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Started by Sudhakar, May 13, 2008, 04:44 AM

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Hi Dear Acumens . Thanks for making this Record Happen.
We have reached 10,000 post as on Today ( 12th May 2008 ). Its done by Acumens(YoU).

Thank you Members for Sharing your Knowledge with Our Forum.
Hope all this informations will help all Students/Youths of Future INDIA.

Since we have reached Our target, We would like to help Our Members.

Earn Prizes/Money by Posting Some Valid Information on Our IT Acumens Forum

[blink]IT Acumens Forum is owned by its members. So Register, start posting & Earn money[/blink]

How IT Acumens Forum is different from others?

1. We will Take Care of Your Mobile Expenses - We TopUp your mobile everyday.
2. We pay directly into your savings account monthly in Indian Rupees .
3. You just need to post valid contents in order to be eligible for pay out. It will be deposited into your savings bank account.

How much I will get?

It totally depends on the number of posts and quality of the content and an internal mechanism to calculate the earnings. You can earn anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 a month and more depending on the number of posts you have written.

Payment Factors :

1. [ Login/Logout ] per day                              = 0.5 Points

2. [ One Valid ] posting                                   = 1 Point

3. [ One Valid Reply ] posting                           = 0.5 Points

4. [ Refer Friends ]                                         = 2 Points

5. [ Useful Download Share] in Downloads           = 1 Point

6. [ Useful Photo Share ] in Gallery                     = 1 Point

7. [ Top Score in Arcade/Games ] per Game         = 1 Point

8. [ Take Quiz @ Winners ] per Game Winning       = 10 Points

9. [ Take 10 Quiz Games @ Winners ] Per Day       = 10 Points

10. [ Visit for 10 Continuous Days ]                     = 10 Points


Q) Today I login to forum and posted 5 new topics and replies 5 existing topic?
A) Your Points for today is 8 Points

Q) Today I login and logout ?
A) Your Points for today is 0.5 Points

Q) Today I login to forum and shared 3 new download and 3 new photos in gallery?
A) Your Points for today is 6 Points, if Downloads and Photos were approved by Staff Team.

Q) Today I forget to login in IT Acumens Forum but Taken Quiz in IT Acumens Winners ?
A) Your Points for today is 0 Points for Forum and points for Quiz depends on your winning and participation.     But you will not be Eligible for the 10th Payment Options

Q) Today my points reached 10, what i could do ?
A) Your Points for today reached 10 Points, Congrates you could now redeem Rs.10 Topup by Starting a New Redeem topic on Our Redeem Points Board [ or ] you could wait and cashout when it reaches Rs.500.

Q) Today I got only 8 points, will it be available tomorrow ?
A) Your Points for today is 8, then you could continue with the same point by tomorrow.

Q) How do your team calculate the 10th Day visit?
A) Our System will show that, we will inform the 10th Day visit by a personal message to the User.

Q) How do i Check my Daily Points ?
A) Check the Scores at the following Board Winners Toppers List

Q) How do i contact IT Acumens Team ?
A) Raise a New Post @ Board : Winners Support & Prizes Request

What are the terms & conditions :

1. The font must be in English & Tamil Language only .
2. You should post topics according to the topics given in the forum board with 4 Tags/Keyword Relates to the topic/news.
3. Strictly No adult content. - Results Immediate Suspension of Account.
4. Strictly No spam. - Results Immediate Termination of Account.
5. The content should be Usefull.
6. Posting of duplicate content will be banned of your account.
7. Do not reply a lot . It Should be More Useful Reply.
8. Invalid or Incomplete Posting won't be paid.

How do I TopUp My mobile phone ?

Once your Reached 10 Points you could Redeem Your points by a Request Topic @ Winners Support & Prizes Request Board. And one of Our Staff Member will Verify Your Record and Send you the Conformation to your Mobile phone. Once we received your reply we will send you the Topup code to your Email Address within 2 Working Hours.

Mobile Topup Request Format as follows :
1. Username :
2. Email Address :
3. Subscriber Type : Prepaid Only [ Current Postpaid is Under Planning ]
4. Service Provider : Airtel(chennai) / Vodafone(erode) / Aircel(trichy) / Bsnl(madurai) / Reliance(salem)
5. Request Date and Request Quote : Hi Team, I would like to Redeem My Point Now. Kindly Topup My Mobile Now

Note : [blink]Entering Mobile Number is Strictly Banned throughout the Forum - We will not ask for your mobile number at anycase.[/blink]

How do I get paid?

You will get your earnings directly deposited into your savings bank account or through MO. Please be careful while entering the communication address and bank a/c details to support@itacumens.com. You can modify these details at anytime by mailing us again.

Mail Format as follows :
1. Account Name :
2. Account Number :
3. Bank Name :
4. Branch Name :
5. Complete Postal Address with Phone :

NOTE : Payment will be sent when you reach Rs.500.

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- A Proud Admin of IT Acumens  :educated
- Sudhakar.A ( CEO / Founder, www.itacumens.com:educated


May 13, 2008, 04:59 AM Last Edit: May 13, 2008, 05:14 AM by Admin ( Job )
Hi Acumens,

Thanks for your support till 4 years when we started at 04 May 2005 to make our Achievement in IT Industry.

We achieved this target within 6 Months of Time by our Valuable Acumen(s) - YOU.

And we hope you all people will get Valuable Information from IT Acumens and

am heart welcome our team to co operate us to to make this Achievement.

With all Team Efforts and Support of all Acumens, we proudly step Up in the

next entry of our Company.

Let's join with our Family and Bright your Forth Career

- A Proud Global Moderator of IT Acumens
- Kalyanaraman.N ( Co-Founder , www.itacumens.com )


HI Acumens

   Nice to see growth of forum posts.... Keep going...
   And I m Proud to be a part of ITACUMEN s family..
   New User POst Nice and valid post in forum and get your points...

   Share your ideas and give suggestions to other posts,
   Kindly log in daily and use our forum sufficiently,.
   All the Best for ITACUMENS

With Regards


:acumen  :acumen :acumen


Hi Acumens
     Feeling Very Happy to be a part of IT Acumens. :yes 
     This is only the beginning,Want to make a lot...

                                        Nobody Does Like Acumens

With Regards
IT Acumens
Thanks and Regards,


Hi Acumens,

I am Proud To be a Part of an IT Acumens.

I Give Full Effort to Develop our Forum and our Team


With Regards,


May 13, 2008, 11:17 PM Last Edit: May 13, 2008, 11:51 PM by gsathish86
Hi Acumens,

I am really very happy to be a  :acumen
Within short time, we reached this target.

Congratulations. Good show. Keep going......

As Hari said, "This is only the beginning. We have to lot to go."
Lets work together and ramp up to grow our IT Acumens forum with our full support, to help all our acumens and share your ideas.

All the best for IT Acumens.

Proud to be an acumen.

Sathish.  :educated
Thanks & Regards,
Sathish Kumar   

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


Hey guyz !! this is awesome !!!

Congratulations for the entire Team !!!

Happy Posting !!!

Loving someone that doesn't love U is like reaching for a star -U know you'll never reach it but you just got to keep trying

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