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Methods to Solve Expired Certificate Issue on cPanel / WHM Server

Started by Sudhakar, Nov 08, 2009, 11:50 PM

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Recently I went through a cPanel upgrade and the following morning I got the following emails in my mailbox:

Certificate for courier-imapd on will expire in less then 30 days. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates"

* Of course, was replaced with my actual server hostname.  :confused

This sort of puzzled me as I didn't have any private SSL certificates on this server. I finally found out that the cPanel update "broke" some SSL certificates that had been generated for some services (IMAPD, POP3 and Webmail).

Now this problem isn't critical if you don't mind getting emails everyday but otherwise the solution is pretty simple.

Start by logging in WHM ( and click on Manage Service SSL Certificates from the left column menu under Service Configuration. You should see some highlighted warnings like this (some confidential informations have been hidden for security reasons):
Simply click on the Reset Certificate link next to the warning, hit the Generate a New Certificate on the next page and that's it! No more warnings!