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“Tamil Nadu should promote Hindi”

Started by sajiv, Dec 28, 2009, 11:12 AM

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"Tamil Nadu should promote Hindi"

TIRUCHI: Having made signal contribution to the freedom struggle,Tamil Nadu must be in the vanguard in promoting teaching of ournational language Hindi, V.S. Malimath, Chancellor and president,Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai, said here on Sunday.
The national poet Subramania Bharathi in his article Young Indiapublished in 1905 had emphasised the need and importance of our peoplelearning Hindi, Mr. Malimath said while delivering the convocationaddress at the 13th Visharad Convocation of Dakshina Bharat HindiPrachar Sabha, Tamil Nadu. "We must remember that Hindi has a pride ofplace in the languages spoken in the world – it being the languagespoken by the third largest number of people in the world next only toChinese and English. Hindi is spoken by the largest number of people inIndia." Founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1918, the Dakshina Bharat HindiPrachar Sabha has a unique and distinguished place in the nation.People of South India are fortunate that they are blessed with such agreat institution to foster teaching of Hindi to our people. "We musttake full advantage of the same and become active participants in thenation building activity," he pointed out.
"People of India must live together as members of one family if wehave to preserve Independence and maintain unity and integrity of ournation. It is for this reason that the founding fathers of ourconstitution chose Hindi as our national language," Mr.Malimath said.He congratulated the students for attaining proficiency in Hindi.Visharad degree certificates were distributed to over 3,000 students onthe occasion. Rank holders of the exam and four senior Pracharaks werehonoured on the occasion.
The president, Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Tamil Nadu,A.P.C.V. Chokkalingam presided over the convocation. R.F. Nirlakatti,Pro Vice-Chancellor of Post Graduate and Research Institute, DakshinaBharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai, first vice president of Tamil NaduSabha, S. Arunachalam, M.S. Muralidharan, second vice president of theSabha, Chennai, General Secretary C.N.V. Annamalai and second vicepresident of the Tamil Nadu Sabha, S. Ravindran and others participatedin the programme.


why don't any of north India spread Tamil instead >:(.....what do you think... Hindi some kind of legendary language ... everyone loves their own language there is no need for forced domination of other languages .... >:(