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WML Script Lessons

Started by Kalyan, Aug 02, 2009, 06:53 PM

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What is WML?

WML stands for Wireless Markup Language. It is a mark-up language inherited from HTML, but WML is based on XML, so it is much stricter than HTML.

WML is used to create pages that can be displayed in a WAP browser.

Pages in WML are called DECKS. Decks are constructed as a set of CARDS.

What is WMLScript?

WMLScript is the scripting language used in WML pages
WMLScript is a light version of the JavaScript language
WML scripts are not embedded into WML pages
WML pages contains references to script URLs
WMLScript is compiled into byte code on the server before it is sent to the WAP browser
WMLScript is a part of the WAP specification

What is WMLScript used for?

WMLScript is used to validate user input
WMLScript is used to generate message boxes, and to view errors and confirmations faster
WMLScript is used to access facilities of the user agent


WMLScript is the partner of WML. It is a client-side scripting language that is very similar to JavaScript. WML Script is very similar to Java Script. Almost WML Script components have similar meaning as they have in Java Script.


That really nice information upon WML but my question is, this language supports C++?