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Started by Sudhakar, Jan 25, 2011, 06:07 AM

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Respected GinGly Users,

Recently by 11 Jan 2011 we have implemented new feature/concepts in

:now You could Set reminder/alerts from mobile also. Earlier you need to login for creating reminders / alerts and now you could do that using registered mobile phones.

Format / Syntax : Alert 12012011 1530 Testing reminder message 900315****

Alert - keyword (must)
12012011 - 12/01/2011 (optional)
1530 - Railway timing format 15:30 (must)
Testing reminder - Message (must) - reminder / alert message of your choice
900315**** - To whomever the reminder / alert should go and it should be only one number . (optional)

Legends :

If no date means, the system will consider the current date

If no mobile means, It will remind / alert your own mobile number on the set date and time.

Once the message is been send to our virtual number +91 95662 95662 , then you will receive a confirmation with in a second to 15 min depends on the network sms traffic.

keep your alerts ready and be reminded about your works on time. Be successful in your career, do encourage us by leaving your feedback.  :educated


 Dear sir,

I Nikunj Oza an hardware networking diploma engg. i Interested in your company, i seding my resume


Nikunj Oza


Thanks for the nice user update in

And i checked with two more reminders from mobile it's working fine...but, pls check my comments,

* Need Edit Option for all reminders and alerts

* If i check repeat every year, that only shows on reminder history other alerts are not showing...

* And from my mobile reminder, we couldn't schedule alerts for two more numbers

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