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Started by gopu, Aug 04, 2009, 12:42 AM

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Rural Tamil Nadu once again comes to the rescue of Tamil films, and in ‘Nadodigal’ you have yet another earthy movie that entertains without being cinematic. What is even more heartening is that there are no overtones of nativity, for the most part, and has a universality of appeal, because the plot is woven with that familiar thread of enduring friendship that selflessly leaps to unite two lovers without a moment’s hesitation. What lifts the movie higher is Samuthirakani’s expertise of narration. Like the scene where one shot tells you the story of two lovers forcibly separated by the girl’s father. Or a tongue-in-cheek use of the hit number ‘Kangal irandal’ which was Sashi Kumar’s launch pad, when girl says yes to boy, with a smile.The director continues to surprise you quite a few times and this is one film which will get standing ovation at the intermission.

From the word go, it is a neat ensemble, of a simple story of three friends Karunakaran (Sashi Kumar), Pandi (Bharani) and Chandran (Vijay). Karuna is trying for a government job-- the only condition set by his girl Nallama (Ananya) ‘s father. Something always comes in the way of Pandi’s application for a passport, much to his father’s angst. Chandran has two aims, one to get Karuna’s sister Pavithra (Abhinaya) to reciprocate his love, and another, to start a computer centre. As they wait for things to gel, it is laugh and light romance all around.

Until Saravanan, son of a powerful MP and a friend of Karuna arrives, and attempts suicide, because he has been separated from his Prabha, by her father Palanivel Rajan, a powerful industrialist in Namakkal. The three friends take it upon themselves to get the two married, and succeed. And then, all hell breaks lose and impacts on all the three friends. However, just as they are about to start life afresh, news comes that the two lovers have split. Hell hath no fury like wronged friends.

The only downside is Samuthirakani’s hangover from his days as television mega serial director. Once again, fresh faces (well almost) prove that they can act, and how! Nallamma walks away with all honours. Kollywood can celebrate the latest arrival of talent . With her wonderful facial expression, perfect lip synch, and telling use of her eyes, she is set for a great career. Dance is the only department she is yet to be tested in. Sashi Kumar walks through his role, proof that here is a natural, highly talented actor. On the whole, a good show.