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Issues faced in GinGly

Started by Thilaga, Jan 03, 2011, 04:27 PM

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I am really fed up with these issues, this really suxxxx and DAMN irritating. Gingly Admin should take care of these issues asap otherwise it would lose many users in future.

#1 I am getting e-mails from Hell anonymous person saying that he has got my mail ID via Gingly. Only friends should be able to view my mobile no and my personal details ,- NOT all the FOLLOW members.

#2 Mobile numbers should not be sent to Group owners if I join a Group.

#3 Need to add UNFOLLOW concept, where i can reject the unknown members who are following me.

#4 Finally the troublesome compose SMS page, I am not able to narrow down why this issue is happening.

Can't send SMS for an emergent purpose and its irritating alot.

If I click on Personal SMS pkg nothing happens on that page. Also after writing a Msg in compose SMS page and clicking on submit, new compose sms page appears instead of 'your msg has been sent' page.

No online support, nothing is available to report the issues. I can even say that GinGly is not at all user-friendly. I need you team to respond to these issues right NOW.

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Hi good morning

and  i agree with this above points.. that should be updated asap.

compose sms is the main issue here.... Admin plz check tat first...


Thanks for the feedback, we are welcome the suggestions to make our portal as more better....

1) The issue is not in the development, am sure the previous version of compose sms is worked fine after updating to the new design, it might falls in to problem..Now, the compose sms changed to previous version and the updated design will be launched soon with error less..... even, the developer have a look and work on this as shortly.

2) Am sure before a week the primary update , as mobile numbers masking to the group owners is completed. so please create/invite a members to your group and have a check

3) As on now, there's no friendship networking in gingly and that's not an primary vertical line of us. But, we will help all our gingly users to enable the privacy settings to protect the personal / professional details from other users.

4) Un follow concept will be launched soon!!!

5) please send the feedback by click on left slider of our gingly portal (or) support (at) gingly (dot) com

Ask any queries/ suggestions / feedback/ complaints related to gingly.