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Latest Updates @ GinGly Portal - 18 April 2010

Started by Sudhakar, Apr 18, 2010, 06:36 AM

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Hey Users, we have got more updates on GinGly. A Snap View...

Old Compose - [smg id=7426]

New Compose - [smg id=7421]

Old Inbox - [smg id=7413]

New Inbox for messages - [smg id=7420]

New Profile Homepage - [smg id=7415]

Contact & Rank Page - [smg id=7416]

Group View Indexed - [smg id=7418]

Group View Mixed - [smg id=7419]

Group Members Ordered - [smg id=7424]

Group Members Avatar - [smg id=7425]

New User Profile Page - [smg id=7423]

Group Home with Category List - [smg id=7422]

Invite Users - [smg id=7417]

Invite Email Users - [smg id=7414]

Much More new work will be release soon. Last month we have worked Day & Night towards the dvpt. activities. Whatever you have sawn about is the effort of it.  :educated

Most Importantly, we were currently testing our new mobile application to auto upload contacts & sms. Will be released for public beta soon.  :yes

Thanks for all our feedback and suggestion to improve.  8)

Use GinGly & Promote to all your Friends & Family.  :agree

Visit for more updates.


Latest updates in gingly are looking  nice to see,

All the best to our team..................... :acumen