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Spectrum Raja's House - A Fake Emails

Started by Sudhakar, Feb 16, 2011, 04:01 PM

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Spectrum Raja's House - A Fake Emails

[smg id=7750 type=full]

[smg id=7751 type=full]

[smg id=7752 type=full]

[smg id=7753 type=full]

[smg id=7754 type=full]

[smg id=7755 type=full]

[smg id=7756 type=full]

[smg id=7757 type=full]

[smg id=7758 type=full]

[smg id=7759 type=full]

[smg id=7760 type=full]

[smg id=7761 type=full]

But it isnt true, dont hype that spam person. I just did a reverse search and those images were been posted years back in these sites as these stills belongs to a home built in Montecito, California, USA by architect Steve Hermann.

Reference pages :

Find the real way to his hometown in Tamil Nadu.

[smg id=7762 type=full]

[smg id=7763 type=full]

[smg id=7764 type=full]

[smg id=7765 type=full]

Finally reporters took a chance, to have raja's photo in his new mamiyar home @ Delhi

[smg id=7766 type=full]



*** Link Removed ****


how can he build this house with whose money

this is our money we want to treat this person like Arabic punishment