank Debit Card

Dear Customer,

Greetings from ICICI Bank.

In view of the recent reports in the media about the alleged security breach at ATM's of another bank impacting debit cards across multiple banks in India, we would like to assure you that ICICI Bank has already taken precautionary measures to change the ATM PIN of customers who were identified to be at risk. If you have not received any communication from ICICI Bank to change your ATM PIN, you can be sure that your debit card is not at risk.

ICICI Bank maintains state of the art transaction security infrastructure including real-time fraud monitoring tools to protect our customers against any unauthorised usage. Further, we would like to reassure you that our ATMs employ highest level of security protocols and continue to remain safe for transactions.

We are committed to making your banking with us completely safe and convenient.
We would like to reiterate some of the Safe Banking tips for the security of your account.
Do change your ATM PIN once in 3 to 6 months
Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone
Report lost or stolen cards immediately
NEVER SHARE your Card number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Expiry date or URN with anyone, even if the person claims to be a bank employee. Sharing these details can lead to unauthorised access to your account
Never keep your Card and PIN together or write your PIN on the card
Transact online only at reputed and known online merchants
We would like to reassure you that the security and safety of customer accounts is our utmost priority and we urge you to continue using your ICICI Bank Debit Card for transactions at ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) terminals and on eCommerce websites without concern.


Rohit Poddar
Head - Privilege Banking
Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank apply.
If you do not wish to receive further marketing e-mails, please register under 'Do Not Call' registry on
upcoming Samsung Chromebook Pro may cost you 33,333 rs Indian money

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Coming in with a price tag of $499, the Chromebook Pro brings a 12.3-inch touchscreen display on a 360-degree hinge, a hexacore processor clocked at 2GHz, 32GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, but that's not even the impressive part.

Uploaded on Oct 14, 2016
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amazon 50$ blu r1 hd smartphone is in market this October 2016

Also motorolla coming with 100$ and 150$ smartphone in association with amazon.

Currently the fire devices is been altered and re sold by amazon in the name of blu r1 hd which has two variant 16 gb , 2 gb internal ram with expandable slot is costing 110$ i hope but with prime you get 50$ discount and you have to pay is only 60$ and the basic device comes with 8 gb , 1 gb internal ram with expandable slot up to 64 gb cost you 50$ only . Both these models comes with preloaded amazon cloud drive, photos and videos app and with lock screen ads every day morning you wake up on lock screen.

[smg id=15961 type=full]

The Blu R1 HD starts at $50, works on T-Mobile or AT&T, and will arrive on your doorstep in two days. It is, for all intents and purposes, an Amazon phone.

Not the Amazon phone, the Fire, that failed so hard a few years ago. The R1 HD is a phone made by another company, with a few customizations by Amazon, and sold by Amazon.

For Prime members who are fully entrenched in Amazon's ecosystem, from Photos to Music to Video to Cloud Drive, the Blu R1 HD comes preinstalled with every Amazon app from the factory.

Now, before you get too excited, you have to remember it's a $50 phone.

Amazon ads all up in your face

In June, Amazon announced a new program in which the company takes preexisting Android devices, preloads the complete suite of Amazon apps and tweaks the operating system. Those tweaks allow Amazon to push ads to the lock screen of the device, similar to what the company has long done with its Kindle lineup.

It's not all bad news. The ads fill up the lock screen when you don't have any pending notifications. But if you do have pending notifications, they just show up like any other notification.

It's jarring to see the ads at first, but after a few days I got used to seeing them every time I woke up the phone. If you flat out dislike the idea of ads on your phone, you'll want to look elsewhere. Also, know that you can't pay a one-time fee to remove them later like you can with the Kindles with ads.

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Nokia bags 4G deployment deal worth $500 million from Bharti Airtel

500000000 US Dollar equals
33394475000.00 Indian Rupee

Which is 3339 crore Indian money worth of contract to deploy 4g in new circles across India.

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel, the country's leading telecom operator, has awarded a big-ticket 4G deployment and expansion contract worth around $500 million to Finnish telecom gear vendor Nokia. By giving this contract, Bharti Airtel is expediting its network expansion and ramping up capacities to counter the looming threat from Reliance Jio, which is currently offering free services in the country, industry watchers say.

Nokia and Bharti Airtel didn't share the value of the contract. However, a person familiar with the development said that the contract value hovers around $500 million.

The new agreement with Nokia will see Airtel expand the deployment of 4G technology in three new circles -- Gujarat, Bihar, and UP East -- telecom circle, in addition to six circles -- Mumbai, MP, West Bengal, Odisha, Punjab and Kerala circles -- it already serves.

Nokia will deploy its 4G FDD-LTE and TD-LTE technology across nine of the telco's circles in India including the regions of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rest of Bengal, Odisha, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kerala and UP East, serving major cities such as Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Patna and Siliguri.

Analysys Mason's head for India and South Asia, Rohan Dhamija said that the contract is reflective of the trends and technology advancements in data market. On demand side, consumer are going to use more data, while on the supply side, standards are getting evolved.

"Given the expected data boom, and carrier aggregation across FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE, this expansion becomes relevant for Bharti Airtel," Dhamija added. .

The new deployment will allow Bharti Airtel to provide improved coverage and faster mobile Internet access, while laying the foundation for the delivery of enhanced video services and other on-demand applications.

"We are pleased to continue to leverage Nokia's leading radio access technology and services expertise to expand 4G capacity and coverage and further increase the quality of service for subscribers," Bharti Airtel said in a statement.

Under the deal, Nokia said that it will also expand Bharti Airtel's 3G network in eight of the territories as part of this rollout and modernization of legacy 2G base stations.

"We have a long history of working with Bharti Airtel and with this latest agreement we have become the largest supplier of 4G for the company. This network expansion will provide the capacity, coverage and speeds the company needs to meet the next wave of data demand in India," Sanjay Malik, head of India Market at Nokia, said in a statement.

The 4G rollout uses Nokia's radio access with Single RAN technology for FDD-LTE and TD-LTE. The gear vendor said that it will provide professional services including network integration and network planning and optimization.

According to Nokia's 2016 MBiT Index report, India's 4G LTE device ecosystem reported an eightfold increase in 2015, while other statistics showed that access to news, video content, gaming and social media accounts for 60 percent of India's total mobile data traffic - and it is rising.

To address this growth, Bharti Airtel has recently acquired 173.8 Mhz spectrum across three spectrum bands that include 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2300 MHz for a total of Rs 14, 244 crore, in the recently concluded spectrum sale by the government.

The telco further strengthened its pan-India spectrum portfolio and secured its spectrum requirements for the next 20 years, and has airwaves across 4G and 3G spectrum in all circles.

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who's collecting your data - You might be surprised to learn

Every company is a digital company, from the biggest tech companies to the neighborhood corner store. A large ecosystem of partners and suppliers enables those companies to provide the services they do. And then there's the customer, who is seeing more and more of their life become digital.

Most people understand that in order for digital services to work properly or stay free they may need to allow the services to track some of their data. For example, maps have limited appeal when location tracking is disabled. There's a trade-off between convenience and privacy with which most people are comfortable. That negotiation occurs between the consumer and the online site or service.

But what about the businesses that provide services for consumer-facing companies? The partners and third-parties that operate behind the scenes? Typically they're ISPs, cloud services or even content-delivery networks (CDNs), through which 45 percent of the internet's traffic passes. They kept the Olympic games streaming fast and uninterrupted. They're handling billions of transactions for e-commerce sites. What many people don't realize is that these third-parties could also be tracking and selling their online behaviors as data.

The FCC is cracking down on ISPs for selling user data without consent, but now some CDNs are also getting in on the game. Waiting for regulation to stop the abuse isn't the answer. All third-party services have an ethical responsibility to publicly and plainly disclose which data they collect. This should be available to consumers and to their business customers before signing contracts. And companies should insist that the third-party services with which they work follow these consumer-centric privacy practices.

With user data, less is more

Data collection can start out with good intentions. For example, online services can improve the user experience by knowing whether customers are using mobile or desktop devices to access their site. But data collection and retention can get more invasive when services begin to collect demographic data, like gender, to deliver content that feels a little too personal to the consumer.

It's time to demand that all third-parties hold themselves to a higher standard and disclose what they do with consumers' data.

For the provider, these benefits of less data actually accrue over time. If a provider doesn't keep the customer data, then the company doesn't have data to provide the government when faced with a subpoena. In addition, there is less data to protect from cyber attacks and data breaches. Internet service providers, and CDNs in particular, can do their jobs just as effectively without that data.

Be transparent and give control back to the users

More than 90 percent of adults agree that consumers have lost control of how their data is collected and shared online by companies, according to Pew research. It will soon be imperative that companies disclose information to their users about who has access to their data, how long that data is retained and how it might be combined with other data or reconstructed to target them with advertising. Technology giant Google leads the way in transparency around data collection, making it easy for people to choose which information they're okay with sharing and which they are not.

What's at stake for companies?

Related Articles
In Letter To Google CEO, Sen. Franken Raises Questions Regarding Student Data Collection
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Defends Verizon's Data Collection For Advertising
There aren't many laws in place governing which data can be collected or sold by companies or how long data can be retained. The regulations that do exist vary by state and aren't very rigorous. However, it's not wise for companies to rely on data collection as a form of revenue. The market is already showing signs of self-correcting as the popularity of online ad blockers grows. Additionally, the FCC might not stop at ISPs in its efforts to regulate data collection.
While some third-parties are content with hiding behind the data permissions a customer-facing service has with its customers, others aren't — and rightly so. This permission by opacity may be the status quo now, but it won't be for long. It's time to demand that all third-parties hold themselves to a higher standard and disclose what they do with consumers' data. Companies that resist the urge to collect, share and sell data that isn't vital to their service will ultimately be better off.

Source :
Aged 35 He Speaks 11 Languages - Luca Lampariello's 11 Tricks To Learn Any Language

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More information :
RJio Parks Rs.5,000 Cr Fund For Startups

MUMBAI: Reliance Jio has set up a 5,000 crore venture capital fund to help young entrepreneurs in the country build their business.

Speaking at Reliance Industries' 42nd annual general meeting, chairman Mukesh Ambani said RelianceJio's aim is to build a platform for young Indians who want to create "businesses of the future".

"Reliance Jio Digital India Startup Fund sets aside 5,000 crore of venture capital to be invested over the next five years to encourage young entrepreneurs to build their businesses ground up in India," Ambani said.

He added the telecom unit plans to partner thousands of Indian entrepreneurs "whose digital ventures can bloom in the grounds that Jio is preparing".

"... We have created a Reliance Jio Digital India Startup Fund and are also working to create digital entrepreneurship hubs in key cities and towns in India. Our aim is to build a platform for young Indians who want to create businesses of the future," he said.
A totally real conversation between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg about a rocket

Here's what we know about the SpaceX explosion

5 hours ago by Emily Calandrelli

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket just exploded at Cape Canaveral, destroying Facebook's satellite

11 hours ago by Matt Burns

Apple shows off the first Siri-powered apps arriving in iOS 10

10 hours ago by Sarah Perez

Mark Zuckerberg is "deeply disappointed" by the satellite explosion

6 hours ago by Romain Dillet

Blue Apron's "Farm Egg" makes me question everything

4 hours ago by Jordan Crook

Apple is going to remove abandoned apps from the App Store

6 hours ago by Romain Dillet

Plex goes after cord cutters with new DVR feature

11 hours ago by Sarah Perez

Niantic responds to Senate inquiry into Pokémon Go privacy

7 hours ago by Kate Conger turns Gmail into a task management system

Aug 30, 2016 by Sarah Perez

43 million passwords hacked in breach

1 hour ago by John Mannes
8 online courses Computer Science students must consider!

These courses help computer science grads get a job!

Diksha Gupta,

Face it, a plain vanilla graduation in computer science doesn't get you a job anymore. You need to add extra skills to your profile to be attractive enough for employers. You need to get specialisation in any of the trending technologies, to be employable.

There is a huge demand of tech courses after graduation in computer science. Websites offering online tech courses are seeing huge traction from computer science grads in India. According to Kabir Chadha, India Country Manager, Coursera, "Indian learners come want to advance their careers and gain relevant job-ready skills. Currently, we have over 1.6 million learners from India, out of which almost one-third (31 per cent) have enrolled for computer science courses. With India being the world's largest sourcing destination for the IT industry, we expect this number to grow in the coming years."

While the list of tech course for computer science graduates is huge, there are some courses that are much in demand given the current IT trends. Check these out...

1. Algorithms: Design and Analysis:  Algorithms are the heart of computer science, and the subject has countless practical applications as well as intellectual depth.  This class is for learners with a bit of programming experience who want to learn the essentials of algorithms. Stanford University offers a course in Algorithms online, which is rigorous but emphasises the big picture and conceptual understanding over low-level implementation and mathematical details. After gaining the knowledge on algorithms, one can be well-positioned to ace technical interviews and speak fluently about algorithms with other programmers and computer scientists.

2. Python programming: With this course, one can get introduced to fundamental programming concepts including data structures, networked application program interfaces and databases, using the Python programming language. In the Capstone Project, you'll use the technologies learned throughout the specialisation to design and create your own applications for data retrieval, processing and visualisation. This course is offered by University of Michigan online.

3. HTML, CSS and JavaScript: This course allows you to learn the essential elements of web page development, covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No previous experience of these technologies is necessary, although it is helpful if you have some prior programming experience. This course covers HTML together with CSS and essential components of JavaScript, including variables, arrays, loops, events and functions. The course also explores more advanced elements of JavaScript control, including advanced use of functions, event control, array processing, and DOM manipulation. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offers this course online.

4. Functional Programming Principles in Scala: Functional programming is becoming increasingly widespread in industry. This trend is driven by the adoption of Scala as the main programming language for many applications. Scala fuses functional and object-oriented programming in a practical package. It interoperates seamlessly with both Java and Javascript. Scala is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka. It provides the core infrastructure for sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and also Coursera. In this course you will discover the elements of the functional programming style and learn how to apply them usefully in your daily programming tasks. You will also develop a solid foundation for reasoning about functional programs, by touching upon proofs of invariants and the tracing of execution symbolically. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne University offers the course online.

5. Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course): In this project-centered course, you'll design, build, and distribute your own unique application for the Android mobile platform. We'll provide you with a set of customizable building blocks that you can assemble to create many different types of apps, and that will help you become familiar with many important specificities of Android development. When you complete the project, in addition to having a personalized app that you can use and share, you'll have the skills and background you need to move on to more advanced coursework in Android development. The course is offered by CentraleSupélec.

6. Introduction to Programming with MATLAB: This course teaches computer programming to those with little to no previous experience. It uses the programming system and language called MATLAB to do so because it is easy to learn, versatile and very useful for engineers and other professionals. MATLAB is a special-purpose language that is an excellent choice for writing moderate-size programs that solve problems involving the manipulation of numbers. The design of the language makes it possible to write a powerful program in a few lines. The problems may be relatively complex, while the MATLAB programs that solve them are relatively simple: relative, that is, to the equivalent program written in a general-purpose language, such as C++ or Java. As a result, MATLAB is being used in a wide variety of domains from the natural sciences, through all disciplines of engineering, to finance, and beyond, and it is heavily used in industry. Hence, a solid background in MATLAB is an indispensable skill in today's job market. It is offered by Vanderbilt University.

7. Data Structures: A good algorithm usually comes together with a set of good data structures that allow the algorithm to manipulate the data efficiently. In this course, we consider the common data structures that are used in various computational problems. You will learn how these data structures are implemented in different programming languages and will practice implementing them in our programming assignments. This will help you to understand what is going on inside a particular built-in implementation of a data structure and what to expect from it. You will also learn typical use cases for these data structures. The course is being offered by University of California, San Diego, Higher School of Economics.

8. Object Oriented Programming in Java: This course is being offered by University of California, San Diego. This is an intermediate Java course and is recommended to learners who have previous experience in software development or a background in computer science.  In the course, one can learn learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, how to leverage the power of existing libraries, how to build graphical user interfaces, and how to use some core algorithms for searching and sorting data. And this course is project-based!

Twitter: @dikshapraveen
You won't believe what this Syrian guy did to a woman in Dallas US - give away needy - humanity

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Published on Jul 18, 2016
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Abhijit Bose CEO of ezetap : India for entrepreneurs - INK Talks

Abhijit Bose is an inspiring person who came down from bay area to bengaluru and spent 12 years patiencly to innovate a epayment company which has now secured more than 34$ million usd in funding for ezetap

! No longer available

Published on Jun 20, 2016 Get a glimpse into the future of finance in this illuminating interview with Abhijit Bose, a pioneer in the Indian startup ecosystem. Abhijit discusses the future of financial technology, and its potential to transform India's commerce landscape.


INKtalks are personal narratives that get straight to the heart of issues in 18 minutes or less. We are committed to capturing and sharing breakthrough ideas, inspiring stories and surprising perspectives-- for free!

Watch an INKtalk and meet the people who are designing the future—now.

Connect with us:

ABOUT ABHIJIT BOSE: Abhijit is CEO and Co-Founder of Ezetap, which was started in 2011 to help merchants leapfrog India's cash economy by using mobile solutions built on next generation web technology. The Ezetap platform allows merchants to become a banking service point and accept any type of electronic payment through a mobile handset or tablet. Abhijit has over 20 years of experience in building and launching mobile and software products, and Ezetap is the third mobile product he has launched in India. Previous experience includes leadership positions at ngpay (acquired by Flipkart) and Siebel Systems. Abhijit has a BS in Engineering from Cornell University and MBA from Harvard Business School.

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How computers are learning to be creative | Blaise Agüera y Arcas

! No longer available

Published on Jul 22, 2016
We're on the edge of a new frontier in art and creativity — and it's not human. Blaise Agüera y Arcas, principal scientist at Google, works with deep neural networks for machine perception and distributed learning. In this captivating demo, he shows how neural nets trained to recognize images can be run in reverse, to generate them. The results: spectacular, hallucinatory collages (and poems!) that defy categorization. "Perception and creativity are very intimately connected," Agüera y Arcas says. "Any creature, any being that is able to do perceptual acts is also able to create."

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at

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Kabali - No ticket for diehard Rajini Fans - protest against corporate bulk bookings like cognizant , freshdesk girish mathrubootham should be questioned for there behavior of hurting an common man to satisfy and prove there arrogance of spending money

! No longer available

Published on Jul 21, 2016
Kabali - No ticket for diehard Rajini Fans - protest against corporate bulk bookings

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an SUKASH Media Birds productions

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Note : List of mnc's / corporates who blocked most of the ticket for 500+ in chennai cinema theatre's for first day first show of kabali today 4am and 8 am show 22 July 2016
Are you a leader, a manager or both - By Icici

[smg id=15867 type=full]
Amazing! The Beauty of Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner on Display

! No longer available

Published on Jul 7, 2016
Watch Boeing maneuver this All Nippon Airways 787-9 Dreamliner through the skies as it practices for the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. Learn more at
#Boeing100, #Dreamliner, #FIA16, #ANA
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Good reply for an interview question

[smg id=15863 type=full]
philosophy of hiring an employee for an job interview

[smg id=15864 type=full]
Infy-nite possibilities for IT Gaints opened by Vishal Sikka

Infosys grows at 9.1% in 2015-16 but expects to do much better next year and is on path to become an industry trendsetter again since infosys profit stands at 533 million dolloar with 2dot45 billion as q4 revenue

[smg id=15860 type=full]

Read full article :
infographic gender wise payroll gap

[smg id=15859 type=full]
Google's Parent Company Alphabet Wants to Build a New City From the Ground Up

Sidewalk Labs, which Google created last June and has since spun off as a subsidiary--is reportedly scouting locations to build an entire city, a highly connected utopia that will make the aforementioned cities look obsolete. Think: self-driving cars, high-speed Wi-Fi, internet of things-enabled everything.

More Details :
Google / How is Google Server never goes down
Jun 20, 2016, 04:39 PM
Here's How Google Makes Sure It (Almost) Never Goes Down

Read full article on
Housing Loan process / Property loan process / Investment in FD & RD process

[smg id=15858 type=full]
Is Indian IT companies act as immigration agents ? by Narayana Murthy

As in techgig,

outsourcing of US jobs to countries like India and China, among others, has found support from Infosys founder Murthy, who on Tuesday said that the Indian software industry has been acting as 'immigration agents' for its employees. He said it was imperative for the IT companies to create local jobs as it was their responsibility to do so.

"My belief was that a corporation that has global aspiration has to be fair to its global employees. All Indian companies guarantee visas, they guarantee green cards. The whole exercise has become as if they are immigration agents. I am sorry to say that. Indian companies behave as if they are agents for their employees to cross the Atlantic," Murthy said at the Indian School of Business (ISB), where he was conferred the ISB Honorary Distinguished Fellowship.

The debate on outsourcing has raised concerns among industry leaders and economists in India as a massive chunk of Indian exports comes from the export of IT services to the North American market.

"My concern is that Donald Trump, in last debate, said that H1B, whatever it is, I use it but I don't like it. I want to scrap all H1Bs. That's very worrying for export-led growth going forward," chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian had recently said at the Advancing Asia Conference co-hosted by India and IMF.

Meanwhile, Murthy, who is known for his simple living, said the rich and the powerful in the country must exercise self-restraint in allocating power and richness to themselves.

"In India, capitalism is at a very nascent stage. Therefore you (the students) have to be evangelist. You have to lead simple lives. We need compassionate capitalism which is about treating every employee with respect and dignity," he added.

Last month, the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said that the H-1B visa programme he uses to employ highly-skilled foreign workers at his own businesses should end as it is "very unfair" for American workers and has been taking away their jobs.

IT professionals from India and major Indian IT companies are major beneficiary of H-1B, a non-immigrant visa in the US which allows US employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in speciality occupations

More details -
Apple – developer conference 2016 Keynote as on Jun 14, 2016

! No longer available

Published on Jun 14, 2016
At WWDC we made lots of major announcements. iOS 10 is our biggest release yet, with incredible features in Messages and an all-new design for Maps, Photos, and Apple Music. With macOS Sierra, Siri makes its debut on your desktop and Apple Pay comes to the web. The latest watchOS offers easier navigation and a big boost in performance. And the updated tvOS brings expanded Siri searches.

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More details :
World's biggest banking hack every happened in less than 24 hours - 6697 crore bank transfer hacking saved by spelling mistake but hacker got 536 crore - Hackers target 1 billion dollar but got 80 million dollar, rest of the transfer blocked by routing bank Deutsche bank when cross checked with the authorities at the Bangladesh bank who stopped immediately - All happened when hacker did a spelling mistake of fandation instead of foundation as payee name.

More details : Thanks to the author -
Important information about your LinkedIn account

Email received to me today from linked in.

from:   LinkedIn Legal <>
date:   Thu, May 26, 2016 at 2:54 AM
subject:   Important information about your LinkedIn account

Notice of Data Breach
You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving LinkedIn. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are taking to help protect you.
What Happened?
On May 17, 2016, we became aware that data stolen from LinkedIn in 2012 was being made available online. This was not a new security breach or hack. We took immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of all LinkedIn accounts that we believed might be at risk. These were accounts created prior to the 2012 breach that had not reset their passwords since that breach.
What Information Was Involved?
Member email addresses, hashed passwords, and LinkedIn member IDs (an internal identifier LinkedIn assigns to each member profile) from 2012.
What We Are Doing
We invalidated passwords of all LinkedIn accounts created prior to the 2012 breach that had not reset their passwords since that breach. In addition, we are using automated tools to attempt to identify and block any suspicious activity that might occur on LinkedIn accounts. We are also actively engaging with law enforcement authorities.
LinkedIn has taken significant steps to strengthen account security since 2012. For example, we now use salted hashes to store passwords and enable additional account security by offering our members the option to use two-step verification.
What You Can Do
We have several dedicated teams working diligently to ensure that the information members entrust to LinkedIn remains secure. While we do all we can, we always suggest that our members visit our Safety Center to learn about enabling two-step verification, and implementing strong passwords in order to keep their accounts as safe as possible. We recommend that you regularly change your LinkedIn password and if you use the same or similar passwords on other online services, we recommend you set new passwords on those accounts as well.
For More Information
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Trust & Safety team at To learn more visit our official blog.
Google I/O 2016 - Keynote - Streamed live on May 18, 2016

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Samsung 16 Terabyte SSD [World's Largest hard disk ever in 2016!]

As in the video, it took 51 years to acheive 1 TB hard disk by 2013 and 2 TB hard disk in 2 years by 2015. So we are in future

! No longer available

Published on Mar 11, 2016

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A new type of storage technology has been released by Samsung giving the ability for one drive to carry 16 Terabytes (16,000 GB) of information. Better yet, it's solid state. We can say goodbye to storage problems soon.

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5th Medium of Transport in the world - Hyperloop - 1000km/hr Ground Travel!

Other than road, air, water and tracks. The world 5th medium of transport could be hyperloop in 2020

! No longer available

Published on Mar 6, 2016

Elon Musk at it again with the Hyperloop. But what exactly is it, how did the idea come about? (It's actually a little older than you'd think) and what's the latest progress? Watch and find out!
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What will you make better? Google Science Fair 2016

! No longer available

Published on Feb 29, 2016
The world's biggest online science competition is back and open for submissions! Google Science Fair is a global online science and engineering competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. Once again we're extremely lucky to partner with LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic to offer some unbelievable prizes.

If your Science Fair submission is something you built to solve an engineering challenge, you'll be eligible to win the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award or the LEGO® Education Builder Award. If your project offers a new way to look at the world, asking questions and answering them with experimentation, you'll be eligible to win the National Geographic Explorer Award or Scientific American Innovator Award.

The 16 global finalists, along with a parent or guardian, will travel to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA to present their project to the judges and compete for the awards listed above.

To find out more about how to enter, take a look at our website:

#howcanwe make the world better with science?

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Dear Team,

In an recent attempt to hospital for my daughter, i have learnt several things when its comes to baby growth.

Since my 4 year old daughter was not well, we were at chennai anna nagar smf hospital from 10 pm yesterday till today 5 pm and we learnt may infants and babies were on the way to hospitals for swallowing batteries, pen caps, buttons, small balls and many small materials including coins.

We found the batteries in kids noes or kids mouth will form a rust and tare the small surface and leads to severe pain to the kids. Similarly food particles like peas , dall goes inside the noes and being in water it swells itself and affects the kids respiratory immediately.

So please be cautious enough with your kids and keep those harmful materials like batteries, pen caps, buttons, small balls and coins away from your infants / kids.

Its can save your time, pain for both your kids and parents by looks at your kids during there suffocation. Money , life etc...
World Population to hit 11 Billion in 2100 - Full Documentary

! No longer available

Published on May 31, 2015
World Population to hit 11 Billion in 2100 - Full Documentary
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Welcome to Project Soli by google atap

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Published on May 29, 2015
Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.

Follow Google ATAP on Twitter for updates on Project Soli:

Visit!for... to sign up for updates.
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Visa Chip Technology – It's Here To Stay

! No longer available

Published on Jun 16, 2015
Chip cards are here to stay. Julie Conroy, the Research Director for Aite Group, talks about why EMV chip technology is necessary for businesses to implement and crucial to the prevention of counterfeit card fraud.
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The New Microsoft Band: Advanced Technology

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Published on Oct 30, 2015
Eleven advanced sensors, including built-in GPS, UV monitor, and barometer. Microsoft Health gives you actionable insights based on your data. Learn more:

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India's Republic Day Parade in full HD - Beating Retreat 2016 - LIVE

! No longer available

Streamed live on Jan 29, 2016
Encouraged by the tremendous response generated for the fourth consecutive Live-streaming of India's Republic Day Parade in full HD this 26th January, (53,000 concurrent live viewing; 8, 63, 333 video views so far) we, Doordarshan's official channel on Youtube now bring to you the annual musical extravaganza - which marks the culmination of the Republic Day festivities - The Beating Retreat, LIVE from Vijay Chowk, New Delhi.
Beating Retreat officially denotes the end of Republic Day festivities. It is conducted on the evening of January 29 - the third day after the Republic Day and is performed by the bands of the three wings of the military - the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The venue is Raisina Hills and an adjacent square, Vijay Chowk, flanked by the North and South block of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's Palace). The Chief Guest of the function is the President of India who arrives escorted by the 'President's Bodyguards' (PBG), a cavalry unit. The ceremony was started in the early 1950s, when Major Roberts of the Indian Army developed a display by the massed bands in which Military Bands - Pipes and Drum Bands, Buglers and Trumpeters - from various Army Regiments along with bands from the Navy and Air Force take part.They play popular tunes like Abide With Me, Mahatma Gandhi's favourite Hymn, and Saare Jahan Se Achcha.
The Social Media team of Doordarshan live-streaming this event - Ananya Banerjee (Media Consultant), Arjun Mehto (Senior Content Manager), Jaswinder Singh (Engineer).

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Get Ready by March 2016 for Reliance Jio 4g Services

What is Reliance Jio 4g services as mentioned in an blog today,

Jio Chat, which is already available in Google Play store, is Reliance's answer to Whatsapp, Viber, Line and the like.
The phone transfer app that Reliance is offering is Switch and Walk, to make data transfer from an old phone to a new one much easier.
Jio Beats is a music streaming app that seeks to compete against Wynk, Saavn, Gaana, etc.
Jio Mags and Jio News will cater to the magazine browsing and newspaper perusing public, respectively.
Jio Drive is a one-of-its-kind cloud storage app, the first time a telecom operator is providing one. It can be used for sharing and syncing.
Jio Play is Reliance's answer to Hotstar and other live TV streaming apps.
Jio Money is being mulled by the company by establishing a tie-up with SBI to ease online payments and digital shopping.

More Details & Source of Information : Please refer -
Google :: Introducing Project Sunroof

! No longer available

Published on Aug 17, 2015
Project Sunroof is mapping the planet's solar potential, one rooftop at a time. Find out more

Project Sunroof uses information that's in Google Maps to figure out how much sun falls on a roof and takes into account stuff like the angle of the roof, the weather, and obstructions like trees and chimneys. Then it uses those measurements to figure out how many panels you'd probably need and how much you could save on your electric bill, including solar incentives in your area. You can see how buying or leasing panels affects your savings, and then send your estimate to installers in your area, instantly.

Visit and enter your address to find out how much solar energy could save you. Project Sunroof works in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Fresno. But anyone can sign up to find out when it expands to their neighborhood.

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Call For Justice – Tamil - against online ecommerce

! No longer available

Published on Jan 10, 2016

(A protest against discrimination and injustice)
Category People & Blogs
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Running with India | Nestlé #100andRunning

! No longer available

Published on Jan 9, 2016
Winner. Record breaker. Legend. The 104 year old marathon running icon Fauja Singh is coming to India. Watch his story and salute his spirit to keep running with India. Join him at the Mumbai marathon on 17th Jan. #100andRunning

Category Film & Animation
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World's Most Innovative Technology & Concepts for Future Aircraft, Jet Fighter,Commercial Aircraft

! No longer available

Published on Jun 27, 2015
World's Most Innovative Technology & Concepts for Future Aircraft, Jet Fighter,Commercial Aircraft
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Act Tv website is down

Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.

[smg id=15723 type=full]
1 billion mobile subscribers in India by Dec 2015

India's mobile phone subscriber base peaked to more than 1 billion users for the first time, data released by the telecom regulator showed, making India the only country after China to achieve the milestone, reported Reuters.
Total wireless subscribers in Asia's third-largest economy rose to more than 1 billion at the end of October from 996.7 million at September-end, data by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India showed.
Mobile subscriptions in India have surged in recent years, helped by the launch of cheaper smartphones and record low call rates as a result of a cut throat competition among mobile phone operators to expand customer base.
Earlier this week, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said India has 400 million Internet subscribers (including mobile Internet users), and that subscribers in India may reach the 500-million mark next year.
"India currently has 400 million Internet subscribers. Earlier, I have said about the target to reach 500 million users in two years but now it looks that the 500 million mark is likely to be achieved next year," Prasad said during a discussion on 'Digital and Skill India' in New Delhi.

Source :
Google / Top 10 Secrets About Google
Jan 02, 2016, 03:42 AM
Top 10 Secrets About Google

! No longer available

Published on Jul 23, 2015
10 Secrets About Google

We may use it everyday, but how much do we really know about the biggest search engine on earth? Watch the clip to discover 10 of the biggest secrets behind Google!

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10 Typo errors - That Cost Millions Of Dollars - Video

! No longer available

Published on Dec 21, 2015
Think grammar doesn't matter? Well the corporations featured in this list found out that not even spell check could save them when tiny typos led them to loosing hundreds of millions of dollars.

From the British government which was sued for their mistake to the stockbroker who's typo lost him $206 million, these are the top 10 typos that cost millions.

10 Secrets About Google -,141550.0.html

Music = Revoir La Seine by Lincoln Grounds / Vincent Lapie

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Check out the best of Alltime10s -

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Google interns' first week - Google internship program for Students - Just Apply here

! No longer available

Google Career - for Student via Internship Programme -

Published on Jun 4, 2013
Students who join Google in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Meet five recent summer interns and hear their thoughts on what it means to work at Google.

Category Science & Technology
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YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 | #YouTubeRewind

! No longer available

Published on Dec 9, 2015
YouTube Rewind 2015. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2015. #YouTubeRewind

Watch the year's trending videos:
See the trends as they happen on the new trending tab:
Watch the BTS video:

Music by The Hood Internet
Featuring an original remix by Avicii

Amanda Steele
Andy Raconte
Anna Akana
Barely Productions
Bart Baker
Bethany Mota
The Try Guys
Cameron Dallas
Casey Neistat
Connor Franta
The Fine Brothers
Game Grumps
The Game Theorists
Gigi Gorgeous
GloZell Green
Grace Helbig
The Gregory Brothers
Hannah Hart
Heaven King
Ingrid Nilsen
James Corden
Jenna Marbles
Joey Graceffa
John Oliver
Karlie Kloss
Kurt Hugo Schneider
Mamrie Hart
Matthew Santoro
Miranda Sings
Marques Brownlee
Norman Thavaud
Los Polinesios
Porta dos Fundos
Ray William Johnson
Rebecca Black
Rhett & Link
Rhodes Bros
Ricky Dillon
Ro Pansino
Rob Dyke
Slow Mo Guys
Smosh Games
Sophia Grace
The Young Turks
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Todrick Hall
Tyler Oakley
Wassabi Productions
& more!

YouTube Rewind created by YouTube & Portal A:
IISuperwomanII Kingsley ConnorFranta Rosanna Pansino DOSEofFOUSEY Mamrie Hart Bart Baker Gigi Gorgeous Flula MissRemiAshten hairodynamic Shelby Church Anna Akana Brizzy Voices Tara Michelle Tealaxx2 What's Trending Lana McKissack OmgHarrisonWebb From Head To Toe Kenzie Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth MakeupbyMandy24 thatsojack Alexa Losey MyCupcakeAddiction Veritasium Nikki Limo Lauren Giraldo Ultra Music PrankvsPrank Tianne King Alx James Drew Tabor Arlyne Sanjines JaclynGlenn HolaSoyGerman. enchufetv Yuya LosPolinesios CaELiKe The Late Late Show with James Corden Grace Helbig Dean Smith Miranda Sings JoeyGraceffa LaserUnicorns SQUEEZIE Porta dos Fundos malena010102 はじめしゃちょー(hajime) ssin 씬님 sWooZie NORMAN FAIT DES VIDÉOS elrubiusOMG Werevertumorro エグスプロージョン チャンネル EeOneGuy TheViralFeverVideos 木下ゆうか Yuka Kinoshita Paint dangmattsmith Matthew Santoro Just Between Us lisbug Sophia Grace Keenan Cahill Christian Figueiredo Brooklyn and Bailey Kurt Hugo Schneider Laura in the Kitchen Rclbeauty101 くまみき/Kumamiki Vsauce2 LastWeekTonight Rob Dyke The Game Theorists OMGitsfirefoxx iHasCupquake GameGrumps Smosh Games CaptainSparklez Rhodes Bros MyLifeAsEva Ricky Dillon Bethany Mota todrickhall Elissa Colón jennxpenn The Young Turks iJustine Wassabi Productions lohanthony Raymond Braun Timothy DeLaGhetto Rebecca Zamolo Maddi Bragg clothesencounters Trevor Moran Zoella PewDiePie The Gregory Brothers CaseyNeistat Marques Brownlee LaurDIY PointlessBlog Cameron Dallas Ray William Johnson JennaMarbles BuzzFeedVideo rebecca MyHarto Ingrid Nilsen GloZell Green Yosemitebear62 Smosh Tyler Oakley TPainVEVO ANDY LeFloid BibisBeautyPalace Dner Julienco danisnotonfire AmazingPhil Good Mythical Morning Judson Laipply The Slow Mo Guys Fine Brothers Entertainment

Category Entertainment
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Google / Google - A Year in Search 2015
Jan 02, 2016, 02:19 AM - A Year in Search 2015

! No longer available

Find the best search of google 2015 -

Published on Dec 15, 2015
The biggest moments of 2015 inspired trillions of questions. What do they reveal about us? Explore the full Year in Search: #YearInSearch

Watch past Year In Search videos:

F E A T U R E D:

Syrian Refugee Crisis
First two female soldiers graduate Army Rangers School
Special Olympics World Games
Confederate Flag Removed from SC Statehouse
Cecil the Lion
Mad Men series finale
Letterman's final show
Stuart Scott @ the ESPYs
Black Lives Matter
FIFA Women's World Cup
Water on Mars
Cuban Embargo lift
Marriage equality
Isabella's 3-D printed arm
"The Dress"
Star Wars: "The Force Awakens"
Pope Francis' visit to the US
Je Suis Charlie
Kenyan vigil
Beirut vigil
Paris vigil in London
Caitlyn Jenner @ the ESPYs
Rugby World Cup
Nae Nae
Aid for Nepal
Holly Holm
Shia LaBeouf
The Warriors, NBA Champions.
Drake, Hotline Bling
Epic dance moves
Miss Universe Japan

C R E D I T S:

Greece: Boat Arrivals Continue: UNHCR
Marching Through Police Lines: Breaking Borders: VICE News
2015 Special Olympics Ceremonies: Adore Creative
Black Lives Matter Protest at UW-Madison: University Wisconsin - Madison Badger Herald
GAZE Celebrates Marriage Equality Vote in Ireland: Invisible Thread / GAZE Film Festival
USA Supreme Court says YES to Marriage Equality reaction: courtesy of Raymond Braun
Je Suis Charlie: Cokau Lab
Caitlyn Jenner 2015 ESPY Awards Speech: ESPY footage courtesy of ESPN, INC
UFC 193 - Holly Holm: UFC® footage provided by Zuffa, LLC ©2015. All rights reserved
Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech: #INTRODUCTIONS courtesy of LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner / CSM
Dad Nails Dance Moves at The Vamps Gig: Thorpe Park
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin'1000: Courtesy of Rockin'1000
Rugby World Cup 2015 - Greatest Rugby Tournament Ever: World Rugby Org
Syrian Refugees Risk Lives on Dangerous Seas: NBC News
Kenyans Hold Vigils for Massacre Victims: Supplied by AFP/Getty Images

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Chat Box / New Year 2016 - Happy New Year!
Jan 01, 2016, 11:57 PM
New Year 2016 - Happy New Year!

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Published on Dec 31, 2015
New Year 2016 - Happy New Year 2016!
New Year 2016 - Happy New Year 2016!
New Year 2016 - Happy New Year 2016!

There will be a Google Doodle about New Year 2016 on January 1st, 2016. Google celebrates the year 2016 with this Doodle. Have fun celebrating this day and the upcoming year.

Happy New Year 2016!
Tell us your New Year's resolution in the comments below!
Thumbs up for a great year!

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Thanks a lot!


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If your start-up needs funds, then now is the time, because Modi has a brilliant plan up his sleeves

In the backdrop of PM Narendra Modi's announcement of 'Start-Up India, Stand-Up India', an inter-ministerial, high-level panel will be established, which will scan through startup proposals and see if they can be incentivised.

The 'Start-Up India, Stand-Up India' programme will be unveiled on January 16 and will have a slew of incentives for aspiring entrepreneurs.

"On January 16, the government of India will unveil the full action plan of Start-Up India, Stand-Up India. A structure will be presented before you. This programme will be connected to the country's IITs, IIMs, central universities and NITs. Wherever there are youth, they will be linked through live connectivity," Modi had said in his monthly radio address.

One of the major benefits under this initiative will be reduction in norms needed to establish a business, including approvals and tax breaks.

After the panel approves the plan by entrepreneurs, process of business establishment will start. With Modi's backing to startups in India, India is expected to generate employment.

So on what basis with the committee approve the plan? Innovation is the answer! The panel will see if the plan will make a cut in future and has innovation....

Source -
#Ask Sundar: Google CEO Sundar Pichai, live in conversation at Delhi University - 1 hours video

Do start at 16:30 to see the live recorded event video of 1 hour in youtube , uploaded by google India.

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A new Wifi router - OnHub: A Closer Look by Google

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Published on Oct 27, 2015
The way we use Wi-Fi is changing every day, so we need a new kind of router that keeps pace with our needs. Meet OnHub. It's more than a router. OnHub is hardware and software that's built to bring Wi-Fi to the devices in our homes now and over time. Learn more at

199$ and 219$ comes with 2 years warranty

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icici bank telephonic interview infographics - Nov 2015

[smg id=15716 type=full]

Source : ICICI bank
LiFi technology may an replacement of wifi in 2020

LiFi works by flashing LED lights on / off at incredibly fast speeds
Sending data to a receiver in binary code.
Its essentially an ultra-fast version of turning your flashlight on and off to create morse code.
flash is so fast that they are not seen by our naked eye.

A new technology, called as LiFi, which could offer hundred times internet speeds faster than the WiFi oneday.
Scientists have achieved speeds in the lab of up to 224 GB per second as off Nov 2015.
Thats equivalent of downloading 17-18 high quality movies in the blink of an eye.
LiFi is an acronym of light fidelity, is now moving to trials in the real world, with office tests in Tallin, Estonia achieving speeds of 1 GB per second, 100 times the speed of traditional WiFi.

The worlds ever growing desire for more data by faster rates is pushing WiFi capacity to its current limits.
WiFi is achieved by transmitting data through radio waves, but can only transfer to an extend at a time.
By 2019, it is estimated that the world will be exchanging roughly 35 quintillion bytes ( a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 18 zeros ) of information each month.
Because radio frequencies are already in use and which are heavily regulated, that data is going to struggle to find a spot in line. WiFi may simply running out of space.
Dear Chennai,

Hope everyone is affected by some source. I got this details from an chennai twitter account. This could be useful.

[smg id=15712 type=full]

Chennai Monsoon Helpline

Chennai Tree Fall - 1913
Chennai Water logging ( chennai water blocked ) - 1913
Chennai sewage overflow - 45674567
Chennai handling any poisonous reptile - 22200335 ( forest department )
Chennai Blue Cross - 9176025265
Chennai Power Failure - 1912
Apple Watch in Indian Hands for 31,000 rs - Nov 2015

[smg id=15687 type=full]

The Apple Watch India comes in two sizes 38 mm & 42 mm
The Apple Watch India comes in Three collections Apple Sport, Apple Watch & Apple Watch Edition

[smg id=15688 type=full]

The Apple Watch comes in Price for the 38 mm version is Rs 31,000 or $ 469
The Apple Watch India comes in Price for the Apple Watch Sport is Rs 49,000 or $ 749
The Apple Watch India comes in Price for the Apple Watch and Rs 8,21,000 or $ 12,459
The Apple Watch India comes in Price for the 42 mm version is Rs 35,000 or $ 529 / Rs 53,000 or $ 809 /  Rs 9,91,000 or $ 15,049

[smg id=15689 type=full]

The Apple Watch India comes in colors such as gold, rose gold, space gray, 18-carat rose gold, space black
Also Apple Watch India comes in anodized aluminium, silver stainless steel or silver
Google About Me New page Launched - 11 Nov 2015

Google About Me - - But view as public version will take you to google+ public profile page currently

[smg id=15685 type=full]

[smg id=15686 type=full]

Google About Me - - But view as public version will take you to google+ public profile page currently
MAGGI | Late night video by - As on 04 Nov 2015 - We miss you Maggi

! No longer available

Published on Nov 4, 2015
#MoreGoodNews :100% of MAGGI Noodles samples from newly manufactured stocks are also cleared by 3 NABL accredited laboratories.

For more details, kindly visit
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The Science Love Song - Video on You Tube by AsapTHOUGHT

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Published on Dec 4, 2014
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Written and created by Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown


I'll be the spark, if you'll be the flame
Start a reaction that can't be contained
Balance your pH by sharing my base
I'll be your star, if you'll be my space

'Cause there is no distance that I wouldn't go
Through spacetime and wormholes my matter would flow
To the edge of the universe

I'll be your G, if you will be C
Or I can be A, if you will be T
If there's a mutation I'll fix every base
Working as your zinc finger nuclease

Just like an atom, don't rip us apart
Unless you want a big BOOM in my heart

We can take it fast or really slow
But we can't know with certainty where we'll go
If at first we don't succeed, we'll try two more times
So our failure's a statistically significant try

Like an equation, it all works out
If we balance the sides there's no need to doubt

This is your science love song
A place to start our chemical bond
A research endeavour
We can write the conclusion together

Just like the movies I'd steal your heart
But then you'd I won't do that

If we broke up I'd be no more
I'd give up H2O for H2SO4
Take away gravity, I'd still fall for you
Share my last electron in a covalent bond for two

'Cause you're like that angle, A-cute and you're smart
Your labcoat and goggles go straight to my heart
Except that's a lie, cause the heart doesn't feel
When it comes to love the brain seals the deal


'Cause you matter to me

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Why Your Body Is AMAZING! - Video on You Tube by AsapTHOUGHT

! No longer available

Published on Nov 5, 2015
Our bodies are pretty incredible, here's why!
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Sources: Robert A. Freitas Jr., Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities, Landes Bioscience, Georgetown, TX, 1999 Your Body Is Younger Than You Think In vitro effects of simulated gastric juice on swallowed metal objects: implications for practical management Squalene and Cholesterol in Dust from Danish Homes and Daycare Centers Visual long-term memory has a massive storage capacity for object details What Is The Resolution Of The Eye? We spend about 10% of our waking hours with our eyes closed, blinking. Humans Can Discriminate More than 1 Trillion Olfactory Stimuli The molecular basis of variation in human color vision Condition Called Tetrachromacy Allows This Artist To See 100 Million Colors Feeling small: Fingers can detect nano-scale wrinkles even on a seemingly smooth surface Get Along Without a Pinkie? It's Tougher Than You Might Think A tongue-printimage datebase for recognition
http://healthhub.wpengine.netdna-cdn.... Beat This! 21 Amazing Facts About Your Heart. 20 Things You Didn't Know About... DNA Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory changes induced by different types of music in musicians and non-musicians: the importance of silence. Blood pressure and heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity before and after brain death Cardiac Pacemaking in the Sinoatrial Node Beyond the grave – understanding human decomposition Fact: You carry enough bacteria around to fill a large soup can. Human Digestive System Oral Ecology How the enamel that coats your teeth evolved What's the Strongest Muscle in the Human Body? Bone compressive strength: the influence of density and strain rate How Many Stars Are in the Milky Way? The Molecular Biology of Memory Storage: A Dialogue Between Genes and Synapses
Whereas the mammalian brain has a trillion central nerve cells (
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The Science of Cheating - Video on You Tube by AsapTHOUGHT

! No longer available

Published on Oct 29, 2015
Are we meant to be a monogamous species?
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Further Reading:

Mean Genes by Terry Burnham and Jay Phelan. 2001.

Zietsch, B.P., et al., Genetic analysis of human extrapairmating: heritability, between-sex correlation, and receptor genes
for vasopressin and oxytocin, Evolution and Human Behavior (2014)

Garcia JR, MacKillop J, Aller EL, Merriwether AM, Wilson DS, et al. (2010) Associations between Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Variation with Both
Infidelity and Sexual Promiscuity. PLoS ONE 5(11): e14162. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0014162
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English Is Crazy! Video on You Tube by AsapTHOUGHT

! No longer available

Published on Apr 1, 2014
Seriously...the English language is insane.
Follow Me! &


Richard Lederer's "Crazy English"

Richard Krogh's "The English Lesson"
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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's townhall in Delhi - Watch NDTV full video

! No longer available

Published on Oct 28, 2015
At a townhall meeting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi.

Watch more videos:

Download the NDTV news app:

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How to move your business forward with Google Apps for Work [APAC]

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7G Cheating Challange - Aairtell 4g Ad parody - Amazingly cheating ad - wow semma nose cut

! No longer available

Published on Oct 6, 2015
Mobile phones are only for calls, all drams and bandas are waste - 7G challenge

Phone is for talking DUDE , not for Show off | 7G Cheating Challenge

Watch this hilarious south indian parody on the popular 4G ad that is doing the rounds on TV today.

Subscribe to Vikatan Channel here...!/Vikatan
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Google / Doodle4Google 2015 | Doodling Is Fun
Oct 14, 2015, 12:08 AM
Doodle4Google 2015 | Doodling Is Fun

! No longer available

Published on Oct 1, 2015
Doodle4Google has come back once again. The theme for #D4G2015 is - 'If you could create something for India, what would it be?'

Doodling is fun and its for everyone and you must try it too. So pick up a pen and get started and send in your entries for this years competition.

Link to participate -

Doodling is fun
and it's for everyone.
And this is my friend Rob
And I've given him a job.
With a pen in his hand
He'll make something grand
He'll take a small dot
And make it into a bot.
Doodling is fun and can make no sense
You can make your aunt sit on a fence
And just like that you can make yourself laugh
Because on top of your aunt you've made a giraffe.
Doodling is fun and simple to do
You can take any shape and have fun with it too.
So pick up a pen and give it a shot
Maybe you'll start with something small
and then realize you like to doodle a lot.
And if you never did you really should
Coz doodling is fun and fun is good.
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ITAcumens shifted to new office starting 12 Oct 2015 full time

More information's coming soon.  :educated   :acumen
Billions in Change Official Film

! No longer available

Published on Oct 4, 2015
The world is facing some huge problems. There's a lot of talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn't reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project.

Join us at:
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Self-Contained, PV-Powered Domestic Toilet and Wastewater Treatment System - Modern toilets in 2012 when bill gates and researches involved

! No longer available

Published on Aug 8, 2012
Video presentation of the prototype of a Solar-Powered Self-contained Human Waste Water Treatment System developed by Prof. Hoffmann's research group at the California Institute of Technology with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Video Production by Caltech Academic Media Technologies
Royalty free music licensed by
© 2012 California Institute of Technology
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Let's Enhance - How to Enhance an image in 2009 as in movies

! No longer available

Uploaded on Dec 13, 2009
Thanks to, and Joel for the music.
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Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer - Mircrosoft Edge is live in 2015, check internet explorer in 90's

! No longer available

Published on Jan 23, 2013
You grew up. So did we. Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer.
Visit for more. #childofthe90s
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comparison table iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

[smg id=15682 type=full]
Awaiting eagerly for Apple Special Event. September 9, 2015 - 10:00 AM PDT & 10:30 PM IST

Direct Link for the Live event :

Live video will begin at 10 a.m. PDT & 10:30 PM IST

Apple Special Event. September 9, 2015.
Requirements: Live streaming uses Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires a second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 6.2 or later.

Existing Apple WWDC Event 2015 -
Write to the prime minister of India

You have something to write to Prime Minister of India - Please write at
Chennai stands on Google Ceo queue. Google will honor Mr.Sundar Pichai as the new CEO for Google.  :acumen

And Goolge on Aug 10,2015 formed a new company called Alphabet and google's new alphabet website name is

Alphabet ceo is larry
Alphabet president is synergy
Intex technolgies may create 3000 jobs with 1500 crore investment - Intex recent tv advertisment

! No longer available

Intex is an Indian Handset Maker, also called as Intex technologies will invest 1,500 crore rupees . The 1500 crore rs will be spent on this basis , 1000 crore for manafacturing and 500 crore for r&d or research and development. And it will be for next 2 to 3 years.

More details :
Windows 10 Edge browser in 2015 screenshot - releasing for all windows 7 & windows 8 users for free upgrade

[smg id=15672 type=full]

[smg id=15673 type=full]

[smg id=15674 type=full]

[smg id=15675 type=full]

[smg id=15676 type=full]
The curious case of startup founders who went back to a 9-to-5 job

After a 13-year corporate career, Rajul Jain in 2009 launched Yebhi, a fashion and lifestyle portal. In five years of operations, the company struggled through a cash crisis with no money to pay vendors or employees and a rift among the co-founders on strategy.

Though Yebhi raised $30 million (Rs 190 crore) over multiple funding rounds from Nexus Venture Partners, Fidelity Growth Partners India, Qualcomm Ventures and Catamaran Ventures, it was unable to raise more money, which eventually forced the founding team to bring down the shutters in January 2014.

"By the time Yebhi closed, I was 40 years old and couldn't gather enough courage to start up again," said Jain, who joined fashion e-retailer Myntra as senior vice president of supply chain three months later. "We did too many things too fast and ended up in a situation where even our investors stopped supporting us."

Full Article :
Everything from Apple WWDC 2015 in 12 minutes by The Verge

! No longer available

Published on Jun 8, 2015
Apple held their keynote for WWDC 2015, which included the newest version of OS X and Apple Music. Here is everything you need to know from the event.

Read More:
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In a hot news, google replied to work on removing Indian Prime Minister image from its image search for the keyword " Top 10 Criminals " on

[smg id=15670 type=full]

More Details - check this article on economic times

Google says it is working to get Narendra Modi out of criminal search line-up
Project Fi: A new way to say hello -

direct link -

Faq link of website -

Published on Apr 23, 2015
Introducing Project Fi, a new way to say hello. Find out more at

Category Science & Technology
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Today my colleague showed me a excellent video to convert webmail in to gmail.

Integrate a gmail account to a domain email or webmail to gmail conversion

direct link : youtube link to show webmail to google apps
Google made me realize the importance of personal development while working

After 4,5 amazing years at Google, I'm leaving this extraordinary place to start spreading one of Google's core competencies: dedication to employee satisfaction. I'll be joining the early-stage start-up Impraise, which is empowering other companies to improve in this field. Let me explain why I believe this is critical for today's companies.

More details :
Icici bank common service charges for banking  :D

Common Service Charges - service charges for an common man

[th]Common ICICI Bank savings account facilities for all products except for Wealth Management / ICICI Group Global Private Clients and unless specified product-wise[/th]
Mode of calculation of minimum Monthly average balance (MAB)MAB is the simple average of day-end balances for a calendar month.
Issue of Duplicate StatementRs.100 per statement at branch or Customer Care (non-IVR), Rs. 50 per statement through Customer Care (IVR), ATM and Net banking
Issue of pass bookNil on request at base branch where account is maintained.
Issue of duplicate pass bookRs 100 for issuance and Rs 25 per page for updation
Issue of loose cheque leavesRs 125 for cheque book of 5 leaves (Rs 25 per leaf)
Remittance Facilities through own bank
DD- IssueRs.50 per D.D. up to Rs.10,000;Rs.3 per thousand rupees or part thereof for DD of more than Rs.10,000, subject to a minimum of Rs.75 and maximum of Rs. 15,000
DD- Issue by deposit of cashRs.4 per thousand rupees or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs.100 and maximum of Rs. 15000
DD - Cancellation / Duplicate / RevalidationFor Instrument value upto Rs.200 – Nil
For Instrument value above Rs.200 - Rs.100
PO-IssueRs.50 for PO of upto Rs.10,000, For PO above Rs.10,000- Rs.2.50 per thousand rupees or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs.75 and maximum of Rs.15000

For Senior Citizen, Student & Rural locations : For amounts upto Rs.10,000– Rs.40, For amounts above Rs.10,000 till Rs.50,000 – Rs.60, For amounts above Rs.50,000– Rs.2.50 per thousand rupees or part thereof (maximum of Rs.15,000)
PO - Issue by deposit of cashRs.150 per PO for amounts up to Rs.50,000, For PO above Rs. 50,000 Rs.4 per thousand rupees or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs.150 and maximum of Rs.15000
PO - Cancellation / Duplicate / RevalidationFor Instrument value upto Rs.200 – Nil
For Instrument value above Rs.200 - Rs.100
NEFT Charges - InwardNil
NEFT Charges - OutwardUpto Rs.10,000 – Rs. 2.50 per transaction.
Rs.10.001 to Rs.1 lakh – Rs. 5 per transaction.
Above Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakhs – Rs. 15 per transaction.
Above Rs. 2 lakhs - Rs. 25 per transaction.
RTGS-OutwardRs. 2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs – Rs. 25 per transaction.
Above Rs. 5 lakhs – Rs. 50 per transaction
IMPS-OutwardRs. 5 per transaction ( Max limit per transaction per day: Rs. 50,000)
Remittance Facilities through other bank
DD- Issue
Rs. 50 per DD for amounts upto Rs.10,000;
For DD above Rs.10,000 - Rs.3 per thousand rupees or part thereof subject to minimum of Rs. 75
and maximum of Rs. 15000
For Rural locations - For amounts upto Rs.10,000-Rs.40, For amounts above Rs.10,000 till Rs.50,000-Rs.60, For amounts above Rs.50,000-Rs.3 per thousand or part thereof (maximum of Rs.15,000)
DD- Issue by deposit of cashRs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof, subject to minimum of Rs.100 and maximum of Rs. 15000
DD - Cancellation / Duplicate / RevalidationRs 100 per DD
Additional charges for DD issued on Correspondent Banks when the amount of DD purchased by a single purchaser in a day at a single location exceeds certain limits:
DD greater than Rs. 10 lac, payable at semi-urban locationRe. 1 per thousand rupees
DD greater than Rs. 20 lac, payable at urban locationRe. 1 per thousand rupees
DD greater than Rs. 50 lac, payable at RBI centresRe. 1 per thousand rupees
EFT Charges- inwardNil
EFT Charges- outwardNil
ECS charges
ECS Debit ReturnsRs 350 for financial reasons per return.
ECS Credit ReturnsNil
Charges for certifying or verifying customer mandatesNil
Cheque Collection LocalNil
Cheque Returns
Local cheque deposited by customerRs.100 for every cheque return for financial reasons
Cheque issued by customerRs.350 for one cheque return per month; Thereafter, Rs.750 per return in the same month for financial reasons Rs.50 for non-financial reasons except for signature verification
Outstation cheque deposited by customerRs.150 plus other bank charges at actuals per cheque.
Debit Card
Enrolment feeFor Coral Debit Card Joining Fee of Rs 499/- plus service tax and annual fee of Rs 499/- plus service tax
Nil For All Other Debit Card
Late Payment ChargesNA
Replacement Card fees (Lost / Damaged card)Rs 200 per card
Surcharge on Fuel purchasesAt HPCL outlets: (Only HPCL Debit Card)
Nil for transactions above Rs. 400; 2.5% subject to a minimum of Rs. 2 for transactions up to Rs. 400 (Applicable only when ICICI Bank HPCL Debit Card is swiped on ICICI Bank terminals)
At non-HPCL outlets:
2.5 % of Purchase or Rs. 10 per transaction whichever is higher
Debit Card PIN re-generation ChargesRs. 25. [Not applicable if request through Instapin at Branch / Customer Care (IVR)]
Decline of transaction at other bank ATMs or point of sale (POS) due to insufficient balance in the accountRs. 25 per transaction
Debit Card de - hotlistingRs. 100 per request
Cash@POSRs. 10 per transaction
Balance CertificateRs. 50 per certificate for balance in Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account
Rs.100 per certificate for balance in INR and the equivalent amount in USD in Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account
Interest CertificateRs 50 per certificate for more than one copy for a financial year.
Account closureNil for closure within 30 days of account opening, Rs.500 for closure during 31 days to one year, Nil after one year of account opening
Retrival of old transactional documents / Enquiries related to old recordsUpto 1 year old Rs 50/- per record; More than 1 year old Rs 100/- per record
Use of Fax/Telephone/ModemRs 100 or actuals whichever is higher
Photo attestationRs 100 per application/letter
Signature attestationRs 50 per application/letter
Address confirmationRs.50 per request
Inoperative accountNil
Penalty on Deposit of cash in collector boxA charge of Rs. 100/- will be levied. The charge will be Rs. 300/- in case the deposit amount is above Rs. 500/-. Repeat instances of cash deposits through cheque drop box will attract an enhanced charge of Rs. 500/- for any amount. For any other exceptional transactions which are not part of the services offered by ICICI Bank, a charge will be levied as specified by the bank from time to time.
Stop Payment chargesRs 50 per cheque and Rs100 for range of cheques covered in single mandate.No charge is levied if stop payment request is made through Internet Banking and Customer care (IVR).
Lien marking and unmarking of savings accountRs.50 for marking of lien. Rs 50 for unmarking of lien.
Reissue of Internet user id or password (Branch or non IVR Customer Care)Rs.50 per request
Standing Instructions
Setting-up-chargeRs. 150 per standing instruction
Amendment chargeRs 25 per amendment
Execution charge involving payment through DD/PO, etc.As per remittance, plus Rs. 25 towards out-of -pocket expenses
(Note: Setting-up charges,amendment charges and excution charges are not applicable in the case of standing Instructions for transfer from one account of ICICI Bank to another account of ICICI Bank whether the two accounts belong to the same person or to different persons.)
Speed clearing chargesUpto Rs 1 Lakh Nil; above Rs 1 Lakh Rs 150/- per instrument
Type of Locker 
Type of Locker
Metro / Urban / Semi UrbanRural
1 yr2yr3yr
1 yr2yr3yr
Locker rates vary for different branches, hence customers are requested to get in touch with respective branch

Locker rates vary for different branches, hence customers are requested to get in touch with respective branch
Note: Taxes at prevailing rates as per Govt rules shall be applicable over and above the mentioned charges.The charges indicated above are subject to period revision.

Source : as on 21 March 2015
Pixels - Official Trailer (HD) - Summer 2015

Pixels - Official Trailer (HD) - Summer 2015

Published on Mar 17, 2015
This summer, it's game on or game over! When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games. Watch as the arcaders

Join the Arcaders to save earth:

Download Dojo Quest, inspired by our female heroine, Lady Lisa (played by Ashley Benson)

Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Ashley Benson and Brian Cox
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Category Entertainment
License Standard YouTube License
Internet cafe living - Dark side of Japan revealed - In short film

Japan's Disposable Workers: Net Cafe Refugees on Vimeo
Application to join your company based on your current employee dead

[smg id=15668 type=full]

Soruce : Found online in linked in share
Google Talk Discusses Living On A Dollar A Day - Dec 2014

Tom Nazario: "Living on a Dollar a Day"

Published on Dec 29, 2014
Astonishingly, one out of every six people who share this planet with us live on less than a dollar a day.

Slightly over one billion people on the planet live on a dollar a day. While the reasons for their poverty may be different across geographic regions and political circumstances, the results are much the same. Extreme poverty robs people of options in life, and the cycle is nearly impossible to break without help. While the poor often work very hard at jobs many of us would not even consider doing, not having access to basic health care and education keeps them at the bottom of the economic ladder, usually for generations.

Living on a Dollar a Day shares the personal stories of some these poorest of the poor, honoring their lives, their struggles, and encouraging action in those who can help. In making this beautiful and moving book a team traveled to four continents, took thousands of photographs, conducted numerous interviews, and researched information on the agencies around the world that strive to help the destitute. The resulting stories and photographs offer a heartrending glimpse into the everyday realities of individuals and families facing extreme poverty. Personal profiles give voice to their experience, and research about the root causes of global poverty is shared along with information on how those in more fortunate circumstances can get involved.

Living on a Dollar a Day gives the largely invisible poor a face and a voice. In a world that grows more and more connected and interdependent, the issues that affect one person eventually affect us all. This important book is a powerful call to action for anyone who wishes to help alleviate human suffering.

Speaker Bio:

Thomas Nazario is the founder and president of The Forgotten International, a nonprofit organization that does poverty alleviation work in several parts of the world, as well as an attorney, child advocate, and law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. His expertise in children's rights has led him all over the world documenting human rights violations involving women and children, as well as working with inner-city kids in the San Francisco Bay area for over thirty-five years. Mr. Nazario's expertise lies in the area of Children's Rights as well as issues related to global poverty.

As such, and after the publication of his book entitled In Defense of Children, he has testified before Congress and appeared on many national television and radio shows, including CNN, Oprah Winfrey and the Larry King Show. His work has also led him all over the world documenting human rights violations involving women and children for the United Nations, the U.S. State Department and many nongovernmental agencies.

Through his travels he has discovered many grassroots organizations that seek to help the poorest of the poor, and he works tirelessly to provide ongoing support to these groups, as well as new organizations his foundation continues to find around the world. In addition to his teaching, Tom often makes presentations to community groups, colleges, foundations, and corporations that wish to get involved in his work.

Tom also often serves as a host to the Dalai Lama when His Holiness visits California. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The following videos are referenced in Tom's speech:

1. TFI Documentary Trailer :
2. Ghana e-waste story -
3. Wealth Inequality in America :
4. Feeding the Hungry, Nourishing the Soul :
Category Nonprofits & Activism
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Land Rover Defender Production, 2015 by TestDriven

Land Rover Defender Production, 2015

Published on Jan 7, 2015
Watch the Land Rover Defender being assembled at the company's Solihull facility, UK. Shot in 2015.

Category Autos & Vehicles
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Live :Railway Budget 2015-16 By Current Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Ji

Live :Railway Budget 2015-16

Live :Railway Budget 2015-16
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Streamed live on Feb 26, 2015
Category News & Politics
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Production line up of 2014 Mercedes Benz C Class - by TestDriven

2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Production

Published on Feb 4, 2014
Watch the new Mercedes C-Class being produced at the Bremen Plant.
Category Autos & Vehicles
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One of the amazingly recorded video, i was about to let my tears come out. Love the way it was designed and portrayed.

Every wives would love to be on this moment, need to earn and should be there one day.

British Airways India - Go further to get closer

Miss them everyday, :(  Love my Wife & Kids. Happy Valentines Day.  8)

Published on Feb 14, 2014
Go further to get closer with British Airways
From never-ending work to being surrounded by family, the demands of modern life leave young couples with little time for each other. Here's how British Airways helped Sumeet and Chetna get away from it all and closer to each other.

Category Travel & Events
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Ford Mondeo Documentary by ford europe

Ford Mondeo Documentary Part 1

Published on Dec 17, 2014
Part 1 of a short documentary on the new Ford Mondeo. A behind-the-scenes chat with Ford designers, engineers and executives who helped develop the 5th generation model.

Category Autos & Vehicles
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Indira Group of Educational Institutions, Thiruvallur , Chennai

Indira Group Of Educational Institutions - Corporate Video

Engineering , Dental, Teachers Training, MBA, MCA and other courses with affordable prices in Chennai with good atmosphere.
Mercedes-Benz Production plant Kecskemet, Hungary - benz manafacturing

Mercedes-Benz Production plant Kecskemet, Hungary

Published on Jan 20, 2015
Footage of the Mercedes-Benz Production plant in Kecskemet, Hungary
Category Autos & Vehicles
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Hyundai - The Empty Car Convoy - Hyundai Smart Cruise Control Demo

Hyundai - The Empty Car Convoy

Published on Jul 1, 2014
Hyundai wanted to demonstrate its driver assist features like its Smart Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist and Auto Emergency Braking. So it put together a convoy of empty cars...
Category Autos & Vehicles
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Chennai Metro Rail Underground Construction Final Day !!!

Chennai Metro Rail Underground Construction Final Day !!!

Published on Dec 14, 2014
The Chennai Metro Rail is a rapid transit system under construction in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Phase I of the project, which consists of two corridors covering a length of 45.1 kilometres (28.0 mi), is under construction. The elevated section of the project is scheduled to be operational by spring 2015 and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by the financial year 2014–2015. About 55% of the corridors in Phase I are underground and the remaining corridors are elevated.

Upon completion, Chennai Metro Rail would be the first metro project in the country that will integrate other public transportation systems. The project is expected to reduce the commuting time by 75 per cent from one end of the city to another.[3] The state and central governments are also working together for the CMRL to takeover the Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS) so that the latter will get a new shot of blood with modernised stations, integrated ticketing systems, better facilities for passengers, increased frequency of services taking into consideration passenger demands, and also lead to better maintenance Underground stations will have two levels, namely, a platform level and a concourse level. A mezzazine (additional level) in between the two has been planned where the depth of the station is greater. Platform level of the stations will have space for the commuters to assemble during normal operations, delays and emergency situation. The concourse level will be divided into paid and unpaid area and will also house an automatic fare collection system. The unpaid area provides the commuters with facilities such as access to the station, travel information and tickets counters. Automatic ticket gates with scanners provide access to the platforms, which is a common feature at underground and elevated stations.[12] The underground stations will have an average width of 220 to 390 metres and will go up to 50 feet deep from the ground level...

Category People & Blogs
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Amazing Chennai OMR Aerial Video View

Destination OMR(Chennai) | Chennai OMR Real-Estate Aerial Video Directory

Destination OMR(Chennai) | Chennai OMR Real-Estate Aerial Video Directory

Published on Sep 13, 2014
Chennai-Old Mahabalipuram Road(OMR) or IT Corridor is a major road in suburban Chennai, India, beginning at the Madhya Kailash temple in Adyar in South Chennai and continuing south till Mahabalipuram in Kanchipuram district.

Now, we have covered in the Aerial video up to Kalavakkam which is 32 kms from Madhya Kailash Temple, Adyar. In this video we have given the approximate information about ongoing & up-coming Real-Estate projects in OMR, Showing IT companies, Hotels and the huge development of OMR.

Don't miss to see the Aerial view of OMR | IT Corridor.

This is popularly called as the 'IT Corridor' because this stretch has become home to many IT/ITES companies. This road is State highway-49A.

The corridor, an ambitious six-lane project with service lanes and landscaping, is still in the making. The first phase — 20.1 km from Madhya Kailash junction in Adyar to Siruseri — was to have been opened by 2005. Phase 2 between Siruseri and Mahabalipuram is in developing stage.

Aerial Photography & Editing
Puhaipadam Films, Ph : +91 9445516016
Category Entertainment
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Home Loan - Online banks & builders make money - An calculation on Home Loans as on January 2015

[smg id=15666 type=full]

Source : (
Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;   Date: May 6, 2014;   Section: Spl Report;   Page: 21 )
ASUS Fonepad 8 (FE380CG) - Alll new 3G Tab ASUS

[smg id=15665 type=full]

ASUS Fonepad 8 (FE380CG)
8-inch tablet
3G phone functionality
powered by the next-generation 64-bit quad-core
Intel  Atom Z3530 1.33GHz processor
8-inch, 1280 x 800 IPS display
dual front speakers tuned with MaxxAudio
twin 5-megapixel rear
2-megapixel front-facing cameras
16GB of onboard storage
expanded with up to 64GB of Micro SD Card storage
4,000 mAh battery
up to 12 hours of life (watching videos or browsing the web)
in general up to 21 hours of 3G talk-time.
Black and Gold colours

Available in India @
ASUS Exclusive stores

Approximate cost of Asus Fonepad 8 is Rs.14,000.
3 Months After Launch only 1.6% Of Android Devices Are Running latest Lollipop Update

[smg id=15663 type=full]

Google has just updated its official blog - version-by-version usage chart

Android 4.1/4.2/4.3 (collectively known as "Jelly Bean") with 44.5 percent, and Android 4.4 (KitKat) with 39.7 percent.

[smg id=15664 type=full]
Vivaldi browser for Advance users - New web browser in 2015

[smg id=15662 type=full]

Also on the agenda is spatial navigation, which will allow Vivaldi users to navigate the browser using only their keyboard. Developers plan to add support for browser extensions, though they want Vivaldi to be a "powerful, feature-packed" experience without them.

Vivaldi is available for download on its website.
$15M Global Learning XPRIZE competition

The Global Learning XPRIZE

The $15M Global Learning XPRIZE is a competition that challenges teams from around the world to develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.
Back To The Moon For Good – The New Space Race

Back To The Moon For Good â€" The New Space Race

Published on Jan 26, 2015
Watch our cool movie about going back to the Moon. In case you haven't heard, the Moon is trending again... and in a big way. Narrated by Tim Allen (voice of Buzz Lightyear), this is a complete behind-the-scenes feature on the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized prize in history. Adapted from the award-winning digital planetarium show, the 24-minute movie chronicles 18 teams from around the world looking to make history by landing a privately funded robotic spacecraft on the Moon. This global competition is designed to spark imagination and inspire a renewed commitment to space exploration, not by governments or countries – but by the citizens of the world. Learn more -
Category Science & Technology
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Dos and Don'ts of Resumes - Every Job Seeker Should Know

1. Do Highlight Your Most Relevant Experiences

2. Don't Freak Out if You Have No Relevant Experience

3. Do Optimize for Applicant Tracking System

4. Don't Steal the Job Description's Exact Wording

5. Do Use Data

6. Don't Include Anything Confidential

7. Do Include Soft Skills, Too!

8. Don't Include Obvious Skills

9. Do Consider Volunteer or Other Non-Work Experience

10. Don't Include Work With Controversial Organizations

11. Do Include Personal Accomplishments

12. Don't Include Random, Unrelated, or Off-Putting Hobbies

13. Do Think of New Ways to Frame Your Accomplishments

14. Don't Go Overboard

15. Do Show How You Moved Up (or Around) at Past Companies

16. Don't Use an Objective Statement

17. Do Consider a Summary Statement

18. Don't Try to Hide Gaps

19. Do Tell the Truth

20. Don't Use Clichés or Jargon

21. Do Use Real English

22. Don't Use Negative Phrases

23. Do Use Powerful Verbs

24. Don't Include "References Upon Request"

25. Do Include Your Contact Info

26. Don't Include Anything That Could Be Discriminated Against

27. Do Keep it to One Page

28. Don't Squish it All In

29. Do Consider a Creative or Digital Resume

30. Don't Spend All Your Time on the Design

31. Do Start From a Template

32. Don't Use More Than 2 Fonts

33. Do Make Sure Your Job Titles or Companies Stand Out

34. Don't Go Overboard With Text Effects

35. Do Align Your Dates and Locations to the Right

36. Don't Use More Than Two Lines Per Bullet

37. Do Use Digits

38. Don't Send it as a Word Document

39. Do Swap Resumes With Colleagues

40. Don't Forget to Spell Check

41. Do Create a Master Resume

42. Don't Send the Wrong Message

More info & Source :
Republic Day Parade - 26th January 2015 - LIVE

Republic Day Parade - 26th January 2015 - LIVE

90117 watching now
9,654 likes for this video

Started on Jan 26, 2015
All Friends of Doordarshan, the world over,
Are invited to this visual feast!
26 January 2015 - 9:00 am onward...

India celebrates the 66th Republic Day. We at Doordarshan extend our warm regards to all Indians in the country as well as abroad. It is the proud privilege of Doordarshan, India's National Broadcaster to LIVE-STREAM the magnificent 66th "Republic Day Parade" - after our historic initiative in 2013 - on our official channel on YouTube.
Doordarshan has been telecasting the Republic Day Parade LIVE since the early sixties when cameras and equipment had to be taken out of the existing studio for this event!
Today, for the third consecutive time, we will LIVE-STREAM the
Republic Day Parade. Proud Indians from all over the world will be
Watching, along with our viewers from the freezing climate of Leh to the remotest corners of Kanyakumari, as PM Narendra Modi welcomes US President Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama will be the first US President to grace the occasion as Chief Guest.
Thank you for always being with us - Friends of Doordashan.

Category Entertainment
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Republic Day Celebration in India 2015 - Big question - President Obama's The Beast or Pranab's Mercedes Benz S600

President Pranab Mukherjee travels in a Black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard, which is heavily armoured and can withstand small arms fire and explosives.

[smg id=15648 type=full]

The Beast arrived in Delhi on Friday in a special aircraft. "President Obama's visit opened this debate and we decided to dig out the details. As of now, we have decided to leave the decision to the US President, whether he wants to come in his own vehicle or wants to accompany our President.

[smg id=15647 type=full]

See more at:
PayUMoney partners with RBL Bank to provide co-branded virtual wallet to consumers

[smg id=15646]

The co-branded wallet will be issued by RBL Bank and distributed and marketed by PayUMoney. The PayUMoney Wallet issued by RBL Bank will be available exclusively to PayUMoney consumers in India.

The user can also load this wallet up to a maximum of INR 10,000 and use it on more than 62,000 merchants where PayUMoney is accepted as a payment option.

More info :
Best Ad Every by The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

A hair-raising message

Published on Oct 5, 2014
Med ditt stöd kan forskningen fortsätta göra framsteg. SMS:a HOPP till 72 900 så bidrar du med 50 kronor. Varje gåva gör stor skillnad. Hjälp oss sprida filmen!

Ett speciellt tack till Apotek Hjärtat för lånet av idén.


With your support, research can continue to make progress. Text HOPP to 72900 (only in Sweden) to contribute with 50 SEK. Every gift makes a big difference. Help us spread the video!

A special thanks to Apotek Hjärtat for letting us borrow the original idea!

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Category Nonprofits & Activism
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Social Message from a affected father - dont drink & drive

dont drink & drive

I found in one of the apple authorized India website.

*Program Validity   Till September 27th 2014
*Products Covered   iMac, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Pro

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

MacBook Air
MD711HN/B         MacBook Air 11-inch dual-core i5 1.4GHz/4GB/128GB flash   65,900.00   57,900.00   8,000.00
MD712HN/B           MacBook Air 11-inch dual-core i5 1.4GHz/4GB/256GB flash   79,900.00   69,900.00   10,000.00
MD760HN/B           MacBook Air 13.3-inch dual-core i5 1.4GHz/4GB/128GB flash   72,900.00   62,900.00   10,000.00
MD761HN/B           MacBook Air 13.3-inch dual-core i5 1.4GHz/4GB/256GB flash   86,900.00   75,900.00   11,000.00

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

MacBook Pro
MD101HN/A   MacBook Pro 13-inch dual-core i5 2.5GHz/4GB/500GB/HD Graphics 4000/SD   89,900.00   79,900.00   10,000.00

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

MacBook Pro Retina
ME864HN/A   MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina dual-core i5 2.4GHz/4GB/128GB/Iris Graphics   99,900.00   84,900.00   15,000.00
ME865HN/A   MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina dual-core i5 2.4GHz/8GB/256GB/Iris Graphics   114,900.00   99,900.00   15,000.00
ME866HN/A   MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina dual-core i5 2.6GHz/8GB/512GB/Iris Graphics   134,900.00   119,900.00   15,000.00
ME293HN/A   MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina quad-core i7 2.0GHz/8GB/256GB/Iris Pro Graphics   149,900.00   129,900.00   20,000.00
ME294HN/A   MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina quad-core i7 2.3GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris Pro Graphics/GeForce GT 750M 2GB   199,900.00   179,900.00   20,000.00

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

MF883HN/A   iMac 21.5" dual-core i5  1.4 GHz/8GB/500GB/IntelHD5000/WLMKB   79,900.00   67,900.00   12,000.00
ME086HN/A   iMac 21.5" quad-core i5 2.7GHz/8GB/1TB/Intel Iris Pro Graphics   92,900.00   78,900.00   14,000.00
ME087HN/A   iMac 21.5" quad-core i5 2.9GHz/8GB/1TB/GeForce GT 750M 1GB   106,900.00   92,900.00   14,000.00
ME088HN/A   iMac 27" quad-core i5 3.2GHz/8GB/1TB/GeForce GT 755M 1GB   127,900.00   113,900.00   14,000.00
ME089HN/A   iMac 27" quad-core i5 3.4GHz/8GB/1TB/GeForce GTX 775M 2GB   142,900.00   123,900.00   19,000.00

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

Mac mini
MD387HN/A   Mac mini dual-core i5 2.5GHz/4GB/500GB/HD Graphics   42,990.00   38,000.00   4,990.00
MD388HN/A   Mac mini quad-core i7 2.3GHz/4GB/1TB/HD Graphics   56,990.00   50,990.00   6,000.00
MD389HN/A   Mac mini with OS X Server quad-core i7 2.3GHz/4GB/Two 1TB/HD Graphics   70,990.00   62,490.00   8,500.00

MPN   Description   MRP   Suggested BTS Price including VAT   Suggested BTS Student Benefit

Mac Pro
ME253HN/A   Mac Pro quad-core Xeon E5 3.7GHz/12GB/256GB/Dual FirePro D300 2GB   229,900.00   209,900.00   20,000.00
MD878HN/A   Mac Pro 6-core Xeon E5 3.5GHz/16GB/256GB/Dual FirePro D500 3GB    299,900.00   274,900.00   25,000.00
New smart bed is for kids, can adjust as they grow

Published on Jan 6, 2015
A smart bed for smart kids, the SleepIQ Kids bed is the only bed in the world that adjusts with children as they grow. Using effortless technology, it combines individualized sleep knowledge and adjustability to empower parents and children to achieve their best possible sleep. There's nothing to wear or turn on. All kids have to do is sleep.

As children grow their sleep challenges and sleep needs change. Designed to be flexible and adaptable for each child's situation and age, the SleepIQ technology can be used by parents to help guide and coach good sleep routines for young children. It evolves as kids get older to use by themselves to manage their sleep. The SleepIQ Kids bed provides adjustability to accommodate kids' growing bodies and their need for the appropriate support, comfort and spinal alignment.

Learn more about our newest innovation, the SleepIQ Kid bed at

LIKE us on Facebook to get the latest Sleep Number news & deals:

Category Howto & Style
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Chat Box / Happy New Year 2015
Jan 01, 2015, 12:58 AM
Wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015

Lets bring huge investment to India, Launch new Ideas from India, Bring engineers an united community for all new platforms in India, Lets get good wealth and healthy living with online educational to all parents and young one. Lets share everything in real time. Lets Bring Social in Real Life.

Videocon Infinium Z45 Smartphone - Videocon Nova Series mobile phones

The Infinium Z45 Nova is encased within a slim profile of just 8.5mm.
It is powered by 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor, which along with a Dual-Core Mali 400 GPU.
Online customer price is less than 5000 Rs

Infinium Z45 Nova comes equipped with a stunning 11.43 cm (4.5") FWVGA IPS Capacitive Touch.
It has 8GB of internal storage for apps along with up to 32GB external memory support.
And has 1GB DDRII RAM that handles multitasking with absolute ease.
It runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS and is also upgradable to the next Android release.
The device offers advanced levels of multitasking and device performance.
Digital privacy will be hard to come by in 2025

"Unfortunately, we will have given up on privacy by 2025, or we will have re-interpreted what it means," Internet activist Ian Peter told Pew.

According to the report, more than 2,500 experts weighed in on security, liberty and privacy online and whether there will be a "trusted privacy-rights infrastructure" in place by 2025 that lets people protect their personal data easily.

Of the respondents, 55% said no, that will not happen, while 45% found this a reasonable outcome. They all agreed, however, that there is something inherently public about the Internet.

Source :
Rs 5,415 Cr transacted in Nov 2014 via IMPS, reports 14.27% growth

During October and November 2014, the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) saw a 14.27% growth
2.92% increase in total number of Mobile Money IDs (MMID) issued
Based on the data published by the National Payments Council of India.

According to a Medianama report,
the transaction volumes grew on a monthly basis to 7.8 million transaction from 6.8 million transactions
the amount transacted increased by 6.11% on a monthly basis to Rs 5,415.60 crore
the average transaction amount decreased by 7.14% on a monthly basis to Rs 6,933.09.

Bank Status

Currently, 49 banks are signed up for IMPS.
ICICI Bank has issued the maximum numbers of MMIDs which was at 21.30 million,
Axis Bank with 11 million MMIDs,
State Bank Of India (SBI) with 6.43 million MMIDs,
Indian Bank with 4.50 million
Kotak Mahindra Bank with 3.61 million MMIDs.

This led to the contribution of top five banks marginally declining to 66.45%
of the total number of MMIDs which was at 65.29 million by the end of October 2014
While IMPS has seen some merchant adoption over the past year,
we feel partner banks are still not promoting IMPS at a level necessary for its growth.

Source :
Wikipedia released its first ever annual digital video

The world's largest online encyclopedia Wikipedia will turn 14 years old in January. Over the years, its reach and importance have grown tremendously. According to Wikipedia, the English version of the site has over 4.6 million articles and 34.5 million pages. The site on the whole had more than 459 million users in October 2014.

Published on Dec 17, 2014
The world made more than 100 million edits to Wikipedia in 2014. In our first ever annual video, revisit what you read and edited, from the FIFA World Cup to the Indian general elections, and the Ice Bucket Challenge to Ebola in West Africa. Use the hashtag #Edit2014 to follow the conversation.
Support Wikipedia:
View on Wikimedia Commons:
and Vimeo:

*Correction 1: Creative Consulting:

*Correction 2:
Protester wearing Ukraine state flag colors facing the massive fire set by protesters to prevent internal forces from crossing the barricade line. Kyiv, Ukraine. Jan 22, 2014.jpg
by Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe/
Published under CC-by-SA 3.0
Available here:,_Ukraine._Jan_22,_2014.jpg
Category Education
License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Remix this video
Source videos View attributions
New generation 2015 Audi Q7 SUV video live

Audi presents the new Audi Q7. With the second generation of the large SUV, the brand with the four rings sets new standards: convince with innovative technology driving assistance systems and infotainment. Special highlight: The Audi Q7 is full 325 kg lighter than its predecessor and save up to 50 grams per kilometer of CO2. #magicofaudi
Fuel consumption in l / 100km combined: 8.3 to 5.7
CO2 emissions in g / km combined: 183-149

Category : Autos & Vehicles
License : Standard YouTube License
Hostingcon India event - 12th & 13th Dec 2014 - NCPA Mumbai

We are excited about our trip to Mumbai for the biggest Hosting event in India. Though itacumens has only 7 dedicated server, and 750+ customers , we could learn more about the growing market by industrial expertise discussing about cloud computing as well. Love to meet visionaries like Bhavin Turakhia, ceo directi after 7 years of learning about him & his brother Divyank Turakhia & there team of resellerclub.

Asia's Largest Conference for the Internet Infrastructure Industry

Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai 12th & 13th December 2014

Schedule , speakers list could be found here :
referral code : 493 if needed during free registration for the event.

Will update soon...
Google Glass : A Guy Return to India Recorded Trip Surprise His Mom

A Guy Who his return to India recorded his trip on Google glass Video and shown his mom epic surprise. This beautiful film completely recorded on Google glass. Created by Southern California School of Cinematic Arts University student as part of Google Glass Creative Collective. It's our way of saying "Thank you, Mom."

Credits of the video :

Sourced Link :

Shared to me in email by @Thilaga 
Extract pictures from a YouTube video

Worked excellently for me , so sharing here.

All you need to do is open the YouTube video from which you wish to extract one or more frames and copy its address (the one you see in the address bar of the browser, such as =XXXXX), then you have to start VLC and select Open network Stream from the menu Media (or File menu> Open network, if you use a Mac). Then paste the URL of the YouTube video you copied earlier in the  Enter a URL  and click on the Play button to start playback of the movie in VLC.

More detailed info here :
Respected team,

As you know very well that our discussion community forum is running on open source SMF software.

Long back we have upgraded the forum on 12 November 2010 - <<< Check the update note here >>>

Past few months, we desperately wanted to update the forum to improve its performance.

And today was the time we have upgraded our forum software to the latest version available Smf 2.1 Beta 1.  :yes

With this upgrade, our forum will run faster and new facilities were Also added.

Apart form the software , our forum have a new dedicated server purchased by jan 2012 at , server provided by The Planet / Softlayer data center.

Switched ourselves from Pro Dedicated box to a Standard Dedicated Server 2 years back with Xeon 2.5 GHZ ( Quad Core ), 4 Gb ram, one 1 tb hdd Raid 1 with backup and much more to get the site loading in less than 5-6 seconds for our users.

current Status of IT Acumens Discussion forum  :educated

1,82,115 Posts
133,299 Topics
38,858 Members

350+ Unique visits / day
1,000 Pageviews / day
1.5$ - 2$ Google Adsense revenue / day

 :agree Thanks for being with us and sharing cool informations around the forum.
Market Expected UBER will opt for PayTM wallet according to RBI's Mandate

It was a big drama between the UBER & RBI came out to lime light recently a Month before RBI had given its deadline to UBER to streamline all its payments via India or to Quit India i hope. As everyone expected UBER identified a partner in India who is having good reputation in US Market / funded by a US Investor, PayTM funded by SAIF partners ,Intel  Captial and SAP Ventures till date.

So UBER has finally managed to solve there payment collection issue, wherein RBI's deadline to UBER's payment collection mechanism in India before October 2014. As per RBI's mandatory 2-step payment mechanism has been introduced to UBER customers so that they are automatically charged towards the end of their trip with these Indian cab operators have to follow the 2-step mechanism via PayTM gateway.  >:( I dont know what they will do for cash handlers in our Indian Society which was very big then any medium's in India.  :yes

In context to it UBER had had opted with Paytm to offer wallet integration with your debit card, net banking or credit card. Once you link your debit card or bank account via a Paytm wallet to your UBER account, you'll easily be able to top up your wallet using multiple payment options which was expected as usual as an alternate option to topup users account and make payments faster on the go , they call. Like the same used by UBER's rival / competitors companies in India, Ola or TaxiForSure and Meru cabs have already launched their wallet service. But the biggest point is Paytm wallet option is available only on ios and android, but not in windows or balckberry phones or even java / symbain phones.  :laugh:

But as we all know who could be the reason behind this RBI's approach to notice UBER may be upset with this paytm move out by UBER INDIA. So now UBER will constantly get its problem in India like one expected now on Uber's trouble in India over service tax related issues.
50 Million Users In India - Opera Browser - Celebrates With a Cool Flash Mob

  • 50 million users in India now use Opera Mini browsers on their mobile phones
  • Third largest mobile app used in India after Facebook and Whatsapp.
  • 16 Indian handset manufacturers
  • pre-installed Opera Mini on over 350 models of Android devices

Opera Mini flash mob in India
Zoho: Made in India. Made for the world (TVC) - Zoholics India - BENGALURU - NOV 20-21

Zoho: Made in India. Made for the world (TVC)

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Bringing together 18 years of passionate experience in product engineering. It's our craft. It's our identity. We design software that works for you, for your business. Zoho: Made in India. Made for the world. Visit to know more.
Category Science & Technology
License Standard YouTube License

Software. It's our craft.
We code solutions to help you solve your business problems. The Zoho suite wasn't built in a day; it has taken the better part of a decade to come this far. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, we value persistence and endurance as highly as we value adaptability. We are proud of the work we've done so far. We care about what we do. Visit

More Details :
Best video and technology, i have ever saw in my life. How people are realy innovativing technologies that cannot be event though by us.

WoW !!! Mind Blowing and amazing innovation which i have saw in my internet life ever in last 15+ years.

I typed text on a computer with my thoughts - worlds best innovation ever seen

I typed text on a computer with my thoughts - Top Shelf

Published on Nov 14, 2014
A new computer-brain interface allows people who are paralyzed to communicate with loved ones through a computer screen.


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Category Science & Technology
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Today Mark Zuckerberg took part in his first public Q&A. Watch the full video here

Today Mark Zuckerberg took part in his first public Q&A. Watch the full video here.

Published on Nov 7, 2014
Today Mark Zuckerberg took part in his first public Q&A. Watch the full video here.
Arsen Karaxanyan's post

Dear Mark, as you may know the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide is coming in 2015. Many people through the globe strongly believe that every person , no matter his/her nationality should recognize and condemn all crimes and massacres organized by Turkey during first decades if the 20th century . Is Facebook going to do anything for for supporting worldwide recognition and condemnation of Armenian Genocide ? Thank

Dear Mark, I was chagrined by your indifference towards this question, which is even now in the top with more than 5000 likes... Yesterday the post was deleted - such a policy shows deep contempt for the question and for armenian nation... I understand, that the Q&A is finished, but I'm sure that the armenians all over the world are still waiting for some reaction... So please don't ignore something which is too important for millions!

Thanks a lot

The questions had been chosen not by likes, there were questions that had 5000 or 3500 likes but Mark didn't answer them. For example Arsen Karaxanyan's comment had 5000 like, it was one of the top comments but hadn't been asked. So Mark Zuckerberg chose the questions that were comfortable for him, prepared the answers and made a show. Dear Mark, this isn't how the founder of Facebook, a website that has almost 1 billion users, should behave. Don't worry the questions will be asked in the next Q and A too, so be ready to answer them.

Reach is low because we have to create compelling content that people "Like" , comment on, and share. The more natural interactions people have with our content, the more the algorithm will push our content out to the people who have liked the page. Just because people "Like" it, doesn't mean that they want every single piece of content pushed in their face. It's OUR job as business' to produce relevant and compelling content.

Mark Zuckerberg Verifikasi page . Please

Category Entertainment
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Dear Team,

What i have learnt via this video, dont wait for the change . Do it like us how we are doing it for years now.

Dont get fear , just request them if you are alone and want to make a change. If they raise their voice, just say sorry and leave as we do everywhere.

When you see some one is using cigarettes in public, then dont stare at them instead request them not to stand here or just try to cross the road . So it wont affect others who are not using it.

BE A HERO - A Short Film | Lets Join Hands for a better India

Published on Aug 26, 2014
Lets be a hero ! A real life hero ! Presenting here a short film for a good cause. A small step can change a lot. We do not gain money or wealth or reward. None the rest, the serenity, love and emotion we gave is priceless. So lets stop cursing others and our government, do what we can for a better India. ♛ Must watch & spread if you like !!

✿ Subscribe to UnisysMusic :

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Film Credits :

Film : Be a Hero
Production : Sky Aviator Films
Concept & Directed by : Amit Bimrot

Cast: Tania roy, shreya, Shashank arya, Sanjay sahu, Naseem shah, Manish pal singh, vithhal, varun, Avdhot potdar, Amit Bimrot, Shivam parekh, Ankush aalam, sahil pawade, lali, chotu.

Camera: Dhruvan gautham
Sound: Dawn Vincent
Editing: Sumit k. gupta
Colorist: Minu T.A. & Dhruvan Gautham
Screenplay & narration: Naseem Shah
Voice over: shardul bhardwaj
Female dub: Fatima kagalwale

Media partner: U'th Time (YTV Network)

Associate partner: Songster music 3dream production

Digital partner : Unisys infosolution.

Special thanks : Tashi dorje, Ketaki asher, Anuradha Mazumdar, Alok Arora, Shwetabh Singh, Devesh chobe, Neena verma, Ravikant, Sahil Pawade, Sameer, satish potdar.


Short film, better india, india, cause for humanity, humanity, A short film, hindi films, short films, short films india, hindi short films, award winning short films, bollywood movies, hindi movies, short movies hindi,

Category Entertainment
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Google IRL - Concept - Google Nov 2014 lates

Google IRL

Published on Oct 31, 2014
Google is coming straight to your door...

Collaborator Matthias
Category Comedy
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2 crore 90 lakh subscribers are expected to have temporary network disruption

29 million or 2 crore 90 lakh subscirbers are expected to have temporary disruption of service . Airtel subscribers around 15 million or 1 crore 50 lakh subscribers in delhi and kolkata circle and Vodafone subscribers around 14 million or 1 crore 40 lakh subscribers in delhi and kolkata circle.

By 30 Nov 2014 was the deadline for the network operators to re-configure their networks to the newly approved airwaves or specturm ( 900 mhz i hope ). The extension of a one year spectrum that won by those operators on Feb. But operators says its because of the procedural delay on the part of telecom department.

Reference article :
I wonder why people like to watch the copyrighted movies at home very often.

1) Is that beacuase of less theatres in their hometown
2) Is that the tickets are too costly too buy
3) Is that there are provked movie ticket for the movie opening day
4) Is the theatre is not showing 3d , 4d or 1080p, high quality movies
5) Are we are ready to support corruption and anti piracy , though we saw issues in every country in due of corruption and anti  piracy many directors and associates going on street , hunger strike etc...

Why is what we are going to learn here from now.
Chat Box / Happy Diwali Dear Acumens
Oct 22, 2014, 08:14 AM
Happy Diwali Dear Acumens

Lets all celebrate the day with some silent , pollution-less and colorful night crackers.
Top 10 Richest People In The World 2014 - Lifestyle Top Richest People In The World

Top 10 Richest People In The World 2014 - Lifestyle Top Richest People In The Woth

The World's Billionaires overall Aggregate Wealth is account by forbes @ $6.3 Trillion  :yes
Similar, India's 100 Riches People Aggregate Wealth stands at $346 Billion  :confused or Rs. 2076000 (in Crore )

Published on Nov 18, 2013
Top 10 Richest People In The World - Lifestyle Top Richest People In The Woth
The number of billionaires across the world has risen from 1,226 in 2012 to 1,426 this year, with the US topping the list with 442, followed by Asia-Pacific (386), Europe (366), the Americas (129) and the Middle East & Africa (103), according to Forbes magazine.

Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico is the richest man in the world, followed by Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega and Warren Buffett. Charles Koch, David Koch and Liliane Bettencourt and family making it to the top 10. Eike Batista, Stefan Persson and Karl Albrecht lost their positions in this list.
Top 10 Richest People In The World,Top 10 Richest People,Richest People In The World,top ten richest people,top 10 richest people in america,top 50 richest people,top richest people in the world,10 richest people in the world,the richest people in the world,richest person in the world,the richest man in the world,rich people,top 10 richest people in the world

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Shiv Nadar sir is the 7th Billionaire in India - aged 69 with $12.5 billion or 75,000 Crore Indian Money

As per forbes on Sept 2014, Shiv Nadar ( co founder of $6.5 billion in revenue or 39,000 crore in revenue , HCL Group and the primary is from HCL Technologies ). Shiv Nadar sir age 69 , he is current India's 7th Billionaire with 75,000 crore Indian Rupees or $12.5 billion. Also to be noted his source of income is via information technology category and hcl is the top in category in India, where as azim primji ( wipro ) is 3rd with $16.4 billion or 98,400 crore but he comes under a totally different category they call it has software. So as in India, the software leading may be wipro, but information technology leading is hcl group.

Though shiv Nadar completed his B.Arts / Science in PGS college of technology which is at coimbatore , but he is currently resident at New Delhi, India with his family and one children ( i remember this comedy of Tamil actor vadivel , we lift tamil nadu and place near new delhi. We will take all benefits first then we will give to other stats. Similarly shiv nadar sir is at new Delhi to get all projects from Indian Head quatres New Delhi i hope. It worked you know recently for last few years HCL started working very closely with Indian Government like government project which showed there net profit reportedly increased to $1 billion or 6000 crore compare to the last year net revenue was only $5.3 billion or 31,800 crore last year ended June 30th.  8)

Surprisingly HCL was always on top because they were running most of there offices within citi limits for year and year. But now considering his age or his daughter arrival to take over. Almost All HCL office in Cities were moved out to rural town or outside urban. May be more than 20 kms to 40 kms away. Almost every employee reportedly 60,000+ employees i hope to be move to those new premises constructed by L&T in less than 3 - 5 months and immediately shipment was happened to those employees.  :D  ;)

:laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh: Forget to tell you the funniest story of new hcl office, there are two bus shuttles to there outside city office, one set of bus at 6.30am and other set of buses at 8.30 am from city to there new office building, Suppose if you are in 1st shift 6.30 shuttle and the return shuttle for them is 6.30pm in evening from there outside citi campus ,and same 8.30am shuttle return time is 8.30pm in night from there campus. If any employees found to be miss using like starting to office by 8.30am shuttle and going evening by 6.30pm shuttle . Then those employees would be fined 9300+ etc i hope  :yes  :laugh:  :clown ( make me what i heard could also be wrong ) but if that was true , HCL proved that they also were ready for School and college business. ( very silly right ). This could also be a method to send employees out , and also by not giving adequate bonus to employees more than 6 years exp and giving them only 10,000 or 15,000 increment for an year.  >:(

Also we hcl owns most of its building , so they are planning to start a new hospitals in those own buildings, under the name of HCL Avitas i hope were they are planning to build a chain of clinics in partnership with John Hopkins Medicine International. We have heared that Shiv Nadar had denied that he was not ___how to say___ Or selling out HCL, said his daughter Roshini wants to keep the business , who is the current CEO of HCL corp.,  :educated  :laugh:  :yes

Reference from :
Bill Gates speaks on what India does right

Bill Gates speaks on what India does right

Published on Mar 13, 2014
Bill Gates gives his views on India, its future, and his foundation's work in the subcontinent during an event at the American Enterprise Institute.
Category News & Politics
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They said India doesn't innovate... by The Makers of Things in Youtube

They said India doesn't innovate...

Published on Oct 4, 2014
Do go to the page. And be a part of the movement -

Music credit: Fix you (instrumental), Coldplay
No copyright infringement intended.
Category People & Blogs
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You could register yourself in this movement -

Makers of things is a place that celebrates innovation. Here innovators and innovations are featured on a regular basis - big, small, silly everything!
Online ad market share in India by 2014

Attachment explain clearly.

Difference between Character & Reputation

Attachment explain clearly.
Citrix Startup Accelerator: Innovators Program

About The Program
Join the Innovators.
Create the future of enterprise technology.
Applications Open –Apply Now
The Innovators Program is a three-month residency at key locations around the world, where small entrepreneurial teams and new corporate product teams receive training and coaching in leading-edge design thinking, collaboration and lean startup approaches.
We are accepting applications for the Bangalore Citrix Startup Accelerator Innovators Program, between August 1stst and October 3rd. Selected teams will be provided with the resources, support and training to envision and bring to fruition world-changing business solutions in the areas of cloud, mobile, collaboration, enterprise software infrastructure, networking and the future workplace. Live in exciting Bangalore for three months.
Bangalore Judge taken down Tamil Nadu CM by issuing an Arrest Warrent

The judge may think he had done is duty. He do not know the kind of Administration Jayalalitha Madam is capable of ? he is going to wait and see his final judgement is wrong. Amma is going to be patience and show her power to those poor guys and poor state

Details and background of Jayalalitha's disproportionate assets case

Details of the cost incurred in conducting Jayalalitha's disproportionate assets case
ICann gave .buy domain rights fully to Amazon for 5 Million USD or 30.4 crore rs

Icann had now come up with 200 or 300+ new domain gtlds or top level domains like .bank, .host, .website etc saying internet is changing and so we need also change our domain extensions accordingly.

Some notable domain names have been sold to all top internet gaints like google , resellerclub or direct i etc.

Current flash news in the market is Amazons .buy domain buyout for woofing 5 million usd or 30 crore 41 lakhs 50 thousand rupees ( 30,41,50,000 rs only )

So amazon will start selling .buy domain to all there customer or even for every stores in or they could offer a stores / category name called,,,, or sometimes , , , etc.

Said google cannot bid this amount for .buy domain name , similarly .vip domain extension is been taken by Ireland-based domain reseller Minds + Machines for 3 million usd or 18 crore Indian money rs where google cannot bid the same.

Similarly .tech domain names and .?? names are considerable domain auctions also sold out by Icann the same due of .bye domain names and .vip domain names.
6 crore annual revenue for evan youtube channel - an 8 year old kid via google adsense

Evan is just 8 years now, he joined youtube with his fathers help and he and his family started uploading  amazing kids related videos in youtube from 20th Sept 2011, just 3 years ago. Just ago 1000+ days and have more than 200+ to 300+ videos in his youtube channel library. He currently has two channels , & a new recent channel called

And here is the Welcome & Intro video deisnged by them an year ago which as just 25 lakh views.

Welcome to EvanTubeHD Trailer!

Overall with the help of his father, mother and sister very often associate with evan in video had made these woofing number,

809,736 subscribers
Joined Sep 20, 2011
and 1.3 Million USD every single Year or 6 crore 8 lakh and 30 thousand rupees via there adsense revenue and youtube ad revenue. ( 6,08,30,000 rs only )

Internet is open and ready to accept and regonize everything, but are we ready is the big question here ?
I have saw the JustDail forbest article about the company and Its promoter Mr.V.S.S. Mani's article. Asusual though it was done by forbes, it would have been an authors positive post.

Also just dial was promoting this article using their JustDial website and JustDial business email alerts. Which is a kind of annoying, because when we receive a business alert for paid service i dont know how come they promote any unwanted ads which was not related to the lead or the category of the service.

I went through the  article throughly on and sent by comment / feedback to the same post on justdial and till now it was not apporved as expected. So i came to know that they are very carefully while approving the comments . If any negative comment is there on the post everyone will understand so justdial was been protective and do not want to listen to their vendor / customers feedback.

But as an webuser i have my own place to post the same feedback

Justdial link about the article :

My feedback which was not approved in justdial website :


VSS Mani Rocks no doubt about it from his growth.

Is Justdial growing and will grow ? serious doubt. I was the own utilizing services or just dial since 2007. Till 20011 the company was honestly growing and growing .

But believe me they have reached an wider audience and masses   in 2011, they have less than 400 staff in there jv plaza , mount road building for year where everything was under control.

Now shifted near little mount, mountraod with bigger office occupying more than 600+ employees when the problem started.

No one is responsive including the vp in there office. Motive is only taking money and doing zero service.
Under website category they gave 100% commitment of more than 1000+ calls landing for web designing  enquiry, of which 30- 40% are only job request calls which was passed over leads, a multi crore company cannot validate the type of customer and there business demand. It continues till now by 2014, where the category calls around 2500+ calls where 30% are job request calls.

Why this hike, this article said only two models 17,596 for basic and 60,000 for premium. By the way it was 2500 in 2007 and 25,000 subsequently.

Who made this hike, which was dramatized with irrelevant leads to each and every contract.

Instead of this irresponsible money making potential, we could have asked for donations ? right !!!

On the other side, the business management team or the sales team went left and right to the market tapping more customers fro 2011.
So they make 17,000+ basic plan or combo plan to 100+ customers for each category where it was only 7 to 14 customers when you began. Similarly several contracts which could over ride the live top contracts like platinum . So the quality of respondents or the lead requester end up get more than what he wanted and which spoils the market.

Example : web designing only in chennai lead goes literally to 100 companies and customer get best price ever for 1500 rs where market price standard is 5000 rs. Customer ends up with a worst design and he says justdial cheated me instead of the poor or unqualified vendor he cost because of budget constraint. Also his website was no attracted by his customers so end of day the customer who called justdial failed in his vision and mission to have a good company.

Either way the  lead would have been given to 7 companies, then it would have been a best price 5000 rs where he may get prominent design and customer is happy and by looking at the design his customer are happy to do business.

The sales team, uses terms like sales day, offer day and all other stories to get you in to multiple contract which you dont want honestly . Once cheque is given you are out of their sales target . You call them before 15 days of cheque date or to stop , after escalating to all higher office, you get a response saying just dial will deposit all cheque by month end if possible give stop payment or if the money is credited to just dial beyond your request , they will postponed you 90 days from the day of contract closed to get your money back. an 100+ days money rotation will make justdial a safe place to loss money to his customers.

We called the line manager since the employee does not stopped our cheque even after several reminder well in 15 days advance. the line manager said come to my office and Fcuk me if possible, and you cannot do any thing because we are just dial also a lady from ecs department challenged me, you go to any top officials in chennai or even mumbai , without me your ecs will not be stopped.

So Mr VSS Mani expanding 900 crore to 4200 crore to 12,000 crore market is very easy in today's social market. Same way if you start getting one dis like will end your ball game in less than seconds .

Keep the business up and make sure your employees are working ethically and having healthy relationship with customer who are your heart beat.

Like how facebook took out orkut by 2007 in less than 1 year . Just Dail will come to any end only because for unethical business line followed inside the company atleast in chennai office.

Love Just Dail and Love the progress of VSS Mani for year.

Note : There could be some typo error in due of writing my real feedback after looking at this forbes article, i could see if this continues then justdial will not come in forbes article next time. Also waited for 3 days for justdial approval. But they have not approved my comment in their website.
Apple website frustrated me by showing browser not supported exactly at 10 am PDT / 10.30 pm IST

Missing event without mac 15 inch and mac 13 inch, or even with ipad or my iphone.  >:(  :(

Text and screen updates here :

Live channels in youtube :

--- Will post the live apple full event video link here --- once apple uploads in youtube ----
The next Apple keynote address / product announcement is:

iPhone 6 Event
In your time zone, this event will be held on:
Tuesday, September 9 at 10:30 PM

Time remaining:

2 Days
1 Hour
57 Minutes
25 Seconds
Noonee - The Chairolution - Revolutionary Chair for daily labors

Noonee - The Chairolution

Published on Dec 5, 2013
We are a startup offering you a low cost leg exoskeleton that allows you to sit anywhere - the Chairless Chair. A chair that walks with you... !
Zurich, Switzerland ·
Category - Science & Technology
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Google / Project Wing - Google reveals
Aug 31, 2014, 11:59 PM
Project Wing - Google reveals

Google purchase Projected Aerospace during april 2014, it came in to live while this week google called a new project Wing.

Google Project wing is developed secretly by Google X team and last week in queens land, Australia they have tested this new project wings a partner of drones. Which can fly on a path without any given instructions and deliver medicines and food for areas where affected due to natural disaster also where any isolated locations our army or people could reach the users.

Google, the world's largest Internet search engine, said it will take years of development to create a service with multiple vehicles flying multiple deliveries per day.

An early version of the drone, which Google showcased in a video on its website, has a 1.5 meter-(yard-) wide wingspan and is capable of flying pre-programmed routes

Introducing Project Wing

Neeya Naana | நீயா நானா 08:17:14-A doctor's reply

Neeya Naana | நீயா நானா 08:17:14-A doctor's reply

Published on Aug 18, 2014
A reply by a simple doctor to Mr.Gopinath on behalf of a majority of the medical community !!!

Category People & Blogs
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The Madras Song - Independence Day Special 2014 - Murugappa Group

The Madras Song

Published on Aug 18, 2014
Murugappa Group is proud to present The Madras Song in association with The Hindu.

#TheMadrasSong is a tribute to Madras and attempts to capture the soul of the city.


Vaanga Boss-u
Idhaan Madras-u
Seval Koovum Sattham Kaettaa
Vedikkum Tappaasu!

Kanna Potthikko,
Patthu Ennikko,
Joottu Vittu
Oora Sutthi Selfie Eduthukko

Konja Nanjam Kaatthadikkum
Pudichu Vechukko
Color Coloraa Kodi Parakkum
Kizhichu Thechikko

Sandhukkulla Sindhu Kekudhaa?
Sandhosham Etti Paakkudhaa?

Pudichaa Cut Out-u
Pudikkalainna Get Out-u
Madras Song-u Idhu
Marubadiyum Repeat u

Pudichaa Cut Out-u
Pudikkalainna Get Out-u
Munnoothi Ezhuvathanju
Aanaalum Not Out-u

Charanam 1:
Vazhi Marandhaa,
Varutham Aenada?
Vaasanai Dhaan Enga GPS-u

Pasi Edukkum
Moonu Velayum,
Thirumbura Side Elaam Restaurant-u

Vaattura Veiyil - Adhu Konjam Illa
Paattukkum Koothukkum Panjam Illa

Pala Ooril Porandhe Vandhaalum
Pallavan Paera Pulla!


Charanam 2:

Koral Nooru;
Sattham Aayiram;
Irundhum Paadura Paattu Onnu

Bend Eduthu
Ozhaiccha Podhilum,
Pozhudha Pokkura Koottam Kannu!

Vambukkum Sandaikkum Acham Illa
Anbukku Aanaalum Panjam Illa

Mootta Katti Kelambi Ponaalum,
Manasu Kelambavilla!


Credits for The Madras Song:

Writer / Director: Vijay Prabakaran
Music Director: Vishal Chandrashekhar
Lyricist: Subu
Singer: Shakthishree Gopalan
Cinematographers: GVS Raju & Imran Ahmedh KR
Lead Actress: Yasmin Ponnappa
Executive Producer: Krishna Ramkumar
Associate Director: Swathi Raghuraaman
Assistant Directors: Meera.Karthik, Keerthi Raju
Production Assistant:RM Ramesh kumar
Camera Assistant: Baskar
Stylist: Yasmin Ponnappa
Post Production: Red Studio
Editor: Vijay Prabakaran
Colorist: Madan

Logo Design- Hakuhodo Percept, Chennai

Produced by The Murugappa Group

Radio Partner: 92.7 BigFM

Our Specials thanks to ( Listed in order of appearance in the video)

RJ Balaji
"Crazy" Mohan & "Maadhu" Balaji
Sudha Raghunathan
Gautham Menon
Vishwanath Anand
Naresh Iyer
Aalaap Raju
Priyadarshini Govind
Star Vijay's Airtel Super Singer Junior team & judges
Trisha Krishnan

Location courtesy:
Krishna Atluri Rao & Hotel Broadlands
Chamiers Cafe
Sharif Dance Company
Shelter beach resorts, ECR
Sundari Silks
Grand Sweets and Snacks, Adyar
Vadapalani Murugan Temple
Kasi Vinayagam mess, Triplicane
Dreams Come True, Prince Plaza
Tanmay Thakker
Sindhuri S
Airport taxi Vijaykumar

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Independence Day Special - The People's National Anthem by BeingIndian

Published on Aug 13, 2014
SUBSCRIBE to Being Indian Channel by CLICKING the Link Below -

Check out this National Anthem made by the people and for the people of India. This "Jana Gana Mana" celebrates the common people of India and is the #BeingIndian way to wish everyone Happy 68th Independence Day. Jai Hind!!

Don't forget to Comment, Like & Share.

Director: Vishal Sharma
DOP: Ranjit Mane
Post Production: Nachiket Bohra
Music Arranged by: Siddarth Chopra

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American Express presents TimesCity Gourmet Week 2014

American Express presents TimesCity Gourmet Week 2014

Published on Aug 12, 2014
American Express presents TimesCity Gourmet Week

A culinary celebration showcasing Times Food Award winning restaurants across 6-cities, Gourmet Week brings you critic curated, specially priced menus that highlight the best offerings from participating venues at reduced rates. In our second successful year, we are embracing the 'Eat what you love, love what you eat' philosophy, so expect bigger and better things ahead!

Reserve your table now

Soundtrack: Nino Rota's classic theme from Federico Fellini's 8½
Purchase 8 e 1/2 (From "8 e 1/2") (iTunes)
Artist Nino Rota
Category Entertainment
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I AM INDIAN video by Comedian Rajiv Satyal - 15th Aug 2014


Published on Aug 14, 2014

Writer/Performer: Comedian Rajiv Satyal
Director: Meena Dimian
Cinematographer/Editor: Brandon James Salgado


I'm Indian. Just Indian. I'm not South Asian any more than Russians are North Asian.

I'm not ASIAN Indian or EAST Indian. There are 1.3 billion of us - we don't need a cardinal direction, OK? It's not our fault that Christopher Columbus got lost.

Sure, we love our states, but there's strength in numbers - 1 out of every 6 human beings is Indian, so stop dividing us. The British already did that - once.

And we need to quit saying that we're not Indian because I wasn't born here or sound like this or eat that. Our HEARTS are Indian.

We are feelers. We gave the world the romance of Bollywood films and the music of Ravi Shankar and Zubin Mehta and Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle and the allure of the Kama Sutra.

We are thinkers. We are great at math because we INVENTED numbers. And we're pretty good at letters, too. We are doctors and engineers and techies. And we mean business: we're the world's 3rd largest economy and the wealthiest ethnic group in America.

We are huge and efficient - India is all on one time zone. That way, everybody in the country is still late - but at the same time. We never invade anyone because we already have everything: chess, the ruler, the button, wireless communication, arranged marriage, flush toilets, steel, DEMOCRACY - all us, all India.

And you're welcome, world, for yoga, and elevating cricket into a multi-billion-dollar sport, and making food so good that you sailed across the planet to come have some.

Our food is hot. Our country is hot. Our women are hot. Our men are... lucky?

Where the world prays, we meditate. We practically invented religious tolerance and we gave you Mahatma Gandhi and Pundits and Gurus and Karma and Dharma and Kismet and Reincarnation. The motherland is magical and mystical. And no matter who you are, you can find yourself here... in Incredible India. Jai Hind!



And I'm late. Told you I was Indian.


A shout-out to "I Am Canadian." This is not a parody but you were our biggest influence.

(C) 2014 Rajiv Satyal. All Rights Reserved.
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You could book Suzuki Gixxer Bike for 79,999 only - Suzuxi New 155cc bike

Upcoming motorcycle Suzuki Gixxer priced at Rs. 79,999 (on-road price Chennai & Delhi). Looks likes new Gixxer motorcycle is an competitor against Honda CB Trigger / Yamaha FZ FI V2.0 / Bajaj Pulsar 150 / TVS Apache RTR, Hero Xtreme etc...

Booking for the bike is already open across Suzuki outlets in the country.

Boasting length of 2050mm
width of 785mm
height of 1030mm
Gixxer wheelbase is 133mm
height and ground clearance are 780mm 160mm respectively
Kerb weight of the motorcycle stands at 135 kg
fuel tank having capacity of 12 litres.

Suzuki bike is powered with 154.9 cc engine
single cylinder air cooled engine equipped with Suzuki Eco Performance technology
A five-speed manual transmission vehicle
maximum power output of 14bhp
while yielding 14Nm of peak torque.

Suzuki tyre front measures around 100/80-17
one fitted at rear side measures 140/60R-17
Domains & Hosting service - .bharat domain registration is now open for sunrise registration for end users on 21st aug

The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), an autonomous non-profit organisation and government's Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) have worked on enabling this country code top level domain ( ccTLD) of dot bharat.

After .in domain name, .edu domains names and few other domain names by Indian registry. We now have new domain came in to line up for India.

.Bharact domain names will be available for registration by 21st Aug 2014

More domain names could be booking for best price at
2400 crore deal signed by HCL Technologies with Alcatel Lucent to release 2G & 3G spectrum support services with r&d development

Alcatel Lucent had recently signed up an an agreement with hcl technologies to rollout 2g and 3g support services including r&d developments.

This $400 million deal or 2400 crore deal will be for server years period which announced last year to re-position the company from a telecommunications equipment provider to a specialist provider of IP networking and ultra-broadband access.

This deal came to light after which HCL signs two massive deals in their past with DNB bank for managing there IT infrastructure and DNB business with application operations for $400 million contract and also one more deal with pepsi for $500 million contact for hcl technologies.
Sydney Train wants HCL Technologies Australia to Maintain software for 198 crore

Our 4th largest software company HCL Technologies sign an package for 198 crore or $32,000,000 ( 32 million ) to support and maintain Sydney  Trains, Australia.

HCL Technologies in Australia & New Zealand based in sydney bagged this deal recently to maintain approximately 107 software's used by Sydney Train.

Sydney Train servers 277 million customer journey annually  via 176 stations.
Happy Birthday to Dear Balaganesh - IT Acumens bday wish

Dear Bala,

Am very sorry that our team size is limited and we are constantly working to support our customer without leave even on saturday's and sunday. By end of the day . our team had no time to cut cake for you or to write even a forum post for you.

Think what we have achieved in last 7 years and what we are going to achieve in next few year. Then your life will be good. ( as a bday resolution )

Anyway i had a wonderful day with you yesterday. Enjoyed your lunch treat , mobilio launch at forum vijaya mall, snacks shop coffee day, and most importantly Jigarthanda tamil movie. Oh my god , the movie was remarkable and it was really hot and cold as the title suited. I had several questions after watching this movie on your birthday. Even a short movie maker is grown, where am i ?   :confused

They had tonnes of work showed out and proved / presented us a wonderful movie with high laugh out loud after interval and several episodes in real life.

Enjoyed your birthday treat bala, also kindly excuse me for not getting you a gift since am running out of funds for last 1 year because of old employees loans and especially 3 months now because of our partners marriage .

Will be sharing some pics later.
209 Million Airtel subscribers as on 15 Aug 2014 with 5.1% Postpaid users

As on 15 Aug 2014, Airtel had 209 million Subscribers ( or ) 20 crore 90 lakh customers are using Bharati Airtel Services across India.

Airtel's Myplan for consumers had a good start form the launch, some everyone in airtel is trying to promote Myplan for business so that airtel could increase there postpaid revenue which was only 5.1% from last year 4.6% revenue. And airtel's postpaid average revenue per user stands at 202 rs form 196 rs in march quarter 2014.

Airtel think to make good revenue and wants to keep there customer base only with them, so they want users to customize there plans. I remember i had my post paid plan for 5+ years now where i stand with airtel for 10 years now but dont see any value as Airtel is going bad day by day, once 3g launced , airtel charged there users 6,000 rs monthly for 3g by saying a word 0 rental plan, where my dynamic limit is only 3,500 rs in 2009. Later we need to sue them to get the money waived & plan revised.

Whether or not, research and detailed customer study conducted by Airtel.  majority of benefits in any given postpaid bill plan gets wasted by the corporate customers including me. So My plan for business would help reduce this wastage.

But indirectly myplan is offering all services to there customers, example.

Example 1 : Earlier we need to pay min 500 rs or 1000 rs to get international roaming activated in our post paid plans, if a user do not subscribe for isd considering the initial payment. Then airtel wont make revenue from that user, where as myplan will give all access to this subscriber. So accidentally this users will start making many international calls consider he had gold medal given by airtel with international calls, but he will end up paying more money then what he was earlier paying.

Example 2 : Earlier we need to choose package 100 mb, 200 mb , 1 gb with airtel 3g so we know it will add only 100 rs in our bill, but now myplan 3g data min usage per pack is 135 mb so user will choose more packs for 3g but they may use or they may not use this. So indirectly a user is allocated all the services with a flat price whether they use all the services or not.

Going forward, Airtel would be adding 4G services in myPlan for Business, considering that the postpaid customer base is more inclined towards using data services.

Idea Cellular and Aircel stands at India's third largest telecom service provider who also offer myPlan like services to it postpaid customers in the country but only for regular customers.

Either way they are going to make more revenue even with the 4g launch in India, all these users will increase 30% to 50% data revenue to Airtel for each quater.

Current Airtel MyPlan :

Myplan 199 - 5 mypacks free
Myplan 299 - 10 mypacks free
Myplan 399 - 15 mypacks free
Myplan 499 - 18 mypacks free
Myplan 599 - 24 mypacks free
Myplan 999 - 50 mypacks free
Myplan 1599 - 95 mypacks free

Free Mypacks :

1 pack - Local mobile calls - 100 mins - post airtel to airtel @ 30 paisa per min , airtel to others @ 40 paisa per min, airtel to landline @ 50 paisa per min
1 pack - Std calls - 90 mins - post 50 paisa per min
1 pack - ISD calling ( US / UK ) - 6 mins
1 pack - Local & National - 200 sms
1 pack - 3g Data - 135 mb - post 135 mb pay 3 paisa for 10kb
1 pack - 2gb Data - 250 mb - post 250 mb pay 10 paisa for 10 kb
1 pack - National roaming - 40 mins - post incoming will be 75 paisa per min and outgoing will be 80 paisa per min
Vodafone pre-paid charging system will be managed by Ericsson for next 5 years

It is heard that , Ericsson won the contract for implementing new pre paid charging system for all the 5 key circles with 75 million customer base.

The new vodafone's prepaid customer base will have self service functionality also. This deal will be developed and maintained by Ericsson for next 5 years , may be from 2014 till 2019.
As on 15th Aug 2014 - Comparison between We chat & Whats app

Whats app estimated to have 500 million users
We chat app estimated to have 438 million users

Whats app started 2009 and took 5 years to be sold to facebook for 19$ billion ( may be indirectly selling the user directory and users without users knowledge or acknowledgement by blocking users on privacy policy ).
We chat started in early 2011 and took 3.5 years to be still checking for user directory purchaser :)

Whats app is going to launch multi player games but has images , videos and messaging platform.
We chat app has already have multi player games with images, videos and messaging platform.

Whats app work only in smartphones and mobile platforms but not in web browsers.
We chat app work only in smartphones and mobile platforms but not in web browsers.

Because both the apps are the sourced from web browser gaints like google chat / gtalk , yahoo messenger , skype etc. If they try to come to web browsers, they would be screwed the entire life.

Whats app is free for 1st year and approximately 50 rs or .99$ there after
We chat app is free for 1st year and even there after

Whats app has no tv commercials , because they are already reached there destiny by selling there inventory.
We chat app has tv commercials, since they are yet to sell there inventory of users database. ( :) )

Whats app has group chat.
We chat has group chat with stickers or emotions.

Whats app stores all the data's in U.S.A servers
We chat app stores all the data's in Chinese / hong kong servers.

Finally, we have understood one thing in common,
2g bills have increased
3g bills have surprised telecoms like airtel who had 30% high in there inventory for one quater fiscal results.
Smartphones sales have increased like never before.
Cheaper phones entered the market called smartphones , they do only chat and internet and nothing smart in it.
People had proved that they have no privacy , no Intimacy, no knowledge in sharing there details includes there friends details to chines and us companies.
By End of 2014 Indian Internet Users sends US Internet Users to 3rd place

The recent interview with Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan sir was very useful to the society.

As by his forecast,  Current US has the 2nd largest Internet users in the world around 280 Million till 15 Aug 2014. Where as Indian Internet Users is only 240 Million the same time.

Possibly as per the current trends , Indian Internet users will surpass the number in the US by the end of this year and around 500 million people will be online by 2018. Which means By end of 2014, Indian Internet users may raise up to 500 Million Internet users. So India will be in the top 2nd internet users domination after china which as 640 Million Internet users as on 15 Aug 2014.

Google India Managing Director Rajan Anandan mentioned that it took the country 10 years to go from 10 million Internet users to 100 million Internet users. Now the country is adding 5 million new Internet users each and every month. India now has over 200 million Internet users.

He also mentioned that the path of purchase has changed in India and people are increasingly using online platform for retail purchase.

Smartphones took eight years to reach a billion consumers around the world.

He pointed out that consumers are now connected through numerous devices like television, notebooks, laptops, smartphones and wearable devices as well.

In 2014, 2.8 billion people in the world out of seven billion are connected through the Internet. By 2020, it is expected that five billion people will be using the Internet.

Reference : Indian Internet users to surpass US in 2014: Google's Rajan Anandan  from economic times
The world's first levitating bluetooth speaker @ 1$ or 179$ named OM One

Om One - world first levitating bluetooth speaker - latest Version 4.0 launch date Feb 2015

OM/ONE: The world's first levitating bluetooth speaker

Published on Aug 11, 2014
Buy your OM/ONE today at

Great Sound. Beautiful Design.

In a world filled with speakers that look and sound the same, OM/ONE is a paradigm shift. Designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, OM/ONE is as functional as it is beautiful. Features:

Levitating Driver for world class sound - Hear every high and low with no external distortion with the OM/ONE levitating driver. OM/ONE was engineered and tuned by the former Director of Engineering for Velodyne Acoustics. Pair two OM/ONEs together for true stereo sound.

Bluetooth 4.0 - Connect your phone or other bluetooth device and play music from popular music apps like Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, and Beats Music. Change tracks and control volume from up to 33 ft. away.

Type 1 Microphone - Your phone calls will never be the same. Enjoy pristine OM/ONE audio and get inspired by the world's first levitating speaker phone.

Portable - Pick up the OM/ONE speaker orb and take it anywhere! Enjoy music all day with industry leading battery life.
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Buy yourself the levitating bluetooth speaker for 1$ or 179$ here -
I learnt a new concept in Top Schools in chennai when you admit your kids for schooling. Its clearly shown education is only a business and no learning to kids/students. Why ? When you go inside the school by paying huge money. But we are forced to pay separately for transport and books, etc.,. All parents who get their kids to be admitted in top school , they also need to know few things.

1) Be ready to pay how much every million dollars demanded by institutions whenever they need money.
2) Get ready to face all arrogance by the management staff especially PRO in school, Transport Head in a school and top people in schools.
3) No escalation matrix to any feedback or complaints.
4) If we try to punish for their arrogance, your kids education will be in toss and their future may be spoiled.
5) After all these schools are big , but the top level management guys and all staff are locals. So you cant expect a world class education + obedience.

Issues faced by me in a Premium top school in Chennai :
Meet the new Google Drive / Experience new Google Drive

Meet the new Google Drive

To know more go to

Published on Jun 30, 2014

Google Drive on the web and for mobile has been updated to make it faster and easier to use. In these updated apps, you have more ways to access important file details, see recent activity, and share your files.  :educated  8)
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Microsoft will cut 18,000 jobs this year in the biggest such reduction in its history, the company announced Thursday.

Here's the full version of the latest statement from Nadella:

From: Satya Nadella

To: All Employees

Date: July 17, 2014 at 5:00 a.m. PT

Subject: Starting to Evolve Our Organization and Culture

Last week in my email to you I synthesized our strategic direction as a productivity and platform company. Having a clear focus is the start of the journey, not the end. The more difficult steps are creating the organization and culture to bring our ambitions to life. Today I'll share more on how we're moving forward. On July 22, during our public earnings call, I'll share further specifics on where we are focusing our innovation investments.

The first step to building the right organization for our ambitions is to realign our workforce. With this in mind, we will begin to reduce the size of our overall workforce by up to 18,000 jobs in the next year. Of that total, our work toward synergies and strategic alignment on Nokia Devices and Services is expected to account for about 12,500 jobs, comprising both professional and factory workers. We are moving now to start reducing the first 13,000 positions, and the vast majority of employees whose jobs will be eliminated will be notified over the next six months. It's important to note that while we are eliminating roles in some areas, we are adding roles in certain other strategic areas. My promise to you is that we will go through this process in the most thoughtful and transparent way possible. We will offer severance to all employees impacted by these changes, as well as job transition help in many locations, and everyone can expect to be treated with the respect they deserve for their contributions to this company.

Later today your Senior Leadership Team member will share more on what to expect in your organization. Our workforce reductions are mainly driven by two outcomes: work simplification as well as Nokia Devices and Services integration synergies and strategic alignment.

First, we will simplify the way we work to drive greater accountability, become more agile and move faster. As part of modernizing our engineering processes the expectations we have from each of our disciplines will change. In addition, we plan to have fewer layers of management, both top down and sideways, to accelerate the flow of information and decision making. This includes flattening organizations and increasing the span of control of people managers. In addition, our business processes and support models will be more lean and efficient with greater trust between teams. The overall result of these changes will be more productive, impactful teams across Microsoft. These changes will affect both the Microsoft workforce and our vendor staff. Each organization is starting at different points and moving at different paces.

Second, we are working to integrate the Nokia Devices and Services teams into Microsoft. We will realize the synergies to which we committed when we announced the acquisition last September. The first-party phone portfolio will align to Microsoft's strategic direction. To win in the higher price tiers, we will focus on breakthrough innovation that expresses and enlivens Microsoft's digital work and digital life experiences. In addition, we plan to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows. This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps.

Making these decisions to change are difficult, but necessary. I want to invite you to my monthly Q&A event tomorrow. I hope you can join, and I hope you will ask any question that's on your mind. Thank you for your support as we start to take steps forward in evolving our organization and culture.


Source : Online portals
Google Apps Referral Program: Introducing Google Apps to your customers

Google Apps Referral Program: Introducing Google Apps to your customers

Streamed live on Jul 16, 2014
Join the Google Apps Referral team as they share helpful tips on how to introduce Google Apps to meet your customers' needs.  They'll cover different marketing ideas to help you identify new prospects and explore ways to spread the word about Google Apps.

The team will also dive into the referral resources available to you and share best practices on how to make them useful. Tune in to this live Hangout on Air on Wednesday, July 16th at 10 am PDT and don't forget to come with questions.
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Amazing things you could do on any Apple IStore - Apple Istore Experiment

How far can you push an Apple Store employee

Uploaded on Jul 26, 2011
See more daily news about iDevices and Macs at
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CCTV :: Lamborghini Gallardo crash in Delhi

CCTV :: Lamborghini Gallardo crash in Delhi.

Published on Jul 10, 2014
A Lambo crashed in Delhi by a valet in a posh hotel.

Category People & Blogs
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Published on Jul 13, 2014
BASED ON TRUE LIFE EVENTS, Who would you Blame for the Deaths In Ambulance ?

would you blame Law, Police or Yourself ? comment and watch this Experiment to open your eyes.
Actor Varun Pruthi

Social Experiment, humanity experiment
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Apple Pride Movement - 29 June 2014

Apple celebrated pride with 1000 families in Los Angeles on 29th June 2014

Its been three days and still people are inside the fallen 11 story buidling at porur, And suprising the building is sold from 50 lakhs starting to 80 lakhs maximum with the name "  Trust Heights, Chennai [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ] Moulivakkam, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. under the brand of Prime Sristi Housing Pvt Ltd .

More details about this failure multi story apartment projects in chennai :

All new or old builder are connected with politicians , we dont know how -

Surprisingly when we search for Trust Heights in Google search now, 99 acers says come and see about there property in our website topping all search results ( screenshot attached ).
Google / 10 mistakes by YouTube
Jun 28, 2014, 04:33 PM
YouTube's 10 greatest mistakes

1. Constant legal wrangling
2. Where's all the premium content?
3. It's poorly packaged
4. Forced Google+ integration
5) no data in techgig about 5th mistake.
6. Dead weight uploads
7. Where's the focus?
8. YouTube stars are not stars
9. Everything else is convenient
10. Asleep at the wheel?

More Detailed Info :

But good news about YouTube / Best part of Youtube, is about the variety of contents and categories and number of contents.
American Soldiers returning home and surprising their families - This is the most beautiful thing you will ever see

Most Amazing video , could see love and passion from kids so much...

This is the most beautiful thing you will ever see
Google I/O 2014 going Live 25 June 2014 or Google I/O 2014 - Keynote

Google I/O 2014 - Keynote

109,258 watching now at 9 AM PDT / 9.30 PM IST

More Details :

OPPO India unveils OPPO Find 7, first smartphone in India with Quad HD screen

OPPO India unveils OPPO Find 7, first smartphone in India with Quad HD screen
Powered by world-class technology, features & aesthetics, Find 7 promises to be every smartphone user's delight

Oppo's mobile Find 7 has been priced at Rs 37,999/- approx.
Oppo's mobile Find 7a has been priced at Rs 31,999/- approx.
Oppo find 7a will be available in India by July.
Oppo Find 7 is powered by 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset,same processors in Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2.
Oppo find 7 phone runs on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system.
Oppo find 7a has 3GB RAM.
Oppo mobile find 7a in default has 32GB internal storage also microSD support
Oppo find7 has 3,000mAh battery.

OPPO India,a leading global technology brand with presence in North America, Europe and Asia today unveiled their next flagship smartphone 'Find 7' as a successor in the most famous 'Find' series. The 4G/ LTE compatible OPPO Find 7 is the first smartphone in the country that sports a 5.5" inch Quad HD screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 538 PPI display. OPPO's smart devices are currently available in 12 major cities and regions of India - New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Pune and Lucknow. Recently, OPPO announced plans for an aggressive sales and service network expansion in India with a target of over 200 service centers in the next one year.

Touted as the smartphone with the best hardware in the countries where it is available, the impressive Find 7 comes with the VOOC fast charging technology. A five minute charge allows the Find 7 to support a two-hour call. A 30 minute charge gets the Find 7 to 75% of full battery. The smartphone has a proprietary OS called ColorOS. Powered by Qualcomm's 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 Quad Core (MSM8974AC) processor, Find 7 has an expandable storage up to 128 GB.

More info :
$25 or 1500 rs - Firefox OS phones are about to hit India,one of the biggest in world markets

1) A Mozilla prototype of a $25 Firefox OS phone built with a Spreadtrum processor
2) Alternative to Android and iOS is geared for low-budget markets
3) Two Indian companies, Intex and Spice, will build a super-cheap $25 Firefox OS phone based on a processor from Chinese company Spreadtrum
4) Firefox OS runs Web-based apps, and Mozilla hopes the approach will provide openness
5) Alcatel and ZTE are the handset makers with the longest partnership with Mozilla

More Details @
Tesla Will Open Its Supercharger Patents To Promote EVs

The Supercharger uses solar energy to provide free charging for life to all Tesla owners.  :) 

Hoping Tesla becomes the next Toyota soon. :) 

Here are some reasons for buying your next car electric:

1.  help humanity since you no longer generate carcinogenic exhaust, otherwise known as smog, which kills millions of people each year ► and leads to lower IQ ► and autism ► 

2.  save lives since you reduce heart attacks caused by traffic noise ►   Electric cars are much quieter.

3.   save humanity from oil wars that destroy the environment and kill countless civilians.  Iraq war trillions could have powered all US with solar/wind ► 

4.  you no longer have to change oil or spark plugs; no more smog check either; electric cars have 60% less parts, so you will go for repairs much less.  Combustion engines are noisy and only 15% efficient;  electric motors are 90% efficient.

5.  bring the end of gas stations that poison the water wells with MTBE or other compounds leading to billions of dollars wasted in cleaning up the well water (example:  $0.4 billion settlement ►

6.  save money as you spend 4 times less money on fuel, since electricity is 4 times cheaper than gasoline as a fuel.  If you have enough solar panels,  you get free CLEAN fuel for life, since you charge at home and utilities pay you for energy you put on the grid.  Likewise, Tesla Motors offers free solar ☼ charging for life ► Tesla Motors Supercharger Event?  :)

7.  save money for noble purposes because electric cars are cheaper than many oil cars after the federal and state rebates:  in Colorado, you can buy a Nissan Leaf for only 15, 000, while in most other states for 18-21, 000.  A Smart EV costs only $12, 000 in Colorado, see  Mitsubishi i-MieV is only $13, 000 in California and $10, 000 in Colorado ►

8.  electric car batteries and solar panels are far greener than alternatives.  Battery recycling for today's oil car lead batteries is happening at a 97% rate globally. It will be even better for the far safer lithium car batteries.   Lithium Ion batteries are classified by the federal government as non-hazardous waste.  Lithium ion batteries are made from nontoxic lithium carbonate (used in ovenware), nontoxic cobalt oxide (in pottery glaze), nontoxic graphite (in pencils), and a polymer (plastic) membrane. The most toxic components are the electrolyte and lithium cobalt oxide, neither of which are persistent in the environment and both of which are increasingly being replaced by safer compounds.  Wang Chuan-Fu, CEO of BYD, demonstrated the safety of the electrolyte in their lithium ion batteries by drinking it. Zero Motorcycles founder Neal Saiki said that the Lithium Ion batteries they use are safe to eat.

Solar is way better than coal, oil or natural gas which spew 100-1000 times more carcinogens in the environment per unit of energy produced, besides far more CO2.  How long does a solar panel system have to operate to recover the energy used for making the panel? Energy payback for rooftop panels is 1-4 years depending on type.   Assuming a life of 30 years for a panel, that means that most energy produced will be free from pollution of any sort ►

Source : G+ post

We're celebrating the momentous achievement of 100,000 Renault Dusters on Indian roads, with the special 1 LAKH EDITION.



1. Infotainment System With Steering Mounted Controls
2. Bluetooth ® Telephony And USB
3. Dual Airbags ABS & EBD
4. Keyless Entry
5. Rear Wiper And Defogger
6. Front Fog Lamps

Source : As on their company website -
Global Technology Updates / Apple - WWDC 2014
Jun 07, 2014, 11:04 PM
Apple - WWDC 2014

Apple - WWDC 2014

Published on Jun 3, 2014
Watch as Apple previews iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite — all-new and more powerful than ever versions of the operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac — at WWDC 2014.
Future Transportation Technology Will Blow Your Mind

Future Transportation Technology Will Blow Your Mind
Chat Box / Happy tamil new year Dear Tamilans
Apr 14, 2014, 12:25 PM
Happy tamil new year Dear Tamilans

[smg id=15605 type=full]

[smg id=15606 type=full]
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 ebook - Free eBook on Microsoft SQL Server 2014

[smg id=15600 type=full]

Despite opportunistic jokesters invading the Internet with April Fools day humor, SQL Server 2014 actually released on April 1, 2014. SQL Server 2014 brings a stack of new features to the already powerful and popular database product. Things like In-Memory OLTP, AlwaysOn, Buffer Pools, data tools for BI, and automated backup to Windows Azure are cornerstones of improvements.

If you have no idea about any or all of the terms I just mentioned, you might want to grab a new eBook that Microsoft Press is offering called Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

At a little over 125 pages and six chapters, the book is a good resource for getting a handle on the latest enhancements provided in SQL Server 2014. Though publicly released on April 1, Microsoft has scheduled April 15 as the official announcement party, delivered live over the web so everyone can join in. Quentin Clark will be joined by CEO Satya Nadella and COO Kevin Turner to cover SQL Server 2014. But, you can prepare for the event with this eBook.

Download here : Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

source :
Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge - Google April Fools 2014

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

Published on Mar 31, 2014
Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps.

To catch 'em all, grab your Poké Ball and the newest version of Google Maps for iPhone or Android. Then tap the search bar, "press start," and begin your quest.

And, follow Google Maps on Google+, Facebook or Twitter for hints and tips for the most dedicated trainers.

© Google
Pokémon content ©2014 Pokémon/Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK

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Tamil Short Film - Aram Soozhum

அறம் சூழும் தமிழ் குறும் படம் ARAM SOOZHUM Tamil Short Film / Social Awareness short film

Published on Oct 15, 2013
Written & Directed by : M.Kumarraja
Cinematography : Ahamed
Editing : Suresh
Music : Gajapathy
Producer : Kumaran Raja

தமிழ் குறும்படம் - அறம் சூழும்

Tamil Short Film - Aram Soozhum
Category : Film & Animation
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How big is the ocean? Check this video to know the size of the ocean

How big is the ocean? - Scott Gass

Published on Jun 24, 2013
View full lesson:

While the Earth's oceans are known as five separate entities, there is really only one ocean. So, how big is it? As of 2013, it takes up 71% of the Earth, houses 99% of the biosphere, and contains some of Earth's grandest geological features. Scott Gass reminds us of the influence humans have on the ocean and the influence it has on us.

Lesson by Scott Gass, animation by Sandro Katamashvili.
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Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi !!!

[smg id=15553 type=full]

Source : Twitter
Follow the Frog label - to save earth by stop cutting our natural resources like tree

Follow the Frog

Published on Sep 16, 2012
You don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to save the rainforest. Just Follow the Frog! Shop for Rainforest Alliance Certified products here:

When you can't shop local, shop Rainforest Alliance Certified!

The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit conservation organization that holds Charity Navigator's highest rating of Four Stars:

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Follow the Frog was nominated for a People's Voice Webby.

This film was written and directed by our talented friend Max Joseph. You can follow him at
Produced by Aaron Weber from Wander:

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A fate worse than death - Sandeep Divekar

Sandeep Divekar: A fate worse than death

Published on Jan 25, 2014 Sandeep Divekar's wife of two decades, Julie, was diagnosed with Locked-In Syndrome after a stroke—a condition in which one is fully conscious, but can do nothing more than blink one's eyes. In this deeply passionate talk, Divekar shares his struggles to pull Julie off life support and stop all futile treatment so she could die with dignity. Finally, Divekar compels us to talk about death and ask ourselves how we want to die.

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Sandeep Divekar is GM of Global Technology Initiatives at Reliance MediaWorks. He is responsible for commercializing the company's Academy Award winning image processing and film restoration technology and for finding new application areas for the technology. Prior to joining Reliance Mediaworks, Sandeep Divekar set up a South Asian IPTV network for Neulion Inc. which involved negotiating contracts with South Asian television channels, setting up satellite capture teleports in Nepal and India, market research, designing packaging and pricing and launched the network to consumers in Canada and the US.

Previously he was CEO and president of MultiGen-Paradigm Inc. a leading provider of visual simulation software and weapons training solutions for the military and civil aviation industries (acquired by CAE Inc. in 2007 ). Prior to that he was CEO and co-founder of 3Name3D Inc. a 3D graphics software company, (acquired by Computer Associates in 1998).

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