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Web Wiz NewsPad eNewsletter Features

Started by sukishan, Aug 20, 2009, 02:32 PM

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eNewsletter Features   

* Create eNewsletters for online viewing or sending by email to subscribers and/or Web Wiz Forums members
* Create eNewsletters from scratch or using a pre-saved Template
* Create a Preview Newsletter to display online and in RSS Feeds to attract new subscribers
* HTML and Plain Text eNewsletters
* WYSIWYG HTML eNewsletter Creation Tool
* Select which Subscriber Categories and/or Web Wiz Forums member groups to send eNewsletter to
* Personalise eNewsletters to include subscribers name, email address, unsubscribe links, address, etc.
* Each subscriber receives there own uniquely formatted eNewsletter with their own name in the address filed
* Personalised link to online Subscriber Management Centre to change subscribers preferences
* Email preview to test if eNewsletter looks correct when emailed
* Newsletters can be set to be private or public for online viewing
* Public Newsletters can be viewed online (web frontend is must be enabled)
* Image and file uploads supported
* Insert images, text formatting, etc.
* Paste From Word Tool
* Support for Spell Checkers
* Preview eNewsletter in browser
* Unsubscribe link to comply with US and European anti-spam laws
* Insert Animated Emoticons into eNewsletters (36 different Animated Emoticons included)
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