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Customizing and Printing a Project

Started by sukishan, Aug 13, 2009, 12:53 PM

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Customizing a Project
Look under Project, Settings. Here you can find a lot of detailed settings. Some of these, for example, can be used to omit debugging info, to give a faster executable, etc. Although you may change these settings, do so at your own risk. The default settings will almost always be appropriate.

By default, Visual C++ uses a Debug configuration when compiling your project. Once you have your project working well, you may wish to switch to a Release configuration. This will produce a small and possibly faster executable.

It does this by leaving out information needed to use the debugger. Thus a Release configuration is only used when you are done with debugging. To change the configuration between Debug and Release click on Build and then on Set Active Configuration. Click on the line labeled with your project name and having Debug or Release (whichever you want). Then click on OK.

Use File, Print. Check that the pull-down has the desired printer selected. Then click on OK.
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