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Michael Jackson Was A Good Painter & Sketcher Too

Started by jayanthi mandhalapu, Aug 26, 2009, 07:09 AM

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jayanthi mandhalapu

According to the words of music maestro Dalla Austin, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was a storehouse of different talents, including music, for which he was famous for.  The music mogul says that the late pop legend was good at painting as well as sketching.

Dalla Austin, a record producer, who had been a part of Michael Jackson's efforts in the producing of his album titled 'HIStory', has revealed that the artistic abilities of the late pop legend was something that has left an immense impression of him.

"People didn't know how much of a painter he was. He would draw a lot of stuff inside his album. If you look inside of the 'HIStory' album... there's a little kid sitting in the corner, which is one of the sketches that he did while we were actually sitting in the studio," revealed the record producer.

According to the Music Mogul, he had been astounded by MJ's painting. "I was like, 'Man, do you paint and draw?' and he just started showing us all these paintings and drawings that he had like at his house. The stuff was amazing", Austin added.
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