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Training camp in rifle firing

Started by sajiv, Sep 09, 2009, 06:17 PM

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Training camp in rifle firing

VISAKHAPATNAM: The 13 Andhra Battalion is holding an NCC training camp on rifle firing from September 8 to 12. Nearly 1,000 NCC cadets of senior division from Visakhapatnam district are taking part in the camp. The training includes holding, aiming and trigger operation, which are the basic principles of firing operation. The cadets are trained in four types of firing positions – lying, sitting, standing and kneeling – with 0.22 rifle and each cadet gets to fire 10 rounds.

"The training is vigorous and instils a strong sense of discipline in the cadets that gives them an edge over others during selections in police and other armed forces," said Col. P.V.S. Sagar, Commanding Officer of camp. These camps are held twice every year under the Visakhapatnam Group Headquarters wherein the cadets also get trained in map reading, field craft and battle craft.