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Group SMS in Gingly

Started by Kalyan, Jun 03, 2010, 12:56 PM

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  If group owner sending msg to his groups, how to know the status in mobile "whether the sms has been delivered or not".

so, once the msg has been received to group members,  owner receive an sms which says Your Group Name"sms content" has

been sent successfully to all your group members(no.of members) - gingly signature...

still, am not getting reply to my last two if any body there let me know.... try to be interactive.... :educated

what abt other comments?  :acumen


Dear Kalyan,

Hope I have answered all your queries.  ;)

You mean, once the message is been approved , the group owner should receive a notification saying all 100 or 10 messages have been approved and delivered to the user.

Even though on Moderation period, a group user should type like. Check Status 1200 to 9566295662. Should result him saying the messages to 10 members is delivered or still in moderation queue. Is that correct ?  :agree

If yes, we were concentrating only on development of various concepts on GinGly. Once the concepts like inbox, compose, contacts & Groups were been perfectly completed, will be concentrating on Admin activities like reply notification on delivery, ban user from sms, list his groups, preferred time etc.  :yes

Thanks for the requested feature, we will be working on it as early as possible.


shiv kumar


amit saini

hi mai iss bare mai janna chata hu plz iss bare mai send karo 9671923 one zero three

Sarfaraz Rangrez




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