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Gingly Speech by Mr. Sudhakar - IIT Madras

Started by karthick, Sep 24, 2013, 05:45 PM

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Gingly Speech by Mr. Sudhakar - IIT Madras

Last Sunday 22nd September 2013, in Start up Idea the inspiring event of The Entrepreneurs has been organized by Google and IIT. Almost 8 participants are shortlisted for presentation. So happy that we too got selected for Gingly.

All went good at our end, but un fortunately only two awards has been nominated for the event. We have been selected for the 3rd position internally but due to award constraint we not able to get through But so happy that we got very good response and recognition for the speech and the product presentation.

Well Presented by Mr.Sudhakar, Gingly. Luckiest is we got some good contacts from TIE & Open Chennai Coffee Club for the investor engaging session through the jury of the organizer. Thanks and honor of them.

Let's have to do some bright full changes on website and applications to get through among multi users and make the contacts to be useful and make a foot path for this innovative product.

Think Different, Think Gingly  :acumen

Gingly Speech by Mr. Sudhakar - IIT Madras

[smg id=15328 type=full]
A part of Development in Our Website Front Page

We simple build everything with sense


Hi, watched the full video. very proud of u sudhakar


Dear Kalyan & Velu,

Though it was taking using samsung galaxy 4, the quality is very bad.

Thanks kalyan for the share, hope to attend more stages to popularize gingly and to load it with a million users soon.

Keep sharing, next time we will prepare and give speech rather going by our mind on stage.

More details @


Thanks for the post, found useful and interesting information!