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I agree SEO and SMM now play a crucial role in almost any business niche. I would even say that digital marketing, in general, is very important now.
Quote from: elijahkrieger4 on Apr 25, 2023, 07:09 PMIt's disappointing to see people resorting to illegal means to make money, especially when we all need to come together to support each other. It's great that the Central Crime Branch police took swift action and arrested those involved in the illegal activity. It sends a strong message that such activities will not be tolerated. I hope this serves as a reminder to all of us to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities we may come across.

people have always been like that..sadly
I was saddened to read about the recent cases of cricket gambling in Bangalore during IPL matches. I hope such situations never happen again.
I think it is due to shutdowns