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Keyword To Adding an user on GinGly ( Poll )

Started by Sudhakar, Mar 29, 2010, 08:43 PM

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Keyword To Adding an user on GinGly

SMS 'ADD<space>mobile no' to 9566295662
1 (25%)
SMS 'ADD<space>mobile no,mobile no,...' to 9566295662
2 (50%)
SMS 'A<space>mobile no' to 9566295662
1 (25%)
SMS 'mobile no<space>ADD' to 9566295662
0 (0%)
Other ( Kindly Specify )
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 4

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Mar 29, 2010, 08:43 PM Last Edit: Mar 29, 2010, 08:44 PM by The_Big_S
Dear Team,

Though GinGly is been used by more than 3000 User. We would like to reconsider the keywords used on GinGly.

We need the Keywords to be Globally Called. So check the poll for Adding a New User and give your option and a suggestion for it.

Make sure Suggestion is must, or your poll will not be considered.

* Upon Confirming the Keyword, We will list on end of this poll. Thank you.


ADD<space> 9840191xxx to 9566295662  :agree


I have opted for SMS 'ADD<space>mobile no,mobile no,...' to 9566295662

Seems globally accepted word as ADD.

So will Simply Add mobile number.

If multiple numbers, ADD mobile number, mobile number 2


ADD <mobileNumber>,<mobileNumber>,<mobileNumber>...


invite is good Looking Keyword Dont miss it


Thanks for all your valuable time & comments.

Currently we found this format suites many of us.

SMS 'ADD<space>mobile no,mobile no,...' to 9566295662

* Since some users could use this to force invite on other users. We have planned to convert this only for pro edition users. Rest could not use this feature.  :yes


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Accomplishing this showcases the brand new age regarding almost instant access towards everything required. As well as how can you preserve recent together with your funding together with on the net bank, will stay really know what you will have on each and every following within the day time, however , at present you can even receive profit immediately to just about anything sudden. Many within the consolation of your abode or workspace.
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