Diploma Computer Application Digital computer organisation Question paper

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Diploma Computer Application Digital computer organisation Question paper

2008 Madurai Kamaraj University

Answer any FIVE questions.
Each carries 20 marks.
5 x 20 = 100)

1.   (a)   What is a binary number? How is binary arithmetic performed? Give examples. (15)
(b)   Convert the following number to decimal.
(1001001.011)2   (5)
2.   (a)   What are decoders? Explain with an example.
(b)   What is a BCD code? How are the numbers represented using this code?
3.   Simplify the Boolean function.
and the don't care condition.
(a)   Sum of products and
(b)    Product of sums.
4.   Show how a full-adder can be converted to a full subtracter with the addition of one inverter circuits.
5.   What is a flip-flop? Explain J-K flip flop and how to implement, with a neat sketch.
6.   (a)   What is a magnetic tape? How does it function?
(b)   What is a shift register? The content of a 4-bit shift register is initially 1101. The register is shifted six times to the right with the serial input being 101101. What is the content of the register after each shift?
7.   (a)   What is DMA? Explain in detail how the transfer of data takes place.
(b)   Explain any two output peripheral devices.
8.   (a)   What are interrupt? Explain priority interrupt.
(b)   Explain execution cycle and cycle instruction