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Web Wiz NewsPad SQL Server Installation

Started by sukishan, Aug 20, 2009, 02:26 PM

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The following step by step guide describes how to install the SQL Server version of Web Wiz NewsPad.
1. Check with your web host that your web space meets the system requirements for running Web Wiz NewsPad SQL Version
2. Make sure that you have a SQL Server Database (SQL Server 2000, 2005, MSDE, or 2005 Express) and that you have the required login details to connect to your SQL Server Database.
3. Uses a zip utility program to extract the files to your hard drive keeping the original file structure intact.

4. Using an FTP program upload the NewsPad directory containing all the files and images onto your web space making sure that the files stay in there original directories.

5.Create a blank database on the SQL Server or use an existing one. If you are using a web host they should supply you with your SQL Sever Database, connection details, and login information. If you are using your own server use Microsoft SQL Management Studio(pictured below) to create the database on the SQL Server.

6. Edit, with a text editor, the file 'database_connection.asp' found in the 'database' directory entering your SQL Servers details, where indicated;

SQL Server Name - This will be the name or location of the SQL Server (URI, IP address, or localhost), you may also need to include the instance name (eg. localhost/SQLEXPRESS)
SQL Server Username - This will be the name of the user account you use to login into the SQL Server database
SQL Server Password - This will be the password that you use with the SQL Server Username above
SQL Server Database Name - This is the name of the actual database

7. Once you have finished editing the 'database_connection.asp' save the file back to the 'database' directory keeping the file name the same.

8. The next step is to call the web page 'msSQL_server_setup.asp' found in the main folder of NewsPad in your web browser using the URL to this page. This tool will create all the tables, relations, and default values in your SQL Server Database.

9. When you run the 'msSQL_server_setup.asp' tool you will be asked for your SQL Server Username and Password again. This is done for security and because sometimes you have a different login username for creating and altering tables on the SQL Server.

10. After the 'msSQL_server_setup.asp' has successfully completed you should delete this file as it should not be run again and will prevent hackers from misusing the file.
11. The NewsPad database should now be created and you can now use Web Wiz NewsPad.
12. Once all the files are uploaded type into your web browsers address bar the domain name and folder that you have uploaded Web Wiz NewsPad to.

Now that Web Wiz NewsPad is uploaded and running see, Logging into the online Admin Control Panel, to find out how to set up NewsPad and administer your Web Wiz NewsPad installation.
If you find that you are getting errors and pages not displaying please see Troubleshooting and Common Errors.
To login into Web Wiz NewsPad the default admin username and password is: -
Username: Administrator
Password: letmein
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