Gingly needs

Started by sajiv, Mar 12, 2010, 10:02 AM

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hi Gingly needs , what i feel is

- Calender like google to view msgs  month (eg:feb,march(2010))
- User login to be active like itacumens
- Inviting Groups to friends
- Group Edit option (Changing Group picture)


Hey Sajiv,

  • I remember your mail before a month. You wanted to see your inbox by date format. It was an excellent idea, i will post it to our dvpt. team.

  • Yes regarding user login's, on the top left corner under gingly logo we have a stats saying users online. - Soon we will try to have a click option to see the latest or today visited users.

  • Under profile, you have a option to invite your friends using SMS Invite. We were currently working on Email Invite, worried at server overloading due to email push. So we have to wait for email invite service to get it activated.

  • As you understood, we are on dvpt. stage. So atpresent there is no edit page available for groups. Hope this feature could be updated very soon.

Keep posting some cool features for GinGly.  :yes


Hope to see all features soon then gingly lite will be good as  facebook lite


We have to wait for the day.

Millions of users have to signin everyday and need to make sure, they enjoy around GinGly. Mean User Interaction throughout the portal.