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Started by VelMurugan, Oct 08, 2010, 07:49 PM

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Group Widget concept finished.

Its in Debugging mode within two days it will be launched public.

Group members can get the particular group widget and paste it in their websites.

Initially we release in default theme only. Customization themes will be releasing after a month


We will be so eager to use the group widget.

Once it is live, we will be using it to promote our group.



You can get the group widget code in groupprofile page.

Group owner and members can get the widget code for that particular group.

For Example Group Widget Code :

Friends Group Widget Code :

Cricket Group Widget Code :



  Special thanks for Gingly developer.....make more comfortable on promoting own groups through any blog / web.

Even i embed Kalyan Group in my blog but due to default size, the stored css files may disturbed..

so, we expecting customization of group widget like Yap, which makes easy to make it live on our own size..

But, really extra ordinary and awesome implementation...

Expecting more plugins from Gingly


Wow it is a wonderful update.

I have been waiting for long time for this mod.

I will be using this on and my blog page to promote my group messages instantly.

Thanks for this cool mod, we will mark this group widget query as resolved & closed here


Group Widgets Released.

Login to , Check appropriate Group page to get the group widget.

Ex : - Check this Enthiran group page after login and find the customized code of right side corner.

<iframe src="" width="440" height="405" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Output :

Special Thanks to velu for solving this feature in Alpha 0.1.  :educated