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Due to the increasing globalization of retailing, IT industry is playing an important role in the management of complex retail operations. Market is continuously growing day by day and it becomes very difficult to handle the data and information without the help of IT solution provider.
Today every retailer is ready to transform their IT capabilities for enabling greater efficiency, significant cost savings and new business values. Retail IT Solutions can be used to integrate several aspects of retail industry like finance and accounting, business development, supply chain management and inventory management.
Some of the most common used services of IT industry in retail sector are:
E Commerce and E customer service: Due to new inventions happening in digital media, now customers are evolving more in on-line purchase with the help of internet. This is helpful in saving their time and money while making any purchase over internet. And all these process are handled by Ecommerce industry. IT services are the backbone of any e commerce industry, because IT services works behind the scene and make the purchase smooth while purchasing via internet.
So IT industry is playing a great role in today's world for managing Retail Software Solution and Retail Management Solutions.
There is a great challenge of security which is being faced by IT industry while working for any Retail Industry
One of the major threats is phishing. Every retail business engaged in credit card payment is required to work with PCI Security Standards. In every type of online retail business user is required to enter his credit card details over the internet, and there are more chances of fraudulent at that time. So IT industry at time is required to maintain security standards, to protect any type of fraudulent.
So keeping all these point in view we can say that IT is Backbone of Any retail industry, Retail IT solutions and Retail POS Software Solutions.
I am working on flex based project and want to integrate ColdFusion within. Does anyone have any idea how to integrate ColdFusion with flex?
Any resource or step by step guideline is welcome

I want to implement payment gateway in flex. Can anyone throw some light on Payment Gateway implementation methods with Flex or ColdFusion?.
Any ideas or links are welcome.
Chetu Inc - Company

Chetu, Inc. is a World-Class Information Technology solutions provider, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Chetu, Inc. is an SAS-70 certified company that was founded in 2000, serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 clients. Chetu has a growing team of over 500 skilled engineers spread across seven global locations. In addition to the company Headquarters & Delivery Center in Miami, Chetu also has six additional software delivery centers:  Las Vegas, Tampa, Nashville, Dallas, Amsterdam as well as India (Noida). The company provides IT solutions for various Industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Gaming, Retail, etc. Chetu's IT services include process and systems design, package implementation, custom application development, business intelligence and reporting, IT system integration, EMR software development, IT Infrastructure management (as well as testing), maintenance and support. Chetu's expertise spans across the entire IT spectrum.  Chetu is a proud member of HIMSS (Healthcare), NRF (Retail), Electronic Transaction Association (Financial) and Gaming & Leisure Business Partner (Gaming).

Awards & Recognition

•   Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded the #25 slot in the South Florida Business Journal list of South Florida's Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies. Rankings were based on 2009-2010 revenue growth percentages.

•   Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded the #1172 position by Inc. 5000 in their list of fastest growing private companies in America. Rankings were based on 2011 - 2012 revenue growth percentages. Chetu grew at a stellar 55.3%, year over year in revenue.

•   Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded #35 top companies, Miami metro Area by Inc. 5000, 2012.

•   Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded #5 top companies by South Florida Business Journal's 2012 Fast Tech Awards.

Product & Services

Chetu provides a wide range of information technology services including system integration, application development, IT infrastructure management, business intelligence, data warehousing, supply chain management, outsourcing software development and testing solutions. Chetu uses Unique, certified and mature delivery model which capitalizes on global computing to give you reduced cost without compromising on quality, productivity, accountability and turn-around time.  Chetu's IT services are focused for the small to mid-size organizations looking for faster turnaround times and high productivity levels. Our service levels are reflected through our high customer retention rate.