Taking pictures for panorama with your digital camera

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Taking pictures for panorama with your digital camera
One of the most important parts of making great panoramas is taking great digital photos that you will use in the panorama. Here are the general steps for taking the digital photos that you want to use as the source images for your panoramic image.

1.Identify the subject that you want to feature in your panorama.

2.Do one of the following, depending on the settings for your specific digital camera.

• If your camera has a mode that helps you take photos that you can use in panorama, set your camera to that mode. This mode, sometimes called stitch assist, is a setting that some digital cameras have that will let you align the objects from one photo to the next when taking each shot.

This camera setting helps to keep the exposure consistent across the sequence of photos because settings such as the shutter speed and aperture are locked, so the photos in the sequence are consistent. This results in consistent exposures for all the photos in your panorama.

• If you camera does not have a mode to help you when taking photos to make a panorama, if possible, use the Manual Exposure camera setting. If you use the Manual Exposure setting (often indicated by an M on the mode dial on your digital camera), you have control over the shutter speed and aperture. This helps to keep the photos consistent in color as you take each photo that you plan to include in your final panoramic image.

3.Take one or two photos, and then preview the photos in the LCD monitor of your digital camera. This lets you check the photo quality to make sure that the settings are appropriate for the scene that you plan to capture and feature in your panorama image.

When you take these practice shots, you might want to take the shots across different parts of the scene because the lighting for different parts of the scene might be darker or brighter in different parts.

4.Focus your digital camera on the edge of the scene that you want to include in your panorama. This is the photo that will be the first photo that is used in your panorama.

5.Frame the shot, and then take the photo.

6.Move the camera slightly along the horizontal plane, so that there is an overlap by at least one-third or half in the object in the first photo you took and the second photo that you are about to take, and then take the second photo. If you are using a tripod, you can easily do this by moving the handle slightly to pan to the next part of the scene that you want to capture.

7.Repeat step 6 to capture the entire scene or landscape.

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